Viva Shop Tour: V&M Dead Sea Cosmetics

Vardi&Migdal Dead Sea cosmetic products

Have you been stopped in your tracks while you were shopping in Suntec City or Vivo City by a foreigner only to be asked for your hand? Well, I have been approached a couple of times when I walk past this particular push cart at these shopping outlets but I’ve never stopped because I was rather skeptical about what they’re trying to sell me. Plus they seem quite pushy for my liking.

Heard on the Morning Express
However, I changed my mind recently when I heard about how their products have helped cleared acne problems over the Morning Express on Class 95 FM. Although the name was not mentioned, the description fit the Vardi & Migdal Dead Sea Cosmetic Products. So I decided to find out a bit more about this range of skincare products sold on push carts when I had the chance over the weekend.

Vardi&Migdal Dead Sea Mud Mask

Amazing buffer block for natural shiny nails
For those who have ever stopped to hear their spiel, you must have already had the chance to experience their amazing Vardi & Migdal Buffer Block which will give your nails a natural, healthy and shiny look without any chemicals. My two nails which have been polished only by the V&M Buffer Block are still shiny and smooth after a few days. I was told the shine will last a month and the company offers a two-year warranty on the Buffer Block! In fact, there is a current promotional on the nail kit including the buffer block, a cuticle oil and a hand cream at S$60 per set.

Vardi&Migdal Dead Sea shampoos

Products made from minerals of the Dead Sea
I found out that Vardi & Migdal Dead Sea Cosmetic Products are made in Israel from the minerals of the Dead Sea, which are able to improve various chemical imbalances of the skin, balance the skin’s natural pH levels and rejuvenate the skin texture. Some of their products, like the Body Mud is 100% natural stuff. Others like their facial skincare products and shampoos include some preservatives and fragrance. I was also told that their best seller is their V&M Eye Gel which is supposed to help reduce dark circles and puffiness. I gawked at the retail price of $180 but was told that there is currently a promotional price of S$120.

Vardi&Migdal Dead Sea Eye Gel

Over zealous sales approach
Their products do seem promising and I have also read some good reviews on some of them on the forums. However, a common complaint seem to be the level of service from some of their sales staff who are too “over zealous” to sell their stuff. I guess this is unavoidable as I understand that they are dependent on the product commissions. Benny, who serviced me was fairly pleasant even though I walked away empty-handed. But then again, he knew I was going to write about them.

A Vardi & Migdal shop in the pipeline
Well, I learnt that Vardi & Migdal is in the process of setting up a shop early next year. So perhaps the service experience at the shop would be different. For the time being, if you are keen to find out what their products can do for your nails and your skin, look up their website or check out their push carts at the various locations including Suntec City, Vivo City, Harbour Front, Raffles City, Parkway Parade and Junction 8. However, just make sure you’re prepared to walk away buying something.

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  1. De says

    Hey there, been reading your blog for the longest time and this is the first time dropping my comments.

    I am also curious about Dead Sea Cosmetic Products but their service totally put me off. I witnessed bad services and service staff getting unfriendly when customers do not buy anything.

    I am sure the products are good but the service doesn’t complement it.

    De: Hey, thanks for commenting! I’m always happy to hear from readers, especially long time readers like you. :)

    I agree with what you’ve said and it’s such a pity cos their products are pretty interesting. I wonder if it’s cos the bulk of their sales staff are foreigners and they don’t understand the correct way to connect with locals.

    • Jessica says

      This is Jessica from The Straits Times. We are working on a story about pushy push-cart salesmen/women, and would love to speak to you about your experience. Call me? 63195242 or 98508988.

      Looking forward to speaking with you.

      Jessica Lim
      Journalist, Singapore Press Holdings (Newsdesk – consumer)

  2. Annie says

    Hi.. encountered the same experience as yours this afternoon at vivocity.. though actually it’s my Mom they’re approaching.. in the end we ended up buying quite a lot of products from them cos after the product testing they showed us, seems like they’re not so bad.. i mean, quality wise..

