Beauty blogging: must beauty bloggers be beautiful?


Okay ladies, I have a question for all of you. Must beauty bloggers have good skin? Or must beauty bloggers be young? I’m asking this because I’ve seen two comments these two days that bugged me.

Someone who has been reading my blog but not met me had asked me for my age. She guessed my age to be in the late 20s initially and then subsequently commenting that I cannot be older than 33. This person is a professional contact and her intentions are kind. However, that got me thinking. I don’t know how she derived those numbers but perhaps in the minds of most people, beauty bloggers must be young.

Then today, I saw some traffic coming from Cozycot and I checked. A reader had kindly posted a link of my entry on Sustainable Youth which I wrote about yesterday to share with the forumers. However, one of the forum commenters discredited my post by criticizing my skin, highlighting the fact that I have a lot of pigmentation and casting serious doubts on my recommendations. Sure, I know I do not have good skin. I have said that. However, I have also said that I am not young and I have bad pigmentation due to years of adventure traveling and not wearing sunscreen.

I’m not upset because she criticized my skin. I’m just upset that my intentions to share something exciting is deemed negatively. And my question is, must beauty bloggers have good skin? I blog about my beauty journey and experience. I’m not blogging to show off my skin. On the contrary, I’m blogging to improve the state of my skin.

I never intended this blog to be personal. However, it has evolved into something different and I love all the interactions with my readers. I love how some of you tell me that the stuff I recommend works for you or how some of you come and share your beauty tips freely. So today I am saddened. My beauty blogging passion is dampened so to speak. The fear I always have when I started this blog has reared its ugly head.

Don’t worry though. I have no plans to stop blogging. But I might be more careful with using before and after pictures though I thought they are certainly more believable than words. Leon suggested that I reveal my age but I don’t know. Should I or shouldn’t I? I have that “Andy Lau” syndrome if you know what I mean. If you ladies find me older than your expectations, would you continue reading my blog?

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  1. says


    I’ve been reading your blog for a few weeks now, though I rarely comment.

    Do not bother about those unkind people who said things when they don’t even know you.

    No one is perfect.



  2. alixana says

    Hi Sesame,

    Even if you said you were 65, I’d still read your blog. I don’t see it as a “beauty blog” per se, but as a way for you to share your experiences with other readers. Anyway, beauty is not the perogative of the young – everybody gets old some day. I read your blog because you are honest and you try your best to give your readers a fair picture. I may not agree with everything you say, but I always look forward to your updates because most of the time there’s something I can learn from them.

    I find your posts readable and believable, partly because I know you are NOT a 20-year-old with perfect skin. A person with perfect skin can use everything without any problems, but a person with normal or problematic skin (i.e. most of us) appreciates feedback from someone who understands what it’s all about. So please try not to be discouraged by insensitive, narrow-minded comments. I like your blog very much, even though I don’t comment often, and I hope you’ll continue to update and share your experiences with us.

  3. zhenling says

    hi i rarely comment but i’ve read your blog for may the past yr? despite being aware of the mentioned concerns.

    i still continue reading your blog anyway cause it would denifintely be helpful for me to know how to take care of my skin 10 yrs down the road when i’m your age.

    i like that i discovered a whole lot of products from your site that i would otherwise have not known about.

    i LOVE the idea of before/after photos!

    and lastly i’d like to echo the above oppinion that a person with great skin wouldn’t be able to understand the woes of the majority of us who do experience an array of problems.

    keep up the good work!

  4. Yosita says

    Hi Sesame, please don’t take to heart those narrow-sighted comments. First and foremost, you know who you are and what intentions lie behind this blog. Don’t worry too much, dear. I always say that an opinion is like an arsehole (excuse my language): everybody’s got one. Chin up and keep on blogging! :-)

  5. miyo says

    hey sesame .. i think the one who critized your on ur poor recommendation, he/she shd apologise to you.. in the first place, this is your blog on your personal recommendation.. for goodness sake, everyone’s skin is different and how on earth he/she has the facts to judge whether the products work or not?

    i am not trying to make a big fuss.. some stating some personal views.. yeah true everyone has freedom of speech but don’t cross the line.. please well mannered … before you criticize other please rack your brains and think of yourself.!!!

