Flawless complexion with my healing brush


See what my new skin care regime has done for me?  I’m looking 10 years younger, with flawless complexion.  Even the lines on my neck are gone!  Totally incredible isn’t it?  Wow, even I can’t believe this is happening.  But, wait a minute.  Even my mole is gone too?  That’s kind of incredulous isn’t it? 


That’s all done with photoshop.  The healing brush took away the spots on my face, the bags and the lines!   How I wish I have such a healing brush in real life!  But in reality, I still have the spots, the bags and the lines!  *SIGH*  So now you know why celebrities always look so gorgeous on the magazine covers with flawless complexion?.  As it is, my photoshop skills aren’t fantastic so the trained eye can still spot that it’s a fake (yeah, photoshop on the neck area wasn’t well done).  Anyway, here’s the real me, a picture taken back in June.  Disappointing?  I also say!

viva woman

Yes, this is what happens with advertisements of unrealistic proportions; so don’t believe what you see in print or on the web.  Before and after pictures can be doctored as well!  As a matter of fact, I can do it too – if I want to. *wink*   But is there a need to?  And what if people who read this blog meets me in person?  I definitely don’t want to be caught in a spot!  Hence, the only thing I would do is only post flattering shots of myself or make sure the flashlight can conceal my blemishes.  Hee…

Have a nice day everyone!

But before I go, I want to bring to attention that my content is only hosted here and if you see my full posts complete with pictures elsewhere, they’re not affiliated to me or Viva Woman.  Anyway, thanks to reader Cazz Tan, I found out that my content has been duplicated on various spammy sites –  14h, playswomen, fashionweek7.  Someone shameless has obviously been coming here, taking my content and even bother to crop out all the watermarks on my pictures.  Well, if you think you can get away, think again!  You’ve infringed on my copyright and if you don’t remove my content immediately, I’ll be filing the DMCA so you can say bye bye to your stupid sites with stupid names!

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  1. toh88 says

    oh man! for a moment I thought there’s a prdt that works so perfectly! lol………

    on the technical side, it was really nicely done! *thumbs up!* ;p

    • sesame says

      Haha…got you there! 😉

      Heh, no technical skills required actually. The software did the job.

  2. says

    hahaa good post. you look great unphotoshopped leh :D. i personally like the liquify tool, makes me look slim and makes my nose small (i hate my stupid nose).

    • sesame says

      I’ve never tried liquify tool before…must attempt that. Actually, I only discovered the healing brush very recently. I’m not so familiar with Photoshop, as I’m more used to Illustrator.

      Oh the makeup and probably lightings helped with the unphotoshopped pic. Heh.

    • sesame says

      That’s because of the makeup. Anyway, this pic was taken in June. I have some new acne spots since then. :(

  3. Florence says

    Hey,I really thought got tat kind of healing brush…coz I also wan tat kind of flawless skin! Rencently my skin not good, been breaking out so often, one recover the other come out,as if like never ending! Haiz…see my skin like that so sian.Btw I never had this kind of breakout before,so it’s making me sad :(

    • sesame says

      Did you change any new products or change diet? My skin never had many pimples except those hormonal ones around the chin. But since last year (a multiple of 7 incidentally), I have more pimples around the cheek. Not happy too! :(

  4. zhenling says

    this post caught my attention. haha. do share your skin care regime for real please your skin looks clear even in the unphotoshoped picture. what foundation did you use?

    • sesame says

      I’ve got pigmented skin but without makeup, it’s spotted. This picture turned out good…I remember using a makeup base – either the one from Zuii Organic or I was using the Marie-Veronique Creme de Soleil tinted sample. Can’t remember. And I had mineral makeup over the makeup base.

    • sesame says

      It just looks better in this pic probably due to the makeup and all…it’s actually very pigmented.

  5. says

    I thought what a magic brush! Overall you have good skin,*wink*. I never used photoshop but I read lots of photographer swear by the software.

  6. says

    haha, I was quite excited to know what the healing brush is also. I am starting to worry about my post 25 years’ old skin already. Everybody is telling me I am in my prime now, and things will not get better.

    About the copycats, thumbs down to them. =((( Bad people.