    So upon returning home, i decided to search for more info about this V&M Products online and happen to come to this site.. glad to know that the reviews on their products have been so good thus far.. Am more at ease now to know that their products are natural and not full of those chemical things…

    Thanks for the review..
    P.S.: the products we think the best of all is their exfoliants.. think it really works :) (I do agree that they’re somewhat aggresive, though but not to the point of being rude yet ^^)

    Annie: That’s great. I’m glad to hear that you had a pleasant experience buying from them. I guess it differs with the SA attending to the customers. But I think their products are quite interesting. I would like to give it a try sometime…

    • says

      I was approached at the ION pushcart by one Isreali woman whom I find very agressive. I ended up paying $250+ for a tub of Pear Bath Salt, Pear Body Butter (which she gave a bottle of body scrub for free), a bottle of Eye Gel (in WHITE PUMP BOTTLE of around 30ml, NOT the cap Spa Eye Gel I have seen above).

      The Bath Salt smells like pear (essential oil maybe) and it really smoothens my skin after usage, so once in a while i use it on my face. The Body Butter is great too! It absorbs really really quickly without the greasy feel and it smells great pear smell the same as the bath salt. She tried the Mud Mask on me but I didn’t like it nothing out of the ordinary happened). I suggest those with Eczema hould only try the Salt (it is widely known that people with skin problems soak their bodies in the DEAD SEA SALT WATER which contains lots of vitamins and minerals) and the Body Butter really softens.

      Next is the WHITE PUMP BOTTLE “EYE GEL by Vardi & Migdal” on the bottle. The price was steep but the lady said as this was the first time trying the product, she gave me quite a dicount over the usual price so I ended up paying just a little over $100 for it.

      This eye gel has texture that is non-greasy at all, feels watery and absorbs quickly into the skin and has a little cooling effect maybe because of the water content. I do not like that some eye gel feels sticky or greasy like it just stays on the skin which I hated BUT DEFINITELY NOT THIS ONE. Just one pump is enough for both eyes and leftover on my cheeks (I just lightly pat with my fingers) and there is a nice light smell.
      I like it very much but the price is real steep. I am finishing my first bottle soon and am considering to get another bottle but not sure if I could still get that kind of discount. I plan to also try the Day Cream which said on the website that it is water-based. Do not to get the PUMP BOTTLED TYPE RANGE, NOT THE CAP SCREW RANGE. Good day!

    • marcus says

      Hi ^^ well,i bought a orogold 24k deep peeling facial product from one of the v&m pustcards In raffles city shopping centre at $80 :) it was a massive discount first he tried it on my wrist and skin started to peel :) he then started to apply it on my face and it was the same results :) well apparently,is it a good buy? :) i have blacked and acne problems and he told me after 3 weeks of usage,i will see progress :) just wondering,what is the normal price of a orogold 24k gold deep peeling product?its a golden ball shape :) seems like no one posted about this product before :( and Im kinda afraid slammed :(

      • Lhavanya says

        Hihi. I just had an experience with them today. As to your qn abt the gold thingy; i got offered a price of 79 lowest. But he knew i was a student so…

  3. Annie says

    and the lady who dealt with us earlier is a local, according to what she said.. but judging from her accent, i’m more convinced that she’s a mainland Chinese. Not like it’d make any difference, though =)

  4. Adeline says

    Hi , I was approached first at Wisma Atria by this tall handsome looking foreigner.
    The moment he asked to see my hands, I asked him whether he’s selling anything and said if he is, I’m not buying anything.’
    He’s very friendly and said its ok and buffed my nails still and i was so surprise at my new nail!
    I still walked away without anything and was impressed he did not change his attitude towards me.

    I went home and thought my nail looks great. Wanted to go back wisma to find out more but was passing by Suntec one day and approached by Benny.

    Although I like the service of the guy in Wisma more, I still bought the nail spa from Benny.

    Sorry to the guy in Wisma! You are really good in service. Anyone who wants to try their products can probably go to the Wisma one. Think its at level 2. Can’t really remember.

    Did anyone try out their day cream? Good?
    Exfoliant is it the sea salt?

