Share: how to combat yucky white film on lips?

Hello Vivabellas. I have a lip problem that I hope you can help me with. For quite awhile now, I can’t use lipstick and lip gloss for too long without having a line of white film from the lipstick or lip gloss accumulate on my lips. It is not dry or flaky but just a disgusting looking whitish accumulation that appear on the inside of my lips, the part where my lips are pressed together. This always happen when I’m speaking for awhile in an air conditioned room and it’s darn embarrassing because it’s so unsightly. I always have to rush to the toilet to scratch it off with water and my fingernails!

I’ve done whatever I can to rectify the problem but to no avail. These include:
– using a protective balm on my lips during bed time
– frequently scrubbing with toothbrush, DIY recipes or cotton pad

I doubt it’s anything to do with the lipstick or lip gloss I use as it happens with every one of them! The only thing that works well for me now is lip balms. I’m thinking it’s due to the room temperature, or because of the way my saliva reacts with the ingredients in the lipsticks or lip gloss.

Do any of you have this problem? How do you combat it other than washing it off and applying a new coat of lipstick or lip gloss?

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      • Komono says

        Yes! You may apply lip mask before you apply lip balm or lip stick/gloss.. There are many brand of lip mask but so far I’ve only tried marykay..

        • sesame says

          Okay, will give a try when I get the chance or maybe look for something more natural in terms of formulation.

  1. Celine says

    I’m glad you brought this up. I have the same problems too! So i don’t use any lipstick nowadays. I only use lip balm. Hopefully we can find some solution to this problem from other readers.

  2. Lady M says

    I thought I was the only one with this problem… Thought I was wearing my lip gloss incorrectly but it turns out that this is a ‘global’ problem…haha…when I googled, apparently most women are experiencing it….what I discovered is that when I applied my lip gloss close to when the lips meet, it then to leave whitish film on it maybe due to ‘friction’ caused by the lips when we’re talking and such…its even worst when I put on too much lip gloss…(I love lip gloss!!)..thus, I tried it this way, I place my lips together and just glide my lip gloss on the lips avoiding the areas close to where the lips meet…n i try not to put on too much. So far, it worked nicely for me…but of coz if there any other alternatives i’ll be willing to try it, too…

    • sesame says

      It’s common? I thought I was the only one with this problem too. But interesting what you said about the application method. I don’t apply too much though but let’s see…I’ll try this method next time and see how it works for me.

    • iamheretohelp says

      so, here is what you should and should not do
      should not
      dont exfoliate if you have this problem, you r RIPPING good skin
      dont wear lipstick
      dont wear lipgloss that have a spicy flavor(cinamon and menthol)

      now for the shoulds
      buy mabyline baby lips lip balm and it will condition you lips. if you want buy the cherry me flavor, it make you lips look naaturally red. after 4 weeks switch to soft pearl. every 4 week switch soft lips to baby lips (or vice versa) and i garentee u’ll be free from white films

      source:personal experience, i had the whites for 3 years!!!!!!

  3. Amy says

    I get this too! I used to think it was from not rinsing all of the toothpaste from my lips. Then I thought it was because I wasn’t drinking enough. So now I keep a bottle of water with me at all times. I get it with all lip products-glosses, lipsticks, or lip balm. But I don’t get it every time I wear it with every one. Reapplying often also helps me.

    • sesame says

      I only get this when I’m talking a lot in an aircon room. Outside, perfectly fine or when I don’t talk a lot in the aircon room.

      • Doris A. says

        I really thought I only got this because most of my lip products are really old. I thought it was a reaction from the rancid ingredients but I am pretty sure you gals are using brand new lip items so that means it’s me and not the product. :-(

    • sesame says

      I don’t have a picture…quite disgusting looking actually. It’s a white line formed where the lips are pressed together. So when I open my mouth to speak, the line is visible and very unsightly.

