A truly beautiful experience at True Beauty

True Beauty

It’s been awhile since I last went for a facial service. I stop going for them regularly because I didn’t feel these services did anything dramatic for my skin and when I do go for them, it’s more like a pampering session for myself. So when Valerie of True Beauty invited me to check out their new facial spa, I hesitated a little. However, I changed my mind as soon as I found out that they’re using 100% natural products because I was keen to know what it involves.

Staff who showed their bare face
Those from New Creation Church might be aware of True Beauty because the Managing Director, Susan Foo attends session there and I’ve also read a number of testimonies coming from her church mates regarding her service. I was very pleased to meet Susan; she is unlike most of the beauty experts I’ve come across and I felt very comfortable speaking to her because there is absolutely no airs about her. In addition, all the staff at True Beauty do not wear makeup. None at all! I didn’t have to deal with some sleek and polish looking consultants trying to push me products and packages!

Besides the staff, there were a couple of other things I noticed why True Beauty is different from the other beauty salons I’ve visited.

Products promoted to customers were used in the facials
Their products, marketed under the brand True Bio Skin Care are also used in all their facials. Now, I haven’t visited that many beauty salons to know it all but of those I have visited, most of them use a different blend of products during their facials while promoting a different brand for customers to take home.


100% pure natural product range
And the products they used on my face were truly natural. I was told that their True Bio Skin Care brand of skin care contains only natural ingredients derived from pure, active plant essences harvested two hours before dawn, when concentration of beneficial enzymes, vitamins, protoplasm and collagen in the plants are at the highest. In addition, the technology used to manufacture the range ensures that the goodies can penetrate and be delivered to our skin in the quickest possible time. This is why Susan explained it is possible to have multiple treatments at one go at their salon. I was also happy to know that they use pure castor oil to remove eye makeup and a special rosehip oil detox which acts like a mask. Susan also used emu oil on my face to treat my problem areas as emu oil has the ability to heal.

No steaming and no extraction service
Unlike the facials I have received in the past, True Beauty did away with steaming my face and extracting my blackheads because their products can do a thorough deep pore cleansing. That suited me to a T because I have written why I am paranoid about steaming because it can cause skin to dry out in the long run. In fact, I learnt from Susan that it’s one of the reasons why our pores become bigger overtime.  And I was happy that True Beauty uses minimal machinery and instead focused mainly on using products and hand massage to purge out the toxins and to bring an equilibrium to our acid mantle.

High level of hygiene practice
In addition, I was very pleased to find out that True Beauty uses only disposable wipes to clean all their customers’ faces during the facial. No circulation of facial towels! In fact, one of Susan’s staff explained that one of their standard operating procedures is to frequently wash their hands with Bacti-Stat whenever they come into contact with different items when giving a facial.


Remarkable enthusiasm to improve customers’ skin conditions
After experiencing the facial and speaking to Susan, I would say that True Beauty is strictly for those who are keen to improve their skin conditions. Susan showed me pictures of her customers and I was quite amazed at how their skin conditions have improved and in some cases, looking far more youthful than before. I can vouch that there were no photoshopping done to improve the appearance! However, for that sort of effects, customers have to be prepared to go through treatments with the salon, including investing in their natural products which do appear costly. The good news is that Susan and her team are truly interested in helping her customers to address their skin conditions and are 100% committed to delivering results such that her customers are confident to show their true skin eventually without layers of makeup. Her level of passion on the topic is remarkable and that’s also because she has had experienced the heartache of being nicknamed the “moon-crater face” when she was younger.

50% off first trial for Viva Woman readers
Their basic facial which is the True Revitalising Facial Treatment starts from S$150. You can enjoy 50% off for the first time; just mention Viva Woman or Sesame when you book your appointment.  You can also check out their facial menu to find out costs for other additional treatments.  True Beauty has two salons; the one I visited was at Winsland House II located on 163 Penang Road #01-01 and the numbers to call them are 6836 5775 or 6836 1157.

My thoughts

I am always happy to meet business people dealing with natural and organic products because these group of people are far less commercialized and while they have a business to run, you can always sense that they have a real passion and commitment to help us improve our skin conditions.  Personally, I started thinking about taking up a package with True Beauty sometime down the road when my budget improves after just speaking to Susan and learning about their products.  Susan by the way, is trained in Cosmetology in UK and also Traditional Chinese Medicine in Singapore.  And after experiencing the facial, I was even more convinced that I have to continue with this treatment somehow or another. My only consideration was I am not so keen to only use their products – because I’m fickle and I want to test new products in the market!

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  1. pf1123 says

    Cool! That looks very nice!!

