MVO Moisturizing Face Screen rating & a giveaway

Attention all fans of Marie Veronique Organics! The Environmental Working Group has just released its 2011 Sunscreen Guide and Marie Veronique Organics Moisturizing Face Screen and Anti-Aging Day Serum were once again being listed among the top 25 safest, moisturizing sunscreens on the market. To celebrate the great news, Marie Veronique Organics is giving away one Moisturizing Face Screen to a Viva Woman reader! WOO HOO!

Guidelines for the giveaway
Okay, the winner will be randomly selected. So to qualify for this giveaway, just leave a comment about anything regarding sun protection in the comments section below. Each person is entitled to one comment but if you ‘Like’ this post on Viva Woman Facebook Page, you get one extra chance – just state your Facebook name in the comments section below so that I’ll know. The giveaway is open to ALL, no matter which country you reside. Closing date is 12 midnight SST on 31 May 2011. Easy? So, enter right away!

Promo code
In addition to the giveaway, Marie Veronique Organics has also extended a special promotion on both the Moisturizing Face Screen and Anti-Aging Day Serum to Viva Woman readers. Here are the details:

Receive a free 1/4oz Anti-Aging Oil+ ($20 value) with purchase of Moisturizing Face Screen or Anti-Aging Day Serum. Use promo code VivaEWG when you checkout. Expiration: 6/30/11.

My reviews on MVO products
Both the Moisturizing Face Screen and Anti-Aging Day Serum provide broad spectrum protection. I’ve tried both products and the Moisturizing Face Screen remains my holy grail sunscreen product, which I’ve been using since 2009 when it was called Creme de Soleil. For those who are not familiar with the MVO range, check out my review on their range here.

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  1. Michelle Y. Lee says

    I’ve been using Neutrogena’s Helioplex sunblock spf 70 everday but I’m not sure if it’s actually good for my face…
    I want to try this product just to try something new! ^-^

  2. Danielle S. says

    My mom had basil cell carcinoma, so I’m always careful to put on lots of sunscreen before I go outside. Hopefully everyone knows that sunscreen should be applied 30 minutes before going out so it has time to set in!

    I’ve also liked the post on Facebook, my name is Danielle Sauers.

  3. Christine Sim says

    Facebook Name: Christine Sim

    I can’t live without sunblock. It has become a necessary skincare item in my daily life. Hope to try out this product

  4. NIA says

    Facebook name: Nia Nasyitah Zulkifli

    What does a high SPF protection mean?

    SPF (Sun Protection Factor) indicates the effectiveness of a sunscreen lotion. The number indicates how many times the skin will be protected from getting burnt comparing to skin without any sunblock.

  5. mandy says

    fb name: Lee Shu Min

    Overexposure to the sun in my late teens makes me try to make up for it by applying sunblock on my face and body diligently whenever i step out of the house.

  6. Xin Mei says

    Facebook ID: Xin Mei

    Sunscreen is a daily necessity that I can’t afford to go without but I’ve yet find an ideal one that’s give good protection while it is light in texture, fast absorbing and will not give my face a ghostly look or streak my makeup. Oh, it will be perfect has hydrating properties and made of natural ingredients :)

  7. Mei Zhen says

    I’m currently using SPF 40 tinted sunscreen for the face but I’d love to try a organic version.

  8. Intan says

    I use neutrogena’s dry touch spf 30 sunblock everyday. Its non-greasy and will stay matte on my face for hours but I would like to try something new and organic.

  9. Jaime Laureen Sng says

    Facebook name : Jaime Laureen

    Never really cared much about sun protection till I realize that I am not young anymore! Time to start caring and taking care of my skin. Never too late to start I guess.

  10. says

    I’ve been searching for the best all organic, free of harmful ingredients sun screen protector and am hoping the mvo would be the ONE.

    Facebook name: melisa mok

  11. says

    High SPF isn’t really good. :) I’d used several sunscreens with SPF levels higher than 50 and yet, my pigmentations worsened. I read that it’s because super high SPF, aside from being heavy in chemicals, usually “trick” us into believing that we can stay protected against the sun for a very, very long time.

