Makeup mess: bag organizer to the rescue

makeup bag organizer Makeup mess: bag organizer to the rescue

Guess what? After I posted about my little tote bag organizer, it struck me that I can use another one to organize my daily makeup items. I do my makeup in the toilet and have been storing the items in a cosmetic pouch. However, the cosmetic pouch has limited space and it was increasingly difficult for me to find my brushes or concealer. A bag organizer would be useful with the different storage pockets and the little handles mean I can carry it around without much hassle.

Good thing for me was that I spotted an almost similar one from a mobile cart store. It has the same size but doesn’t come with the trimmings. But at a discounted price of S$18.90, I am not complaining.

bag organizer for makeup Makeup mess: bag organizer to the rescue
More organized with the different pockets
See…I have so much room to store my stuff. I can even place different items in different pockets and I no longer have to dig deep into my cosmetic pouch to find items or run into the room just to grab a missing item. I am so pleased because this is making my makeup routine so much easier especially when I’m rushing for time in the morning! Yippee!

tidy makeup in bag organizer Makeup mess: bag organizer to the rescue
More storage room for more makeup items
So no more space limit as now, I have more than enough room to store more makeup items, particularly the brushes. And because all the items are so well organized, I won’t have to forget applying stuff like the concealer or the primer for the eyes as I sometimes do because they’re buried deep in the cosmetic pouch. Isn’t that just so neat?

keep makeup brushes dust free Makeup mess: bag organizer to the rescue
Keep my brushes away from dust
But I don’t want to leave my brushes out in the open as they will inevitably collect dust. I have brush guards but they don’t protect them from dust in the open too. I don’t like the idea of using makeup brush bags either because they’re not exactly hygienic over time. I need some sort of disposable covers and it occurred to me that I can improvize one out of the disposable tea bags that I had purchased for my DIY beauty recipes.
makeup brushes are dust free Makeup mess: bag organizer to the rescue
DIY brush covers
All I need are the disposable tea bags and tiny hair bands to secure the cover on the brushes. The whole covering and securing takes just a few seconds so it’s definitely not time consuming. On top of that, the tea bags are cheap and cost only S$3.50 for 85 of them while a pack of the hair bands are just S$0.30, which means replacing them would be pain-free too.

makeup brushes in bag organizer Makeup mess: bag organizer to the rescue
I’m grinning from ear to ear
I am loving my new makeup bag organizer! And with the brushes all properly covered, I have no worries about them collecting dust in the open. In fact, I gave them all a good bath so that they can take their places in the new home. I think they’re pretty happy too.

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  1. says

    That is brilliant! I don’t have enough makeup to need an organizer, but that looks very handy and cute :) The brush cover is a great idea too! I may have to pick up some tea bags next time I am at Daiso~

  2. says

    I have tons of those glasses from MacDonalds and I use them to store my brushes. You can purchase beads and pour them in to keep your tools in place :)

    • sesame says

      I’ve seen some of the other bloggers talking about that; quite a neat idea too. But I can’t use it cos I need my stuff to be portable.

  3. Liesl says

    What a clever idea to use teabags to cover up the brushes. The rubber band touch is so cute. Can color code by function too. Where did you buy the rubber bands at 30cents a pack? I’ve been looking for cheaper ones but the ones sold near my house are at $2 a pack.

  4. pf1123 says

    The idea of tea bag covers for brushes is so awesome!!!! Great for frequent travellers like me!! Thanks Sesame!

    • sesame says

      I love the idea too. I don’t like to use the makeup bags for brushes as they can get moldy. Don’t feel that constant wiping is that clean so prefer something disposable.

      • pf1123 says

        Normally, I just put them in another compartment of my makeup bag for travelling. But I also don’t really like that as the hairs might be squashed out of shape. Al home, I’m not so worried because I’m quite dilligent at cleaning my brushes even though I leave them out in the open.

        Yes you’re right, they might get moldy in makeup bags, esp if the foundation brushes is used on cream/liquid foundation.

        Fabulous! I shall try to go to Daiso before my next travel.

  5. Fi says

    Loving the tea bag idea… I have been looking for a solution to brush storing, as I don’t like storing them in bags on its own for hygiene reason. So thank you for sharing the idea :)

    It’s a pain getting tea bags here (I think not many people use disposable tea bags), and even if I found one, it’s in Japanese with no English translations, I can’t read if the tea bags are bleached or not. I may be paranoid here, but I’ve always make sure that the tea I drink are in non-bleached tea bags. Would it matter if it’s coming into direct contact to make up brushes (that’s in contact with your skin daily)?


    Thanks :)

    • sesame says

      I’m glad you find the idea useful. ctually, I didn’t think much about the bags but I don’t think it’ll cause much problems with storage as long as the brushes are not wet.

  6. Rach says

    Hey..where did you purchase these tea bags? i always wanted a brush guard and think this is a great idea..thanks!


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