Korean beauty tips on how to cleanse your face

I just came across an article from Bangkok Post featuring world-renowned Korean make-up artist Lee Hyun Ah who has worked on various Korean celebrities including Rain to television series princess Yoon Eun Hye. In the article, Lee shared the secrets behind Korean divas’ beauty and I particularly found her comments on the cleansing routine worth highlighting.

Final rinse with cold water
Like all other beauty experts, Lee said that cleansing was the most important step in a beauty regime.  She recommends using eye make-up remover on a daily basis, followed by a cleansing cream and then a gentle facial foam.   And check this she said:

 Start with warm water or room-temperature water and finish with cold water to close the pores. 

While I don’t necessary agree with using a separate eye makeup remover and cleansing cream since it depends on your skin type and if you’re already using a cleansing oil, but her tip on using a cold water rinse definitely answers my question Is it good to wash our face with cold water? and addresses the water temperature concerns some of you may have.

Keeping separate bath and facial towels
I’ve taken a whole new perspective on facial cleansing these days.  In the past, though I was pretty diligent on ensuring that I remove my facial makeup properly at the end of each day, I just gone with the motion when it comes to facial cleansing without giving it much thoughts.  But after my recent breakout, I started to review my cleansing routine completely to ensure I’ve got the process correct such as washing my face after shampooing my hair during my shower.  I even got myself a new face towel just to pat dry my face because I’ve always used my bath towel as an all-in-one!  Like Lee mentioned, “you can’t be lazy if you want to be beautiful!”

Using a facial mask consistently twice a week
This is why Lee said that even though Korean girls have naturally beautiful skin, but they do not take it for granted and do put a lot of effort in taking care of their skin.  Besides thoroughly cleansing their face, their daily beauty regime include moisturising, eye cream, applying serum and using a facial mask at least twice a week.  Again, I concur with this because I’ve seen how my skin condition has improved with using a facial mask frequently.  In fact, I even found that it’s possible to use a gentle facial mask daily if the my skin condition is poor.  The trick is to choose the right mask which works for your skin and meets your concerns.   My current love definitely goes to herbal clay masks!

Use of minimal liquid foundation for hot climate
If you want to find out more tips from Lee, check out the article here where she also suggested using minimal liquid foundation rather than a creamy texture for the gals in Thailand due to their hot climate.  

Matte foundation works better in hot weather because it doesn’t make the face look too shiny. The moisturiser should also contain as little oil as possible.

This definitely applies to us in Singapore given our oppressively hot weather!

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  1. says

    Splashing your face with cold water works but make sure your face is well rested, especially the eyes, some would wash their faces after a long day of work or after typing a long time in front of the computer, so I guess that’s my 2 cents 😀

    Nikki: The water shouldn’t be too cold either or it may promote broken capillaries…

    • @Nikki and AWESOME TIPS!!! says

      Actually, it’s the frequent use of cold water that promotes broken cappilaries. If you were to do a gentle rinse with cold water only every once in a while, it should’nt hurt your skin at all! Rubbing an ice cube over large pores on your face every once in a while (a couple of days a month that aren’t back to back) can also make the face feel and appear smoother. SOME GOOD ADVICE:!!!!!!!: Take a rest from all of your make-up! No matter what it is: especially foundation, concealer, and face powder. If you leave it off for a couple days using an exfoliator that is natural once or twice a week(meaning things that are organic, or found in your kitchen) your complexion should become smoother, brighter and clearer! The best results are when you can go weeks without make-up. Trust me, nothing is worse than putting tons of concealer and foundation set with powder on a pimple. MOISTURIZE!!!!! Even the oiliest skin need a moisturizer. Look for one made for your specific skin type. Make sure you don’t put too much of one product on your face, or don’t use too many products, alot of them are a total waste of money. Just play around with skin cleansers, products and makeup that you hear good reviews on and try them out. Though some of you might not give up your makeup, your application of it will go on smoother and less cakey! Your eyelashes might even grow, mine sure did!
      Hope you trust my tips!!!!!!!! ^•^

      • sesame says

        Great tips! Thanks for sharing them! I do use cold water once in awhile. I think if it’s not too cold, it’s not an issue.