    The beauty salon which I go to also use just products and hand massage. I was feeling a bit cheated coz my friends all go to those with high end machines and “super sonic” orwhateveryoucallit techologies for their treatments. hehe…

    pf: Your thoughts are normal cos we tend to associate to think highly of high tech machines… 😛

  2. Peapot says

    Ha!! Hey pf1123, that’s exactly how I felt about my salon. But they still have the steaming and extraction though. I believe that the extraction can cause pores to enlarge. That was the reason why I have enlarged pores. I started on facial since I was 16!!

    Now I try not to go unless absolutely necessary. Some large clogged pores still need extraction I think. I m just wondering if we leave the it alone, what would happen.

    Sesame, your skin is great! I heard you mention drying skin is a sign of aging but yours definitly say a different story. Don’t you feel that your skin condition is great at the moment?

    Peapot: Wow, you started facial at 16? That’s really young! About the pores, Susan actually told me its possible to get it back to normal size but it needs treatment. The pores are enlarged cos of dirt and sebum trapped so extraction is only getting rid of the superficial on top but not what’s beneath. She told me her treatments are supposed to get rid of what’s beneath and restore the size to normal. But it may not be instant; depends on individual’s skin condition. This was something that intrigued me cos I never thought that pore size can be restored to normal with just products and handwork.

    Yes, mature skin tends to be drying. I read that those with oily skin have less wrinkles so in a sense I guess I’m fortunate. But as I age, my skin condition is changing. Skin appears oily on the outside but rather dehydrated on the inside. I sometimes can feel my skin tightening up during the day.

  3. oprah says

    I thought you might be interested in a cosy facial salon called Vanilla. I’ve been there a coupla times and their products are natural (plants and marine extracts) and service is not too bad. I guess I was attracted to their concept because their products are of the natural sort. On another note, I recently read that Clarins doesn’t use machines at their facial institutes. Just thought it was a very appealing concept!

    Oprah: Hey what a coincidence cos my friend just mentioned Vanilla to me today. She used to go to them and she said the same thing about their products – that she likes them. However, the problem was that the estheticians keep changing and she didn’t like going for their facial service after awhile. She also tried Clarins and if I remember correctly, the price she mentioned for their service is not cheap!

  4. Raelynn says

    Took a brief look at True’s website. While the facial prices look fine (although bordering expensive, but this is cause it’s ala carte pricing), the product prices are really quite high!

    Raelynn: Yes, that’s why I said their products are costly. It’s a bit hard to stomach and even they highlighted that themselves! But if the products do work, then I think they’re worth it say compared to if one were to go in circles trying different products or going for botox or facelift.

  5. pf1123 says

    Mine doesn’t even do steaming, I think. At least not in the type of facials I do. Its just products, extraction and massage. Actually, I go there when I need to sleep peacefull. hehe…:P

    pf: Your beautician sounds good! Anyway, facials are always a good indulge! 😉

  6. Ms. Blacklace says

    Lol… I attend New creation church…

    Ms Blacklace: Ah I see…maybe you’ve read about them in your church’s newsletter. Anyway, New Creation has so many members…

  7. cowsandlemonade says

    Wow, that is totally awesome when you can find people who really are working for the sake of people, I wish they had that here, the salons are sooo expensive and like you said, they have on too much makeup and promote other products other than what they use. Anyway….one day I will treat myself, but first I have to put all my kids in school LOL! Glad you enjoyed it! Do you think they have a plan of selling their stuff online?

    cowsandlemonade: At first I thought no but I had a look at their website again and realized that they do ship their products internationally too.

  8. Jasmine says

    I’m quite interested about True Beauty now that you talk about how they use natural ingredients and stuff. Actually it’s because I just ended a long package relationship with Nardia Laboratory which was my first facial place and they were really pushy with sales (sigh). Results weren’t too bad but not fantastic either. Thinking of finding a better facial place, True Beauty sounds interesting.

    What I really find important is their extraction and brow grooming (oops, sorry, I know you don’t seem to like them) and of course the ingredients. My previous facial place used their own formulation which often had copious quantities of preservatives.

    I’ll definitely keep this in mind :)

  9. Ms. Blacklace says

    Haha! Exactly! I read about true beauty from their monthly magazine.

    Ms Blacklace: Ah…I was shown the magazine and that’s how I read the testimonies.

