DIY Beauty: oat mask for smaller pores

Oat Mask
I am so loving my oats now!  Mixed with yogurt, it makes the best facial mask and delivers instant wonderful effects for me. 

Benefits of oats for our skin
Oats possess some wonderful skin care properties because they have the best amino acid balance of all cereal grains and a high silica content, making them great emollients that restores the skin’s natural moisture.  They are also said to be highly absorptive, hypoallergenic, and can be used to cleanse, exfoliate, soften and soothe the skin; suitable for most skin types.

In fact, oats have been clinically proven to help heal dry, itchy skin and you may have come across information of ancient Greeks and Romans using oat baths to heal skin ailments.  In modern days, many people use oats to soothe the skin and ease the discomfort of skin irritations caused by rashes, abrasions, insect bites, poison ivy, and even chicken pox.  Modern manufacturers like Aveeno and Aveda for example, have also used oats as a common ingredient for their skin care products.

oat mask
Oat mask to reduce pore size
I recently picked up this oat yogurt mask recipe from the book, Natural Beauty by Roy Genders which is supposed to help reduce large pores and clear skin of impurities.  The benefits of oats plus the the lactic acid and enzymes in the yogurt soothes, softens and hydrates the skin, leaving it soft and smooth.  I love it because it is so easy to make and use and my skin really benefited from using it.  Even my husband noticed a difference.  My pores look smaller, though I don’t think it’s just due to this because I’ve also been using cucumber juice daily but there is something better about my skin texture for sure.

Recipe for Oat Mask:
– 2 tablespoon of oats/oatmeal
– 2 tablespoon of yogurt

Stir oats or oatmeal into yogurt and place in the fridge for several hours.  Apply the contents thickly to the face and leave on for 30 minutes before rinising off in lukewarm water containing a little lemon juice (I skipped the lemon juice and just kept to lukewarm water though).

Don’t get the quick-cook or flavored versions of oats though. Use rolled oats which you can then blend into powder. Because I don’t have a grinder, I use the mortar and pestle to achieve the same results. As for the yogurt, I used the 99.8% fat free natural set yogurt from Pauls which is available from the supermarket.

Other homemade oat skincare recipes
Another cleansing and softening facial mask recipe you can try is to have oats mixed with honey and plain yogurt into a paste, apply to dampened skin and leave on for fifteen minutes before rinsing off. You can also try the oatmeal facial cleanser & scrub by simply pouring a small amount of ground oatmeal into palm, and add a little water to make a paste. Apply to face and throat and massage onto skin before rinising out and moisturizing.

Pleasant smell and easy application
In my last entry about yogurt homemade beauty recipes, I mentioned that yogurt do not smell great.  But with oats, the smell is different and I quite like it.  And what I love most is that I can walk around in this mask because oats and yogurt are thick enough to form a binding paste.  I have combination skin and I’ve been using this mask almost everyday with lovely results.  Definitely something I recommend you to try if you’re into DIY beauty!


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  1. Dawn says

    Hi! Would vanilla yogurt be fine u reckon? ^^

    Dawn: Don’t use vanilla yogurt or any flavored ones. Keep to the original non-flavored version. Set yogurt would be best because it means it won’t be dripping wet when applied. Also, if your skin type is combination or oily type, I recommend you go for the non-fat yogurt.

  2. Joanne says

    This reminds me of Jurlique’s daily exfoliating cream. It has oats, honey and almonds. Smells real delicious!

    Joanne: Yes, oats and yogurt do smell quite good and I imagine with almonds, it’s even better.

  3. Elaine says

    I can hardly wait to try this. Right now all I have at home is a honey flavored yogurt – it just might work. Sounds as though it could work, couldn’t hurt anyway.

    Elaine: I was told not to use flavored yogurt so I’m not sure. But you try on a specific area first to make sure there are no reactions k? Get the original non-flavored ones the next time you can and I think you will like this mask. :)

  4. Elaine says

    tell me about the cucumber juice please?