  6. Lydia says

    Ok I admit that I don’t comment on such a regular basis but I love to read your blog! I love the way you share your beauty tips and experience with all of us. Please don’t take those unpleasant comments too personal. I absolutely don’t mind that you’re not 20-something anymore. Who says that beauty bloggers must be young, beautiful, have great skin etc.?

    Oh and about revealing your age, I’d find it interesting to know, because I’m curious but I won’t ask you to do that. After all, a woman’s true age is a SECRET!! At least that’s what my mom says. hahaha~

    Please keep on blogging!

  7. Lydia says

    I don’t want to spam but I forgot to say: It’s your beauty blog and if anyone has got a problem with its content or its writer, they should just stay away and don’t visit this site!

  8. says

    Hey Sesame,I am your loyal reader and believe it or not as soon as I log on in the morning I open your blog because its always full of interesting posts.

    Bottomline is, you look gorgeous, your blog is very interesting and ignore those people who envy you and try to make those nonsense comments.

  9. pf1123 says

    Hey, those people who made the comments has a certain element of airheadness in them. They shouldn’t be here at your blog. They should just go to some magazine blog which features models with flawless skin and product advertising.

    Your blog is for the real women out there who would like to know what works and what don’t!

    I really appreicate you taking your before and after photos because it shows us clearly that the product is working or not.

    I find that I learn a lot of things from your blog. You got me thinking what I slap on my face all the time. And really thanks for sharing!

  10. vanessa says

    aww ignore those people. i may be jumping to conclusions but obviously theyre very naive and foolish.

    i love your blog and your advice and i find myself visiting your website every day for new posts and ive learnt so much.

    you definently dont have to be under 33 years of age, and this blog isnt supposed to be about you boasting about your goodlucks, but helping yourself and your readers to achieve better skin.

    i looks forward to future posts !
    happy posting.

  11. says

    I love blogs from women of all ages, but when I’m wanting advice on what will work for me I prefer to read blogs of women who are in my age range (I’m 36) and who don’t have perfect skin. The reason for this is that what works for a woman in her 20’s probably won’t work for me. And if a woman has skin problems then I know that she’s tried lots of different products and will know what works and what doesn’t, so if I’m looking for advice on a specific problem it’ll help to narrow my search down.
    I’m disgusted that people made negative comments about your age and skin!

  12. Sukidoll says

    Sesame, I certainly would continue reading your blog. I think it was very brave and honest of you to post before and after photos.

    This is one of my favourite blogs, and I look forward to reading it everyday :)

  13. ms u says

    i’m your silent reader quite awhilee…oohhh please dont stop me it’s okay to reveal before & after pictures becoz it’s exactly show…how’s good that product is to ourself right?mmm i’m now planing to get Sustainable Youth..hiihi.& i always refer to ur blog when it comes to skincare…thankss!i always be ur loyal reader!!..

  14. says

    I’m 19 years old and I’ve been following your blog for quite awhile now. What I find most valuable are product reviews by ‘real’ people instead of those found in magazines which are usually sponsored. So I don’t care how old the blogger is. If it works, it works. And I especially love the introduction to products and websites I’ve never heard of before.

  15. Den says

    Cheer up Sesame, I am sure you can tell that you still have “fans” from the above comments.

    I don’t have perfect skin but that doesn’t mean I don’t know how to take care of my skin, in fact, it is because of my imperfect skin that makes me more crazy about skincare and what products I use. Like some some readers said, I would rather take advice from someone with an imperfect skin who had tried-and-tested ways rather than someone who buy a product because … it is expensive or because of the brand. It is a bit like asking a skinny person to advertise for a slimming course.

    Thank the person who gave you bad comments because she makes you realise how much hard work you had put in to come this far with your imperfect skin! Remember that your blog cater to us and not the critics.

    PS: I still love your blog and ALMOST got me inspired to start one!

  16. Liz says

    Great blog. However, if I sense that it’s a paid post, I’ll just read it with a pinch of salt.

  17. Raelynn says

    Dear Sesame,

    It just happens to be that some women, influenced by taiwanese beauty tv programmes, tend to have this expectation that, “oh, she has good skin. she recommends this and therefore it is effective”. It’s unfortunate but it does seem to be the case that some do expect beauty bloggers to have perfect flawless skin.