  10. oprah says

    oh yes abt the estheticians changing it’s true. I think they rotate them between the different outlets? or perhaps it’s cos there is quite a high turnover in this industry. i didn’t get the same esthetician most times. but it’s quite a nice place still. for me, it’s the draw of putting something ‘kind’ on my skin that really made an impression and my extraction the first time was very gentle and thorough. i don’t know why, that stuck. yeah clarins is ex, but one can dream abt it hey! oh yes, can I add one thing? I think your blog is really practical and informative. :)And better still, it’s from a local point of view. (kind of new here)

    Oprah: Ah, you are new in Singapore? Welcome! I’m glad you find the info here practical. Come back frequently. 😉

    Anyway, there is a dearth of facial spa faces offering natural skin care. My friend is going to Dr Haushka now for her facials and she rather like it. Maybe I’ll give it a try another day if there is some special promo or something. I know Jurlique offers something but heard they’re ex too.

  11. pf1123 says

    Hmmm…seems like not many ppl like to have different esthetician serving them.

    I was discussing with my friend a while ago. We didn’t mind rotating. We find that those with less experience are more careful and gentle to our skin than those experienced and highly demanded ones. Those popular ones sometimes do a few customers at a time and keeps running about!

    pf: For me, it depends. If I’m really after skin care benefits then yes, I prefer a regular one who knows my skin. If I go there for pampering, I don’t really care but I don’t want to deal with an irritating one who keeps trying to sell me stuff.

  12. ann says

    Ohhh my, their products are so expensive!!!! *faint*

    I haven’t gone to facial for the longest time cos my facial eczema flares up unpredictably. In fact, I think all that chemical facial treatment, IPL and dermabrasion before for acne is what made my skin so sensitive now. sigh.

    So I’m quite apprehensive abt facials. And I’m no longer willing to pay a bomb for them. True does sound different, I might try them out. But errggg … got to watch my expenses these days.

    Ann: Yes, I didn’t know that the laser treatments can actually damage our skin long term too. No wonder my derm didn’t want to do anything for me and insisted that I use products. For True Beauty, I can vouch that they’re quite different but the price of the products is really a pain. I’m thinking very hard. Hope I strike 4D or something! 😛

  13. ann says

    Is there an end date to the promo?

    Ann: No, it’s valid as long as you mention vivawoman or sesame at their Winsland outlet.

  14. JackieA says

    Hey there,
    I have followed your blog for sometime now and am glad to read about New Creation Church. I am from KL but an aunt sends me Pastor Prince’s CD’s and I have been blessed by them.

    JackieA: Hey, thanks for coming by my blog often. Well, if you ever have a chance to visit Singapore, go visit the church. I always see a lot of people there when I pass by. It’s amazing that they have such a huge following! I’m sure they’re doing something right despite all the negative press about them here.

  15. Yosita says

    Hi Sesame. Thanks to this article, I went down and experienced myself how fantastic True Beauty is. I was fortunate to have Susan do my facial and I tell you, the results were astonishing!

    Susan answered all my questions and slowly explained all that I need to know about good skin care routines and wasn’t pushy at all with offering her products (I spent a good 6 hours there!). I bought the Phyto Range set because I was so happy with how my skin looked even after the first cleansing step. I’ve been using them for a few days now (since last Friday) and already I can see my skin looking and feeling better and healthier.

    I’m recommending True Beauty to all my friends now! Thanks again for leading me to them, Sesame :-)

    Yosita: Oh great! Finally someone who can relate how I felt at True Beauty! Susan is amazing isn’t she? I really love her service. I’m thinking of going back for more facials but still finding it difficult to fork out the $ to purchase the products. Did you buy the full size ones? But I would say the cost is worth if because the results are visible.

  16. Yosita says

    Hi Sesame! Yes, I bought the full-sized ones because I was so impressed with the results. Susan is fantastic! She went out of her way to really explain my skin condition and gave me tons of advice on how to achieve healthier and better looking skin. I left her place at 12.30 am, can you believe it??

    I’m going back there this weekend for another facial but I tell you, her products are amazing. I’ve only used the eye gel since last Saturday and already the dark circles are gone!

    I feel your pain about the $ and that’s something I told Susan, as well. I’m not rich but I think I’ve reached that desperate point where I just need a good product for my skin. I’m happy to say that I think I’ve found it :-)

    Yosita: I’m so glad it’s working for you. Oh I did not try her eye gel but I looked at Susan’s eyes and I think they’re amazing. No lines, no bags! I’m also planning to go back for the facials next month. Hopefully I will get over the pain and be able to buy some stuff too.

  17. L. ROBERTS says

    what great abd useful products- we all need some facial help as we ‘mature, and the other gifts are awesome. thanks .