  4. berrymii says

    actually have you tried to apply a little bit of the Simmons Pawpaw Salve before dabbing on your lipstick/gloss? And i don’t smear the lipstick 100% across the lips. I just dab dab dab & smack my lips until the color evens out. i just need a little tinge of color. somehow that works for me.

    • sesame says

      I apply the pawpaw stuff during the night as a lip balm but not in the day. May have tried it once or twice but forgot to check if there was a difference. Will test it out using your method and hope it’ll work for me too.

  5. Raelynn says

    although i dont experience this (because i hardly wear tinted lip stuff. when i do, it’s more about disappearing lip colour due to eating and drinking), i feel that lessons can be taken from the way ancient chinese ladies put on their lipsticks, or at least, how period chinese dramas depict lipstick to be. the ladies gently press the dye onto their lips to stain them rather than smear it all over the lips. the formulation might also be the cause, afterall commercial lipsticks do contain more ingredients to keep the colour on the lip…

    • sesame says

      Interesting point you raised regarding the application of lipstick. But if we apply, how should it be? I apply directly and then press and rub my lips together to even the color. Or do you think a lip brush would help?

      • Raelynn says

        i think there were suggestions about dabbing, i believe that will help, lightly layering the colours until the colour is satisfactory. i have seen times where make up artists apply lip colour, then blot it off to stain the lips as well. i’m a little apprehensive about using lip brushes.. while it helps to define the lips (great for using those bold colours), but its easy to go lip brush crazy and forget how much you’re piling on the brush. i would say no matter what method you use, blot the excess off and touch up accordingly.

  6. Liesl says

    I get this too usually from not drinking enough water or from talking too much. I’m using organic pharmacy eye and lip cream now too. Seems to have improved the situation. Lip balm don’t seems to work.

    • sesame says

      Yes, I find it happens when I talk a lot. Orgaphic Pharmacy’s products are helping you? That’s good! I haven’t tried OP’s products.

  7. says

    woo… i get the white gunk too! i believe it’s due to saliva interacting with the lipstick/gloss formula. It doesn’t matter what brand of lipstick/gloss i use.

    one of your readers mentioned that she tries to avoid lip colour near the areas where the lips meet. I do that too and it seems to help reduce the buildup of the white gunk.

  8. Miss Vinny says

    White gunk? Hmmm yep I used to get that when I woke up but after a while, no more gunk. I think it could be dehydration or even nutrients. Since the lip is really thin, I don’t think you should try to peel the skin off because if you keep doing that, your lips may actually start bleeding.

    • sesame says

      It’s not white gunk…it looks almost like that but more like a white line of residue. Only gets it when I wear lipstick or lip gloss in aircon room and after yakking for awhile.

        • says

          Yes. It’s dried saliva.

          I used to do extreme sports and I would have a thick coat of that by the end of each session. It was all due to my licking my lips while panting (I imagine the dryness of the air conditioning indoors would cause the same).

          • sesame says

            Oh it is really saliva? I didn’t know…I thought it was some sort of reaction. Very true…I lick my lips quite a bit when talking in an aircon room. So which means, it’s even possible without wearing anything on the lips.

        • sesame says

          I didn’t know! Just thought it was some reaction. Now, it’s even more disgusting to me. >_<

          • Doris A. says

            And it’s not too simple to remove now is it? I find myself having to wipe really hard in order to remove this residue off my lips. I try not scratch my delicate lips but sometimes I do have to use my fingernails. I’m just like, “Darn, what is this?” You know it got to the point where I think it’s a real health issue. That bad thing is I do not know if it will do any good bringing it up to my doc because she is probably not even going to have any idea what on earth I am talking about. Hopefully, at that moment I will have the live proof on my lips to show her!

          • Sesame Chew says

            Hmm…not so sure if it’s that serious a health issue. But no harm asking your doc. How about taking a picture to show her next time?

