Viva Challenge: bring along a hand sanitizer

hand sanitizers

A hand sanitizer is a very good item to add in your cosmetic pouch or handbag these days especially in view of the rampant spread of the H1N1 virus. By now, I’m sure you’re aware that apart from the air, infections can spread via your hands as they come into direct contact with your mouth, nose, and conjunctiva of the eyes. Therefore, practicing proper hand hygiene is the easiest way to help reduce infections.

Although washing your hands regularly with soap and water is best, using a hand sanitizer is a very effective substitute when hand-washing with soap and water is just not feasible as the alcohol in the sanitizer breaks down the germs’ cell walls causing them to die.

Efficacy of hand sanitizer
In fact, according to a report which tested the efficacy of soap and water and alcohol-based hand-rub preparations against live H1N1 influenza virus on the hands of human volunteers, alcohol-based hand rub was proven to be highly effective in reducing influenza A virus.

Anyway, a hand sanitizer keeps your hands clean and is definitely useful if you need to use them to touch up your makeup but can’t wash them for some reasons.

100% natural hand sanitizer
So these days, I carry one of these in my bag when I’m out. A 50ml bottle is convenient to bring out especially when I can’t get to the wash basin. I love the Burt’s Bees Aloe Vera & Witch Hazel 100% Natural Hand Sanitizer, which uses corn-based alcohol that can also eliminate germs up to 99.99% of germs and yet make your hands smooth and soft. The only gripe is the price. Sephora retails this for S$12! Well, I’m sure going to order more of this via sprees at Drugstore or LuckyVitamin.

So are you carrying a hand sanitizer in your bag?  If not, will you take up the challenge to get one today?

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  1. says

    Mine has a permanent spot in my bag. I even carry wet wipes, I’m that paranoid 😛 I use the good-smelling ones by Bath and Body Works which I bought in the US for $1.50.

  2. Irene says

    I did too.. always carry a small bottle in my bag since the H1N1 hits SG. Have become so paranoid =P
    Didn’t see Burt’s Bees hand sanitizer when I was in Sephora.. but i bought their lip shimmer & the texture is nice~ sorry abit out of topic but was pretty excited over Burt’s Bees products. 😀

    • sesame says

      Oh yes, their Burt’s Bees range looks very interesting! I couldn’t resist them too. 😉

    • sesame says

      Wow, you’re a good mom! I think if I put one in my son’s bag, he will squirt non-stop until the bottle is used up.

    • sesame says

      Yup…I started bringing for the sake of my son but now I carry it around too…just in case…

    • sesame says

      I think the thought of not rinising out is weird…I would prefer to wash my hands too but sometimes it may not be possible.

  3. abby says

    I carry wet wipes all the time. For year4s now. Recently got a travel size bottle of Dettol before i went overseas. Just in case. Kinda watery though. No Burt’s Bees here sadly

  4. Muta says

    Just bought the Burt’s Bee hand sanitizer from Sephora! I like the smell and my hands don’t feel dry after using it! :)

    There are quite a few Burt’s Bee products that I’m eyeing. The deep pore cleanser, green clay mask look interesting. I try the sunscreen on my hand too. It feels smooooth.

    • sesame says

      If I remember correctly, the sunscreen is using 8.5% titanium dioxide and you won’t get complete UVA protection. Unless they reformulated to include zinc oxide, I wouldn’t recommend you to get it.

  5. pf1123 says

    I don’t mind dettol wet wipes. They are really good.

    But I hardly even carry tissue paper. hahhaa…

    Good thing though….I would never touch my face with my hands besides times when I go through my facial routine because they are never clean enough.

  6. Amy says

    I carry 1 too but not for the H1N1, i carry it to sanitize the toilet seats in my office.. haha.. it seems safer to use

    • sesame says

      I’ve never thought of that! I should consider that the next time my kid has to use the public toilet seat. I’ve only used the tissue paper to wipe. Sanitizing definitely sounds better!

  7. Carla says

    Burt’s Bees doesn’t exist here in Belgium. :(
    But I use Dettol and it’s very drying!!! That’s why I also carry around a tiny 30ml jar with Shea butter in it.
    I’m gonna look for Burt’s when I’m in the UK next week, it seems like a good brand.

    • sesame says

      It’s great! It’s not so drying too. I’m going to get more online as it’s cheaper. They triple the price here!

  8. says

    hmm I’m a bit worried about going overboard with the hand sanitizer thing. While it may sanitize us from germs and bacteria, it does leave chemical residues on our hands, and when our hands “feel” clean, it’s harder to remember to wash our hands before picking up food with them! I’ve rinsed my hands shortly (maybe half an hour) after using it and it has quite a soapy feeling.. so I’d prefer to use this as a backup when going places that don’t have hand soap (e.g. camps, travelling), and rinsing off with normal handsoap AND water as far as possible instead!

    • sesame says

      I understand what you mean…I prefer water and soap too and use sanitizers more as a backup just in case.

  9. abby says

    Wipes are slimy? How? They are wet tissues…haha…

    I think sanitizers are slimy! Especially Dettol, since it is watery

    • sesame says

      No, I think wipes have got this really weird smooth and sometimes sticky feel. Very uncomfortable to touch them.

  10. Jimmy says

    A tip is to use some cheap drugstore brand of facial toner. Many of them can contain quite a lot of alcohol so they disinfect pretty effectively too.

    When in the city with all its cosmetic stores I can, in a pinch sneak in to them and “sample” some clinique clarifying lotion on my hands. That stuff is strong!

    • sesame says

      Hey, that’s a cool tip! Never thought of using toner for that purpose. Now I know what to do with those toners with alcohol. Thanks for sharing this! :)

  11. Joyce says

    Hey.. heard of the 100% natural hand sanitizer “Quash” from Clinova?
    I heard they are bringing it into Singapore. It’s a hit in the UK.

    I’ve tried it and I like the smell. Best part is it is all natural. I dun like those a strong smell of alcohol. It dries up my skin.

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