    Adeline: The nail spa is really interesting. Well, will know where to go next time if I want to get anything from them. 😉

  5. Naimah says

    hi there

    i was approached by a pretty israel woman..she was very friendly..ans she did not push me too much either..but the way she advertised the products, it was good..she knew about the stuff and gave a proper explanation..this was in vivocity..
    i was amazed by the nail buffer still shine after 4 days…got few other things and hope it will work..

    Naimah: That’s great. I believe not all of them are pushy. And yeah, I do love their nail buffer too. It’s a great product!

  6. Chewyen says

    Hi there! I was approached by an Israeli guy just now at Vivocity selling V&M products too. Yes I agree that the nail buffer block is amazing, I’m still admiring my 2 very shiny nails now. I think the service is pretty good because he knows his products very well, and though he is a wee bit persuasive, he is very polite and we actually ended up talking about political similarities between Israel and Singapore. Anyway he demostrated a number of products on my skin, and I really like the Dead Sea Facial Peel, bathing salt and eye gel. So I actually bought them all, and regretted almost immediately as the products are not cheap. I’m so glad I came to this website, luckily the reviews are not bad. I feel better now..

    Thanks ladies!!

    Chewyen: Glad the info here helped you feel better. Have fun using them! :)

  7. Sad Mom says

    Hi ladies, just want to share my experience.

    On Sat 3 Dec 08, I was approached by an Israeli sales lady at the Raffles City outlet while waiting for my hubby and daughter who were in in another shop. She introduced me to the nail kit and I was blown away by the results. Shortly after, my daughter came over and the lady recommended a number of products to help treat my daughter’s eczema. There was a mud, a salt bath and a shea butter.

    She said that a number of children would be frightened by the mud because of it’s dark colour, so she sat my daughter down to explain that it would help her skin. She was very patient with my daughter. She then applied the mud on her hands and one of her elbows. When she removed it later with cotton wool, she showed us the tiny bits of dead skin that were removed. She said to apply it fo 1 week and then we would be able to see the results. She said she had eczema before and hence know what we’re going through. She also said she has a lot of experience working with kids and even gave me her phone number and said to call her at any time if I needed anything.

    I spent a bomb that day buying products for my daughter in hope to alleviate her eczema problem, but nothing prepared me for what is to come. That night, when I applied the mud on my daughter, she screamed her head off that it was painful and hot. It was tormenting watching her writhing in pain. When I washed the mud off, I was shocked to see her skin had turned red. I cast my doubts aside and thought that it was normal, afterall the lady did say that many kids have freaked out when the mud was applied on them.

    On Sunday, my daughter had the same reaction when I applied the mud on her and her skin was worsening. I couldn’t go through with it anymore and stopped using the mud on Monday. I then called the lady to enquire about my daughter’s reaction. Perhaps I had called her at a bad time, but she didn’t sound as friendly on the phone. She said she did tell me that children had freaked out (but then she didn’t tell me about the pain…) and that it had to take 1 week for it to work. She told me to continue with the mud for another 5 days, afterwhich I should expect to see 70% improvement.

    I decided to heed the lady’s advice and use the product last night. It was absolutely the worst experience. My daughter screamed and cried for half an hour. When I washed the mud away, it looked like she had burns on her body. Although I didn’t apply the mud on her face, her face has also turned red (as if she has hives). I’m not sure whether to continue with this… Even her childcare teachers are appalled by how badly her skin has become. It is coarse and she itches even more. I thought this product is supposed to stop the itch.

    I’ll be sending an sms to the lady to check with her again whether extreme pain, coarse skin, and persistent itch is the expected reaction before her body heals..

    I hope I’m not doing more damange to my daughter’s body. :(

    Sad Mom: Please stop using the products on your daughter already! It sounds like she has had a reaction and the ingredients are not right for her skin. This is obviously an allergic and you shouldn’t continue anymore. How old is your daughter? I’m not sure if the products are that suitable for young kids really.

    • says

      I had been using V & M dead sea mud,shea butter and shower bath salt for my skin’s hive(equivalent to eczema) for about 3 years. I switch to shower balt salt as it is too oily the bath room.

      After applying the mud, it had a sensation bite on the skin.

      I find it ok as it helps to lessen my body ‘s itchiness.Without it, I think I will die suffering from hive’s itchiness.