  2. says

    I’m a little confused on how to properly cleanse my face. I’ve heard about oil cleansers and now foam cleansers? Obviously foam cleansers are foamy; do you have any recommendations on a good one? A cleansing cream, would that be like Cetaphil’s skin cleanser? Why would foam and cream cleansers be better than run of the mill cleansers? Sorry for all of the questions, and thanks!

    J: The cream cleanser is really for removing makeup. After using it, you usually tissue off or wash off with clean water before using a foaming cleanser or your skin would remain sticky. This is term as the double cleansing method. Cream cleansers are suitable for dry or mature skin. For oil cleanser, you can use it to remove your makeup and then wash off with warm water later. Depending on what you use, your skin maybe clean after that. For me, I still need to use a foaming cleansing after using an oil cleansing unless I use the oil cleansing method.

    Foam cleansers really keep the skin squeaky clean but I can’t say what to recommend for foam cleanser. It depends on your skin type and preference. Some pple find foam cleansers drying. I use Sukin foaming cleanser and it’s gentle. I also alternate with a soap. I’ve never tried Cetaphil – it’s supposed to be gentle and doesn’t foam if I’m correct. You can use that to wash after you’re done with removing your makeup. But some pple don’t like it too much.

    Hope this clarifies some of your doubts.

    • says

      hello, ive been an avid fan of all korean people. i really love and like how they dress, their skin and even look . i always search for their beauty secrets but i guess i can’t find the right product. for a 17 young girl, what probably brand should i use in FACIAL MASK, FACIAL CLEANSING, FOAM CLEANSING, FACIAL MOISTURIZER CREAM, and kindly suggest for a beauty tips, thank you !!! sorry for the questions, i would appreciate if you reply . thanks !!!

  3. says

    is she the girl for laneige? she is so pretty lah! i DIY facial mask at home minimum 2x a week too, sometimes 4x a week, but i still cnt get porcelain clear skin :( and now i really really pay attention to cleansing my face. lol. all the while i have been pretty lazy and it has pushed my skin to grave

    Prettybeautiful: Yes, that’s Song Hye Kyo, the girl for Laneige! She’s gorgeous! Aiyah…difficult to achieve procelain clear skin because we’ve accumulated “years of damage” but at least taking care of it now won’t drive our skin to the grave so soon… 😛

  4. pf1123 says

    I saw a lot of facial foam when I’m in Korea. They do love their facial foam I must say. However, I don’t like the feeling of facial foam as well. Makes my skin feel tight and seems to be stripping my skin of all oils yet I don’t have the clean feeling after using. I perfer the gel type cleanser.

    Actually, I’m using 2 types of cleanser now. One exfoliating one at night and one gel type in the morning. Due to my clogged pores problem. I’m just paranoid that my face is not clean enough after the double cleansing method. In addition, I use a non wash off type cleansing lotion as toner. Ultra paranoid. Haha…

    I have a pretty useful mattifying moisturiser for day use. I think its great for our hot climate. :)

    At the moment, my combi of products that I’m using and my routine is getting my skin out of the dumps. So Sesame, if you would like me to review the items I’m using, just let me know. 😉

    pf1123: In the DIY workshop I attended awhile back, the Korean trainer also emphasized the importance of cleansing. She told us that Korean girls like to use soap too besides the foaming cleansers. I like foaming cleanser but I’m currently using a soap too (Yuan) and it’s quite nice now that I get used to the overly squeaky feeling.

    Ah I know the feeling of being paranoid about cleansing the skin cos I am now like that after the breakout! I double cleanse even though I have no makeup on and then use a clay mask afterwards and then tone! Haha…

    Hey, I was so knackered yesterday I didn’t log in my PC in the evening. I’m going to drop you a note later but you can think about it – like what you want to write in terms of skin care tips from your own perspective or review products you like.

  5. Beebe says

    Do we use a serum after or before moisturer?

    Beebe: Serum before moisturizer. Anything with thinner consistency should be applied first. Exceptions to active ingredients which should be applied as early as possible. Say you’re using Retin-A or something, you should apply after toning or after your serum before moisturizing.

