Hey, it’s so hot…I’m giving you the cold shoulder

The heat has been turning up every day here and today, it’s 33°C. So it’s time for summer wear, although I have to say, we dress like it’s summer all year round in Singapore. But wait, what exactly is summer wear? Something comfortable? Something thin? Or maybe something that bares more skin? Okay, baring cleavage isn’t my kind of thing and so I opted to bare my shoulders—it’s one asset that I can afford to show off. So in came the cold shoulder tops. I love them. I think they’re quite edgy, without baring too much skin in a distasteful manner.

Anyhow, I ordered my second piece of cold shoulder top from ASOS recently. It’s a size 6 but it’s pretty large for me. Oh well, roomy means comfy and though the material isn’t thin, I don’t feel like I’m doing a sauna in it because it’s rather “airy”.

I don’t know about you but I certainly find the cold shoulder design looking better than the one shoulder ones. Frankly, the latter is a nay for me. I might just try a dress with the cold shoulder design next but I just need to look for the right design or I’ll look too sloppy. It’s okay if a top appears large or oversize but that’s not quite the case with dresses.

Cold Shoulder Top
Here’s my first piece which I’ve shared in a post earlier in the year. This piece fits a lot better and I’ll admit it looks better too.

Outfits of the day: Cold Shoulder tops from ASOS. Marc By Marc Jacobs Preppy Nylon Natasha Bag from Shopbop. Shoes from FitFlop. And of course my go-to shorts from I-can’t-remember-where.

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  1. says

    I do prefer this style. My girlfriend will only buy these type of tops at the min. I love the title of the post, very fitting.
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  2. says

    I agree,, Buy it for your girlfriend. It is about time us women get treated now and again he he. x
    Paulaine last post is: Does Penomet Work? – 60 Day Money Back Guarantee Says It Does!

  3. Sora says

    Hot? Lately, it’s been a giant oven. 😡 Even my sunscreen is melting off when I sweat!

    I really have to pick better outfits. :>

  4. says

    Hi Sesame,

    That’s sexy! I think that’s the best outfit this summer. I like your taste in fashion. Cool! :-)
    Maxine Sebring last post is: What You Need to Know About Home Gym Equipment

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