    Liking the post on FB, too :)

  12. babybunii says

    Facebook ID: Lim Li Yan

    The most important anti-aging measure you can take is to protect against UVA exposure, every day, rain or shine, winter or summer. UVA comes through clouds and through glass, and is present from dawn till dusk. Which means there’s no time during the day when sunscreen is not required. For cancer prevention, broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection is essential.

  13. mel says

    i was a beach lover who may go without sun screen in the past. but now as i grow older, i realise the importance of a gd sunscreen. hopefilly, this is the ONE! =D

    Facebook name: Yap Luwei

  14. Elizabeth says

    We use Badger All-Natural, with Zinc Oxide, which is also always top-rated for safety, but I would love to try another safe option.

  15. sos says

    I heard that the normal commercial sunscreens left on for too long on the skin are not too good for your skin. Would love to try this organic range

  16. Linky says

    Facebook: Linky LaLa

    The sun’s UV rays can damage your skin in as little as 15 minutes. Put on sunscreen before you go outside, even on slightly cloudy or cool days.

  17. Joanne says

    Safe sunscreen? Sign me up.

    I’ve linked an article from Time Magazine below regarding sunscreen safety. Thought you might be interested though it probably isn’t news to you –

  18. kaiping says

    FB: KaiPing Chea

    It’s important to apply the right amount of sunscreen each time (one tablespoonful) and avoid exposure to sun during 10am to 3pm when the sun rays are the strongest. Other than face, we also have to apply body sunscreen to our arms, legs or neck which is also under constant exposure to sun.

    MVO Moisturizing Face Screen uses Non-Micronized Zinc Oxide is a physical blocker which offers broad spectrum sun protection, effectively blocking all the UVB rays and most of the UVA rays. A physical blocker is much better than using chemical filters as it works to block out and scatter away sun rays rather than to absorbing them, hence it’s more stable and safer. Although this form of Zinc Oxide leaves a prominent white cast when it’s in high concentration, it is safer as our skin is unable to absorb these big particles and therefore ensure that they stay on top of our skin, forming a physical barrier to do their work.

    The Moisturizing Face Screen contains natural oils with sunscreen properties like red raspberry, emu and apricot kernel oils. These oils can actually complement with Zinc Oxide to block out the remaining UVA rays, making this sunscreen a full blocker to all sun rays.

    The Moisturizing Face Screen also contains several oils with anti-inflammatory (Helichrysum essential oil)and healing (sea buckthorn oil and jojoba oil) properties to soothe and repair the skin while offering protection.

    This sunscreen is almost an all-in-one product that everyone wish for as it offers skin repair, partial moisturizing, yet also provide all the sun protection we need, especially in sunny Singapore.

    And also, not to forget to use a Cleansing oil or to double cleanse face at the end of the day to remove sunscreen just like how we remove makeup to prevent clogging of pores and buildup of dirt.

  19. says

    Hi! I am your new reader :) This is my first time commenting on your entry..

    (For the sake of winning a face screen…)

    I have a very sensitive skin so it is hard for me to find suitable products for my skin. So far, I have only tried one sunscreen which was Banana Boat but I was allergic to it. Now, I only use BB Cream to protect my face from the sun. But I’m not sure…is it enough?

  20. Reese says

    Been sticking to a certain brand of sunscreen for some time as most face sunscreen breaks me out. I so want to try MVO products!

    Facebook name: Reese Ong Bee Bee

  21. Angel says

    I love sunscreen, but I have been having trouble finding one that will not irritate mt skin or break me out…For now I just use SS around my eyes, neck and hands. But I also wear large sunglasses and a big oil sun hat when going out. šŸ˜›
    I’d love to try this sunscreen!

    FB name is “Angel Foodcake”

    Thank you!!

  22. Pollya says

    Sun protection is not just an “external affair”, i.e. applying products externally on the face and body; there are also “internal” means you can use to protect yourself, i.e. by consuming tablets, one brand of which I know has this is Heliocare. I’m not sure how it actually works though, and to what extent can it substitute “external protection”?

