MVO Moisturizing Face Screen rating & a giveaway

Attention all fans of Marie Veronique Organics! The Environmental Working Group has just released its 2011 Sunscreen Guide and Marie Veronique Organics Moisturizing Face Screen and Anti-Aging Day Serum were once again being listed among the top 25 safest, moisturizing sunscreens on the market. To celebrate the great news, Marie Veronique Organics is giving away one Moisturizing Face Screen to a Viva Woman reader! WOO HOO!

Guidelines for the giveaway
Okay, the winner will be randomly selected. So to qualify for this giveaway, just leave a comment about anything regarding sun protection in the comments section below. Each person is entitled to one comment but if you ‘Like’ this post on Viva Woman Facebook Page, you get one extra chance – just state your Facebook name in the comments section below so that I’ll know. The giveaway is open to ALL, no matter which country you reside. Closing date is 12 midnight SST on 31 May 2011. Easy? So, enter right away!

Promo code
In addition to the giveaway, Marie Veronique Organics has also extended a special promotion on both the Moisturizing Face Screen and Anti-Aging Day Serum to Viva Woman readers. Here are the details:

Receive a free 1/4oz Anti-Aging Oil+ ($20 value) with purchase of Moisturizing Face Screen or Anti-Aging Day Serum. Use promo code VivaEWG when you checkout. Expiration: 6/30/11.

My reviews on MVO products
Both the Moisturizing Face Screen and Anti-Aging Day Serum provide broad spectrum protection. I’ve tried both products and the Moisturizing Face Screen remains my holy grail sunscreen product, which I’ve been using since 2009 when it was called Creme de Soleil. For those who are not familiar with the MVO range, check out my review on their range here.

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  1. Juliana Ng says

    I only got to know abt EWG recently and since then, I have been very careful when buying a sunscreen. I am glad Marie VO is one of EWG recommended sunscreen and I love to try this product. Thank you Sesame for giving us this chance to try products that are safe for our skin and health.

    My current sunscreen is from Vichy. (FB name: Juliana Ng)

  2. Anne Teo says

    FB Anne Teo
    Simply love MVO sunscreen, in fact already on my second bottle and would love to get my hands on another one soon.

  3. Bernice says

    I really haven’t used facial products with sun protection yet, but I think I’ll begin to use it this summer… V_V! I’m glad I’ve read about the consequences of not using sun protection while I’m still young :)

  4. Liz.a says

    Thanks for this giveaway! I’m still searching for THE sunscreen as those which I’ve tried either leaves a greasy film on my face or irritates my face. -.-

  5. says

    I’ve only just gotten around the idea of using sunblock. However, despite having bought some, they are still sitting on my dresser untouched, as they are not pure organic sunblocks. SO at the moment, I’m shunning the sun as much as I can, and try taking food loaded with UV-fighting capabilities for internal sun protection.

    Being a fan of natural products, I would love to try MVO’s Moisturizing Face Screen, if not for its high price. Being a poor student, it’s just not feasible to splurge on trying out all the available skincare out in the market. I try to get hold of samples when I can, and am more than willing to purchase a good sunblock when I find one.

  6. Huguette E. says

    I’m looking for a good moisturizer with a 30SPF. I only use the Pure Mineral face powder that has 15SPF. Thanks for the chance!

    Like on FB (Huguette En)

  7. Issa says

    I use sunblock everyday to protect my skin and this is the key to real beauty… I am about to finish my sunblock, hope to win this giveaway! thanks! :)

  8. fwy says

    I am really sensitive to sunscreen added to foundations or moisturisers. However, this may be the product for me as you have been raving about it for the longest time.

  9. Charis Hsieh says

    I have been using the MV moisturizing face screen for about half a year, it’s terrific especially on my oily/combination skin. It goes very well with anti-aging oil too. So far the only product that I will re-purchase.

