Green Beauty: eco-friendly Scotch Naturals for nails

How can the VivaBella Green Beauty Box Giveaway be complete without products to beautify your nails? So thanks to Simple Living, here are some lovely water-based nail polish from Scotch Naturals Watercolor. I’ve reviewed this range in September and mentioned how impressed I was with the quality of this non-toxic nail polish that is not only “3 Free”, but also free of ethyl acetate, butyl acetate, nitrocellulose, acetone, and heavy metals.

Safe & eco-friendly alternative with salon quality results
This product certainly fits in the criteria for green beauty because it is paraben free, fragrance free, cruelty free, plus it is vegan, hypoallergenic and biodegradable. The thing about these water-based nail polishes is that they do not stink like chemical solvent-based nail polishes but realistically, you’ll need to wear three coats to achieve a salon quality finishing. But the good news is that they dry very quickly and you don’t need to use too much at one go. To get a feel of how water-based nail polish will look on your nails, check out my review of the Scotch Naturals in which I gave them a 5 out of 5 rating.

Tell me your favorite Scotch Naturals nail polish color
If you want to win these Scotch Naturals nail polishes plus the other Green Beauty Box goodies, go check out Scotch Naturals website and tell me what is your favorite nail color. You can also pick your colors from Hopscotch Kids if they catch your eye.

Get a 15% discount code
Do ‘Like’ their Facebook page to stay tune to their updates and promotions. Join their mailing list known as “The CLUB” as their current promotion for club member is a 15% discount code until 31 Dec 2011! Woohoo! And for some X’mas shopping, you might want to add their cocktail trio, a value buy at $74.90 comprising 3 SCOTCH colours and 1 deluxe Top coat (U.P. is $91.60 if bought seperately) to your shopping list.

Giveaway closing real soon
We’re coming to the end of the VivaBella Green Beauty Box Giveaway next week so if you haven’t been participating, now is the time! Five of you can walk away with S$3000 worth of green goodies!

Visit Viva Woman Green Beauty to participate.

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  1. kay says

    I love nude colors that carry a hint of brown. Heather Blush would fit my choice but I would get Neat too.

    I don’t apply nail polishes often, and when I do, I remove them after 3-4 days instead of waiting for them to chip off. I discovered that it’s better to place the soaked cotton onto the nail and it let work for 10seconds, before rubbing lightly to remove the polish. This way it cleans off dark colors better and cause less stress to the delicate skin around the nails.

    I’ve RT-ed your tweet for this giveaway.

  2. says

    I will go for pale neutral pink – NEAT because I always want my hands look “clean” and “natural”. Not very into nail polish actually because I can’t tolerate low quality nail polish yet I don’t like lots of chemicals in nail polish that make my nail weak and yellow. Glad we can have more natural option on market, the pink looks very adorable to me. :)

  3. says

    My favorite nail color is Charmer – Shimmering Platinum. It will definitely make my nails really beautiful.

    Liked their Facebook Bebe Lee

    Shared on Facebook!/ASleepyBeauty/posts/208290649251348

  4. Nika says

    I guess I am in a mood for something blue, so Caleigh would be my choice. But on a safe side I would choose something like Heather Blush. It is neutral enough for every day.
    I like nice nail polishes but my applying technique is a disaster. Like I have two left hands. So I stick to lighter colors. It is easier to hide any imperfections.

  5. RedScorpio says

    I am not much of a nail polish user because I cannot find colours that match both my skin tone AND taste. But I have to say that these Scotch guys can change this fact because I can’t just make my mind!
    I really love their Bitten N Twisted (just the right amount of blue in a lovely and not too dark red), Neat (always a classic and elegant choice), Velvet Kit (lovely, rich purple) AND Seaboard (the perfect petrol green).
    PS I don’t have kids but I love the idea of kids-appropriate Hopscotch Kids™ WaterColors. I just hate when I see little girls chewing on their little fingers where mom has applied a nail polish full of chemicals. :-(

  6. claire says

    I’m yet to use eco friendly nail polish. I only apply nail polish on my toes though because my fingernails always feel suffocated under the nail polish! Normal salon nail polish is quite pricey already and Scotch Naturals would be a huge splurge! It would be really awesome to try out Scotch Naturals. and it’s located here! wheee!