  9. Curly Kiwi says

    Hi Sesame,

    You may wish to try this DIY recipe, mix the coffee grounds and sugar together as a scrub on your lips.
    Use a cotton pad to apply some olive oil after the scrub, leave overnight.
    Hope this may solve your lips problems.

    • sesame says

      Oh nice! I tried sugar and honey as a scrub. Love that too. Will try with the coffee grounds cos I use coffee grounds and sugar for the body for never tried on the lips… Ah…and nice tip about the olive oil. Will test that out too. Thanks very much for sharing! :)

  10. Ellie-B says

    When I experience the yucky white line across my bottom lip, I get grossed out, naturally. To avoid this, after half an hour of applying my lipstick, I very subtly just lick the part of my lips where I know the white line forms. I just do this every half hour or so, and I’ve noticed since then that I haven’t had any trouble. But this does mean I sometimes have to reapply my lipstick more often. Still, it’s better to have red lips than white lips :) This may not help, but you could give it a try.

    • sesame says

      I kind of lick my lips quite often and yes, you’re right…it does seem less obvious. I don’t lick the sides though so the accumulation tends to be more obvious and unsightly on the sides.

  11. Ruby says

    I also had the same problem before. In most case, it was because either I had applied lipstick to the full lip, or I had applied a powder layer before applying lipstick (my lip is dark, so i need to tap powder on it to make it lighter). Anyway, i think the problem is because when we close our lips, the wet inside washs out the lipstick we applied, make the inside lip became clean of lipstick, while the outside’s still the same. The white line stands for the point where the lips meet. I fixed this by carefully applying the lipstick just enough on the outside n not go too far to the inside, n after each layer of lipstick, you could use a paper tissue n hold it between your mouth to take all the excessive lipstick, before going for another lipstick layer. For me, i often use a layer of lipbalm to the full lip, a layer of lipstick to the outside lip, n finish with a gloss in the middle n the line between two lips, since gloss would hardly be noticeable even in the case like this.

    • sesame says

      Hey, this is brilliant! Your explanation is definitely spot on because it makes total sense to me now. I shall take note of how I apply lipstick and lip gloss. Frankly, I always just apply over without much thinking. I never tried the paper tissue but that’s something I noticed is also encouraged by the makeup artists. Will try that! Thanks again! This is helpful! 😀

  12. ktee says

    I experience that too! Nowadays, i mostly use tinted lip balm. If i want more colour, i’ll just dab a bit of the lipstick on top of the lip balm. So far so good plus it looks more natural. I generally avoid using lipstick because i do not like the unnatural ‘taste’..

    • sesame says

      Does it happen when you use tinted lip balm? I experience this even with lip gloss…basically anything with color. With lip balm, there will be some residue but it’s not so obvious.

      • ktee says

        Lip gloss yes. Since using lip balm, i don’t really notice any white line on my lower lip.. eventhough i lightly dab some lipstick over it. Oh, i usually just dab the lipstick on the centre of the lips and use finger to ‘blend’ the colour out.

        • sesame says

          I blend but maybe I’m still using too much so I’ll try to reduce the amount of lipstick I use from now on…

  13. pf1123 says

    I never experienced that. Maybe because I hardly lick my lips. Or maybe becoz I hardly put on any lip product.

  14. soiia says

    (First off, I love this site <3 )

    Ah, I know exactly what you're talking about. Is it like a white film of a mix of saliva, dead skin and looks completely disgusting? Yeh.

    I notice that I have that when my lips feel dry and I lick them, and like we all know, once you lick them, you just won't stop because saliva makes your lips feel even more dry. And the worst part is that I know things get worst when after a while of licking going on, I start applying lip balm.

    The best way I got rid of it is to a) stop licking my lips and b) applying lip balm on CLEAN lips. That means that if I'm not at home and my lips feel dry and I can't go to the bathroom because I'm in the middle of a class, I will probably lick my lips, but once I'm on breaktime, I will go clean up my lips in the bathroom (you will actually see the white film when you rinse water on your lips). Really, you really need to keep your lips clean to prevent this, because afterall, the white film is saliva + dead cells. Thus wash your mouth after lunch!