  10. Beezy says

    Never knew the importance of sunscreen till I read your blog. Age is almost 40 but can get away with 30. With sunscreen, when at 50 hope can get away with 35! :)

    P.S. am on my 1st bottle of MVO.

  11. Tan Janette says

    fb: Tan Janette

    I use sunblock daily though I find it troublesome but I get dark and burnt too easily so I have to bear with those sticky white fluid/cream :(

  12. ilaybalilay says

    is it normal to sweat a bit more on the face while using sunscreens? this always happens to me. i’m not really concerned because i don’t think my face becomes oilier, i just seem to sweat more.

    (i liked this post on fb. fb name is anya mendoza)

  13. Jellee says

    Have heard so much about organic sunscreen but have not had the chance to try it yet so hopefully will get lucky tis time :)

  14. Diane says

    Sunscreen is my daily “must” in my skincare routine. Funnily, it’s a recently acquired habit a year or so back.
    Learning more and more about it! :)

  15. Ana says

    i wear sunscreen everyday too, it convinced me more when i found out that things like copiers, and fluorescent lightbulbs can cause skin damage over time with their UV radiation!
    it might sound alarmist, but it doesn’t hurt to be protected :)

  16. applepie7 says

    What I learnt about sunscreen is that pregnant women might want to choose ones that don’t contain retinyl palmitate, as the ingredient that could possibly increase the risk of birth defects. Careful!

  17. Mir says

    I’m currently using Fluide Extreme 50+ by La Roche Posay and I hate the cast it leaves on my skin. And powder looks horrible on top of it.

  18. wenny says

    i used to wear sunscreen on my face only and now my neck is slightly darker than my face. haha

    fb name: wen ny

  19. Yilin says

    I have been using avene but tried one organic sunblock. However, it gave me bumps all over my face. I’ve been switching to organic stuff for food, and slowly for my skin.

  20. lillac says

    I don’t use sunscreen as I have yet to find one that doesn’t contain chemicals (or at least minimal of it!). It’ll be great to try this product by MVO as protects the skin against sun while including anti-oxidant and healing properties through the various oils and plant extracts. Plus… it doesn’t leave an oily finish!

  21. Michelle says

    I’ve been using neutrogena sheer touch sunblock spf50 but i realise that it balls up when i apply my foundation over it! this happens even if i apply my sunblock on way before my makeup! ): I’m looking for a better alternative and hopefully this will be it!

  22. loveless says

    For me, I usually use sunscreen only when I’m in the sun for extended period or the day is really sunny. Otherwise I rely on my trusty sunhat. I’m fortunate in that I’m not prone to pigmentation with my medium-fair skin though I do get tanned very easily. I believe that sun protection is important, but don’t forget we need sunshine to manufacture Vitamin D!!

  23. Cybelle Oliveira says

    Sunscreens is more than necesary, but I’m still looking for the perfect one… I’m currently using Peter Thomas Roth Oily Problem Skin Instant Mineral SPF 30

  24. Esther says

    Some sunscreen really dry up my skin, but I wonder if moisturizing sunscreen is different… Would love to know more!
    Facebook : Esther Tan

  25. savennia says

    My FB: Bich Chau

    The sunscreen I’m using is Erbaviva Natural Sunscreen SPF 15. It’s an all natural sunscreen with titanium dioxide 5%. Anyway, I’m having a problem with the obvious white cast it leaves whenever I apply it on my face, and it’s not very ideal for hot summer days. But I couldn’t find any other natural sunscreen in my city. So I would love to try MVO sunscreen out.

  26. sesame says

    Thank you all for participating!

    Giveaway is closed and I will be picking a winner and will announce via the Viva Woman Facebook Page. Will also send the winner an email.

  27. QP says

    Hi Sesame –

    I’ve been wanting to try this face screen but it appears that only “tinted” versions are available now online.

    Do you know of the product availability? I hope the company didn’t decide to discontinue the non-tinted version.

    Please advise, thanks!


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