    Elaine: I’ve been looking for something simple to reduce my pore size and heard that cucumber juice can do the trick. I’ve been using this on an almost daily basis and I have to say, my pores look better! Cucumber juice also has brightening effects. I wrote about it here. You just need to grate it, apply the juice and leave on for about 10 – 15 mins a day. I used to apply twice or even three times a day but now, I’m down to once a day as I’m also using the oat mask.

  5. andrea says

    thank you so much for posting this because i thought that oatmeal masks were only for hydrating purposes. i think i’ll try it now 😀

    andrea: Hope you’ll enjoy yours as much as I do!

  6. says

    Oh I’m so going to try this. I love the smell of oats, so this ought to be good :)

    Tine: I’m hook on this mask!

  7. jo says

    As I don’t have grinder and mortar and pestle and will like to try the oat mask, what type of ready oat can I get from supdermarket? Thanks.

    jo: See if you can find baby oats or those oats that are finer. I think if I remember correctly, the Origin brand has baby oats. Maybe you can try that first and see if you like it. Don’t use those quickcook ones eg. from Quaker Oats. I tried before and it can make your skin red afterwards because they’re somehow more drying.

    Actually, you can buy a small mortar and pestle from the supermarket too. It’s very small and not space consuming.

  8. lcsching says

    Hi, I have tried the oat with yogurt mask and love the results! No break out and smaller pores 😀 Can I check with you how long you keep your opened yogurt in the fridge? I do not want to waste the yogurt but I also do not dare to keep it too long. Will appreciate your advice :)

    lcsching: Glad you love it! I keep my yogurt up to 2 weeks in the fridge. Ideally however, one week will be good. I check the expiry and if it’s still within that, I will still use it. One way is to use it on your hands or body so as not to waste it.

  9. Gnitil- says

    may i know where do you get your rolled oats?

    may i also ask if where do u get the baking soda for your DIY recipe?

    Gnitil: Rolled oats I got it from Living Pharmacy. If I’m not wrong, you can also find it at the organic section at NTUC supermarket. For the baking soda, find it at NTUC supermarket.

  10. Ms. Blacklace says

    i wonder where you got your pestle and mortar. I’m using my age old stone one that got smooth through years [decades] of use. And my oats cannot get grinded properly. Hahaha. Too smooth I guess.

    Anyway, I’ve tried the water+oat mask/scrub. Man I love it. It soothed my itchy acne spot right away!

    Ms Blacklace: Geez…I can’t quite remember cos I bought it a few years ago. Not sure if it was from Ikea. But I’ve seen it at the supermarket like NTUC if I’m not wrong.

    Oats are great for reducing itch. Much recommended to be used for bathing a kid when they have chickenpox.

  11. Bonnykat says

    How often do you apply the oatmeal yogurt mix to your face. Is it a daily routine or a weekly

    Bonnykat: For a period of time, I was using it almost every alternate days. To reap the benefits of yogurt, I read that we should use it often. But now I’ve gotten a bit lazy plus I have other stuff to use 😉 so I try to do this weekly.

  12. says

    how would you apply the oatmeal yogurt?

    would i have to cleanse my face first then scurb the oatmeal like a exfoliant then leave it on for the suggested time then rinse? and also do i moisturise straight after?

    and with the cucumber juice can i also apply that on my face with the oat meal mask on the same day?

    sorry about all the questions 😀

    Janis: Hey no problem with the questions just that I may not answer immediately cos quite tied up on some days. Okay, for the oatmeal mask, you should first wash your face first. After that you can apply the oatmeal mask thickly and leave it on. If you’re testing this first time, I suggest you use it for 10 – 15 mins first then rinse off with warm water (you can splash your face with some cold water after that if you like too). After that, you can tone (if you use this) or just moisturize as per normal.

    After your skin is fine with this initial attempt, you can increase the leave on timing longer till half an hour or so but I advice you not to leave on until it dries out completely or it may break your skin out. There’s no need to scrub the paste on your face as this is a leave on mask.

    As for the cucumber juice, no problem to use it on the same day but I suggest different sessions/timings.

    Hope this clarifies your doubts.