  6. Dee says

    I always envy their skin!

    And I normally cleanse my face with warm water except for very hot days… I use cold water! =)

    Dee: I try to use cold water when I can remember. But it’s nice and refreshing too after a warm bath! 😉

  7. pf1123 says

    Actually…when I was in Seoul…I see that the girls of the general public do not have flawless skin. Most of them have fairly ok skin. But there are quite a large number who are not in that league. Thats what I gathered when I was out shopping. I think its only the celebrities who have really flawless skin.

    pf1123: Let’s not forget that our dear celebrities got a lot more spare cash and also help from their plastic surgeons…hehe…

  8. says

    the article mention that you should use cream cleanser then form cleanser, is that too much for the skin wouldn’t it dry out the skin?
    i use cetaphil cleanser for oily skin and it works wonders, i think it is a gel cleanser and not a cream.

    with the method of using warm water and cold.

    so you splash with warm water then cleanse your face then wash off with cold water is it?

    Helloworld: If you’re using makeup, you’ll need something to remove the makeup first before washing. I know some pple use foam cleanser to remove their makeup and wash their face at the same time but from experience, it’s not thoroughly clean. That’s why the recommendation of using cream cleanser to remove makeup then wash off with a foam cleanser. Alternatively, an oil cleanser can do the job and replace the cream cleanser.

    Usually we wash our face with warm water during a shower so it’s good to splash with some cold water afterwards. But sometimes I just go with cold water all the way at the basin.

  9. says

    when you refer to the herbal clay mask – are you referring to the herbal healing clay mask with koalin from yours essentialy? if yes – where can you get it from.

    Janis: Yes, and also rhassoul clay. You can get it from their website at http://www.yoursessentially.com.

  10. Ms. Blacklace says

    My favorite mask?

    Oatmeal and water. Cheap… Smells nice… Soothes my skin… I use it everyday!

    WIht the help of oatmeal, I’ve actually used less tea tree oil. Because there isn’t a need to. I made a mistake by applying tea tree oil on the areas I thought was a budding pimple. In the end it got dried and irritated and red and inflammed. Too harsh I guess. But plain aloe vera did the trick. Haha!

    And so, I must thank you for your oatmeal post!

    Also, I cannot live without carrier oils!!!!!! Makes my skin feel light and dewy…. And gives me soft smooth hands despite the fact I’m a bartender. No one believes that I’m one when they shake my hands. HAHA!

    Ms Blacklace: Oh that’s great! I’m glad the oatmeal works for you! I love it but I’ve been saddled with so many stuff I haven’t been using it lately. Haha…should go and grind more oatmeals now.

    I would love to shake your hands and drink something you concoct if I ever get the chance… 😉

  11. says

    Thank you so much for posting!

    One thing that wasn’t mentioned in this post (but maybe in the original article? I’ll go check) but I think is important is exfoliation! This might not be appropriate for all skin types but it’s a life saver for me. And I no longer use the ones that look like it’s all sand or something. I find the peeling ones or the ones with sugar to be the best and most gentle.

    Amelia: Yes, exfoliating like once a week is good but with some of the facial mask, they’re not the scrubbing sort but works well to exfoliate gently too so more suited for those with sensitive skin.

  12. Elaine says

    I still wonder if I’m doing more harm than good when i exfoliate more than one day a week.
    I believe that splashing the face with cold water might tighten the pores. I’ll certainly give it a try.

    Elaine: Don’t use the scrubbing sort with grains if you feel you want something gentle. Clay mask has an effect of exfoliating too without being too harsh unless the ingredients are drying.

  13. pf1123 says

    Hi Sesame, ok I’ll think about it!

    You double cleanse your face even w/o makeup? I read somewhere that we should not over cleanse. As we strip our skin with its natural oil, our skin will produce more sebum to try to balance our skin. So, in the end, we might get more breakouts.