    On a personal note to you, I really dont think that it is necessary for beauty bloggers to have perfect skin. what’s the point of that? unless it is a blog that does reviews on products that she did use that improved her skin. It’s improvement that readers are keen on. flawless perfect skin is something that takes painstakingly a lot of time and effort. and even skin that perfect has days that it throws tantrums. i’ll be much more interesting in what a blogger with perfect skin uses on days that her skin throws tantrums than her raving about the latest product that didnt seem to make much contribution to her already perfect skin. and also, a beauty blogger that has skin problems like any other women, and who blogs about her improvements, is a far more inspiring figure as she gives the hope to other women that the perfect skin that we want, may be forever unattainable, but we can sure make it look better than it does now.

  18. says

    I know you are not young base on what you talk over the blog, you are honest about telling us you are not young and to be honest, eventhough you are on your 60s or even 70s, I would still read your blog because of it’s CONTENT. PLEASE do not stop sharing before and after photos as those are proofs if the products works on you or not. Seeing it works for you makes me happy!

    To answer your question, NO, beauty bloggers shouldn’t be young! And shouldn’t have perfect skin. Everyone has reasons to blog, your reason is to share your journey to a better looking skin! And always think about the reason for your blogging, to share and to help others who would be able to learn from your journey! So please, do not be dampened by any of those negative comments who werent’ there “with you” on your journey, they just randomly like to speak up their mind.


  19. says

    First of all, don’t feel disheartened. I guess some people don’t really think before they speak.

    Many beauty bloggers are just normal human beings. People tend to forget that! Cosmetic models are usually below 20, beautiful with seemingly perfect skin but that doesn’t make them real. Beauty bloggers are real people with real experiences and real problems with our skin! We proudly show the world our flaws! That’s the whole point of product reviews: sharing personal experience of it in hope that it will relate to someone else.

    I read beauty blogs regardless of the blogger’s age. Jamilla ( 50 and she totally rocks! Whatmore, I think it’s even greater that she can appeal to ladies who are in their forties and over because they probably can’t relate to products for 20s to 30s crowd. That said, blogging should never be limited by age! The blog grows with you. The readers grow with you. Your readers aren’t going to be 20 forever right?

    I think every woman should be proud of her age. Go ahead and reveal it! It will make no difference whatsoever.

    All the best and chin up yeah? *hugs*

  20. says

    Hi Sesame, my second time commenting here, first was when you show your picture. I must again say that I love your blog and like the fact that you are not some 20 something beauty blogger. Keep it up, we love reading your blog

  21. Yvette says

    I never comment but I’ve been reading for a couple of months.

    Frankly some people are just mean. Just don’t bother about them. If anyone is so perfect, they wouldn’t need any skincare right. And here you are just sharing knowledge with us.. I don’t see how people must think that all beauty bloggers have to be young and perfect.

  22. says

    Hi there!

    I’m a big fan of your blog, and as a fellow beauty blogger, I have to say that I don’t have perfect skin either. I’m young, yes, but my skin has a lot left to improve on! But as you’ve pointed out, we’re just sharing our finds and what worked for us and didn’t.
    Besides, recommendations should always be taken with a grain of salt, especially for beauty products. What works for one won’t always work for another. The important thing is that we’re putting our opinion out there and just sharing what we know.
    Don’t let people like that get you down. Keep up the good work on this great blog!

  23. says


    You are sharing information with us, very useful ones I have to say. With the intentions of encouraging us to take good care of our skin and well being with the love of nature.

    No, beauty bloggers do not have to be young or look pretty. And who is to judge whether you look good or not.

    One is beautiful when one sees the beauty of others. :)

  24. sel says

    If a blogger had flawless skin, I doubt she would even have a beauty blog on skincare because she wouldn’t need to try out new stuff to review them and recommend them to readers!

    For me it’s the opposite, if you have good skin, the less cred you got because your skin is already good. But if your skin needs to be improved on and you try out something that’s really good I will believe you!

  25. rachel says

    Hi Sesame,

    We corresponded via email before. Thanks for your advice on my query once again.