    When I have lipstick on, I notice that depending on the lipstick I use, there is a huge difference, but it is still a tricky problem. The only weird tip I have is to not forget to swallow your saliva… yeah, I must be crazy saying this. And you know how you press your lips together to spread the lipstick? Try doing that more often, but inward, as in you bring the lipstick inside your mouth (if you're like me and is completely grossed out at the idea that you are swallowing lipstick, then use a napkin and clean them once in a while). Of course, this mean you will have to reapply your lipstick a bit more often :/

    (And I'm so sorry this is so long -__- I know it's something that bugged me really much, so now that I got rid of the problem, I'm just spreading the loove 😉 )

    • sesame says

      Hey, this is very useful tip Soiia! Thanks for sharing!

      I can’t stop licking my lips…it’s very unconscious behavior and I don’t even give thoughts to it. Heh but yeah, it definitely compounds the problem. I clean my lips often but I notice the accumulation after say 50 minutes! >_< And I do run out to wash/scratch my lips.

      But since reading some of the tips given, I've been more conscious about the way I apply my lipstick and employed the pressing tip you've mentioned. It's been better. The line is still there, but less obvious. Not so gross…haha.

      Do come back and visit often. I love receiving tips from readers! :)

  15. Michelle says

    I’ve been having the same annoying problem and have done everything from scrubs to night treatments, but nothing worked and would always have to scrape it off my lips periodically. The thing that has FINALLY worked for me is Aquafor. I haven’t had that problem since!

  16. Adam says

    I am really glad I found this site. I’m a guy and I’m having exactly the same problem as you all have described. No other site/blog describes it so perfectly. It most definitely gets worse when I am speaking for longer periods of time. However, it happens to me at least several times throughout the day. I also run to the bathroom and scrub away the nasty white film. I thought it might have something to do with dehydration b/c I don’t really drink enough water. I’m trying to drink more now. I use Carmex religiously but I just discovered that it contains salicylic acid which I definitely do not need to be putting on my lips as it is very drying. I noticed Organic Pharmacy listed above… I am unfamiliar with this product. I searched for it and came up with Chapstick brand “100% naturals”. I think I’ll pick that up and also the Aquaphor suggestion. Maybe it will do some good. Good luck to everyone! Thanks again for sharing… it’s a relief to know I’m not the only one.

    • sesame says

      Yes, it’s a relief that we’re not alone. I still have this problem and apparently, it’s due to the saliva. Drinking or applying lipbalm don’t help…I try not to use any colored lipbalm or lipstick cos it makes the white film look more yucky.

  17. Hadiboo says

    I have the same problem. I only wear lip gloss with a hint of color. After I apply it, I rub my finger around the area where the line usually forms to remove the excess gloss. It may feel a little dry in that area but no white line forms…and more than likely, you’ll just have to do frequent checks just to make sure. I’m a teacher so I know exactly how you feel. Nothing worse than talking to kids with a white line on your lips and them pointing it out!!

    • sesame says

      Haha…we’re in the same profession! I deal with teenagers so it’s quite embarrassing and more than often, there is no time to run to the bathroom to check. Now I avoid wearing lipstick or lipgloss and just use lipbalm. I still get that white film but it’s not so severe.

  18. Sherita Van Ter Toolen says

    I too suffer from this condition and I went to the doctor years ago and he said it was my saliva reacting with an ingredient in lipstick/lipbalm/lipgloss. I now mainly use lip gloss (only with a tint) as thick glosses (like lipsticks) make the white sludge/line worse! Its hard at work not being able to check my lips, therefor I chew /bite/eat the inside of my lips where my lips meet to get rid of any disgusting white stuff – this itself is gross I know! but if I cant get to a bathroom or have a tissue handy then that is my only option when I am at work or in public. I get the white stuff even with proper lip balms. I am jealous of women that can just wear lip products without having to check it – all they have to worry about is if their lip product has worn off! the only lip gloss that doesn’t (surprisingly) give me a reaction was a product called “lip fusion”. Here, in Australia, it retailed at $60!!! it was well worth it – but it would be much cheaper in the US considering its an American product

    • sesame says

      I have resorted to using just lip balm and it seems to be better but I still get a bit and so I also use a tissue paper if the toilet is not around the corner.

