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I maybe mistaken but the bag selection at Paperchase in Borders at Parkway Parade seem a lot more extensive than the one at Wheelock? I certainly don’t recall seeing the bowler bags at the latter. That, or I was totally blind!

Anyway, this is the first time I visited Borders at Parkway and I was quite swooned by the quirky bag collections with interesting designs and bright burst of colours. The Mag Bag with the owl design is so cute and I almost got it. Except that the sizes were not in my favor. Anyway, I love the fact that you can get nice bags at the stationary section! Totally cool.

Mag Bags

The designs of the Mag Bags are very nice but I thought the price tag of S$24 is quite high, considering you can’t put a lot of stuff in there. The other design is big and bulky; more like a grocery bag to me and it cost S$43!

And if you like bowler bags, Paperchase has quite a number of lovely designs. They’re big enough for a lot of stuff, and can double up as a weekend getaway bag if you’re not fussy. Each cost S$52.

bowler bags

Besides the big bags, there are also some laptop bags, plus a small collection of coin purses and pouches; some of which are an extension of the bigger designs. I only wished they came in the owl design. But no such luck!


Yes, these are lip balms! I was quite amused to see them. Again, I don’t recall seeing these at the Wheelock branch or like I said, I could have been blind because I was always so focused on their notepads and other stationary.

Okay, enough said. I’ll just leave you with a slide show to enjoy.

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  1. says

    I love checking these out every time I’m at Borders. They’re so pretty! Some aren’t very well-made though – I always think they’d break with my bag load, lol!

    Mag: I think the Mag Bags are too flat to carry much stuff. Maybe like the name, only magazines. But the other totes are okay.

    • Erika says

      I have been looking everywhere for the owl tote! I live in a area where
      we dont have many resources. I saw a young lady with the tote and fell in
      love with it, but I cant seem to find one to purchase on net. Can anyone help me out??

  2. Dee II says

    Hmmm… I agree that the owl bag looks very cool. And same for the others that you posted. :)

    Btw, it seems that the Flickr photos are set to private?

    Dee II: Yes, I’ve got them set to private. Reason is cos Flickr is very sticky and I don’t want to deal with their guidelines. I never read them initially and I think my earlier ones maybe a problem cos they contain the watermark. That’s why I change to private for most. Anyway, most of my pics are posted on my blogs.

  3. says

    Looks like your Paperchase selection is larger than ours in HNL. The journals and stationery are SO tempting!

    Soos: They are? I was surprised to find so many bags at this particular outlet. There’s another one which doesn’t seem to have so many stuff.

  4. says

    I love Paperchase stuff! I had no idea about the bowler bags either – they look great. I’ll have to go in the summer holidays to check out Borders, it’s a 2hr drive I can’t quite spare right now!! 😀

    Chammy: It seems their stocks differ from store to store. But most of their stuff are cute and worth checking out especially if you’re a stationary lover!

  5. Ms. Blacklace says

    I love paperchase journals. Had one given to my as a birthday present. My only gripe is, no lock!!!! To keep my diary away from prying eyes!!!

    Ms Blacklace: Haha…then you have to keep it in a drawer and lock it!

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