  18. Caries says

    Hi Sesame, i’ve been visiting your blog for a while but this is the very first time i’m leaving a comment here. After reading this interesting article of yours, i went down to try the facial with Susan. I did the eye treatment as well along with the facial. I could see that my undereye area is not as ‘sunken’ as before and my face got more evenly toned after the session. I’m pretty impressed and i think i will be going back for the facial and eye treatment again. As for their products,i just bought the travel size pack (4 items) from the phyto balancing series and a full size eyegel(i’ve run out of eyegel), i wanted to try them out first to see how my skin can adapt to them; and hopefully they can do wonders within a short period of time(the travel size pack can only last about two weeks).

    I enjoy reading all your reviews and articles and glad that i discovered about True Beauty all thanks to you!

    Caries: Oh great! I’m glad you enjoyed the session. I believe Susan did your facial? Another reader Yosita reported positive results with her too and I’m really happy that you are all benefiting. Yes, the travel size last 2 weeks and I’m already out. I love the cleanser to bits and am seriously thinking of getting the full size one although it’s really ex! I hope to go for a treatment soon…must find some time!

  19. Caries says

    Hi Sesame! Oh yes, Susan did the facial for me. I love the cleanser very much as well and in fact i like the other few items from the phyto balancing series too. I’m someone who’s rather particular about the texture of the skincare i use but these i’m using are neither too oily nor drying on my combination skin; and i think my skin is now more ‘clean’ and evenly toned. I really like the products but meantime still hesitating whether to get the full size for the whole series due to their steep pricing, you know….times are bad now….

    Caries: Ah yes, I know what you mean. That’s why I haven’t gone back again yet.

  20. ann says

    Hi Sesame,

    I went down for their open house promotion last week. Susan is really friendly and helpful. My skin is quite problematic and we think it stems from an internal imbalance. Hence, she also recommended some supplements and taught me some exercises.

    I bit the bullet and bought the cleanser and toner. Plus some samples from her. Within this 1 week, my skin looks less congested, pores are tighter and less red though still sensitive. I need to go back for follow-up and I do believe it will help. But I’m hoping to space out the expenses. I’ll update you further on whether the improvements are sustainable. Thanks for the recommendation!

    • sesame says

      Hey Ann: Oh that’s great! I’m happy to hear your skin condition has improved. The products are not cheap so it’s important they work! I know what you mean by space out the expenses. I would do the same too!

  21. Cass says

    Hi Seasme,

    Thanks for the recommendation. I had some hiccups booking the facial. Initally, I wanted to book the Shaw Centre, but was told the promotion was at Winsland House outlet, so after booking, during the last min, was told Winsland couldnt do the facial and I ended up back in Shaw Centre outlet.

    The facial exprience was realy good. My face looked brigther, and the little pimples on my cheeks, disappeared the next day. I was tempted to buy the products. The whole set of products cost $1000++ which is beyond my budget with the bad economy.

    • sesame says

      Hi Cass: Sorry about the hiccup you experienced but glad they made arrangements and you enjoyed the facial! I think Susan’s daughter must have done it for you cos she runs the Shaw Centre outlet.

      Wow, your pimples disappeared the next day? Mine didn’t.

      Yes, the products are great but they’re really ex. Good thing is that they don’t push and hence, its really up to us if we want to buy.

  22. min sin says

    Today I just went down to their beauty talk organized by Cozy Cot. It is very interesting indeed and their products are attractive to me especially susan mentioned it was produced under a research..

    • sesame says

      You were there too? AtelierGal said she was there too! Glad you enjoyed the workshop. Their products are interesting but I would suggest you try their facial to see how it works on your skin if you’re thinking of purchasing them later.

  23. says

    wow, it does sound good. i’m not a fan of extracting either! but did you notice if your blackheads were really fewer after the facial?

    i looked at the products prices too. and i thought SK-II was expensive! *sobs* I wonder if going for bi-monthly spas would do the trick, as opposed to the products. *gulps* Oh and did you purchase the travel sets?

    • sesame says

      No, the blackheads were not entirely gone since there were no extractions. But the noticeable result was the improved skin tone especially undereye area.

      From what I know, using the products is better than going for the facial. If you were to go for facial, it should be more frequent.

      I tried the travel set but it only lasted 2 weeks…

  24. says

    thanks for the quick response! dang, i’m so so so stuck too. i suppose maybe i’ll try the facial once because i do need the undereye area improvement..

    how was the travel set? did it really make a big difference for you?

    • sesame says

      You can’t tell a lot of difference with the travel set. I’m using some of the full sizes now. The cleanser and toner is great. The other two I can’t say for sure. But overall, my skin tone has improved and seems firmer now.

      I like the products but the only problem is the cost!

