How do you keep your underarms hairless?

I have a bit of a hairy problem. I’m shy about raising my arms or wearing sleeveless clothes because I do not have smooth looking, hairless armpits like Elva Hsiao here. So I like to ask you ladies: how do you keep your underarm hairless? (Well, I’m assuming most of you at least try.)

In the earlier years, I use some chemical hair remover to remove the hair. I remember it has a nasty smell but it worked pretty well except that it irritated my skin occasionally. Then I moved on to tweezing my hair away and that kept the hair at bay for the longest period. But of course pulling each strand takes up too much time so I resorted to the easiest method. Shaving! So all this while, I’ve been shaving my underarms.

I did consider permanent hair removal using laser but it seems I can’t achieve a hairless armpit in just one session but several instead. So I’m not sure if it’s worth the cost and if it’s a good idea to kill the hair follicles there.

So what have you been doing to keep your underarms hair free?

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  1. says

    You can always bleach them, dear. I think I saw it at some blogshop, can’t remember but it’s either a Japanese or Taiwanese product.

    I wonder if Sally Hansen’s bleaching products will work lol

    • sesame says

      I haven’t thought of it. Don’t like the idea of bleaching though. But it’s an interesting way to keep the region lighter looking.

  2. Zephyrlite says

    You can try using an epilator… definitely works better than constant shaving which makes underarms darker.

    • sesame says

      Ah…I was seriously considering it sometime back but someone told me it didn’t work for her and subsequently, I changed my mind. Maybe I should consider again.

  3. Anna says

    Ugh, I definitely have this problem too. I shave but I still get a black patch. Tweezing definitely takes way too long.

    I heard an epilator is good though I’ve never tried it.

  4. flym says

    Shaving. Fastest and most economical. Tried tweezing but my left hand just couldn’t manipulate the tweezer properly for my right armpit!

  5. Sparklewolfie says

    I have this problem too =_= I shave, but because I have dark hair you can see them under the skin and my underarms still look shaded…

    I considered to buy a no!no! which will permanently kill the roots of hair with constant use, but it was expensive… I also considered an epilator which would be like tweezing but faster, but it is expensive too! So… I guess I am just like you now, not sure what to do!

    • sesame says

      no!no!? I’ve read that but forgot what is it. It’ll kill the roots? I wonder if killing the roots is a good idea long run.

      I may consider getting an epilator cos I was looking at it sometime back…now with some of the readers recommending, I have a better idea what to get.

  6. says

    I think pulling the hair out with an epilator will help achieve the best results if you are adverse to laser treatment. My mother used it regularly and several years on, or maybe longer, she said the hair became finer and sparser but I don’t know if old age had anything to do with it too! lol! I heard that braun’s silk epilator is the best on the market:

    • sesame says

      Okay, great! Thanks for the link too! I didn’t know which to get. I’ve seen this on the market here I think…

  7. says

    My first try was Veet, the hair removal cream. But it didn’t work after 2 times. And after researching, I found out about epilation, and thought that was the best option there is.

    Now, I epilate with a Philips Satinelle Ice Premium every about 2 weeks or when I am free. I just love that machine!

    And I highly recommend everyone else to epilate. =) I may consider permanent hair removal when I have the financial means though.

    • sesame says

      Oh that’s right! Veet! That was what I used! But nasty smell it has doesn’t it? Or at least the ones I used last time.

      Philips Satinelle Ice Premium works well for you? Okay, great! I’ll go and check that out too.

  8. says

    Oh, and by the way, I think the epilator is really one of the best investment you can make for your body. For other readers, if cost is an issue, consider Panasonic. There is the under $40 one. I heard that works equally well too. And you can use it in the bath. My Stainelle Ice was $148.

    • sesame says

      The brands were a problem when I was looking at them last year. Some did not state clearly and I wasn’t sure if they’ll work for the underarms. Good now, I have 3 brands to look at. Thanks for sharing!

  9. sabrina says

    I had mine laser removed when I was 17. I suppose I am lucky that I will pretty much be hairless for the rest of life. It took about 10 sessions in a span of 2 years. It’s a pretty huge investment but for me it was worth it b/c it will last me a lifetime.