  19. Belaruse says

    I have this problem SO MUCH, it’s so embarrasing and people think i have some disease. I havent found a cure yet so thank you for all the advice!!!

  20. says

    Do you use a whitening toothpaste or mouth rinse, by any chance? What about powder foundation (or powder OVER your liquid foundation)?

    I get the white film almost daily. It’s more prevalent when I’m wearing more lip product (MAC lipstick doesn’t seem to give me trouble, Bare Escentuals lip gloss gives me MAJOR problems), but now I’m seeing that I’m getting it when I’m not even wearing lip product (or am just wearing lip balm). The only times I do not notice it is when I’m wearing no makeup at all. This leads me to two theories:
    1. It’s from my foundation/powder routine, and licking my lips a lot is causing that makeup to be “gathered” on my sticky lip product, producing the gunk.
    2. It’s from the peroxide in my toothpaste, which apparently “exfoliates” the inside of your mouth to some extent, causing excess dead cells to find their way onto my lips.

    I’ve seen men with this problem, and they’re certainly not wearing makeup and lipgloss, so I’m guessing saliva definitely has SOMETHING to do with it, but I definitely notice it more when I’m wearing powder foundation. I want to do more research into this and conduct my own little case study because it sounds like a silly little shallow problem but it’s completely MORTIFYING and can even lead to increased social anxiety. For those of us who work with people and talk for a living, that just won’t do.

    • sesame says

      Hmm…no to your questions. But yes, you are right that I also noticed less of the problem when I don’t wear anything on my lips so I try to keep it to lipbalm and it seems to be better now.

  21. Marisa says

    Wow- it’s definitely a relief to see that I’m not the only one with this “condition”… I find the problem is more severe with lighter lipsticks- i.e. nude tones… than it is with darker lipsticks- at least that’s how it is for me.. also the formulation of some lipsticks tend to be worse with the white film accumulation than others- MAC lipsticks dont seem to produce as much of the white guck than nyx lipsticks for instance… and I don’t even use lipgloss anymore because that’s just walking right into it… One thing that I found helped was after applying a lipstick/balm I’d stick my finger in my mouth, press my lips down on the base of my finger and pull my finger out- it takes off the lipstick/balm from the areas where your lips meet and helps to reduce the amount of white guck accumulation- at least for me it does- thought I haven’t found a fool-proof solution yet…

    also just wondering- has anyone tried a lip “primer”… I know someone mentioned a lip mask from mary kay and I’m not sure if its the same idea or not- but I know Too Face has a “lip insurance” product that’s suppose to prevent this from happening and allow the lip product to last longer… haven’t tried it so I can’t say for sure if this works.

    • sesame says

      I didn’t know about Too Face “lip insurance”…maybe I’ll check it out. Your tip about using your fingers sound interesting and it makes sense. I think the white yucky stuff forms when the lipstick is applied “too inside” the lips.

  22. Nathalie says

    Oh goodness.. THIS problem. I hate opening my mouth to talk to someone knowing that line will be there. I’ve tryed it all: Avenoo chapstick, Chapstick brand, Carmex lip balm, Vaseline, MANY organic brands.. Even the Mary Kay lipmask. I don’t think that’s the solution. In fact, I’ve noticed when i put chapstick on it only draws the saliva forward and enhances my problem. Drinking water helps only a little. I switched toothpastes, I asked my dermatologist, I even tried putting tea tree oil on my lips (recommended by another site)… Nothing. It’s weird though, If you read symptoms of dry mouth this is one of them and My mouth does also feel sticky sometimes, my throat feels dry at times, and my lips get cracked. My mouth doesn’t feel dry but.. could this be dry mouth? idk.