      Perphas children are not suitable for the products or too much creams is being applied.

  8. Gaya says

    There are many minerals in the mud,there is also Sulphur,which could be causing all the irritation, please check with your daughter’s dr if it is ok for her to use those minerals.Please stop using it,you may wish to use it on yourself and see if you too have any allergic reactions.

    Gaya: Thanks for highlighting about the sulphur. I honestly think such products may not be very suitable for young children as their skin are much more delicate. I hope the girl’s skin is better now.

  9. Sad Mom says

    Hi, Thanks for your concern. I sms-ed the lady on Wednesday but she has not bothered to give a reply at all.

    I dropped by the Raffles City booth today to look for her and she wasn’t around. Spoke to a guy (OL) and he said that I should stop using the products as it appeared to be doing more harm to my 4-year old daughter. I was just upset that the lady hadn’t bothered to even give a reply. Tried calling her today and apparently she’s switched off her handphone. I got a number from OL for the management office. I’m not sure if it’s possible, but i’m going to try my luck to get a refund. I have no use for all the products I bought for my daughter. I’m just too distraught over the damage I’ve done to her… and I utterly disappointed that the lady is afraid to face me and admit that the product is unsuitable for my daughter.

    Incidentally, I had checked out their website on and it lists a tel number that is also a fax number, and no one ever picks it up cause it’s connected to the fax. If you go to their original website as listed on their shopping bag (without the sg), you’ll realise it’s only a website with no product info on at all.

    Sad Mom: Glad you have stopped using the products on your daughter. I believe the .com website is not theirs. The domain is probably purchased by someone else and that’s why they have to settle for the one. But it’s terrible that you can’t speak to someone about your request for refund. I suggest you write in to them instead.

  10. lisa says

    I agree with all of you that the nail buffer is great. That is why i bought (a few) kits after being VERY pushed into doing so. After the purchase, the very insistant sales lady grabbed me by the hand and insisted I also try their eye gel. I told her that I wasn’t going to buy it no matter the price d/t holiday spending. BUT she still insisted and rubbed it all over my right eye area. 2 days later my entire eyelid, top and bottom, are inflamed and red and I am taking tylenol every 4 hours for the headache. My doctor prescribed a 6 day run of steroids for the inflamation and pain and an antihistamine. My recommendation- use the products if you feel they work for you but please, please, please- do not let anyone in a mall (she did sanitize her hands first) apply anything to your face and particularly not your eye area!! Hoping to heal by Christmas!

    Lisa: She rubbed it on your eye area? Oooh…that’s too much. I agree with you about not letting anyone unqualified using new products on our faces. It’s too risky. And I know exactly what you say when you mentioned you were pushed. This is how some of them operate and it turns off the customers entirely.

    I hope your eyes will heal quickly and you’ll feel better again. Take care!

  11. sumin says

    hey! thanks for sharing!
    i bought the nail kit, black mud soap, facial peel, mud mask and day cream at vivocity today from an isreal girl.
    she was friendly and i really hope the products work on me.
    she said she gave me 50% which i’m not sure of but i bought them cuz i thought they were good.
    can anyone share with me the price?
    thank you!:)

    Sumin: I get the impression that they have a basic selling price but the sales rep may give further discount case by case. Ultimately, these sales rep need to make their commission. I don’t know the price but you probably got a fair deal.

  12. Chafeka says

    Hey. I just bought tha nail buffer kit and it’s awesome!

    I was approached by a lady at Vivocity, asked to show my hand and then she started buffing my fingers. She explained how to do it and had very good customer service.

    When I was approached, I didn’t really thought I was going to purchase any of tha items that she’s selling, but afta her great service and tha fact that the nail buffer is really impressive, I bought them anyways.

    I told her that I would get back to her and then I walk off, it suprised me indeed that her reaction did not change and her service is still superb! That really made me came back after 5 mins and bought it from her.

    I was just wondering, if they are selling this nail buffers in bulk? If they do, it will be a great way fr me to purchase for my loved ones!