    • sesame says

      10 sessions over 2 years? Wow, that’s like IPL for the face isn’t it except that it’s much longer in terms of time. I heard some cases it took like 6 sessions but I guess it all depends on individual…

  10. Vera says

    hi sesame, i had a bit of a hairy problem myself. my hair is really dark, and my skin quite white. it hurt too much to use the epilator or tweezer, so i started using hair removal cream. but that would only take care of the issue partially: the roots would be visible through the skin, like a big green bruise right underarms. plus next day some of the hair would start coming back. 3 years ago i started a laser hair removal procedure. i have to say that not all the hair is gone, maybe 90%, but it is dramatically thinned and lighter. actually same for legs and bikini. so now i only shave once a month, before my laser removal treatment. i totally recommend it, with the caution that it might be quite expensive and long process, no mater what the technicians will tell you.

    • sesame says

      I don’t like hair removal cream cos I used to be worried that some of the cream would get on my face or my hair!

  11. stella says

    epilating is the most long lasting, efficient DIY method for me

    otherwise, i shave coz i’ve fine body hair and sometimes the epilator just does not do the job

    • sesame says

      When I was using Veet some years back, it sometimes caused my skin to become extremely irritated. Guess I didn’t use the correct proportion some times. But the smell…

  12. says

    I think an epilator is a good investment. I got one about 5 to 6 years ago and it’s still going strong.

    Epilator-regrowth is slower and finer so I like it.

  13. Hannah says

    Epilator works the best for me. It takes about two to three weeks for the hairs to grow back again. The only problem is that once you use it too long, the hairs will start growing irregularly and you’ll have to use the epilator more often. In this case, I shawe my armpits and then use epilator for a few months again.

    • sesame says

      Oh, it takes 2 to 3 weeks later to grow? That’s good! And thanks for the tips about alternating with shaver.

  14. says

    I love my Epilator for under arm hair!
    I’ve used it like 2 years now and I almost have no armpit hair at all.
    I have to add, that I had almost no hair to start with, but it’s even less now.
    AND the epilator gets rid of the little black bumps which shaving does not!:)

  15. Sparklewolfie says

    I don’t know how to reply to comments so I am posting a new one XD
    This is some information on no!no! I think getting rid of the hair permanently would be a good solution for me, because I totally hate the hair >u< But if you are afraid for damage, epilators are better. I have seen a lot of very good reviews for those

    • sesame says

      I’ve seen that no!no! one I think…but forgot if it’s online or in store now. Could have being confused with another product.

  16. rachel says

    my friends and mom actually told me that shaving in the long run would cause the skin at your armpit to darken which scrubbing cannot seem to remove. not too sure how accurate that is but i do notice that girlfriends who shared this info do have darker armpits. i personally prefer tweezing. i grab many bits of hair at one go and just yank =x doing it regularly prevents overgrowth so at each time you only need to remove that bit :)

    • sesame says

      I believe it causes new hair grown to become thicker. I used to tweeze too but it’s too time consuming.

  17. yiting says

    dont shave!!! alamak. i think if you can bear with wearing sleeves for about 2 3 weeks or so, maybe it’s better to wax it bi-monthly, then follow up with occasional tweezing and creams to delay the regrowth of the hair.

    epilators were addictive, but they are dangerous on me because i tent to go over the same area too many times or stay too long on one point, which let to a deep cut on my shin which lead to me not ever touching the epilator.

    • sesame says

      I’ve seen waxing done and was afraid of the pain. But I’m going to try a DIY product and see how it goes.

      Epilators are addictive? I heard it might cause some pain but didn’t realize that it may cause cuts. Thanks for sharing the info. I guess got to be careful when using it.

  18. says

    I shave the underarm hair, but it grows back too fast, within 2-3 days. When I have some free time, I pluck them with a tweezer but its a very tedious and tiring job, and may not get all the hair.

    Considered laser removal, yes, need at least 5 sessions. My sisters did it, and now no worries about their underarm hair but they have a medical reason (the hair follicles were always inflamed leading to micro-abscesses). Price factor made me re-consider.

    And too afraid of pain to try hair removal strips.

    • sesame says

      Tweezing is too time consuming and I used to be able to get them all out. Am going to try hair removal strips. See how it goes…

  19. says

    I use an epilator – much better than waxing or shaving. Its quick and isn’t painful and lasts me about a month! Sometimes theres a few short hairs I miss, but I just tweeze those out, no biggie. To keep it smooth I use a body exfoliator, preferrably the St. Ives one since its moisturizing. A good epilator that I know that isn’t sharp, but does the job is Tweez’e.

    • sesame says

      I should have gone to get it! I was looking at it and then after reading some comments from someone I know who said it didn’t help her and another saying it caused pain, I just changed my mind and promptly forgot about it.