    The colours are all so pretty and the bottles look uber classy! I love the Reds especially Balmoral Punch! It’s such a pretty colour of red. I usually don’t quite like purple but Velvet Kilt is wow! I’ve liked their page and shared your link on fb! :) have a good weekend sesame!

  7. aibicon says

    There are quite a number of these nail polishers that I love!^^
    Hot Toddy,highland fling, caleigh,charmer,loch ness mystery,macbeth dream, Whisper, ceasefire are awesome colours! Hopscotch kids nail polishers also have nice colours with cute names like Ice cream soda pop, Miss Mary Mack, and Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater ^^

  8. says

    LOL, I rarely use nail polish ’cause I can’t just maintain them. So I actually hold a certain respect for those who are able to keep their nails looking very lady-like.

    Anyway, the shades I fancy are:
    Tartan Swizzle – simply because it’s definitely a color I have never seen on my nails before. I used to just wear either black/brown or red/maroon.
    Loch Ness Mystery – same reason as above. I tried white nail polish before and it looked terrible on my skin tone. Am wondering whether light blue will be different.
    Black Tartan – of course! Love black nails!
    Queen of Scots – my skin seems to look better when I wear purple/violet clothes… so maybe my hands will look better with purple nail polish?
    Neat – This is a classic. I tried a nude shade before and loved how neat it was indeed.
    Kiltlifter – another favorite as mentioned above. Another classic, too. Makes me feel sexy *blush* (hubby: *rolls eyes then faints*)

  9. Pollya says

    Yoohooooo!! These are indeed a nice change to skincare products and really make the Green Beauty Boxes more complete!! Oh, but… erm… there is no haircare product so far, right?
    Whoa, I think this is the hardest challenge from your Green Beauty posts — to pick a favourite colour, OMG, how does one choose!! (k, just kiddin’ that it’s the hardest challenge :-D)
    But actually, I was thinking of sporting a shimmery/glittery look for Xmas, so since there doesn’t seem to be any sparkly/glittery colours in this collection — except for Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars from the Hopscotch Kids selection maybe — I think I would choose a light colour (e.g. Neat/Whisper/Loch Ness Mystery/Leprechaun Lynch/Caleigh/Klondike Cooler/Smuggler’s gold — see, I told you it was difficult to choose! :-P) and then paint another transparent/lighter colour that has glitter specks on top. Oh, but that would defeat the “green purpose” if I use another polish from a non-“3-free” range, right? Do you know of any other non-toxic brand which has glitter colours?? :-)
    And I love their tip of buffing jojoba oil on the nails first before polishing to hydrate the nails and give a longer-lasting finish! Will definitely do this in the future!

  10. says

    Lol I loved the opener “Not All Scotch is an Acquired Taste”.

    Klondike Cooler and Smuggler’s Gold catch my fancy, as they’re both metallic, shimmering and festive. Plus, being metallics and on the neutral end of the spectrum, they’ll go with any other colours, no need to worry about an outfit-nail colour clash!

  11. kitty charmy says

    I love highland fling-Vibrant coral creme.It reminds me of the vibrant sunshine and im sure it will brighten up my mood,who wouldnt with such a sunny beautiful nail colour?Most importantly ,kudos to it being eco friendly ,i can paint my nails to suit my mood as and when i like without hurting Mother Nature :)

  12. Corinna Foong says

    Oh! There are so many colors that I love! I would like to get the following colors :
    Kiltlifter : I simply love red on my toe nails! They look great with open toe heels and sandals!
    Velvetkilt : I’m so into purple nail polish these days.
    Flying Scotsman : This blue color is so rich, it’s beautiful!
    Stiletto : This is another bright color that I love.
    There are so many colors for me to switch according to my moods and occassion! And without harmful chemicals too!
    Thanks for introducing this waterbase nail colors. :)

  13. says

    Oh my gosh! About time you featured Scotch Naturals! I currently own their “Highland Fling” hue (as well as their awesome “On The Rocks” top coat) and let me tell you, I am in LOVE with that shade and the polish itself. I really can vouch for the fact that Scotch Naturals nail polish does NOT dry out one’s nails. On a more superficial note, its layered, glassy, watercolour appearance is unique and just looks divine on my fingertips.