    Similarly, a friend told me as well not to use facial blotters to absorb oil from my face. Same reason as above.

    pf1123: I double cleanse cos of the sunscreen I use. It’s water resistant and if I don’t cleanse properly, it causes rashes and breakout. Otherwise, I just use a foaming cleanser. The facial blotter one is interesting. I wrote about that before but I think it’s with excessive usage.

  14. pf1123 says

    Oooohhh I seeeee….haha…now I remember you mentioned in one of your sunblock posts.

    The LRP one I use can be cleansed with normal cleanser. It says on the tube. But I wear makeup everyday for work and very light dusting of loose powder and concealer on weekends. So I still do double cleansing everyday! hehe…

    Btw, my order for grapeseed oil and some hydrosols arrived yesterday! My gosh…a couple of sprays of the chamomile and I’m knocked out on my bed yesterday night. 😀

    Today I tried the grapeseed oil just on my nose where all my sunspots are. Hope it works for me!!

    pf1123: The grapeseed oil is good as an antioxidant…may help prevent more sunspots though I wish it can get rid of them. 😛

  15. says

    Great idea on keeping the bath towel separate from the face towel. I’m going to do just that!

    Tine: I don’t know why I never thought about it till now.

  16. nikita says

    ah they have the skin that everyone envys lol!…i am really confused with the whole double cleansing thing :(….i have combi skin that gets really tiny pus filled bumps [really tiny that pops easily] so i think it is sensitive. i use gel cleanser every night, rose water toner and glycerin or almond oil but still my face has not improved:(….its summer now so i’m starting to use a waterproof sunscreen so i think i have to start double cleansing…help!!!….also is there any natural cleanser that i could use?? :)

    Nikita: I suspect the bumps you’re saying are due to your combi skin plus your products. What products are you using? Are they too rich? If you use a water resistant sunscreen, I would advice you to double cleanse. I suggest you use an SLS-free cleanser that is not too harsh so that the double cleansing won’t dry out your skin. Where are you based? Cos I’m not sure what products you have at your drugstores.

  17. nikita says

    i’m from london. I use nivea visage oxygen power cleansing gel at night to cleanse, splash of cold water and then camellia oil ovenight. in the morning i use tea tree and peppermint cleanser, a bit of camellia oil and then water resistant sunscreen lotion. recently i have been getting a LOT of red acne on my forehead and in between the eyebrows lol. also the area around my lips, esp under the nose, is darker than the rest of my face as i get those little white bumps every morning and i can’t help but pop them cos they are so tiny and white :\. I think I should go to my doc lol. what sls free product would u suggest?

    Nikita: Is your sunscreen something new in your regime? I wonder if it could be contributing to your problems cos water resistant sunscreens are quite problematic – must cleanse thoroughly or they can cause breakouts. If you’re in UK, you can check out Love Lula for some ideas of organic/natural cleansers that are SLS free. Hard for me to recommend cos I’m not sure about your skin type too.

    • zia says

      Your skin problem is almost similar to what i experienced previously. I avoid water resistant sunscreens are they cause my skin to breakouts even after thorough cleansing. As my skin is sensitive, I avoid exfoliants as even the gentlest ones are too harsh for my skin. Basically, I use hydrating products instead of moisturing products as the latter will cause breakouts too. And to make my skin glow, I use sheet masks 3 times a week.

  18. nikita says

    oh and i read above about the oatmeal and water mask. how do you go about it?? is it like every night after cleansing-before mosturising??…cos i use honey and nutmeg mask twice a week..and i don’t use toner but i heard it’s quite important…actually i tried using rose water but it did’nt work for me so i gave up lol….is tomato one better??…hmmm….

    ps:sorry for the overload of info lol

    Nikita: The oatmeal mask is more like a once to three times a week facial mask which is good for oily skin. Yes, use it after cleansing and before moisturizing. You can mix the oatmeal with yogurt or honey or just use with water. Toning is relative; some pple don’t need it. But if you have oily skin, then toning with something containing more astringent properties like witch hazel maybe useful.

  19. Dee says

    Thank you very much! This post is great.

    Quick question, I had a facial done recently, and I find that my skin is starting to break out now – a couple of days post-facial. Also, I hate that I have marks from where the beautician did extractions…any idea about improving this situation?