  23. Grace Hoo says

    facebook id: Grace Hoo

    I can’t go without sunscreen and I am constantly on a look out for one this is kinder to the skin :)

  24. sharon says

    im so excited about this giveaway..i desperately need a sunscreen that doesnt break me out or make me look ghostly white.

    hopefully i get to win mvo’s face screen. i love that its spf 30 and organic.sun protection is so important to me especially since i do have hyperpigmentation spots.

  25. Janice says

    Sunblock is an essential part of life, especially in sunny Singapore. Sadly, I’ve been unable to find a sunblock that does not cause my skin to breakout. Would dearly love a chance to try this out! Thanks for the giveaway. :)

  26. says

    I really wanna win this giveaway…I have been dying to try MVO especially coz it is physical sunscreen…I don’t like to use chemical sunscreens but had no choice till now…

  27. Nicole says

    Facebook name: Nicole Yuki

    I need sunscreen, it’s essential for me! I love the fact that MVO’s sunscreen uses stable zinc oxide to protect from the suns harmful UV rays. Even after 300 years of study on this mineral, zinc oxide in non-nano form is found to be safe. It protects against both UVA and UVB rays by scattering the harmful UV-rays away from your skin. I’d love to win this, as I love Marie veronique organics moisturizing face screen.It uses zinc oxide but does not leave a white cast on my skin. I love it + it’s natural and organic, definitely my holy grail! :)

  28. Adrian r says

    Adrian Kaplan Rosen on facebook.
    My kids will both be counselors this summer at a day camp. My son is olive, and my daughter is as pale as you can possibly be. I stock their bags with sunscreen and warn them constantly about the dangers of not protecting their skin. I am 48, and so far I have managed to be wrinkle-free :)

  29. Xiang Song says

    Facebook Name: Samantha Song

    I always wanted to know how do I apply suscreen after work in the afternoon? The sunscreen I applied in the morning will not protect me anymore in the afternoon for sure, but with all the makeup and oil buildup on my face in the afternoon, how am I going to re-apply sunscreen on my face?

  30. kiwi says

    I have been looking for a tinted face sunscreen! (to prepare for the running out of my current one)

  31. Eileen says

    I use sunscreen everyday and have been dying to try this one it’s a bit over my budget and that’s why I haven’t been able to purchase but have heard great things about it!

  32. espenine says

    FB name: Su Yi

    I faithfully use the MVO Sunscreen because it is the only product I tried thus far that doesn’t break me out or cause me to itch, unlike some of the chemical sunscreen. It also doesn’t ball up from silicone (which is not present) ingredients. The only gripe that I have is that it can be hard to blend if I don’t use moisturise my skin well.

  33. Shelly says

    turning a milestone of 2-0 this year, sunblock is definitely a must in my regime to maintain healthy skin condition that would definitely benefit me in the long run.

  34. says

    Aaaaaa I hope to try this out- it’s so hard getting a natural, mineral only sunscreen here, and I am obsessed with sunscreen, because although I am young, I believe in proper protection against UV rays (Both A and B).

  35. RedScorpio says

    Wearing high SPF sun protection all year round and never having smoked were as important for my skin, as the good genes I inherited.

    Both are actions you will never regret taking!

  36. Katherine says

    I’m still looking for a perfect natural sunscreen for my face – maybe this will be it. :)

  37. Sonum says

    I love reading your blog….so informative. Regarding sunscreen…they are the only thing with which “less is more” rule does not apply :)

  38. angel says

    Iā€™m still looking for a good sunscreen.. now i’m using Biore but i found that i cant use it under my makeup. I dont know why.. ==”

    I liked this post on FB. Angel Chen


  39. sabrina yusoff says

    I am looking for a sunscreen which could acts as a bb cream as well which does not give an oily surface or residue on the complexion.

  40. Shimin says

    I have been very interested in MVO sunscreen after reading your reviews on it! I have tried several sunscreen on my face but they’re all not suitable due to my sensitive skin. So i really hope I can win this! šŸ˜€

    My fb name is Shimin Yang.


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