  13. suko says


    i have a question regarding the oats, honey and yoghurt mask.

    can i use manuka honey in the mask?since manuka honey has high anti-bacterial properties, wont it kill the bacteria in the yoghurt?

    thx..^ ^

    Suko: Actually Manuka honey is recommended for facial masks but as for your question, hmm…I can’t answer for sure.

  14. Jenn says


    I am trying out the oatmeal yoghurt mask but just an off-topic, rather funny question…

    When you rinsed off your oatmeal mask, have you ever wondered if the residue will clog your sink?! Or won’t it?

    Jenn: Heheh…this is definitely not off topic. Very valid point there. Yes, it did strike me…that’s why what I do is to wipe the oatmeal off my face and then throw them into the bin or toilet bowl before washing my face. 😀 But I think as long as it’s not a lot and it’s not everyday, it shouldn’t clog even if you just wash your face at the basin.

    • sesame says

      Yes, it’s fine as long as it’s not the processed type. You can even use it to exfoliate your face.

  15. Jojo C says

    I am just having this oat and yoghurt mask on my face right now, smell delicious actually and you are right i can walk around without worrying any dripping which i experienced with just yoghurt, messy! It gives a bit of a tingle on my face tho, is this normal? I have combination skin as well, i guess i should go and rinse it off now as it’s my first time trying this.. thanks for the tip!

    • sesame says

      Hmm…shouldn’t have the tingling sensation as both ingredients are soothing. If there are no reddening, then it should be fine though.

  16. Jojo C says

    I didn’t think there should be any tingling sensation as well… no idea.. but no reddening or no reaction! However, maybe cos i only left it there for 10 mins.. no noticeable change to my skin, but i’ll definitely try it again! Though i’ll be too lazy to do it everyday!

    • sesame says

      The immediate change I noticed was like after a face mask but it was temporary. However, my pores were doing better during the time I used this mask. Maybe I use resume…but like you, lazy especially cos I have to grind those rolled oats!

  17. grace says

    When the oat i purchased from yoursessentially run out, I figure I could use the organic whole lem ( contains organic oat, flaxseed and oat bran) as replcement. After rubbing in, my whole face develop red rashes and allery tht I have to run into the clinic and get a allergy injection. Im very sceptical now. Also I have used cucumber on my face/eyes, My skin get very itchy after using. So many ot this natural products causes allergy Im so scare to try anything now

    • sesame says

      In this case, your face is extremely sensitive and it’s better not to try these DIY remedies. Even though they’re natural, some people just react. You’re better off sticking to ingredients of cosmetic grades.

    • sesame says

      Sorry, are you based in Singapore? I got it from NTUC. Also saw this at Cold Storage. But what I got were rolled oats and I had to grind them.

  18. Angelicia says

    i am in singapore. that is why I am asking :X… ok thanks :) but why can’t you use those sand-type oats? isn’t it the same?

    • sesame says

      Er…what are sand-type oats. You mean the grinded ones. The organic range do not have those except for the baby oats.

  19. says

    i’d like to know if this oatmask is only applicable to women. i’d like to try this but i’m afraid i might get rashes on my fashes…

    • sesame says

      Nah…you can do it. Not just for women. 😉 You shouldn’t get rashes cos oats are really mild but if you’re worried, I suggest you try it on just one part of your face first to see the reactions. You can also try it on your inner wrist but the skin is still slightly different and may not be as telling.

  20. Caris says

    Hi Sesame, may i know if i really have to leave the mixture in the fridge for several hours before applying to the face or can i just use it immediately right after i freshly mixed the yogurt and oats together? What is the purpose of placing it in the fridge for few hours?

    • sesame says

      You can use it immediately but it might drip easily as the yogurt would be quite soft. The reason why I leave in the fridge is to set it. Why don’t you try both ways and see which you prefer?

  21. Lucia says

    Hi Miss! :)

    I bought oatmeal flour from health food store today.Is it ok to use it in this mask?