    Besides “Highland Fling”, other colours that I love are “Flying Scotsman”, “Black Tartan” and “Balmoral Punch”. I’m also extremely looking forward to the introduction of their base coat, which they have told me will be available together with the launch of their upcoming Spring collection. TOO exciting!

    Am gonna tweet this post! (:

  14. says

    I LOVE nail polish! It is so nice to see eco-friendly polishes!

    Neat and Loch Ness Mystery are my favorites on the site, I think. Pale creme pink is a gorgeous color and the turquoise creme is bright! I guess I love cream colors XD

  15. Carol says

    I have bony hands so lighter colors look better on my nails. I like Leprechaun Lynch (cool mint crème) and Whisper (shimmering pale pink). When using darker colors, a base coat is needed to help prevent nails from turning yellow. I rarely wear nail polish because I have a tendency to scratch them off, and I hate the smell of nail polish remover.

    I have liked their facebook page and tweeted this giveaway.

    Follow Viva Woman’s link to read about Scotch products and find out how to win some:

  16. fwy says

    I like the fact that Scotch Naturals earns an excellent safety rating by the Environmental Working Group. I know their Sister company Hopscotch Kids offers wilder, wackier shades. I would like to try Caleigh, a smoky blue creme. This is a good trade-off for a nontoxic formula

    I had liked their FB page & retweet your tweet for this giveaway.

  17. Viv. A says

    Wow, finally some nail polish safe for both kids and adults!
    I love nail polish since where I live is very hot weather almost 9 months/year, so we are used to wear open shoes, but I don’t use them so often because of the high hazzard many may cause.
    I love all colors, but I would have to choose “neat” for a natural look, perfect for every day use, and “kiltlifter” for some special ocassion. You can never go wrong with the right red shade because it’s a classic ageless and very femenine color.

  18. Sara says

    After watching a video ( on the side effects of nail polish from safe some time ago, I tried to give up nail polish. I used to wear it all the time. But it’s hard to not use it on special occasion like Christmas and New Year. So recently I bought a bright red, light pink/nude and chocolaty brown from OPI…

    While I know there are safer nail polish, I just didn’t bother to find out about it as much as I do with products for the face such as sunscreen/serum. I’m interested to try eco-friendly/safe nail polish like Scotch.

    I will choose NEAT (pale neutral pink creme) for the my-nails-but-better look. I like natural color like that on my nails, so that even when it chips it’s not obvious. This color will also be perfect for french pedicure. I’m currently using bubblebath from OPI and I really like the color. NEAT looks similar and I hope it can be a good replacement.

  19. Lucia says

    Hot Toddy, Neat and Flying Scotsman are the shades i want! Love that Scotch Naturals nail products are non-toxic and eco-friendly. And they have products that are safe for kids which is nice since most girls really start playing with nail polishes at an early age (I know I did!). It’s always inspiring to learn that more people as well as companies are becoming green-conscious. :)

  20. stella says

    i signed up for the club mailing list but keep getting an error message when i click ‘submit’. when i tried to register again, it says i’ve already signed up… but i didn’t get any discount code in my email!

    • sesame says

      Hi Stella: Renee of Simple Living suggested you email her with the email you registered so that she can verify and rectify. Here’s her email address:

  21. Su says

    I like Velvet Kilt! looks classy and sophisticated.

    Am glad that scotch naturals is in Singapore. I am very afraid of toxic chemical paints and the smell of most commercial nail polishes are very smelly!

  22. N. says

    Its good that there are natural nail polish alternatives. Because Im tired of nailpolish that only does harm to the nail if you are the type of person to alwas get them colored. I like Flying Scotsman. I’ve been looking for such a navy in a long time.

  23. says

    the colors are so pretty!!! and, natural nail polishes sounds like a boon to me…I hate nail polishes coz you need to eat and then the nail paints go inside your mouth and deliver all kinds of germs and I don’t even like how they smell…

  24. Karin Yong says

    Although I like dark colour, I have to apply light colour therefore I chose Whisper (shimmering pale pink). As my fingernails are very small, I cannot apply dark or bright colour. My fingernails are so small that one coat can several fingers.