    Dee: Hmm…a little tricky. Scars are hard to get rid of. A few suggestions, some compiled by readers here. You should exfoliate (but don’t overdo it), use some lemon juice on the spot (but must apply sunscreen diligently in the day cos lemon is photosensitive), use rosehip oil or vitamin E oil on the spot.

  20. nikita says

    thanks!!…the site looks good….and i think i have combination skin cos my t-zone is hyper oily and my cheeks r hyper dry lol…and the sunscreen i use is soltan moisturising suncare lotion [water resistant, uva 25 :S]…could u suggest a good cleansing method so i can prevent these breakouts?

    Nikita: Do you double cleanse? If you can, use a cleansing oil or cleansing cream to clean your face first everytime you wear the sunscreen, whether or not you use makeup. Then cleanse with a foaming cleanser that contains no SLS so that it doesn’t strip your face of the necessary lipids. In the morning where you don’t use sunscreen after you wake up, no need to double cleanse; just wash as per normal. Also, exfoliate or use a face mask at least once a week. Try this and see if your skin condition improves. If not, then it could be something within your sunscreen that has pore clogging ingredients.

  21. nikita says

    Thank you!!!…..

    I will definitely try it and let u know what happens :)…

    Thanks again

    Nikita: You’re welcome! :) And I hope your skin will improve soon!

  22. says

    Could you help me how to prevent these pimples in my forehead and improve the softness and clearness os my skin?

    Mikoto: You have to determine why you have pimples there first…is it due to improper cleansing or diet?

  23. Kallie says

    Hi, thanks for all the info!
    I would really like some help on sun damage as I’ve got pigmentation, anything that can help to reduce the darkness >.< or should i just get laser surgery or something lol! Also, my skin is not as glowing as it used to be and seems to be getting darker.. how to get the glowing skin again? And should i use a illuminator like the ysl highlighter when applying make up? One more thing, is it really important to be asleep in the hours of 11pm-4am? thanks!! Kallie: Laser surgery should be done as a last resort – or when you have big spots that products cannot help erase. Do you exfoliate? Exfoliation regularly and using a mask can help return some glow to your skin. And yes, sleeping at that hour or about 10pm onwards will help cos that’s the time our bodies produce human growth hormones.

  24. lilly says

    splashing cold water isn’t very good since you could get little red spots, however splashing cool almost warm water is what she probably meant. but NOT COLD WATER!!

  25. Kelly says

    Hey, your blog is great, so much info…thank u…

    actually my question might be funny but i dont know how i can write u personnaly…

    in Asia i know girls sometimes wear nose clips…do u know if it works??? my problem is that i do not have bridge at all, it is flat, but i am afraid to do plastic…can u please advice if u know smth about it?

    • sesame says

      Hi Kelly: You mean nose clips to bring up the height or sharpness of the nose? Hmm…I haven’t heard anyone with success story on this but I imagine it’s much better done when your’re very young. My bros used to pinch my nose a lot when I was a little girl…hahah….

  26. coco says

    hi i just started my teenage years, and i am so confused with the how nightly/ day routine; i know with cleansing,moisturiser, and sunscreen you have to wait about 5 or 10 mins before applying one after the other, how about toner? can you apply your moisturiser straight after? when your skin is damp or do you have to wait 5 mins aswell to apply the moisturiser?

    • sesame says

      Yes, you can apply your moisturizer right after the toner – good when your skin is slightly damp to seal in the moisture. No need to wait.

  27. paula:) says

    in our cosmetology subject we’ve made that step but we first apply a cleansing cream eventually doin the face massage techniques then we put a face towel rinsed from warm water then we apply the mask made of cereal with evaporated milk then we rinse our face after the mask freezes and finally we apply ice on our face
    how was it? 😀 hehe

      • maica says

        try this one. oatmeal and evaporated milk-make it into paste.It is effective.apply this mask after you wash your face.
        here are some tips to remove/lessen your pimples:
        1. wash your face twice a day(morning & evening). use a mild cleanser like cetaphil.
        2. make a mask. use it 2-3 times a week.
        3.change your pillow case every 2-3 weeks.
        3. separate towel for the body and for the face. you can use a small towel for your face.
        4. use a mild shampoo like baby shampoos.
        5. apply your shampoo first before your facial wash.
        6. just use loose powder and use a good brand and good quality of make up.
        7. use toner to remove excess dirts on your face.