      • Lucia says

        Thank You for Your answer!Yes,It is basically finely grinded oatmeal.At least,salesman said to me in the health food store.
        Btw.I have this mask on my face ATM :).But I added in this mix a bit of cold pressed grapeseed oil and half teaspoon of Nuxe clarifying mask.I hope that’s ok.
        Thank You once more :)

        • sesame says

          Should be good with grapeseed oil but I don’t know anything about the clarifying mask. If it works well, should be good. Just make sure you moisturize your face afterwards. :)

  22. szelin says

    Hi, im really very interested in your mask !!! but as now i just got plain yogurt drink and oat !! it is alright to use yogurt drink instead of yogurt? please advise

  23. szelin says

    Dear sesame,

    im trying your mask right now !! omg da taste is just marvellous !! really love it

    • sesame says

      You mean acne scars? If you want homemade remedies, you can try nutmeg with honey:

      But note that nutmeg is strong and can burn sensitive skin.

      Or use products containing vitamin C, Vitamin C is the best when it comes to reducing scars.

      • szelin says

        Dear sesame.
        the scar is caused by skin allergic ,:( any remedy to reduce da scar on my leg ?

        • sesame says

          Try something call Hiruscar. There’s a review here to read:

  24. shiftingtodiy says

    Great site here, thanks for all the wonderful articles! Whenever I get a lot of whiteheads, I’ve found that putting cooled cooked oatmeal on my face for about 20 minutes clears it up quite dramatically. =)

    Now, I want to switch to a more natural skin care routine, and I’m wondering if it would be alright to use a combination of yogurt, cucumber juice, and ground oatmeal in place of my cleanser? As it would be a cleanser, I’d be using it 2x a day.

    • sesame says

      The combination sounds good for a cleanser if you don’t use any sunscreen or makeup. Or you might have to get those removed first before using such a natural combination.

  25. maha says

    hello i wanna ask u i have normal skin.but in some portion like nose its oily while rest portion its dry can i use oats with yougert and honey.iam using small amount of lemon and honey in normal amount on regular basis am i right?plz reply

  26. Strawberry says

    Why is it so that we cannot use those instant oatmeal? Is it because it will not have that cleansing effect?

    • sesame says

      Instant oatmeal is usually roasted if I’m not mistaken so the natural skin beneficial properties may be lost.

  27. says

    aah, I bought the biggest bag if quacker oat a few months ago and I don’t think I’m ever going to finish them! >_< I know that you said not to used the quick-cook ones but I tried a couple days ago (mix with some honey) and it worked fine.. My face feels smoother and there are no red bumps or anything..^^ If it doesn't give me any negative effects, is it okay to continue using the quick-cook ones? I don't want to buy new oats when I have a jar full of them at home already..

    • sesame says

      It worked well for you? Then I suppose it’s fine then since your skin is fine…perhaps I should give a try myself. 😉 I think the quick cook ones just don’t give as much benefits as the raw ones.

    • sesame says

      Best to use raw oats for the benefits of the oats. If you use quicker oats, the benefits may be lessened.

  28. pratima Sunwar says

    do i need to grind the oats and turn it into powder and how often can i use this mask?

    correct me if i am wrong but i heard that if you use yogurt mask or any dairy product in your face and after went under the sun you get sunburnt and tanned??

  29. pratima Sunwar says

    do i need to grind the oats and turn it into powder???

    how often can i use the mask??

    correct me if i am wrong but i heard if you use dairy products in your face such as yogurt and if you went under the sun after, you will get sun burnt and tanned???

    • sesame says

      You can use it twice a week. Dairy products like milk contains lactic acid and that might cause photosensitivity…so best to use sunscreen daily.

  30. Rac says

    Hi , can i just use plain oatmeal with wild organic honey with as a mask. N apply for how long ? Ive dry n sensitive n acne skin . Can I use it daily ?

    • sesame says

      Apply for 10 mins first and if your skin is fine, then progress to 20 mins. But I need to warn you that some pple have reacted to honey on their skin. So it’s best to try on a small area first.