  25. Rachel says

    Hi all, just want to share with you my experience of my facial session with True Beauty. Just like Sesame, I had not been going regularly to facials as I am pretty skeptical about the results. Based on past experience, facials usually do nothing much for me except to burn a big hole in my pocket. My interest in doing facial was rekindled again after I read Sesame’s article on Viva Woman, where she described her facial experience at True Beauty. Given that it was a very good review, I decided to give True Beauty a try. It was a very good session, I must admit, for it left me quite impressed and happy with the results that I bought the whole set of facial products recommended by the lady boss, Susan Foo after the facial. The immediate effects I saw convinced me that its products have the potential to work on me – I was able, for the first time, walk out into public space (in Orchard Road, mind you) without any make-up (save for the skincare products Susan applied on my face during the facial) without feeling awkward or insecure.  My skin was so much brighter and fairer after the facial, and Susan commented I looked even better without make-up as compared to my make-up skin she saw prior to the facial. I personally don’t really think so, but I do admit that it was a nice change to be able to not wear make-up, haha. In fact, my dream is to be able to have skin that is so good and flawless to the point where I do not need to wear make-up at all and still feel great.. I hope True Beauty’s products can help me achieve this goal. Let me update you all again in 3 months’ time then 

    • sesame says

      Hi Rachel: Glad you enjoyed the facial! Coincidentally I just went two days ago again. I’ve been on the phyto range for about 4 months and now moving to try the moisturizing and transforming range. The phyto range normalized my skin and my t-zone no longer look greasy at the end of the day. The new range I’m trying is supposed to be more hydrating so will see about it. I’m also trying the Cell Luminous and I’m not sure if it’s a placebo effect, but it looks to be working already. Hopefully, it can do some miracles for me.

      I was a tad disappointed with the eye gel but Susan said I might not have used enough.

  26. Renika says

    Hey Susan, I’d just recently discovered your blog, and after reading this very impressive review of yours, I’m very much inclined to try out True Beauty. The thing is, I’m a 17-year-old student, and for the first time in my life I had a terrible breakout that I visited a dermatologist. Now it’s more or less under control, but I would like to learn more about how to take care of my skin.

    As a student, would you recommend me there despite the price?

    I need advice on this because my mother has never had skin problems and dislikes going for facials very much, so I can only find out from my friends and the Net.

    My friend initially dragged me to Bioskin and they offered me a $588 package for 10 sessions to help me with my very red and very big pimples. Would you recommend I go Bioskin or True Beauty for my first try at facial? Not to sound arrogant, but price isn’t the biggest factor to me, rather it’s whether it works or not.

    Thank you!

    • sesame says

      Hi Renika:

      I am not Susan but Sesame. Susan is the founder of True Beauty and if you try her service, then she’s the one who’s going to do the facial.

      I have never tried Bioskin – perhaps you want to do a search and find out yourself on what others are saying. I would highly recommend you try True Beauty first as they use natural products and Susan is very good. Anyway, you can go for a trial first and if you mention Sesame or Viva Woman, you’ll get 50% off the first time. After that, you can then decide if you want to continue or try Bioskin.

  27. joanne says

    Hi Sesame, I have not had a facial in years but having read all the positive reviews abt True Beauty, I decided to give it a try. I was pretty blown away even after just the cleansing. My skin looked brighter & radiant. It was amazing! Of course I was sorely tempted to get the products but the price was a huge deterrent. Perhaps I should just get 1 or 2 of the products. Reading your blog, I figure the cleanser & eye gel (got panda eyes) would be a good place to start. What would you advise?

    • sesame says

      Hey Joanne:

      Glad you enjoyed it. Their facial is really excellent, something I highly recommend. For their products…hmm…I was always told that you need to use a set in synergy to see the results. If you buy the cleanser, then you need the toner and so forth. My advice is, perhaps try the eye gel first. if you can’t get the whole set or am undecided.

      I didn’t get fantastic results from using the eye gel after 3 months but now, I’m starting to see better results (5 months now) and a number of others also reported excellent results. So perhaps you can start with that.

      Alternatively, go for the facial because that would still help you quite a bit…but you should switch to using more natural and organic skin care products to have more synergy.

  28. caramel says

    I just want to say thank you to Sesame for writing the review on True Beauty. I was looking for a beauty salon as I was away for 5 years and had no idea which was good. I read your review and I was convinced so I made for an appointment 2 days later.
    You cannot imagine my shock when Susan showed me a mirror during the facial session and my cheeks showed a healthy rosy pink (I only have that after a hot bath!) It was due to improved blood circulation from Susan’s superb massage technique! And my face was radiant!
    I was never so convinced with the results, and since they are having a tempting ‘1+1=3′ promotion now… I bought the Phyto series plus Revitalizing Massage Cream and Lotion, and also the Cell Luminous Essence. I felt guilty after that as it burned a BIG hole in my pocket but after applying the products at home the rosy cheek appeared again! My face was always sallow and dull and it never looked so pink and healthy!