  20. Suz says

    It’s too painful to do anything but shave using a razor lol…I am scared of epilators and waxing.

    • sesame says

      That’s what I use now but I consider it a temporary solution. Feel that my underarms look unsightly cos of shaving.

  21. Rennie says

    I just use an epilator. I laugh to think back that there was a time I would have never considered using an epilator due to its pain. But really, the pain is not bad and once you use consistently, the pain is practically gone. An epilator is good to hair removal since it acts like a tweezer to pick out every strand of hair. If you use this continually, your hair will start to thin out. There’s a lot of brands there, but I have been using the Emjoi Soft caress epilator and so far am loving it.

    • sesame says

      Thanks for sharing your experience. I think there’s always the initial threshold to get over but after that, it should be fine. Anyway, I just tried DIY wax strip. Thought it would be painful but it turned out okay. So I think I can try epilator too.

      • Mym says

        Go with the epilator!

        I used to shave, too, because it’s quick, cheap, and i can do it myself. But the hairs kept growing thicker, and 2-3 hairs spurted out of each follicle, and the whole underarm area became dark and unsightly. I then tried waxing (which is how i remove the rest of my unwanted body hair) but it didn’t work for me, since the hairs there grow in different directions, so you have to pull the wax strip many times in different angles to get all the hairs out, and since it is a very sensitive area it would cause me to bruise and bleed. Hated that option. I was then encouraged to try the electric epilator by many a friend, but i was too afraid of the repeated pain, especially that the hairs had become thick because of shaving. But my mom got me an epilator a few years ago, and while i hesitated for a few months, i tried it and now i cannot live without it. You feel pain the first few times, i won’t lie to you, but then it decreases remarquably within 3-4 uses. Pretty soon you won’t feel anything, and get clear underarms for 2-3 weeks without the greenish-black patch! I highly recommend the method. Just push yourself to do it the very first time, you won’t leave it after that. It’s fast, painless, with long-lasting results, and relatively cheap, considering it an investment.
        Personally i use Braun’s SilkEpil. Had it for years and still works wonders :)

        • Sesame says

          Yes, agree. I have been using an epilator too. Find it works well and I actually like using it. 😉

  22. missbear says

    Maybe u can consider doing Advanced Fluorescence Technology (AFT) which is more advanced than IPL. 6 sessions & above are recommended for best results.I have mine done at Chez Moi De Beaute. Now I don’t even worrying of waxing and plucking anymore=)

  23. missbear says

    $260 for 6 sessions. But I don’t know whether they had increase the prices or not. I used to have dry and chicken like skin from shaving and plucking too. At least now the hair is very fine and not too coarse and thick before.

    • sesame says

      That’s pretty reasonable. Thanks for telling me…maybe I’ll consider if I’m not too shy about it. A bit weird to show strangers my armpit. Hehe…

  24. mspolar says

    I’m personally into DIY waxing, but not the off the shelves kind. I got my “salon grade” kinda wax at a salon supplies shop. Costs me about less than S$10 for the wax and another 10 plus for the strips, which can last me for more than a year. Used to do it every month but now need to do it every three months as my underarms hair has grown so much finer now. Thumbs up!! To me, the pain is very much bearable than using a epilator.

    • sesame says

      I tried it yesterday…found it removed over 90% of my hair. But since mine was shaven, so quite strong and resistant. Need to check how it goes next few days. Seems that it can last 2 weeks initially…or more depending on the individual.

      I thought it would be painful but it wasn’t so bad except on one area I peel too many times.

  25. missbear says

    I know how you feel about it cos I overcome shyness with the determination of stop plucking. Everytime when i pluck, i have to bend down my neck and thus i will have neckache after tat. That is why I choose this method=) But the beautician is very friendly and talk to me throughout the treatment so tat there is no awkwardness=)

    • sesame says

      Ah…I think just need to cross that initial threshold and then should be comfortable after that. Very tempting cos the cost is quite attractive as I kept thinking it would be a lot more! My other consideration is if it’s a good idea to kill the follicles…maybe I’ll talk to some of the experts before deciding. But thanks a lot for sharing! :)

  26. Nat says

    Gosh, I didn’t know there were many women with the same issues as me. I thought I was the unlucky one. I’m a bit on the hairier side too and it’s been a complex. Wanted to try an epilator back then but chickened out after reading reviews about it, LOL! Now I just visit my wax-ist monthly :) Hmm, maybe now I can think to try an epilator too..