        • sesame says

          Thanks for sharing! Sounds interesting but evaporated milk is quite thick and sticky isn’t it? But that’s probably how it’s easier to make a mask out of it.

  28. khaz says

    hi. i’m 16 y.o and i want to know how do i start my beauty regimes? i really want to get that korean look. i’m a Filipina and i want to know what are the products available in my country that i can use. do i need to wash my face first before applying moisturizers? do i need to apply toners, isnt it going to damage my skin? what brands do i need for my facial wash and moisturizers and if i will put on make-up, what kind and brand of removers do i use? sorry for so many questions.. :) lastly, what body wash and lotion(and whatever i have to put on to achieve that korean look) can i use to keep my skin moisturized and soft? thanks..:)

  29. says

    it is much better to not put a lot of beauty products, especially to teenagers
    because their skin is sensitive.

    wash face with soap at least two times
    a day.

  30. says

    this post is very helpful and i enjoy reading every word of it, and also the comments. 😀

    could you please help me?

    im a guy who is very very bothered with my face. i dont have clear skin and i have pimples most of the time around my nose.
    i do have blackheads too.

    any ideas to lessen them?
    i have oily skin, maybe after an hour my face will be oily.
    i use only powder.

    thanks in advance.

    • sesame says

      An oily face could also mean that the face isn’t well moisturized and that’s why the skin has to secrete more oil to protect itself.

      Another thing is to consider exfoliating twice a week at least with a facial scrub.

  31. aleen says

    hi. I’ve read all the posts above and I found that they are very INTERESTING..! (especially the oatmeal and water mask thingy) I’d love to try some of the methods as suggested above.. 😀

    First of all, Im a chinese from malaysia and i have very sensitive skin.
    I double cleanse everytime i wash my face, twice a day, although not using makeup and exfoliate 3 times a week. I even use seperate facial and body towel, change my pillowsheets every 2 weeks and even have another layer of clean sheet to cover it. I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, ate vit E supplement and wash my hands very frequently. I also have at least 7hours of sleep every night and i trim my fingernails short, always. And I stay away from peanuts..! Im a paranoid. 😐

    My problem is that recently my skin is constantly having major breakouts, especially on the cheeks after starting as little whiteheads.
    my friends advised me to lessen the frequency of cleansing and exfoliating but that seemed to cause more breakouts when the skin gets oilier. (she believes that my skin is losing its “bacteria fighting ability” since I’m being TOO CLEAN!)

    Im trying to use toner and apply moisturiser. It does work on refining pores and reducing the redness of scars but it causes more whiteheads which will soon to be more pimples.
    I would like to know how to get rid of my pimples without causing more scars? I’ve tried Eryderm, and Retin-A but they have only seemed to work for a shortwhile. I need to know how to completely “destroy” the roots of pimples without damaging the skin pores and not only treating them on the surface…!
    There are also some questions i would like to know about:
    1) how often should i apply facial mask?
    2) which is better in the sense that it won’t clog pores? Loose powder or compact powder?
    3) does mineral powders really do not clog the pores as regular powders do?
    4) can i apply baby powder instead on my face?
    5) before applying makeup, is it safe to put on toner? will it cause breakouts since it’s like a lot of material is being put onto the face?
    6) is it okay to squeeze whiteheads? if not what are the suggested method of removing whiteheads?
    7) will pimples really heal by themselves (completely)if not being aggravated by chemical application n aggression?
    8) Does non-soap cleansers really do the cleaning? I always felt like there’s residue of slippery like feeling on my face even after rinsing thoroughly. (Im using Zen Natural Tea Tree & Aloe Vera, product of U.S.A)
    Phew~ I guess that’s all I’ve been curious about for the past 4 years. I really hope u guys could help me solve my problem n inquisitions. I am looking forward 4 answers. Much appreciation and thank you’s in advance. :))

    • sesame says

      Your friend can be right too…I think you are over exfoliating. It sounds like your skin is dry and that’s why it is leading to more production of oil. You should cut down to once a week, and then see how it goes. If you’re young, once or twice is about right.