    I enjoy reading your blog because

    1)it is very informative but not wordy…
    2)You always review the products after using it
    3)I love the pictures you posted…esp the before and after

    There is no need to reveal your age as it is irrelevant. This blog is about sharing beauty tips as well as honest reviews of the products you have used.

    Please do not stop blogging , okie…muacks muacks

  26. foreverheavenly says

    its not your age that should matter, its your content that makes me come back each time and every time you make a post. :)

  27. min sin says

    Personally I felt she has no in depth knowledge about regulatory of supplement and cosmetic as well about FDA(since the product from USA) and HSA operation.

    Just ignore her comment. not meaningful.

    I love your blog.

  28. says

    Oh jeez! These people are very shallow. I value your blog PRECISELY because you understand our problems! We don’t have perfect skin either! And as you try to find ways to improve your skin, you’re passing along the info to us. I think it’s rather annoying when a blogger has absolutely perfect skin and just brags about it and saying you need skincare products costing $12374923.
    I’m sure most of your readers don’t care a whit about your age.
    We wouldn’t have you in any other way than yourself :)

  29. zyra says

    hi dear!
    I don’t think beauty bloggers must be young and what is beautiful anyway? I still strongly believe that beauty varies and beauty blogging is all about the journey towards reaching our own individual perceptions of beauty. Go ahead and mention your age (if you want to) I believe the older one is, the more experiences he/she can share. I personally like reading blogs like that, like It’s nice how she shares her experiences and helps me get a better idea of what to expect, what to use when I’m older or when I’m this young.Seriously, I find that funny, what’s the point of mentioning products and whatnot if you have perfect skin?! No point in mentioning anything, if everything works. HELLO? How can that be even credited to any sort of product? I really like before and after shots, pictures (undoctored, of course lol) truly conveys what words cannot. Love your blog =)

  30. Audris says

    I don’t see how useful and necessary information on beauty has to do with age at all. What is the use of a person with young, flawless, perfect complexion testing out products when her skin would probably end up showing minimal effects only? Of course, saying that, I myself do not have good skin although it has improved somewhat over the years.

    I also go on cozycot to read up and post comments, mostly on mineral makeup. While the forum can be very informative with several cotters genuinely interested in sharing information and to provide advice, it is a regular occurence to come across crass, inane and downright bitchy comments as well. So much for free speech. And probably too much free time.

    While not all cotters are in their teens or twenties, I would imagine that the majority would fall within this category, hence their expectation of you and your age as a “peer” sharing beauty advice.

    Please do not give up posting because of any cotter’s post. It is really not worth the anguish and please try not to be too hurt by it. I quote an ex-colleague who taught me how to deal with comments in the workplace. Is that comment going to affect the quality of my life? No.
    So why should I be bothered?

  31. Ms. Blacklace says

    Great beauty blogs with good quality reviews, are best done with REAL women, with REAL skin, and a realistic budget. [and a real life too]

    How will we know what works and doesn’t for your skin when your skin is like a porcelain doll? Doesn’t matter what’s good or not coz everything works. Haha. Plus, not to mention, majority of your readers are ladies with imperfect skin. No dolls here.

    You are someone we ladies can relate to, young or old. I’m still in my teens [2 months later i’ll lose my “teen” though….] and I’m a big fan of your blog [and PariB’s blog]. You ladies may be older, but you ladies have much much more experience in skin care and I love the fact that you’re sharing your experience with us! So we’ll continue reading as long as the internet exists!

  32. Laughingcow says

    I’m a regular reader but only occasional commenter. But aw man, the reason I keep coming back is that I love the honesty. Seems that your problem areas mirror mine, so your recommendations have always been spot on for me! It would definitely NOT be helpful for me to have a supermodel with already-perfect skin give product reviews.

    To sum it up, it’s your flaws and imperfections that’s kept me addicted. I’ve made so many changes to my skincare regime because of you, and am loving the results! :)

  33. says

    Dear Sesame,

    I really enjoy reading your blog and learning so much about skincare from you..although i never really leave comments (i’m a silent reader).

    But this blog entry really make me want to make a comment…

    Cheer up and don’t care about those negative things that other people say. From the number of comments above, it simply proves to show that you have many loyal fans and many like your before/after photos as it shows us if a product really works or not. Thank you for your efforts, i appreciate it and your readers appreciate them too. :-)

    You know what i like best about you and your blog, its the candidness, and the fact that this blog is for real women who wants to know what works and what don’t!