    Chafeka: If what you say is true, then it’s excellent. I hope all their service is as consistent as the one you’ve experienced. And if you’re interested in buying the nail buffers in bulk, I’m sure they would be glad to sell them to you. Why don’t you approach the company directly?

  13. Nabella says

    i am falling in love with your products.

    Nabella: Then you should try to buy them all! 😉

  14. Jasmine says

    Hi ladies,
    so just to check, how are their facial products? it seems quite scary after some of the reviews with the allergic reactions, especially by Sad Mom.
    I just bought the mud mask too from an israeli lady from Vivocity and am now afraid to use it on my face. she did demonstrate it on my arm first(like in sad mom’s case) and also gave me her contact number to assure me that the product is safe for use (like in sad mom’s case too :( )
    I got the facial peel and the cleanser and toner, but now i am unsure to use any of them on my face. Help!

    Jasmine: I think Sad Mom’s case maybe unique cos her daughter is very young and has skin conditions to begin with. Maybe if you’re worried, try doing a patch test on the inside of your wrist for 24 – 48 hours to see if you develop any allergic reactions.

  15. Joy says

    I have bought their products too. i need more feedbacks…. Any1 used and nothing happen?
    I am a bit scared.. although the sales person ensure no chemicals added in the products

    Joy: Their products isn’t 100% natural but if you don’t have particularly sensitive skin, there shouldn’t be a problem. If you’re worried, why don’t you do a patch test before you use it on your face?

  16. Joy says

    if no pro after doing the patch test, does it mean should be ok…. how to do patch….
    Thanks for replying me.

    Joy: Please read this post for instructions

  17. Nora says

    I was approach yesterday at Raffles Place by a lady,her name is Diana. She showed me the nail buffer and it blow me away. I tot of buying the nail buffer set and walk away but ended up spending more than I expected coz she was really very persuasive. Anyway I bought the eye gel and facial feel and got the mud mask free. Next recommended me the bath salt and body butter. Since I told her that I spend quite alot of money she only charge me for the body butter and got the bath sale free.

    I hope the products are as good as the review. Have yet to try it.

  18. patricia says

    hi Nora, I too was approached in the same manner by an Israeli guy and ended up buying the nail buffer set. He offered the next box free. I also bought the facial peel. My daughter also suffers from ezcema and so I bought the mud mask and the salt, he told her to use it twice a week. she used the products on thursday night but did not encounter any burning or redness. hoping that as she uses it longer she will improve cause the mud is suppose to kill the bacteria that causes the ezcema. i tried the facial peel and found it really good.

  19. Shikin says


    same thing happened to me yesterday at raffles place.. was approached by an Israeli guy who offered to buff my nails.. he tried both the peel n mud mask on me also… seems good… he wasn pushy though n had good product n skin knowledge.. my sis n i ended buying the face soap, peel n mask and he gave us the buffer for free…
    will try the products and give you guys updates soon..

  20. sun says

    I only came upon this site after i bought the product. Btw, im a guy my friend and i was walking sorta passing by raffles city, we were both approach by this lady. Ok i have no idea whats her reaction would be if, we walk away empty handed.
    Anyway,i always have skin prb, sorta genetic. So i ended up with the mud and the mask which is 330sgd. Yes its a bomb, guess im just one of those who doesnt really know how to say no. So i think i had better stay at home more. Will try out the product myself, since i am staying out and family is not here. Will see how it goes and come back to this for feedback.
    But i have to say this, the lady who sells the product? she is good. The thing is the local sales personal always hit u directly how bad ur skin is and trying to put you down with remarks which are really bad but she did the opposite, n crack a few jokes along the way.

  21. Jen says

    I just bought their facial peel and got the nail buffer kit for free but now feel utterly ripped off as online prices are at least 50% lower, even after factoring in the nail kit’s cost. How much did you all pay?

  22. thisiscarene says

    Hi Jen,

    I bought 2 nail buffer kits at $45 each and got 1 kit free. (u.p $80).This guy Barrack at Wisma was very friendly.I asked for discount for 2 kit kits and instead received 1 free.

