DIY Beauty: how to brighten your skin with rice powder

Back in April 2009, I blogged about using rice water to wash your face and that entry remained popular even today. The reason is because a lot of girls want fairer skin and the rice water can help them achieve the desired effects without burning a hole in their pockets. Actually, instead of rice water, a better ingredient would be the rice powder or rice flour.

Popular in Asia
Rice powder or flour is a widely known ingredient to treat blemishes, wrinkles and pigmentation. In fact, this ingredient has been used as an anti-aging skin treatment in many Asian countries for centuries. The Geishas in Japan, for example, use rice powder in their beauty routine and despite their heavy makeup, their skin remain porcelain smooth.

UV protection
A reader pointed out that rice water can make our skin photosensitive but based on what I’ve read, rice powder can actually protect our skin against the harmful UV rays. In fact, I understand that field workers in various Asian countries often apply something of a paste made from rice powder and water to protect their skin from the sun.

Exfoliating properties
Besides offering UV protection, rice powder has exfoliating properties and so that can help to keep the skin looking brighter. Other than that, rice powder has a chemical structure similar to ceramide, and ceramide increases collagen production to make skin more supple.

Use it alone or with other ingredients
In this picture, I’ve only used pure rice flour mixed with mineral water into a paste. However, you can also mix the rice flour with yogurt or even milk or honey. It’s really your choice of ingredients. Apply on your face and neck and rinse off after 10 minutes or when the paste dries. Easy peasy!

Instant brightening effects
There were pictures I took of my hand in the experiment and I took them down because I’m so pissed with some random readers just thinking it’s their right to give me their cow sense as if I’m selling them something here. This is DIY, duh. I’ve explained earlier that there were lighting issues and no photo enhancements were made. Plus my hand did look brighter to my naked eyes. But do note that the effects are temporary; you’ve got to use this treatment frequently like once or twice a week over a course of a month to see a change in your skin tone.

Availability of rice powder
Rice powder is not really readily available in Singapore. I’ve seen one that is organic selling at Cold Storage. That’s probably a good choice since you have no worries that the rice might have been bleached. Alternatively, you can grind your own powder out of rice grains. A bit troublesome no doubt but it’ll cost you practically nothing!


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  1. says

    hello, ms. sesame i really need help for my acne problems, it gives me dark spots and redness (swelling also) i don’t know what to use please help me.
    Pao last post is: Apivita 100% natural wax candle with essential oils

    • Sesame says

      I don’t know for sure…but you can give it a try…no harm. However, certain things are genetic and maybe beyond cosmetics or you might need to use it for a longer period to see results.

  2. Fhaizah says

    I can agree with your rice blog as my sister told me similar last summer….I’ve occasionally tried it and it helps get rid of sun-burns…At least it did for me. I’ve used it home made rice powder and used it with chickpea all over my body while in shower and it really helps and perks up your tone…it has made my skin look happier and perky. lol what my question is…is there a difference between rice type so far I’ve used the basmati white rice but is brown or wild rice same or better?? I’m asking cyz I’m getting married in September and I’m going to be using rice on weekly basis but I’m not sure if I should get a specific kind (brown…white)
    Also, I’ve a darker lip area in comparison to the rest of my medium brown skin idk how to get rid of that and make my skin more even without makeup. And get rid of some unwanted chin hairs… I know I’ve way toooo many questions but, any beauty help for this or more for a bride to be would be greatly appreciated :)
    Thanks, in advance!!!

  3. Hassan says

    If I mix rice powder, pure honey and goats milk into a paste and apply that as a mask, what would that do? I want it to whiten and soften my face.

  4. Hassan says

    I have decided to make the mixture using warm water and rice flour. Does the paste need to be thick? Also, how many times a week should I apply it, how long does it need to be left on for, and when will I see results?

    • Sesame says

      It would be good if it’s thick so that it’ll spread well on the skin. You can leave on for between 10 mins and 20 mins. I usually wash off once it’s drying up. You can do this three times a week if your skin is not dry.

  5. Hassan says

    When will I see results?
    Will it dry my skin out?
    What should I do if my skin becomes dry from using this?

    • Sesame says

      Hard to say but give it a month. Yes, it might dry out your skin and so you don’t want to use this daily. You can do this two to three times a week and remember to moisturize and hydrate/

      • Hassan says

        So in about 1 month I should have fairer skin?
        Also, do you know how to make a rice water toner?

        • Sesame says

          Can’t guarantee but if you don’t mind, just give it a try. Rice water toner is made by soaking rice in water. But can’t keep for many days. Best to use fresh.