  23. Marisa says

    So since my last post I discovered something that has helped with the white line problem… It’s called Medela… and it’s a nipple cream for nursing moms lol… one of my friends told me that it’s a great moisturizer for lips and she’s often had the white line problem as well and has noticed that since using this on her lips as a moisturizer it’s helped the problem significantly- i just filled a little lip balm jar with some of it… it sounds weird but it’s worked for me- I noticed a little bit of the white stuff at the edges of my bottom lip but it’s been a lot better than anything i’ve used ever. You can purchase this product at walmart or toys r us…hope this helps

    • sesame says

      Thanks for sharing this! I’ll check it out. I’m not based in US so have to try to check if it’s available online.

  24. Monica Mae says

    I get this really often too, but I NEVER lick my lips and I don’t use lipgloss or lipsticks. All I’ve used is Lipbalm, burts bees 100% natural and its not that because I’ve been using it for around 2 years and this white line of residue has only just started to appear, its so strange.. D: I assume it may be because I’m not drinking enough water, so I’ll give more water a go and see if that helps.
    Try it ladies (:

  25. anna says

    I have this problem too! it’s really nasty and im very self conscious about it which has lead to me spending big bucks trying out different lip glosses/sticks/etc. What surprising worked was Burts Bee Ultra Condition lip balm for about three dollars. No color though :(

  26. joce says

    i’m so happy to see that’s it’s not just me & my mom that are experiencing this same problem! the only solution we’ve found is just reapplying our lipstick or gloss.
    i’m in 9th grade. i can’t remember when this problem started but i know i had perfect lips through all of 8th grade. no problems.
    now that i’ve entered high school, it has started again. & i also have severely chapped lips so i only use lip balms now. with anything i use; lip balm, stick, or gloss, i have this “condition”. i believe it may be an issue with water because i drank a lot of water last year.
    i will try water, aquaphor, lip fusion, & nivea
    if i have success, i’ll be back with tips! xx :)

  27. Natalie says

    I don’t know if anyone still reads this, but I just went out and bought a MAC sheen supreme lipstick in ‘ultra darling’. I bet you all of your white lines combined don’t look as disgusting and horrible as mine usually does when I wear lipstick (it’s that bad!) and I’m SO surprised to say it isn’t showing with this lipstick! I even put MAC’s peach stock on top which is a really cakey lipstick that always gives me the nasty line and it’s been about an hour now with nothing showing at all. Mind you, my line usually shows within 10-20 minutes. It’s definitely worth giving a try! If it doesn’t work, just return it.

    Good luck!

    • sesame says

      Oh Mac sheen supreme lipstick works? Hmm…haven’t used Mac products for awhile now…maybe time to check them out.

  28. chuishia says


    Just saw this post and YES!! This happens to me all the time. Like you, I really hate it and the moment I spot it, I rush to washroom to wash / scrub it off. I find reapplying fresh coat of lipstick does not work if the previous layer is not scrubbed off. Lip gloss is especially bad on me.

    BUT, I’ve found a great lip balm that works for me. I use Himalaya lip balm every morning before I put on lipstick. And it works! :) Himalaya lip balm is oil based and it keeps my lips moist throughout (I actually don’t like the heavy texture of most lipbalms). Plus lots of water throughout the day as well.

  29. Zara says

    I get this problem aswell and I am a child. I don’t wear any lipgloss and hardley ever do I wear lipgloss. What I do to make it alittle bit better is when I put lip balm on, I don’t put too much and I keep moving my lips and I don’t keep them closed for to long. If you put little bits on, there isn’t much excess balm and I think that’s what causes the problem.

