What do you do with free cosmetic pouches?

I’m usually in a rush during the mornings but find that I need to get my cosmetics better organized in a pouch so that I can get everything achieved in the bathroom. However, I realized that my current pouch is really too small to contain everything I have and I need to get myself another one. Then it dawned on me that I should use one of those free cosmetic pouches obtained during product purchase but when I try to locate them, I discovered I’m left with limited choices because I’ve thrown away many of the free ones.

For some strange reasons, I never like to use the free cosmetic pouches. Like I indicated, I used to bin them because they were taking up storage space and I had no use for them. Somehow, I never found free cosmetic pouches very appealing and I actually preferred to purchase my cosmetic pouches as the designs are prettier. But if I were to analyze further, I think I’m just resistant to using something that bears a logo. I would hate to whip them out of my bag in public! I like those with more subtle designs, like having their logos hidden inside the bag. Of course, these are few and hard to come by!

So what do you do with free cosmetic pouches? Do you collect them or do you bin them? Any favorites so far?

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  1. zhenling says

    usually, those that some with gwps are really lousy. tried using some but gave up because they are either so ugly or just plain un-user friendly.

    i have 2 from paul and joe. love the prints and soooooo user friendly. but they are rather expensive so im looking into jap mag gwps

    • sesame says

      I have been eyeing those from Jap mags but have hesitated cos I know I most probably end up not using them. But they do seem better in terms of quality?

      • zhenling says

        i havent gotten around to buying them

        but http://rougedeluxe.blogspot.com/
        has excellent reviews

  2. says

    I totally agree with Sesame. Some of those free pouches are really quite ugly. I usually chuck them aside. But if there come in nice designs like the pic you have in this post, I would gladly use them.

    Those in the pics are really nice. You got them all free from buying the products? I like the Paul & Joe one!

    • sesame says

      The Paul & Joe + L’occitane one were given via purchases sometime back. They’re the only ones I keep now cos I quite like the designs. The other two were free and were given to me.

  3. says

    Have to admit that I am really crazy over them, esp those from my favorite brands and they tend to be of better quality. In fact, many times, it was those cute pretty pouches that tempt me to reach the GWP targets….speaking of marketing strategy! 😉

    Love P&J bags and pouches too, but somehow I don’t own any yet. Cos I usually don’t have so many stuff to buy from them to be able to reach the GWP target.

    • sesame says

      I read that most women like GWPs. I like them if they look good and I want to buy products from the brand. But these days I rarely buy too many at one go so quite hard to reach target.

  4. pf1123 says

    My loccitane one became my medicine bag which I bring overseas.

    Another plastic one I use to keep all the free samples. Accumulate enough and I’ll sell them as a bunch on ebay.

    Some are just lying around. hahahaa…

    Oh, I put my regular use cosmetics into an ugly plastic tub. Easier to see and reach all the stuff. 😀

    • sesame says

      Actually you have a point. I tried packing the cosmetics into a bigger pouch but found them difficult to take out. I’ll go hunt for a plastic tub that I can use – thanks for the idea!

  5. says

    I use mine as storage at home. To throw things in so that the wardrobe wouldn’t be so messy. And sort of organize the cosmetics on my desk.

    I never bring them out because the designs are not practical at all. Instead I buy others of different sizes and with useful compartments or practical little handles and all.

    • sesame says

      I like those that look like little totes. The floral one is from DHC that I store my bottles of skin care in. Rather practical.

  6. stella says

    i usually pack them up and send them to salvation army. i haven’t really found any GWP pouches that i like yet – usually the quality is poor; well 1-2 maybe: from paul&joe, the body shop and elle mag, i don’t use them for everyday tho’, more for random stuff like sanitary items, etc. that’s why i always prefer to buy my skincare from DFS, not only are they cheaper, i don’t get trashy pouch/bag GWPs that i don’t use (and oh c’mon, i’m sure they’re priced into the retail prices, there’s no free lunch in this world)

    • sesame says

      Wow, you’re good to send them to SA! I never made that sort of effort.

      I’m with you…I rather not have the gifts sometimes. Doesn’t add up for me cos I usually end up chucking them away. I rather the gifts be a product I can use.

  7. says

    I give free cosmetic pouch to my mum. She loves them. She enjoys collecting them. Even if I refuse to give it to her, she’ll demand for it.

  8. renz says

    I have a number of cosmetic pouches. Use them for put in my medication bottles, or to throw in some small items like hair accessories, toiletries when I go on trips.

    I bought my own cosmetic pouch, as I prefer its design and its size.

    • sesame says

      Haha…so a number of us like to buy our own cosmetic pouches or use the free ones for other purposes.

  9. Rynn says

    I have quite a number of cosmetic pouches but most of them are used for storing things like receipts or cards.

    I’d prefer to get my own cosmetic pouch. My current one is from Anna Sui and the design in really pretty.

  10. Ann says

    I just bin them away and like to keep my stuff in the transparent pencil pouches (meant for kids). That looks a bit silly but makes it so easy for me to find what I am lookin for.

    btw a lovely blog :)

  11. says

    Love the Kiehl’s one you got! I actually like cosmetic pouches with the product images printed on them; I think they often look quite whimsical that way! :)

    • sesame says

      The Kiehl’s one is quite unique but it’s bulky. I would probably use it for traveling only

  12. says

    I will use some of the free cosmetic pouch but depends on the color and design. And I will give to friends or relatives and some I’ll sell it off online . So far , I never buy any cosmetic pouch , all I used either free gift or gift from friends / relatives.

  13. nora says

    Some of these pouches I keep for my own use.
    I received one recently from The Body Shop which is large & good for overseas trip.
    For small pouches, I just stuff sanitary pad or panty liners.
    The unused ones, I pass to my mum, sister or my two nieces.
    Sometimes I bring these pouches instead of a bag to nearby places.

    • sesame says

      Oh that’s a good idea – if the pouches are decent looking, they can double up as a small bag!

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