      • Anmol says

        i wanna know about rice powder with skinwhite for using colour please tel me all method how i can use that rice powder with milk please do me a reply send me email i’ll wait for you answer.

  6. Hassan says

    So in about 1 month I should have fairer skin?
    Also, do you know how to make a rice water toner?

  7. says

    i’m 13, and have tried for 3 days and it does work wonders, made my skin a bit paler ans a whole lot softer, thank you for your tips, and your time:)

      • Annette says

        I started using 2 days ago and it has made my skin softer. I will be trying a 30 trial to see if it helps with skin blemishes. I can really see a difference in my skin tone after only 2 days, and in response to an earlier post, I am African American.

  8. jayanthi gk says

    rice flour mixed with milk powder and honey gives excellent results for whitening. can be used daily if skin is not very dry.

  9. Miko lee says

    Hi! I stumbled upon this page while searching for rice flour mask. May I know if this is the type of rice flour found in groceries? Is this the same as bedak sejuk? Do drop me an email! Thanks ahead dear!

    • Sesame says

      Not exactly the same as Bedak Sejuk but the latter is made from rice flour. I like using Bedak Sejuk.

  10. says

    Just wondering, I am doing a photo shoot which will be based on 17th century geisha, would you be able to give me some sort of direction to make a foundation like they would home made themselves back in that time?
    TIA :)

  11. says

    Yes Rice milk does work by lightening the skin and helping with blemishes. I tried an all over rice milk bath soak just because I made so much rice milk and I saw a huge difference in my skin in a matter of 3 days. I also decided to make rice milk natural soaps and found that it too had a dramatic effect on my skin with daily use. I can truly say that It definitely works.

  12. Kate says

    Hi, Why are the effects of the rice powder temporary.
    Even if I use it once a week for 6 months or longer will my skin return back to normal once I stop using the rice powder.

    • Sesame says

      You have to take care of them. If they’re well taken care of, they should remain fairer for a while.

  13. Aisha says

    I will highly appreciate if you reply to my email. It is realy impossible for me to arrange organic rice . So can i use basmati rice or simple rice to grinde and make the rice powder. I heard that only organic rice should be used obecause other rice fertilised by using harm full chemicals .
    Kindly advice me
    I m anxcioulsy waiting

  14. Camille says

    Hello! Love the post! I am African-American and I have discoloration and dark under eye circles. I’m darker complexited and want to try this but I DON’T want my skin to get three or four shades lighter. Will this lighten my dark spots but keep my brown skin in tact?

    • Sesame says

      Hmm…not too sure if this can help dark circles especially if the cause is more internal or hereditary.

  15. Natalie says

    Hello! I’ve been wanting to lighten my skin for ages. Its not that I don’t like my skin. My problem is that I wish to have my arms, legs and face to match my abdomen. I hate to go to the river because the difference is so noticeable. I’ve used sun block over some time to see if I’ll have a change, but NADA. Will this help?

    • ayeza says

      hi ,sandal wood powder and honey makes skin fair.I have used a lot of things in the past but these two are most powerful ingredients for fairness. yet to try rice powder

  16. krishna says

    Hey..I have too much pimples on my face I don’t know actually which home remady I should use..Please suggest a perfect home remady for pimples and scars

  17. marina says

    Question is, will my skin turn back to normal brown color once I stop using the rice paste after a year?

    • Sesame says

      It might…can’t be sure. You need to take care in terms of applying sunscreen etc. Every part of your body needs to be maintained one way or another.

  18. says

    Hello, thanks for this tip, I’ve been using rice powder and milk for 2 weeks now and it is going great, my skin is more clear and my skin is much lighter than before, I used to have acne marks and theyre almost clearning, I use it for my face AND neck. It does leave your skin dry so be sure to use a moisturiser, I use it nearly everyday when I get time to, but the first week ionly applied it for 5 days… Hope my feedback helps,

  19. says

    Oh and in some places it works faster than other, for example it works faster on the face than the neck so the neck would need more application to keep the skin even, you dont want you face a whole lot lighter than your neck! But this product is really good but please keep in mind that you will need to wait atleast 3/4 weeks to see results as a friend of minw has been using this for 3
    Months and it really does work!
    Rosey281 last post is: Manual Lymph Drainage Massage: A Gentle And Unusual Way To Detox And Lose Weight

  20. says

    By the way the results are permanent because my friend who has been using it for 3 months has stopped and she still had fair clear skin and its been 3 weeks after her last use of it!
    Rosey 281 last post is: Manual Lymph Drainage Massage: A Gentle And Unusual Way To Detox And Lose Weight


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