  25. says

    Woah! Thank you for all the postings.

    We have sent out the discount codes to CLUB members last night. Please email us at or myself at if have any queries… keep the comments coming…

    Let your nails go green this Christmas!
    p/s: Thank you Sesame for including us in this Giveaway!

    SCOTCH Naturals Singapore Team

  26. nami says

    sesame first of all i want to congratulate you,wonderful participation is going on here and i must say you and your readers are very knowledgable and informative people..there is lot to learn from you and your readers.i loved the
    Pale neutral pink crème) …I love painting my nails different colours and getting the occasional manicure
    i am a nail polish lover.i arrange them beautifully and display them happily on my dressing table and on the shelves.they are part of my room and part of the decor.
    i choose my make up with the same aesthtic eye as i choose a tablelamp or a coffee table and a non toxic nail polish is adream come true for a nail paint lover

  27. says

    Oh my gosh! About time you featured Scotch Naturals! I currently own their “Highland Fling” hue (as well as their awesome “On The Rocks” top coat) and let me tell you, I am in LOVE with that shade and the polish itself. I really can vouch for the fact that Scotch Naturals nail polish does NOT dry out one’s nails. On a more superficial note, its layered, glassy, watercolour appearance is unique and just looks divine on my fingertips.

    Besides “Highland Fling”, other colours that I love are “Flying Scotsman”, “Black Tartan” and “Balmoral Punch”. I’m also extremely looking forward to the introduction of their base coat, which they have told me will be available together with the launch of their upcoming Spring collection. TOO exciting!

  28. Aida Mustapha says

    Wearing nail colour never crossed my mind because it needs to be clean thoroughly before prayer. And I’ve seen my friends’ hands after they clean the stinky colours – very dry. However I would like to give these watercolour nail polishes a go since they are water based. Maybe they won’t be too hard to remove. Hmn.. how about French manicure look? Highland mist and Whispers seem to be the perfect duo for the job!

  29. Risa says

    I love doing nail colors but they will be stained on my nails when i removed them as i usually uses colors like black, blue and maroon. (now i’m only using light colors to conceal them not wanting others to think that i’ve got blue black fingers) After reading this post, i am tempted to try this product knowing that it will not turn out like my previous nail polish. Miss Mary Mack from the Hopscotch Kids , Smuggler’s Gold , Blood and sands.. They all seemed so tempting.. OOoohh~~

  30. AgnesM says

    Its great to see more eco-friendly nail polishes around nowadays. I actually bought HopscotchKids “Say, Say Oh Playmate” and the soy polish remover for myself sometime back but have not got round to using it yet. I am interested to try out Scotch Naturals “Seaboard” and “Seething Jealousy” next.

  31. says

    I’ve been wanting to try Scotch Naturals nailpolish for a while now, but it’s just one of those things I have never quite gotten around too! They have great reviews though. My favourite colour is Klondike Cooler :)

  32. Diane says

    There was a time I used nail polish religiously. My issue was it always left a yellow tinge on my nails after (maybe because of the formaldehyde?) – even the expensive brands…Maybe I should try this one to see if will not leave a yellow tinge.
    I love the flying scotman color…

  33. kathleen says

    I Have never tried chemical free polish before. i adoore the look of nail polish but after learning how toxic it is, i have not worn it in years. I Must get some of the safe variety! I love the shade ‘Queen of Scots’. it is gorgeous!

  34. Lena says

    I really like the names, “loch ness mystery” :)
    It’s a hard say, but whisper probably would suit me best.

  35. BananerNanners says

    Out of all green products, I would never have tried eco-friendly nail polishes. Nail polish just doesn’t seem as important as skincare or haircare, especially if you’re on a budget. I think it’s great that you’ve included this in your giveaway to give those like me a chance to try green (not literally!) nail polish.

    I really like Neat. It’s such a pretty neutral color.

  36. Kim says

    Macbeth’s Dream waves at me when I first opened to the colour page! It’s bright, vibrant and sophisticated with a flirty twist.

    Now I can yummy looking nails and know that the Scotch Naturals products are the safest polish, as rated by EWG. As I tend to keep my polish on for sometime, toxic-free polish gives me a peace of mind.


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