  23. lynn says

    Home made body scrab – just add salt or sugar to baby oil and mix some ess oil and u will get the cheapest and best scrub… Can be use twice a week for whole body, less than sgd20 for one huge bowl, and u can use as much as you like…

    For lotion, use any baby’s lotion and apply more often and u get better results.

  24. YY says

    Yesterday I bought this nail kit and mudmask and free soap for SGD128.40. This lady, M, wanted me to try out the mud mask, claiming that for my “sensitive skin”, this mud can clear off all the black & white heads. While I’m satisfied with the nail kit, I’m TOTALLY UNSATISFIED with the mud mask. When I got back, I found out that the packaging was poorly done, with some mud covering the container, the cap had some scratches on etc. For SGD 75, I expect it to be in tip top condition instead of very shoddy work here. I went to their website as printed on their products and couldn’t find it. Today, I went to Suntec city to demand a refund for the mudmask(also returning their free soap) instead of a replacement as I told them that I no longer trust it. There were only 2 guys there at that time. They told me that they couldn’t refund as it’s printed so on my receipt, and that they couldn’t gimme their boss’ number. They asked me to goto their office to get the refund but added that it’s unlikely the boss i.e. Vardi, will do so. I’m beginning to wonder if I should make a scene there instead of going to their office with nobody else to witness. I just don’t trust these ppl anymore.

    • sesame says

      I can totally understand your frustration if the product purchased was indeed unsatisfactory and of shoddy quality as you have claimed. Why don’t you call them… or write to them to ask for a change since you’ve written your comments here? I’ll be surprised that they don’t entertain.

      Btw, you must have gone down Suntec very early today. What time do these guys start operation? usually they begin only about 11am?

  25. YY says

    Btw, those 2 guys later gave me an updated URL of their website with the “” extension, as the “.sg” wasn’t printed on their products. The way I look at it, they’re only concerned about making a sale and not how their customers feel. How can they enjoy customer loyalty as claimed on their website, I really wonder!! How can I be sure that they didn’t just dig up the mud, pour some fragrant oil over it and call it mud mask with all that mud sticking out around the container?

  26. YY says

    To sesame: When I got there around 10:30am, they were already opened, whereas other pushcarts were still closed, with 1 other angmo pushcart about to be opened.

    I just got the same lady’s reply. She said I can exchange for something other than the mudmask. I feel so much better now. Gonna go there again soon. I do think their nail kit is pretty good so I don’t mind having another one. I just don’t want another mud mask, for fear that I get the same shoddy stuff.

  27. YY says

    Okay, I got myself a replacement of the mudmask instead. Apparently, the previous one they gave me was already opened with the mud being very liquid, whereas the current bottle is more solid. I suspect the previous one given to me was the tester bottle. Anyhow, I’ll post my comments after a few use of their stuffs. I hope it’s worth all the hassle and trouble caused.

  28. Gadsya says

    i love their products!! smell good leave my skin soft!! i don’t mind giving that as a gift also..the nail buffer is awesome.. since everything here so expensive to get nails done or body treatment i don’t mind buying this spa treatment products.. I am an Indonesia.. and this product is no harm for my skin … i love the salt body scrub really really good! the mud also i don’t have problem testing it first on my hand .. now, i can save my money to go to salon and just doing it 5-10 minutes at home… :) the lady was so nice giving me good-good price and very good discount on my second shopping… definitely i will recommend to my friends and others.. the lady also so nice .. i don’t mind the way she did her sales … anyway,…. have fun trying it …

  29. Jac.Lis says

    I’ve just bought the nail buffer kit & mud mask for both my face & hand(eczema), we well as the nail repair kit. I was served by a young, pretty sales rep named Gili- she’s friendly enough without being overbearing.
    She handed me her namecard & say it’s important to call/update her on my skin condition after using the products. Cool- will try them out; hopefully can report better results for her-and for myself too!!

  30. David says

    So i was approached today at Suntec City. Ended up buying the MudMask, Day Cream and the Cleanser and the Toner and the Mineral Soap.
    Have yet to try it though. Will post updates

  31. chocolate says

    Sad Mom @

    Just wanna let you know… Eczema can be caused by sensitivity of the skin to irritants, so definitely, trying that mud mask on your daughter was a bad idea.

