Ingredients & vitamins to prevent hair loss

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The SkinFood Hop Beer Hair Wash that I’m currently using contains Vitamin H which is commonly known as Biotin, often recommended for strengthening hair and nails. 

From what I’ve read, Biotin is a water-soluble vitamin produced in the body by certain types of intestinal bacteria and obtained from food. Considered part of the B complex group of vitamins, Biotin is necessary for the metabolism of fats, carbohydrates, and amino acids. While bacteria in the intestines produce enough Biotin for the bodies of most people, Biotin can also be obtained from a variety of foods including soybeans and other legumes, egg yolks, nuts, and organ meats.

Biotin is not easily absorbed by the skin
Apparently, besides attempting to take Biotin orally or through injections, the vitamin can be delivered to our hair in other forms such as shampoos or hair loss treatment products.  While I do like the idea, but I’m also curious as to whether if such a vitamin can be absorbed well through the skin.  In fact, many reports seem to indicate that Biotin is not easily absorbed.  Hence, this means that if your hair loss treatment only contains this ingredient, it may not be that effective.  You should find one that contains other key ingredients like Copper Peptides or Saw Palmetto.

Saw Palmetto to prevent male pattern baldness
According to information I’ve obtained from this natural hair loss treatment website, the root of hair loss in some women is a pesky enzyme known as DHT which binds hair follicles together, making them thinner and thinner, until they wither and fall, leaving a bald spot where hair once was.  Saw Palmetto can help to neutralize DHT as they are extremely helpful in lowering DHT levels.  And interestingly, Saw Palmetto is a traditional topical herbal medicine said to be used by the native Americans for hair, scalp and skin care.  

The greatest advantage of using Saw Palmetto for hair loss treatment is in its ability to act effectively in both external application and in internal consumption.  Additionally, scientific research confirm that Saw Palmetto bioactive ingredients are of lipophilic nature, meaning that they are skin friendly and therefore are well assimilated by the skin to produce favourable results.  Hence, Saw Palmetto is currently used in many hair loss treatments in the markets for example Provillus, said to be a 100% natural formula that removes and blocks DHT.

Other vitamins to prevent hair loss
Besides Vitamin H, other hair loss vitamins often found in shampoos and natural hair loss treatment products include the Vitamin B family, as well as Vitamins A, C, and E or anti-oxidants which also work to prevent hair loss as well as giving hair growth a boost.  In addition, Zinc is another ingredient which is said to be important for preventing hair loss.

I’ll run a review of the shampoo I’m currently using soon and will also discuss a bit more about the usage of copper peptides to prevent hair loss then.

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  1. elane says

    Aloe vera and vitamin C that comea from papaya fruits can be the best ingredients for hair loss medicine. Some chemist are trusted this 2 power ingredient because its more effective and affordable for those people who are less income.
    elane last post is: how to stop hair loss

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