Quality beauty sleep with memory foam pillows?

Many of you have indicated that it’s impossible to sleep on your back even though that is a good position to prevent sleep wrinkles. If that’s the case, have you tried sleeping on a memory foam pillow? Apparently, such pillows work with your body weight and temperature to mold to the shape of the face and neck. They are also contoured to relieve pressure on the neck area to improve blood circulation. As a result, this will allow more oxygen to flow and bring about a renewed vitality to your skin, making you look more refreshed after a good night’s sleep. Plus because of the way the pillow molds to your face, you will avoid bed face wrinkles. Personally, having slept on one of these before, I also believe that the forward-tilting edge takes some gravity off our face.

Tempur Original Pillow
Yes, what you see in the picture is a Tempur pillow but it’s not mine. It belongs to my hubby. He’s very particular about his pillows and what nots and he swears by Tempur pillows, which he has been using for more than 10 years now. They’re expensive no doubt. The Tempur Original Pillow cost S$299 but it’ll last at least 5 years or more, depending on how well you care for it. In fact, he just took advantage of the 20% discount at Metro recently and purchased a new one as a replacement.

Therapeutic pillow to improve sleep posture
Tempur Original Pillows come in different sizes and so it’s best to get the consultant to confirm that prior to your purchase. The pillow is said to have been developed with physiotherapists “to ensure that it moulds perfectly to the exact contours of your neck and head, giving excellent support and relief to the neck and shoulder muscles”. And such pillows are often referred to as therapeutic pillows as they’re supposed to improve your sleep posture and give you a perfect night’s sleep. The pillow also comes with a soft, velour cover that I find is good for our skin as it is not rough or stiff.

My pillow preference
The reason why I am not sleeping on a foam pillow is that I don’t think I need it as I sleep very well mostly on my back on my soft pillow. I’m not too particular about pillows as a whole but I do prefer mine to be flatter and softer. So what I use daily is a normal pillow that only cost me S$9.90. But there were times I slept on my hubby’s Tempur pillow and did find it rather comfortable. The fit is not for me but because he was sleeping on it for so long, the pillow has flattened quite a bit over the years.

Check your pillow
There is little doubt that a good night’s sleep will affect how you feel and look the day after. If you’re having trouble sleeping, perhaps it’s time to look into some bed matters. Start with the smallest and that’s your pillow. Is it comfortable and giving your head and neck sufficient support? Or perhaps you need a change of pillow to get better quality beauty sleep?

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  1. says

    I’m terribly particular about my pillows but I find Memory Foam ones a bit soft. I like the contoured ones and am presently using a latex one. I do sleep on my back though because it is just easier to breathe than on my side :)

    • sesame says

      The contour works very nice for our neck and head I must say…and good that you’re sleeping on your back!

    • sesame says

      You do? I imagine your pillow is the normal sized one so to move off one requires a lot of rolling around. Reminds me of my son who moves off his pillow every night… 😛

  2. says

    i am now using latex pillow too, tried feather pillow but it becomes flat after a while. i sleep on my back too 😀

    • sesame says

      I don’t like feather pillow much. The one I have…I also don’t want what it is stuffed with. Maybe it’s just cotton.

  3. says

    Hubby’s so addicted to memory foam pillows that he dreams of buying the Tempur mattress someday. Boys and beds -_-.

    I’m using a memory pillow, too, but it’s not Tempur. It’s a much cheaper one but it’s almost as good as Tempur (as of 1 year and a half). I find Tempur too expensive for myself. I’d rather put the money in my Skin Emergencies fund. XP

    • sesame says

      Haha….you’re right! Boys and bed. Don’t know why they’re so particular. The mattress was his choice and now he said it’s not comfortable and then he’s piling up mattress protector, etc on it. He is literally buried with pillows and what nots.

      I’m like you…not willing to pay too much for pillows.

  4. Jennifer says

    A work at a furniture store and we also sell these pillows and I have to say that they are great. They have become really popular, especially since Tempur now also produces different shapes and sizes depending on your sleeping habits (I love the SuprimaPillow = the moon-shaped one).

    Also, “Hefel” a popular bedding-brand in Austria (that’s where I live) invented a pillow called “HEFEL My Face”
    According to the manufacturer this pillow: “is a new product specifically developed for wrinkle-free beauty sleep. The special shape prevents undesirable sleep-related wrinkles and improves oxygen uptake by making it easier to breathe through the nose.”
    I’m really curious if it works, I’ll have to buy one soon.

    • sesame says

      Wow, Hefel’s pillow sounds interesting. I will keep a lookout to see if we have something like that here. But truly, I am unwilling to spend too much on pillows myself. 😛

  5. says

    I am regularly troubled by insomnia (poor me), but I think it has nothing to do with my pillow. Beauty-wise, I can sleep on my back without touching my face to the pillow. So, yes, I am the kind of person who can’t care less about her pillow.

    • sesame says

      Probably your insomnia is caused by other reasons. Best to try to get to the root so that you can enjoy quality sleep.

  6. HC says

    i bought my tempur original pillow from OG member sales for only $149. they are really great. i usually wake up with a sore neck but after using this pillow, i dun have such problems anymore. its really money well spent!

  7. says

    A coworker was absent yesterday because she got a new memory foam pillow and had a bad allergic reaction to it and her face was all swollen.

  8. says

    Looks so comfy! Being pregnant and I am always in the search for new pillows. Maybe I should buy this instead of stealing my hubby’s. LOL

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