    • Sesame says

      You’re right! It seems that moving my lips a lot (while talking) causes this problem! I’m also noticing it on my child’s.

  30. twizzle says

    i’m a guy in his 30’s and i get this…now and then but im not sure why it comes and goes. I thought it was water, drank loads no difference. i thought it was diet/vitamins, tried that didn’t work. it could be the tooth paste? i use whitening soda type…going to change that.i use a very strong mouth wash, i stopped and it made no difference. its really embarassing. i have a constant white lip. i notice the junk comes when i use vaseline lip balm so i stopped. no idea what to do next, embarassed to go into a drug store and ask.

  31. D. Le says

    I am a male and have had this issue for over 5 years. On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being a severe case, I was a 9. I have recently figured out the cause and a simple solution to prevent this issue. The cause of the nasty white film is from toothpaste with a whitening agent. Most toothpaste has some form of whitening agent in it. I believe the whitening agent stays in the mouth, mixes with the saliva and creates a white film where the lips meet when a person speaks over time. There are a few steps to prevent the white film build up on the lips.

    1. When brushing, do not brush the tongue with the toothpaste in the mouth. I believe this makes it worse. Also try to spit out the excess toothpaste foam when brushing.

    2. Rinse your mouth and toothbrush with warm water.

    3. Mix together salt and warm/hot water and rinse and gargle with this solution.

    4. Pour the salt water solution on your toothbrush and brush your teeth and brush your tongue. Rinse one more time with the salt water solution.

    This has stopped all white film buildup on my lips all together and I hope it helps some people out.

    • Sesame says

      Oh those are such great tips! Very very interesting point you raised about the toothpaste as I found that I have lesser issues now that I’ve switched toothpastes. Hmmm…certainly food for thought!

  32. KSW says

    I have the same problem with my lips and feel it may be due to candida (yeast overgrowth). Google “A Simple Yeast Overgrowth Test” that you can do at home. Yeast overgrowth is very hard to get rid of!

  33. Kenny says

    I have white film and peeling lips. I think I got this because of licking my lips, abusing chapstick or lipbalm, and using toothpaste. I stop using chapstick and toothpaste. I use salt and baking soda to brush my teeth. I believe I found the solution to solve this issue. Check out this site.

  34. Sara says

    Iv had the same problem for awhile now except the film doesn’t just appear on the inside. It sometimes does or it shows up all over my lips. I’m going to try the salt water tips while brushing mentioned earlier. I drink plenty of water and started useing lip balm to no avail. Although the biggest problem is that I can’t stop licking my lips they dry out all the time! Even with lipbalm they feel dry so instinctively I lick them -.-

    • Sesame says

      I noticed this is only a problem when I speak a lot. Now that I don’t, I no longer have this yucky white film on my lips.

  35. MaryKate says

    Hey ladies!
    I’ve had this problem before, and what i just do is take some carbonated drink. (sprite, carbonated water, etc) and use a q-tip to spread it on my lips. Make sure that the drink is really fizzy and you can just feel the carbonation fizzing the film right off! Do this for awhile, washing the sticky soda off every couple of minutes.
    Hope this helps!

  36. Cindol says

    I have the same thing but the only difference is my lips do this naturally with or without lipgloss it is worth with lipstick and glosses though..,everytime I put on lipgloss or lipstick it dries up and leaves a white line in under and hour,and I’m still in school so it is embarrassing when someone is staring or asking why I have tried so many different things and all fails.

    • Sesame says

      I think the talking adds to the white film…I don’t have this issue now that my work doesn’t require me talking so much.

  37. Cindol says

    I have the same thing but the only difference is my lips do this naturally with or without lipgloss it is worst with lipstick and glosses though..,everytime I put on lipgloss or lipstick it dries up and leaves a white line on my bottom lip in under a hour,and I’m still in school so it is embarrassing when someone is staring or asking what is on my lips? I have tried so many different things and all fails.