      Acne and breakouts can also be due to diet. Good that you’re eating lots of fruits and vegetables but are you taking a lot of diary or refine sugar? If you think it might be due to your diet, one supplement you can try to take is probiotics. I find that helps me a lot.

      Facial masks can be used once a week, given your current skin condition. Loose powder and mineral powder are less pore clogging but my experience with mineral powder is that some ingredients may cause breakouts. So I’m careful with what I use – the lesser the ingredients, the better. I would avoid baby powder cos it has fragrance.

      For non-soap cleaners, I think you need to cleanse twice. Or use it for first round and use another foaming cleanser (no SLS and SLES) for second cleansing.

      Pimples can heal themselves but may take awhile. Chances are, you’ll need to remove them but if you don’t do it properly, it may cause scarring. I use a product call Nexcare and when I squeeze a little, I stick this on the spot and it’ll draw out the pus.

      I hope this clarifies some of your doubts. :)

      • aleen says

        Dear sesame,
        If I could rate your answers, i would certainly give them 10/10’s ..!
        I’d like to thank you for sharing your views about my problems.. :)
        You have been very helpful to me. I shall follow your advices and let you know the results..!
        I’m looking forward to read posts from other vivawomen.net followers too.
        Thanx again sesame.. :))

      • aleen says

        hey sesame.. i’d like to let you know that your advices really do help me a lot…!
        my skin’s getting better and fairer.. amazingly! (in just like a week plus? super instant results..!)

        i’ve bought a facial foam with no SLS.. it feels clean and i don’t really need to double cleanse as often as i did before..
        I applied the water+oatmeal mask every 2-3 days and it really feels refreshing..! it smoothens my skin and somehow exfoliates off the dried and dead skin..
        I also reduce exfoliating session to once a week.
        I’m still using toner and moisturiser but surprisingly they don’t cause anymore breakouts recently.

        I’ve started taking flaxseed oil supplement. don’t know if it would help.. Also, I’m taking a glass of milk before bed and green tea in the afternoon too..! 😀

        I could’t find Nexcare and Probiotics anywhere.. hm… i’ll keep on searching and try the product.

        The only problem I have now is the remaining scars from past acnes. I’m not sure if the redspots could be vanished…

        there really is a miracle going on here. and all this might not be possible if not because of you, sesame..! :))
        Thanx again..!

        • sesame says

          Oh so great to learn about your improvements! It’s wonderful! 😀

          Probiotics supplement is available at pharmacies but not sure if you can get it from where you are. The brand I take is Kordel’s. Nexcare maybe tough…they’re popular here but maybe limited in other countries.

  32. aleen says

    dear sesame.. i’m actually trying Nexcare patch now. can feel it drawing something from my acne. not sure how long should i wait before removing it. is it okay for me to just remove the patch first thing tomorrow morning?

    I’ve bought prebiotics (21st century) and read d prescriptions.. It’s for improving intestinal microfolia..? have i gotten d right item?

    • sesame says

      For Nexcare, you can withdraw once you see the patch has turned white. I usually leave for a few hours or overnight. But with some pimples, nothing gets drawn so you’ll use Nexcare looking the same as you’ve stuck it on.

      The probiotics is for improving intestinal microfolia so should be correct as there are many different brands in the market.

  33. aleen says

    I’ve been using Nexcare for a week now and it certainly helped in preventing formation of new scars.. my acnes and pimples are healed overnight by using these patches. I’d like to thank sesame for introducing this product to me.. :) my friends too started noticing the difference in my skin condition as compared to before starting the new skincare regiment.
    I’m left with only scars to worry about.. wish I’d known this blog long before..! :)

    • sesame says

      I’m glad Nexcare is helping you. It took me awhile to figure out the proper usage of it and by then, I wasted like 2 boxes. It’s pretty good to minimize the scars…

  34. ieda says

    now, im taking collagen drink 1 bottle everynite..can u tell me the benefits of taking the collagen drink becoz some people told me it can make ur skin to be more fair and moisturised..do i still need to use moisturizer anymore?