    • sesame says

      I’m glad you liked the facial and you saw the improvement. I see you got the restoration series – that’s good because you can see very visible results using the massage cream and the cell luminous essence. Very ex though but if you’ve tried everything else and they didn’t work, you should find her products worthwhile.

  29. Caramel says

    Hi, thanks for that. I have not tried many as I have not been very concerned about facial products all along until recently. I would certainly like to look for cheaper alternatives if they work just as well!
    Back to True Beauty products, I am a little skeptical as to how much the Cell Luminous Essence can help in improving the dark spots/ pigmentation on my face, caused by lack of use of sunscreen for the past few years, especially when I travelled or exercised outdoors. Any feedback on the efficiency of their products reducing or lightening the dark spots? I have lots of them on my cheeks :(

    • sesame says

      According to someone I know who started using The Cell Luminous Essence, it worked for her. For me, I started with the Cell Luminous Concentrate which is double the price but I swear it worked for me. I had a few pigmented spots which I tried to remove via laser once but without success. The Cell Luminous Concentrate got rid of some of them, and now what I have are much lightened spots. However, because it is so ex, I only use this at night now and use the Cell Luminous Essence in the day.

      I have used many whitening products and even prescribed medications by dermatologists over the years and this is the first time I’ve come across something which works for my pigmentation.

  30. Rachel says

    Hi.. Just wondering if anyone would like to give True Beauty’s Phyto range of products a try… I have stopped using them because I think they are not suitable for my skin (having breakout for the longest of time)… i think it’s a waste to let the products just sit and collect dust on my makeup table… since they r sooo expensive.. so if anyone is contemplating whether to try out the products first b4 making the investment, you can contact me… just drop a line here to reply… :)

    • sesame says

      You bought the Phyto range? I’m now using the Transome range and also wondering if they’re suitable for my skin cos my skin has suddenly turned acne proned. Maybe too rich so I only use half of the recommended amount and add some evian mist. Seems to be more suitable that way for my skin.

      You might want to try it that way or ask if Susan is willing to take back and trade facial service for you? (afterall the products are not contaminated.) Otherwise, use the cream on your neck. It should be suitable. At least not wasted if you can’t find any takers.

  31. Rachel says

    Hi Sesame,

    Yes, I bought the Phyto range (consisting of the cleanser, balancing tonic/toner, eye cream and daily defence cream)…i still hv some balancing tonic and daily defence cream left… i don’t think i should put them on my neck.. coz that’s what i did during my 1st 4 months of usage, and i developed pimples/bumps on my neck area (something which never happened before).. just thought if anyone would like to give the products a try first before buying the set, i can give the toner and daily defence cream entirely free, so that they can test it out first..

    • sesame says

      Hmm…a bit strange. I thought you were having problems with the repair cream or moisturizing cream. I can’t use their moisturizing cream with daily defence cos it gives me bumps. Defense cream alone is okay for me.

  32. Rachel says

    I am not sure exactly which product from the range that causes the bumps… and Susan can’t tell me that too.. i probably have 30% to 40% left now… kinda impossible to return to her… haha…

    • sesame says

      Based on your last message, I suspect it might be titanium dioxide in the daily defense cream cos TiO2 can clog pores for some pple.

  33. loveless says

    Dear Rachel,
    If you still have the Phyto products to give away,
    please contact me by sending an email to raburesu@gmail.com.
    Thank you very much.

    Thanks to the Vivawoman offer, I’ll be going for my first facial at True Beauty. Thanks, Sesame I love your blog.

  34. Happy Girl says

    Hi Sesame,

    just wondering if the Vanilla facial salon you guys have mentioned in comment no.3 is


    Thanks! =)

  35. Keidi says

    Hi Sesame!

    I called True Beauty today to book my FIRST EVER facial. I am 27 this year and have always been having great skin. However, I began to experience pimples only on my forehead and side temples since end Nov/Dec last year. I am not sure what it is, but I suspect it is highly hormonal. I think I am aging…boohoo..i use fairly natural products like Sukin and Dead sea Jericho and John masters..recently switched to Living Nature but I think it’s breaking me out more. But anyways, I am so happy to know that because of vivawoman, I got 50% off the basic facial. Going next week and it comes with the eye treatment. I know there might be a high chance of me purchasing their products but they are so expensive!! Nevertheless, I am really looking forward, and just want to say how much I enjoy reading your blog !