  27. eli says

    I tweeze my armpit hair and also my leg hairs..but of course tweezing may not get all the hair so I shave after tweezing. I love tweezing, it’s fun for me and really therapeutic for some reason….

    • sesame says

      I know what you mean…there’s a kind of thrill in pulling out the hair. But it can be tiring too.

  28. yay says

    i say use tweezer…i used epiliator before…didn’t seem to last that long…i felt like it was same as shaving…if u tweeze enough the same area u’ll minimize hair growth for sure….just tweeze whenever u have free time…it’ll help….trust me….if u shave the hair will grow more & darker….

    • sesame says

      Tweezer works but it’s pretty time consuming isn’t it. That’s why I switched to shaving which isn’t ideal. Another one is waxing…not bad. I’ll be sharing a DIY waxing review soon.

  29. Moonbeam says

    Try IPL.. it really works. I did mine a couple of years ago at Strip and remained hairfree for 2 yrs.. now the regrown hair is very very sparse and fine, not noticeable.. and the other gd thing is the IPL also helps to lighten my armpit… So now I’m a firm believer of IPL, those the prices has increased tremendously since then….

    • sesame says

      Strip? Okay, have seen them around. I’m seriously considering since a number of you have good things to say. But need to check up on the prices though…

  30. ann says

    I used to tweeze and shave but the hair became coarser and a lot of ingrown. It was terrible.

    I did IPL then, only 2-3 sessions. It was good but after about 2-3 years, the hair started growing thicker again. Then I did VPL (variable) about 1-2 year back, there is still hair but it’s fine and i don’t really have to do anything about it. I will never go back to shave/pluck/wax!!! Your armpits look better, feel better and it’s less sweaty and uncomfortable, esp when the hair is growing out!

    • sesame says

      Okay, VPL is new. Interesting! I have to go round checking if the price is worthwhile. Or I’ll resort to epilator. Waxing isn’t such a bad idea too.

  31. says

    I like waxing and don’t think it hurts much. Your hairs come back much finer. I do have problems with ingrowns and bumps, though. IPL is the greenest method, since once you do it, you never have to use products or razors or anything again! I have an epilator at home but I’m afraid to try it. I remember how much the Epilady hurt back in the day.

    • sesame says

      Yeah, now I’m considering waxing…let’s see if my recent experience will last me 2 weeks…

  32. Julie says

    Plucking? Epilating? Because you’re freaked out about a little dark coloration in your pits? Are you all nuts? Who cares what your pits look like? Shave every few days and forget about it instead of obsessing over nonsense like this.

  33. Grace says

    Laser hair removal. It costs more but there’s none of the hassle of having to pluck, shave or whatever method you have to use just to be able to wear that tank top. In this tropical weather of ours,we need to keep cool always. I booked 8 sessions, and I did only 4 in a span of 2 years, hair regrowth is so slow, and the hair growth is very fine. I never regretted doing this.

    • sesame says

      Epilin? I did a search and noticed it’s a wax? Looks interesting except that I have to heat up the wax. But may give this a try. Thanks for sharing! :)

  34. JAde says

    Seriously,I have the same problem.I have just been saving,but like one of them said,it made my armpits look darker.UGH,i am soooooo in need of a solution!!!!!!

    • sesame says

      I tried waxing DIY and it’s good as in the armpits are not dark and I don’t need to do it every day…just once a week or so. Only thing is the fine hair won’t come off easily so I need to pluck them out.

  35. says

    i think you should try asking your doctor
    maybe he/she will have a good idea for you/your skin type. like what kind of method would work for you :). hope i helped

  36. I need help says

    Im 13 and i live in s small counrty,im shy to talk about it but i want to hair under my arms. How can i talk to my mom about it? i want to buy a epilator,but how with the all strangers looking and my family?
    please help me fast,i need u…

  37. says

    For my underarms, I had laser hair reduction done.

    For my legs, I use men’s razor. The one with 3 blades on it.

    • sesame says

      I tried IPL for my underarms once. It’s definitely not enough…got to sign up for a package.

      • says

        I tried IPL but it’s not too good.

        I Diode might work better. I went to a clinic using a Diode machine.

        Some forums said, Light Sheer Diode is the gold standard.

        Only did 3 sessions last year, once in 1.5 to 2 months. I only have few baby hairs on the pits.