    • sesame says

      Hmm…25 years old is prime? Never got that impression. Typically, skin will head south from 30 onwards but if you take good care of it, you can still look good when you’re older. Chizu Saeki is a good example so you must stay positive about your skin as attitude will help too.

  7. pf1123 says

    hey sesame, yes…you’re flaws are not that terrible. Anyway, nobody is perfect.

    Recently, I took photos with many friends and realised my face is fat. So, I have been hadworking on contouring my face. hahahaha…too many photos to edit if I want to photoshop them. haha…

    • sesame says

      Ai…wait till you see me without makeup. Spotted like a dalmatian dog!

      Photos are not entirely accurate so if your face isn’t particularly fat when you look in the mirror, don’t worry too much about it. Anyway, fats are good – firm skin! But makeup should be able to help make it look a bit slimmer…

  8. kokoro says

    I think you look absolutely beautiful without that “healing brush”, much more natural!
    anw, this is kinda off-topic but I want to ask you sth about lavender..as far as I know, Lavender EO increases photosensitivity, but what about lavender extract? is it the same thing?This is a product that I’m so keen on trying since it’s all natural and fruit pigmented, but I see Lavender EO on the ingredient list. Would you mind checking it out and tell me what you think? I do use sunscreen with SPF30 in a daily basis though..

    • sesame says

      The lavender EO and extract has the same effect but if it’s listed last, you don’t have to worry. Anyway, you’re wearing sunscreen daily so no worries.

  9. kokoro says

    oops my bad, I forgot the link to the product. Here it is:

  10. says

    This is a great post! I also wish there was a healing brush in reality and often thought about writing a blog post about it but you beat me to it and done it perfectly well.

    And I must say you look beautiful. Your skin is perfect and You don’t need a healing brush! Not yet anyway :)

  11. Nat says

    You look amazing in the second photo and the first one is flawlessly photoshopped. Loving your lipstick!

  12. pf1123 says

    Oooh no…when I look into the mirror, my face is ok. Its only when compared to the other people then I realised that my face is fat. Eeeks!

  13. says

    awww i really did think you were using something special to get that flawless look! i feel tricked lol

    btw, i think it’s sad that people can’t come up with content of their own anddd have to copy someone else’s work! that’s sooo pathetic! i support your suit… i hope you get the person/s behind all this!

  14. Elaine C says

    Oh my gosh! I was ready to buy the healing brush!
    You look gorgeous just as you are, you don’t need a healing brush.

  15. Florence says

    HI sesame,I did not change anything, not my diet or skincare,I even wash my makeup brush weekly.Haiz….maybe my hormonals changing???

    • sesame says

      Possibly…the skin could also be changing. Maybe the next time you go for facial or to the stores to get your products, ask them to check your skin and see if it has changed to be dryer or oiler…

  16. Lottie says

    ha ha you got me there also.. Im from Philippines and I’ve been reading your blog for 3 months now. I even go back to your older posts coz I find if interesting and helpful. But this blog made me comment =)..keep up more power..

  17. Ji says

    I hope you catch those people who take your pictures! SHAME ON THEM!
    I am also a fan of your site. It’s very educational and helpful. I love that you are so honest in your beauty care. Definitely one of my fav sites!!!

  18. says

    Haha, U’re funny, Sesame.
    Minus the photoshop effects, U’re still – in our humble opinion, a pretty face.
    OK, just me guy’s 2-cents worth:
    Makeup will surely cover a lady’s less-than-desirable blemishes. What crowns her a queen may really be:
    A love for life. A caring heart. A confidence not unshakeable – but gentle & lifts up her loved ones when needed.
    P.S. Beyond this, all else may just be ‘cosmetic”.
    Dave the hubby part-time reader of yr blog. 😉

    • Sesame says

      Thanks Dave! This post is quite “old”. Heheh. I agree with what you say – it’s the heart that counts. Someone can look gorgeous on the outside but if he/she is empty on the inside, then there is absolutely no life and inspiration to draw from. :)

      Btw, was checking out your website. Taiwan is a very colorful country in many aspects. My family almost ended up there for a few years but plans changed and so we stayed put here. Will definitely browse through your site when we’re visiting in future. Miss the food in the night markets. 😛


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