    • sesame says

      Hi Keidi: Although it has been said that hormonal imbalance can happen to those in their late 20s, but you sound a little young for that. You have to check also if you are suffering from other symptoms like irregular menses…Perhaps you’re also under stress.

      I suggest you go for the facial first and see if you like and then decide if you want to invest further.

  36. Keidi says

    Oh, my menses has also been regular.. Stress, perhaps. I have been paying too much attention to those zits and just want to get rid of them!! Could be that.. Been trying DIY stuff I saw on your blog too, but not sure if I’m allergic to some of those. And maybe lack of sleep! Yes, I’m waiting to try the facial at True Beauty, and read that they also have this Meridian test thingy u mentioned in your entry… It’s really frustrating not knowing the cause.. Will definitely update here after my visit to True Beauty.

    • sesame says

      Yeah, it’s very frustrating with acne and the healing process is slow, especially if you embark on using mostly natural products. Well, keep me posted on the outcome of your facial! I hope you’ll like it. :)

    • sesame says

      Hi Keidi: Nice to meet you today. :) You have lovely skin and I could barely see any zits. I’m so sorry I couldn’t place the name immediately but now I know you’ve asked about Living Nature’s Peeling Mask before too.

      I hope the products you purchased will work well for you and you’ll be happy with your skin condition again.

  37. chenyze says

    Update: I went for a facial there yesterday and I really liked the experience. It was good to have the therapist enthusiastically explaining the processes and giving you advice with no hard sell! Anyway most impt thing for ppl out there who might want to buy their products: there’s a 28% discount for birthday months!

    • sesame says

      Oh that’s good to know…who did your facial? Was it Susan? How about the facial? Did you like the results?

      • chenyze says

        Hi sorry for the late reply! Nope it wasn’t Susan. Was a bit wistful about that. The beautician who took care of me was Shui Jie but she was very patient and effective at any rate!

        I definitely saw the difference after cleansing. She’d left my neck area untouched at first and the difference was pretty stark!

        What I really liked about talking to her was that she shared with me her own experience using True Beauty products. I think they get some discounts as staff, but even then it’s really expensive for her so she definitely understood my concerns with splurging so much! She said the full cleanser lasts about 7 months with scrimping, so that sounds better. I wanted to know if I can buy just the cleanser but she advised me that it’s better for me to get the cleanser-toner-defense cream as a “kit”, otherwise mixing ingredients from other products might worsen the situation instead! She did say that for my condition (combination skin, sensitive and blackhead prone!) if I’m really broke I can skip repair cream and energizer first.

        But best news of all is that there’s a 20% discount during the birthday month! So I’ve been waiting till now (my birthday is in April!) to make my purchase. Also, students enjoy discounts on facial (I think it was 110 for a ‘full’ treatment that would normally cost about 180). Still, she reassured me that the birthday promotion is always a better offer than GSS or student promotions. Will let ya know how it goes after using the products. Hope to get them tomorrow!

        • sesame says

          Oh that’s Snow (her English name) and she’s good too! Well, it’s good to take advantage of the specials to purchase if you really think the products will work for you.

          I would say, using their products, don’t mix with products containing chemical synthetics or your money will be wasted. With organic or natural, should be okay.

  38. Keidi says

    Dear Sesame,

    Just dropping by to say it was so great to chance upon u today at True Beauty! Finally got to meet you and it was such pure coincidence.

    I must say the experience at True Beauty really did impress upon my heart. Susan is such a wonderful lady and I am incredibly touched by her sincerity and genuine care. Not forgetting her vast knowledge and skillful techniques. I really love my first facial and I am glad my virgin experience was at True Beauty!

    The revitalizing facial was incredible. I could see immediate results right after the cleansing process. So can you imagine the rest of the facial? Heavenly. The eye treatment was amazing too. My dark eye rings were greatly reduced.

    I bought the Phyto travel set to try them out. I must say I am already thrilled now after using them. Will give it two weeks to see how my skin adapts before I commit to the full range.

    Thanks Sesame, once again, for helping us all get to know about this wonderful place!

    • sesame says

      Hi Keidi:

      I’m glad you enjoyed your session there. I hadn’t realized that this is your first facial. Like I said, you have such good complexion and I can imagine it getting better with Susan’s help. She’s very enthusiastic about skin care and knowledgeable. I enjoy speaking with her too.

      Hope the set will work well for you. :)

  39. JT says

    Hi Sesame,
    Does this facial leave you with red patchy skin immediately after?

    I’ve seen that on friends who’ve gone to other facials, and I’m hesitant to try out facials for that reason.