  31. Rac says

    Hi , can i just use plain oatmeal with wild organic honey with as a mask. N apply for how long ? Ive dry n sensitive n acne skin . Can I use it daily ? In e morning or night is e best results ?

    • sesame says

      Should not be a problem as long as the oatmeal is raw and not processed. Try it on alternate days first. This one can be used either in the day or night but I usually find treatments best in the evenings.

      • Rac says

        Thanks ! I’m okay with honey . So all just need 20 mins . But for some people they apply it daily ??? Is fine with their skin I wonder ?? And may i ask , how to treats acne scar ? :(((

        • sesame says

          Yeah, it depends. I used this every day for one season but stopped out of laziness. This oat mask with honey is quite gentle so typically not a problem for most skin types.

          I treated my acne marks DIY using cinnamon powder and nutmeg. But that’s not suitable for sensitive skin cos they can burn.

  32. Rac says

    Ahhh ! Great ! Maybe I should trying using it daily for 1 or 2 weeks . See how it goes :) and how about the mung bean n yakult mask ? Can I add on to apply 2 or 3 times a week n the rest of the days I will apply oat n honey mask ? Is it fine ? :)

  33. says

    I’ve just started using oats as my cleanser in the morning and in two days my skin feels so much better, softer, clearer, though I did not grind mine up. Its more messy but leaving them whole really lets the good oat liquid out so you can put it all over your face.
    Heather last post is: Tag, your it!

    • sesame says

      Ah…so you did not grind it into powder? Hmm…never tried the whole ones cos they’re messy like you’ve pointed out.

  34. says


    Can I put the honey, oat & yogurt mask on my face for 30mins? You mentioned before that honey should only leave on face for 20mins, am I right? I just bought those normal honey, not manuka honey, will it be ok? Oh ya…can the oat, honey & yogurt mask helps to brighten up the face?? Thanks.

    • sesame says

      Should be okay…but try shorter period then extend it when you skin is okay. With honey, I’ve come across some people who said they reacted…so it still depends on skin type. But normal honey should be less active than manuka.

      • says

        Thanks for your reply. So can the oat, honey & yogurt mask helps to brighten up the face?? Thanks.
        Jojo last post is: TP’s Global Community Day Celebration

        • sesame says

          Not permanently….just temporarily. This mask is better to tighten the pores and improve skin’s texture.

    • sesame says

      At the moment, I’m keeping it in the cupboard. If it’s kept in a cool, dark place, it should be fine but of course storing in the fridge means the shelf life can be extended.

  35. M says

    Hi Sesame, great article. I have been using yogurt & honey mask for a few days and love the result.
    After reading this article, i want to try Oat now : D

    Either way, got a quick question here.. After mixing Yogurt with honey and Oatmeal, how long can i keep the mixture in the fridge? or would you suggest that i should freshly mix the mixture every time?

    • sesame says

      Yes, I would recommend you make a fresh batch every time. You can keep the mixture for 3 days in the fridge but I found through experience that the yogurt will secrete some liquid and that sort of makes the paste runny.

  36. nahsiep says

    Hi Sesame

    Though I’m new to your blog, I have started reading quite a few of your posts in the last couple of days… and you helped me decide on which colour to get for my MVO Everyday Sheer Coverage and Moisturizing Face Screen–Thanks!

    Well, regarding this post on oat-yoghurt mask, I was wondering if oat bran is feasible. Oat bran is much smaller/finer–probably meaning no grinding is needed–and from what I know, it is the outer shell of oats. A French lady told me that oat bran contains much more dietary fibre and it’s more ‘raw’… anywho, what do you think of replacing oat/oatmeal with oat bran for this mask? Appreciate your thoughts…

    • Sesame says

      It’s hard for me to advice you on the color cos I have no idea about your skin shade. If yours is very pale (like mine), you need to go for the extra light tint.

      As for oat bran, I think it’s workable.

      • nahsiep says

        Yeah, thanks, I tried with oat bran and it worked just fine! I meant, your swatches of the MVO sunscreens on skin actually helped me decide which colour to get. I just received my package last Saturday and I absolutely love it!


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