    In fact, what I would do would be to use the mildest facial cleanser on her that you can possibly find, and see if that improves her situation any.

    Has she been to see a doctor about her eczema? What sort of eczema is it?

  32. CN says

    I bought a nail kit and was so excited to try it…..However, I was indeed down when I saw there is only blue and gray sides without white one…can you kindly explain and make up?????Thanks a lot!!!!!

  33. Jenny says

    Broke out into a rash after trying the mud….terrible experience. Went to see a GP and was given a hyrdocortisone injection and some antihistamines.

  34. Jackie says

    I was wondering if you can buy the Dead Sea products online . I live in Syndey, last year i discovered this wonderful product while i was on my trip to singapore (founded in a shopping centre) and i’ve run out !

    Is there anyway i can get the same exact products without going back to singapore ?

    Thanks !

  35. V&M fan :D says

    wee. i love the mud spa actually ! maybe people have sensitive skin will have rashes . but the shower gel is GOOD ! 😀 the salt scrub is BEST ! 😀

  36. JC says

    Hi I happened to come across this product while walking pass Plaza Sing basement.Kinda mezmerise by 1 of their sales personel.She give me a polish on my nails.Wasn’t that impress at first but her willingness to introduce me the product make me stay and listen.While explaining her product I kinda of feel very confident in it .In the end I bought 2 sets at a discount price .Well I’m letting go 1 set of 4 including day and peel cream ,1 toner and 1 dead sea mud soap at only $180 .Interested readers can contact me at 83233627.Well I shan’t say that much the product proves it all .Cheers 😉

  37. YF says

    Hi all, I got to know this product when I walked past the Plaza Sing basement outlet. This Israli lady was serving me… found her sales tactic a little pushy, but she was correct about all my eczema symptoms…so seems like she knows her stuff… Bought the bath salt to try, first time I tried on my body I felt quite stingy, today I tried the second time, again, it stings, and now im feeling more itchy than usual. Does anyone experiences the same? Is it normal?

  38. Yee says

    I think they cheat. I tried to walk away when this Israeli girl dragged me to her pushcart at Ion. I was being polite and decided to let her try the products on me. I do not have eczema and she kept insisting I have. And she sold her products to me at a special of buy 1 get 1 free. But in the end, the prices were all different from what she quoted to me. I ended up paying a whole lot more and she forced a lot of products on me which I had to remove from the plastic bag. And in the end, I was not given an itemized receipt but just my credit card receipt. And the products are pretty average and totally overpriced. Also, there is not enough literature on it to prove that they are from the Dead Sea. Anyway, I didn’t want to make a scene, but this will be the last time I will buy anything from and be polite to them.

  39. says

    Was approached by an Israeli sales guy at Vivocity, a few months back. I do not mind paying for a product if it works well. I got some V&M products (cleanser, toner, and some others) — I am very happy with the cleanser/toner/moisturizer (the day cream with SPF thing). Suitable for my sensitive, acne-prone, “ma fan” skin type.

    The salesperson was very knowledgeable, pleasant, and tactful (he knew I was “budget-conscious,” but managed it in a very smooth manner). He was suave, professional, mature (same age as me at the time, 23 y/o), and not too overly pushy.

    The art of selling can be a tricky craft — this guy had it down pat ^^

  40. Lye says

    I was Vivo City when this Israeli guy dropped a nail polisher on my hands. I went to return it to him but ended up SGD 214 poorer. I should have just walked away. First, he polished one nail. Then he used the skin peeler on my wrist. He was very persuasive about the products. When I refused to buy, he was nasty. His tone changed and he refused to let me go. I ended buying a few products. I tried the skin peeler and the mud. It was okay on me.But I was very upset and felt conned.

  41. jenny osh says

    i’m using their body scrub for 2 years, its great effective and now they have more fragrance for it… they also start selling in shop they open a botique shop at wisma atria which over there got larger range of products.

  42. yanhuan says

    I have just bought their facial products after a lady approached me at PS. Usually I’m skeptical on the effectiveness of the other facial products as I’m afraid it will not be suitable for my skin. Plus their products are quite ex but I decided to purchase it since I’m about to use finish my current products.