    • sesame says

      The skin on my face isn’t sensitive so no, no redness. I had other readers with sensitive skin tried and no feedback regarding redness. The products used are made from natural extracts and they use rosehip oil so there’s nothing there to aggravate sensitive skin. In fact, they also use special alkaline water to cleanse and that makes quite a difference to thorough cleansing.

  40. says

    Dear Sesame,

    After reading your review and comments from your readers, I went for my facial session on Monday.

    The session was very relaxing and I see instant results after the cleansing. However I was told the normal facial does not see much result. And was encourage to take up the treatment facial treatment which I was not at all prepared.

    Susan was very kind and given me free rosehip detox and eye treatment for free.
    I was very greatful to her as she wants me to see the result. (For I was not prepared to pay so much for a facial)

    After the facial, I can see the glow immediately, however as the facial and the products are so expensive as everyone of us agrees. I wonder would I have the luxury to go for my second facial… … Maybe tonite when I strike 4D, I would get their cleanser for it was really good. Thumbs Up !

    • sesame says

      Susan is usually very kind and will throw in some free treatments if she feels that you really need it. However, I hope you didn’t feel any pressure. From my understanding and feedback received from others, she doesn’t hardsell but of course will tell customers what is suitable.

      Well, I love her facials too but agree that it’s a luxury.

  41. Aysha says

    Well i see so many good reviews feeling tempted to try True Beauty. I just had a bad experience at Face Bistro. I have combination skin, prone to clogged pores and small pimples. Has any one tried a facial that can help to clear blemishes and acne. I have spent thousands on lasers and facial and honestly i am just disappointed.

    • sesame says

      Acne takes time and my experience with it is, you got to stop it from breaking out. Have you determined why you’re having acne? Is it an internal issue?

      I had blemishes and it took a combination of stuff to help lighten them. One is using vitamin C products.

      No harm giving True Beauty a try; they’re really the best I’ve tried so far in terms of facial.

      • Aysha says

        Hi Sesame, Thanks for your prompt reply. I actually never had a pimple in my life before. Only last year it started out of the blue. I am 28 years old, i dont know what caused my acne. Its not bad, but a few, very small will pop up every other day. Once a month or so i will get big ones as well. Its not related to my monthly cycles as well. My skin used to be normal to dry and now its oily and shiny by mid day so i thought may be thats the cause. I have used alot of products but nothing helps permanently or clear my face completely. My dermatologist also cannot give me a firm answer of the cause. Anyways i am now using water base products and using Vitamic C gel as well. I will love to go to True Beauty and try it out myself, for as long as i have this skin problem i cannot find a good facial place. I hope True Beauty is the last one to end my search, will keep you posted once i have done the facial which would be some time in 3rd week of Jan as i just had one at face bistro which has spoiled my face.

        • sesame says

          Okay, if it’s not related to your monthly cycles, it may not be your products as well, it maybe due to your diet? Try taking probiotics. I use to take Kordel’s probiotics and it’s inexpensive. Helped reduce my acne a lot! Now, I am taking an all-in-one supplement from True Beauty so that one has probiotics build in.

  42. Germaine says

    Hi Sesame i am so glad i’ve decided to go back to True Beauty again after having a bad experience at the Renewal Day Spa on the 5th Dec 2011. In February, Susan recommended me to use SkinCode as it’s more affordable and the whole range merely cost me only $300 plus. With monthly facials at True Beauty since 28 Jan this year and after a month of using SkinCode my mum who seldom commend about my skin as she doesn’t want to hurt my feelings noticed the changes on my skin mentioned that i look so beautiful. (blush) i just want to thank you so much for your review on True Beauty for they have brought my confidence and i now feel so happy to look good again. What brought me back to True Beauty is because their beauticians are not only very experienced but very approachable also. Thanks again Sesame.:)

    • sesame says

      Hi Germaine: I’m glad you’ve got good experience. For people who want to try good facials, I would recommend TB. Good that they have a new range that is affordable too or customers were complaining that their products are so ex. Really nice to hear that you’ve confidence in your looks again. :)

  43. Katrina says

    Hi Sesame!

    Its a joy reading your blog. I’m very much keen on paying a visit to True Beauty to sort out my skin issues! Just wondering though, is the first-time visit promotional offer still valid?


  1. […] Month-long open house promotion Since it was an open house workshop, of course Susan didn’t forget to remind us about their month-long crazy promotion. On top of getting 50% off her facial service and paying only S$55, her products are also on discount.   If you like to know more about their facial service, you can read my review of the natural facial spa experience at True Beauty. […]

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