    • sesame says

      Yes definitely. Your drink helps you from internally but you still need protection externally.

  35. ieda says

    how to get fair and white skin using natural ingredients or treantment which can be made by our own at home? do you have any tips?

  36. ian mc says

    helo,im ian from philippines and i’ve got acne breakouts,i used to use acne aid cleansing bar, dalacin c. But acne aid just worked for a couple of month and then back to basic, breakout again all over my face. Dalacin worked for me for 3 years, but now no more, please help me…..thanks,anyong!

    • sesame says

      Which part of your face is breaking out? Could be internal rather than external issues. May I also know what’s your age group?

  37. ian mc says

    im 20 years old. And pimples breaks out almost in my entire face. From the moment i get back here in the philippines from a 6 months ojt in singapore. Pimples starts to pop- out agai in which i suffered during my high school days, thanx 4 d reply by the way….

    • sesame says

      The change in environment probably caused the problems. How’s your diet? Do you take a lot of diary products? Best to avoid those as pimples could be a sign of digestive issues, hormonal issues or stress. If you suspect your pimples is a result of digestive issues, try taking a probiotic supplement.

  38. Sarah says

    Hi… I have eczema on my face and so I have a very dry and sensitive skin .. I use ponds cleansing cream at night and then clinics soap after that .. I don’t use a sunscreen .. Could you plz tell me a proper cleansing method with right products for my skin type ..my skin appears to be dull .. Plz help!

    • sesame says

      Have you tried exfoliating regularly? It would be good to exfoliate at least once or twice a week to prevent dull skin.

  39. shima says

    Hi. I am 20 years old. I have very oily skin. I break alot now in my cheek area. I have been eating alot of junk food and lacking excercise. Isthat my problem for my face breaking out? I also have a lot of scars on my face and some are very deep from my acne. Is there anything that can lessen my scars? Also I have a habit of massaging my face every night and day because if i dont i end up looking very tired and my skin tends to sag a little and to me i think i look ugly if i dont because before i didthis i did look really ugly like a man but after doing the routine it made me look more feminine and it sharpen my features a little. I want to look good as a girl and make my self esteem boost. I really envy those korean girls? I would never leave my home if look weird some days. I want to know what products will help me clear up my acneand what can lighten my skin? I want to know what products i should use day and night to help me with acne, aging, and scars?I dont like wearingmakeup and i want to look naturally pretty but my sister told me i cant but i want to prove her wrong.

    • sesame says

      You should cut down on the junk food. That will be a first step to improving your skin. If you’re taking lots of diary or ice cream or sugary stuff, cut down or eliminate if you can.

  40. shima says

    I was also told that im am the type of person who looks pretty when my face is clearer and i wnat to look pretty too. Please help me. I wonder if i show you a picture of me you can tell me the areas i should fix up?

  41. asha says

    hi sesame im 22 yo and im from phil..my problem is ive been using the rdl and maxipeel product last year and i stop using them now coz i feel like they are making my skin thinner…my problem is my face now becomes darker and i really look older than my age..
    what are good products i can use as my skin care from cleanser mosturiser and to make my skin whiter..also i hope i can find a good product that is not so expensive..
    im hoping u can gave me advice and thanks in advance..
    more power to u…

  42. rina says

    I m rina..I am Indian girl ..I have lost all shine on my face…my skin is very oily that’s y gives darker skin..I m sensitive to strong smells..pls suggest me good soap for cleansing body and face…


  1. […] Korean beauty tips on how to cleanse your face | – Korean beauty tips on how to cleanse your face. 24 Feb 2009 by Sesame 77 Comments. I just came across an article from Bangkok Post featuring world-renowned Korean make-up artist Lee Hyun Ah who has worked on various Korean celebrities including Rain to television series princess Yoon Eun Hye. […]

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