    I bought the facial soap, facial peel and facial sea mud. I have been using them for 3 weeks already and there is no outbreaks. My skin looks more radiant. As the lady mentioned, it is supposed to detox and clear out my skin.
    However, the soap is quite drying. So I only use it at night after a day of work.

    The mud does stings so may sure you are able to take it before purchase. But it helps in reduce redness, blemishes and pimples.

    Sesame: This is the first time I’m using dead sea products. Lately, there are so many brands out there in Spore. Is there any recommendation which brand is more reliable? Thanks

    • sesame says

      Hi Yan Huan: Actually I’ve not tried that many dead sea products and those I’ve tried are for body mostly. I remember a reader with somewhat sensitive skin mentioning Jericho dead sea products so maybe you want to check it out. Not too sure where they are sold though.

  43. GL says

    Hi, I paid $300 for six bottles v&m facial products when they were selling at a cart in Vivo last year. 2 bottles facial scrub, 2 bottles black mask, 1 bottle night cream and 1 bottle day cream. But now the cart no longer exist.
    Is there a shop in Wisma? Which floor?
    My face feel so refreshed after the scrub. My face feels so soft and clean after the mask.

  44. dude says

    i got the face peel product @ $40 from the guy from wisma, is it a steal? he gave me massive discount. does it really work v. well?

  45. Ellinette says

    Hi there, I’ve been approached by an Israel guy who is tall and claims that he is the manager of the stall. He was very pushy and said that I can have nicer skin if I use their facial peel. Of course he took my hand and rubbed the peel without saying much and after that he kept asking me to buy. As I’m a student I told him I had no money for the whole set at $100, and I have no interest in it… He insisted and he dragged me to the cashier and quotes me a cheaper price. He was very pushy at this point and my friend came and told him I don’t wanna buy. When he turned around to get something , my friend and I literally ran away.

    Their products look very promising . If they have had better customer service I think I would have considered buying. I was very turned off by their pushy attitude. And I feel relieved that people are speaking abt the same experience! Seriously, they should adapt to our Singapore selling culture here instead of using their local pushy selling style.
    Another thing I noted was that they did not seem to have any fixed price for their products. At first he introduced me the products at $100 which he claimed that he has already made it a good deal for me. After that he cut the price again to $70 for the peel mask only. After I read the posts here, I saw someone mentioning that the peel was at $40. What is this?
    I find them very unprofessional in both their marketing technique and attitude. Hope they will improve or else I don’t think their business will ever improve

  46. Search4souls says

    Bought their product twice for different usage. Nothing fantastic. I didn’t finish using it cause they don’t really work. All in the bin. Now I’m still using pure olive oil for my skin. More fragrance means more chemicals. You don’t know what you are applying onto your body and that is scary when they didn’t state the ingredients. There is no pricing cause they just name the price. I was waiting for my hubby. Didn’t realised i was standing infront of their shop. They saw my diamond rings and quoted all products in hundreds.
    Ladies, note that “Natural” doesn’t mean it is safe if they include chemicals like fragrance. Check out this website for the ingredients to avoid.

  47. JAYA says

    I purchase this product the first time 2 days ago. I wanted 2 know more of the product so went and search in the web, I found out the price for the product is $35. I purchase this product for more than the price stated with a discount also , is the currency in Spore dollar ( $35 ).

  48. aisha says

    but it from local stuff, his name is greg he a chinese guy vy friendly, i used to work with e company n know to product well, it is gd if u know how to used it in e right way..

  49. Lhavanya says

    Hi. I just bought the Nail Set, with moisturiser cream, buffer thingy, cuticle oil for 25. I got it from the ‘shop’ at the Plaza Sing basement. Mine was a fillipino guy, he was quite charming, not pushy and very friendly type. But then again i didnt really resist when he showed me all the stuff as i was quite interested. I did turn down his offer of the gold thingy to remove acne. He was offering it to me at 80. He also told me that the cuticle oil contains vitamin E and helps with fungal problems. Is that true? Cause i have these black sides under my nails and i think its fungal infection. Been having it for like forever.

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