        Good thing the clinic didn’t push me to buy the 8 session package.

        • sesame says

          Oh I Diode? First time hearing this. Will check it out. Thanks for telling me. I hate packages too.

  38. Ms. Blacklace says

    I tweeze my underarm hair. But to be honest, I’m pretty hairless anyway. I have more eyelashes than both my underarms combined.

    It’s the same with my pubic hair, being quite little. But I do have a problem. Even though it’s little, mine grows long (I can tie a ponytail). So when my period comes, it tends to tangle. Really uncomfortable when I walk. So I wax the area. Anyway, after 10 sessions of waxing, the hair is really sparse now. Still long, but easier to pull out. So I tweeze down there when it gets long.

    • sesame says

      Haha…I never tweezed down there. I think I tried cutting off the hair when I was younger and boy, it look funny. Haven’t found the guts to go for waxing as yet. I am afraid of pain there. 😛

  39. says

    Well, try sugaring. It’s the same as waxing but the pain is tolerable. I make my own “wax”. Here’s the ingredients: 1/4 cup of water, 1/4 cup of lemon juice, 2 cups of white sugar. This recipe would last for months depending on how hairy you are. Lols. Just YouTube it, coz it’s hard to explain but you basically just heat the mixture til it gets a honey-like consistensy and auburn-like colour in medium high heat. Some trivia, the citric acid in lemons serves as a preservative so it would last long. You can use lime or vinegar if you dont have lemons, but lemons works best! Hope that helps!

  40. Sarah B says

    “To Quote: Henna says:
    Monday, 24 January 2011 at 2:50 am Dnt u guys think that hair removal cream like “VEET” makes your armpit darker???”

    First of all we are not GUYS! If we were men we wouldn’t be having this many issues..This is a female site so try LADIES when referring to us.
    Two I tried Epilady and it HURTS like mad under your arms and I won’t even go near my legs. I shave and pluck, but I am thinking of using VEET and JOLEN on my facial hair for a month or so and hoping that over time the hair will get lighter and damanged enough to stop growing…I also use lemon juice and salt mixture to lighten hair on face.

  41. thatgirlagsb says

    I’m an 18y.o. girl who just happened to shave my armpits last 2 days for the very first time. I was getting irritated and embarrassed of how my armpit hair looks because the hair grain looks thick. I first shaved my underarms last 2 days, had a little research about this issue and then stumbled into this website. I was just wondering.. is it true that if you shave your underarms, will it make it much darker and you will have bigger pores? I saw the comments about waxing and those DIY waxing strips and I’ll ask my mom if she will agree to let me use it. I’m afraid of using the epilator and also plucking it. Seriously, I’m still an innocent when it comes to this kind of issue. I really don’t know what to do and I’m embarrassed to wear sleeveless clothes and swimwears because of my underarms. If you can give my any suggestions, please feel free to do so. Thank you veeeery much. :’)

  42. Sweaty teacher says

    I teach maths in a girls high school. as i sweat a lot i wear only sleeveless dresses. by the time I start my class the sweat in my armpits would have strained my dress and as I lift my arms to write on the black board all girls stare at my armpits. i feel very embarrassed. sometimes during holidays i neglect to shave my armpit and when i go to the class i became aware that i have not shaved. but i am forced to lift my arm and now the girls not only see my sweaty armpits but also hairs. is there a permanent solution to remove hairs in the armpit?

  43. mangomadness says

    I use MOOM Organic Hair Remover (a natural sugaring ‘paste’) to keep my underarms hairless. The pain is tolerable given the smooth results and it doesn’t cause irritation or hyperpigmentation like shaving does.

  44. pinkpopcorn says

    I bought a no!no! and I’ve been using it mostly on my legs but recently just started my underarms. It does take a while but the results are great. It take about 7 weeks for complete result and im like on week 2 soo ive got a looooong way to go(in opinion;)

  45. says

    I’m 16 and I use the Soft Caress Epilator. Heredically I have thick corse hair on my underarms and legs. I’ve tried everything, and the Epilator works best. The only downside to epilating: Realistically, the hair you Epilate begins to grow back in a few days (like eyebrow hair you pluck) and it takes a few weeks for the underarm hair to grow long enough to Epilate again. So, when you are in diar need of hairless armpits and your hair isn’t long enough to Epilate use a shaver. Since you have been epilating, there is less pigment in the skin and you get a better yet temorary result. Hope I helped those who had these questions on their minds!!


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