  38. Georgie says

    I get this, I’m so glad I’m not alone like I always thought. But I even get this with plain vaseline on my lips not just tinted products??

  39. Zara says

    URGH, I’ve had this for such a long time, and I’m trying to find a solution to stop it! Most of the time I just wipe it away with my fingers but then it turns into white flakes on my lips and then it’s everywhere so what I do is I use my nail and scratch along where my lips meet to get rid of it. Not ideal but that’s all I can do really. I’m the only one who gets it (with my friends), there are three of us who are constantly applying Vaseline yet it only seems to be me getting the white stuff. My other two friends have normal lips. And if I don’t apply the Vaseline my lips go dry and sticky, but if I do apply the Vaseline it dries quickly and leaves the white stuff. Do you see my dilemma? :(
    I have increased the amount I drink and I ALWAYS apply Vaseline, a thick coat at night and a regular coat throughout the day. I have a feeling its do with the lip balm though :O

  40. says

    Try tea tree oil, dont swallow though. Let it clear them, then use a slice of lemon or lime to smoothen them back out. GL!

  41. Daina says

    Hi ladies I had the same issue I’m glad to know I’m not the only one but I came to the conclusion that toothpaste ! Especially whittening toothpaste cause residue so make to rinse out your mouth with a better mouth wash and rinse your mouth good.

    • Sesame says

      I’m not sure if it’s the toothpaste but since I’ve stopped talking so much now, I don’t have this problem anymore.

  42. joy says

    I came on google to search if anyone has ever heard of this white residue ring formed outline around the lip from lipgloss and came across this site. I now actually feel normal as before now I thought I was the only person with this issue.

    As a result I have so many lips gloss as I keep trying to find the one that will not leave a residue. I have to use my shirt sleeve at times to wipe off the lips gloss of my lip knowing that shortly after that if I don’t I will have this nasty looking residue. I am hoping for a more permanent solution as those who have never experienced it or even do to a small level I don;t feel they are able to fully relate.
    We are not alone. This is great discovery. I plan on using Neutrogena Baby lips and trying the dab on out lip with lips closed technique. Good luck to me

  43. Maria says

    I saw this site before when I was still having problems with that ‘white line’ on my lips. Now, I came back with a solution! I can’t believe it worked for me because I was just trying it and not expecting it to eliminate my problem. I simply bought Nivea’s Essential Care from the drugstore since I ran out of my usual Carmex. This lipbalm changed my life! Please try it for yourself. It’s not expensive at all (around $3 for one) and I hope it changes your life as much as it had for me. If you do try it, tell me how it goes! I really wish I helped some people out! :-)

    • sur says

      hi maria, i have had thismproblem and finally got the solution. maybelline baby lip worked, but i will try nivea too

  44. Stephanie says

    I get this stupid problem the only way I dont get that white gunk is it I use lip stain.. but they dry your lips out xc I dont just get it on the meet line where the lips meet I get it all over my bottom lip as I can see theres nothing I can do about it.. guess im done with lip gloss and chapstick xc

  45. Ingrid says

    I have the exact same problem with lipstick. It’s so annoying!! I am also a teacher and it happens when I speak a lot and I’m teaching. I absolutely hate the gunky white line and I’m starting to get self-conscious about it.
    I find it’s worse with certain formulas, the ones that are creamier are worse than the sheer or matte ones. For instance with MAC lipsticks I have a great problem with Creemesheens and Amplified but not so much with the new Mineralized or Lustre formulas.
    I’m quite depressed about it because I haven’t found a solution. I have tried with a lip brush and from the tube, with lip primer and without, with balm and without and I seem to have the problem no matter what. The only solution seems to be not talking as much or not wearing lipstick, and I don’t like either of the two solutions!!
    I’m very thankful for all the suggestions and I’ll be trying a few, for instance I know I don’t drink enough at all and I use whitening toothpaste, so I’ll try those two things.
    If anyone else finds a solution….I’m waiting, lol!

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