    Looking forward to your next blog entry! Take care and stay happy always :-)

  34. elaine l. says

    people who dont read your blog often will not be able to appreciate your effort,
    and probably dont understand that different products work differently on different people.
    and even if a person with superb skin recommends something that she uses, it doesnt mean that the product would do miracles for everybody.

    have never wondered if you have flawless skin or whatsoever, but you
    have come across to me as a well read and experienced person, and “aging” beautifully!. I’m very
    grateful that you have taken your time off to generously share
    your beauty knowledge and experiences with your readers and putting in the effort
    in researching and writing out an article almost everyday! i think that your reviews as genuine, very objective, and informative.
    i really enjoyed your blog and do keep it up!

  35. says

    Is “age” / “good skin” so important? well, I do not think so. Bloggers not neccessary have the perfect skin or need to be young to blog. Don’t worry about those comments, coz I’ll be stil l reading your blog no matter wat. 😀 😀

  36. says


    I wonder if you remember me. 😀 I’m a fellow cotter too and I know the cotter you were refering to. I’ve known her for some time and I’m sure she means no harm. She’s not really scruntinizing your skin. She’s like a sunblock guru and believes in usage of sunblock can prevent pigmentations. Perhaps her comment offended you a little. But do cheer up. She really means no harm.

    And to add on, she isn’t really discrediting your efforts. She just wants to warn it’s our own responsibilty for supplements purchased online. That’s something that makeup gurus forget to warn users, which I do agree to a certain extend.

  37. Elaine says

    I’m a devoted reader in my late 40’s and I love your blog. I’ll take advice from someone who has experienced more skin changes than one who hasn’t experienced any.

    I cannot take skincare advice from my friend who is older because she has always had perfect skin and nothing bothers her skin.

  38. says

    Hi Sesame,

    Don’t be disheartened. You’ve been doing a great job.

    I think a beauty blogger could be 50 years old for all I care. But as long as she writes good stuff, informative, interesting, able to share with us readers, it doesn’t matter even if her face is full of pigmentation or acne scars, or any blemish. I’m just talking in general, not implying or referring to anyone.

  39. marcel says

    with all due respect to your professional contact & the commenter in question…i find the perception that one needs to be young & have perfect skin to have a beauty blog to be quite narrow…

    it isn’t a very broad vision of beauty to assume 20 year olds with flawless complexions, or airbrushed & botoxed celebrities have the last say…

    i am over 30 & enjoy reading your blog very much, because it deals with skincare issues & your approach to beauty is simple & natural, which i appreciate…

    i also have a fair, asian complexion which has suffered the consequences of living in the southern california sun…and appreciate your advice on the topic…

    please don’t be discouraged, and keep up the wonderful work of sharing your beauty discoveries & advice…

  40. Florence says

    Well, don’t be so bother abt what ppl had said bad remarks abt u…..just do what u like to do :)Pls don’t let this kind of remarks stops u from blogging coz I love to read ur blog!Kampate!!!

  41. eliza says

    hihiz ^-^

    u have been doing a great job so don’t care about other’s opinion

    plus u eat salt more than those inexperienced people! i would definately take your advice since you have experiences and more knowledgable

  42. annette says

    that was a short and concise question which deserves a short and concise answer: no.

    i’m 61 and still searching for ways to treat my skin better…..and that’s how i found your blog!

  43. FanofVivawoman says

    Oh hi there!

    Please do not be despaired with all those silly comments, because you are doing a wonderous job over here!

    I’m in my mid 20’s and I personally trust your little tips you had for us. It’s a must for me to read it everyday.

    I must say some of your tips here work for all ages, old and young! So keep it up!


  44. says

    hey sesame! please dont be put down by the spoilt beans in the bowl! we all love u! and i dont think beauty bloggers must be perfect, aren’t we all seeking and learning as we all blog and interact? =) keep your head high darling!

  45. Linda says

    I’m a follower of your blog. It is good to read skin care review from someone who shares the same problem as any average woman on the street.

    Keep up the good work!

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