How removing my wisdom tooth changed my face shape

removing wisdom tooth affect face
I had my wisdom tooth extracted in the early part of this year. It was a procedure I’ve postponed again and yet again. But I finally garnered sufficient courage to get rid of it, thinking it’ll put a stop to all the pain and inconveniences I was experiencing. Well, it did but it brought on another set of problem—the left side of my face especially near my left jaw does not look like how it was before! Under certain lightings, I actually look like I have a sagging jowl. (T_T)

Started with a swollen cheek
The whole wisdom tooth extraction was actually quite straightforward but obviously, my mouth was pried wide open during the entire procedure and quite a bit of pressure was applied in my mouth to remove that tooth. When it was all done, I was told to expect some bleeding and swelling but little did I suspect how it would affect my face contour. My cheeks were swollen for a few days and after two weeks, I noticed that the swell near the jaw area never quite subsided.

Impact older skin
My husband had a similar procedure done years earlier and he seemed to have recovered well without any noticeable damage to his face. He told me to be patient and my face would recover in time. It’s been nearly 10 months now and I don’t see any improvement. So I’ve started to wonder if it was such a good idea to have my wisdom tooth extracted at my age. I thought that perhaps it is harder for older skin to regain its elasticity once the skin gets stretched and I might not be too far from that speculation going by a question raised by a 44-year-old on

“Hi, I am 44 years old and just started metal braces a month ago. I had an appointment to get 4 teeth extracted (my orthodontist told me it is necessary to create space) but ended up canceling because a friend of mine scared me to death. She had her braces after 40 and had 4 teeth pulled, and according to her, not-so-supple over-40 skins and muscles would not be able to adjust to the extraction, and your face would just collapse, sink and sag. Is this common?”

This is the answer from a professional cosmetic dentist:
“YES, extracting teeth before orthodontics at ANY age can and will dramatically change the shape of your face as well as the shape and size of your upper lip. A study was done on identical twins where one sister was treated with extractions before orthodontics and the other twin sister was treated without extractions. After completion of the orthodontics they no longer even looked like twins because their faces were radically different. Guess which sister had the more attractive face…you’re correct if you guessed the one treated without extractions.”

How Can Extracting Wisdom Tooth Affect Your Face
Losing youthful contour
And here’s a quote taken from another story that is more specific to the extraction of wisdom tooth:

“I have noticed significant change in my facial contour. I am not 100% sure why this has happened but I do know that it happened after my teeth were removed. The right side of my face seems to be receding and my jaw looks shortened. I no longer have the fullness and volume that I once had on that side. My cheek seems to sag and caused a deeper nasolabial fold and larger under eye circle. Overall I feel like my face has lost it’s youthful contour and makes me look older and more gaunt.”

Seeking professional aid
Although I don’t go for facials, I massage my face quite regularly but I have not seen any improvement. My husband doesn’t think that the sag is all that obvious but I’m still not too happy about it. I mean, that part of my face wasn’t like that before! I’m not sure what I can do apart from seeking aesthetic treatments, which I’m not keen on. Maybe I’ll go for facials and see if the damage can be reversed by some deft fingers.

Word of advice
Anyway, I wrote all of that not to scare you but to share my experience so that you may wish to consider having your teeth problems treated when you’re younger. If you’re over 40 and needs to have a dental procedure done, I suggest you ask your dentist if the damage can be minimized. Then again, what happened to me or the 44-year-old may not happen to all. But if you have experienced something similar or know of someone who experienced such, do share in the comments ya?

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  1. Cynthia says

    Yup, I did my braces when I was 30years old. My face shape changed though I did not notice it. Everyone that sees my before and after photos agreed that I look better presently. I got a terrible bite as my front teeth were really protruding. I extracted 4 teeth and it pushes my teeth (jaw) back. On the whole, it works for me. But I am going to extract my wisdom tooth soon. The orthodontist said that will change my shape again. Keeping my fingers cross…

    • Sesame says

      I think if you fix the front, chances are, you’ll look a lot better. It probably doesn’t affect or stretch your skin that much?

  2. says

    I think this is true… I had all 4 of my wisdom teeth removed and after the big swell, I felt my face became slightly thinner. Just slightly… but I was younger then so I guess the effect wasn’t so bad.

    When we remove a tooth — which is a ‘bone’, the muscle sitting on it might lose support and weaken especially if the tooth is planted. The trauma of the operation can also affect the muscles. Also, without the pressure which the impacted tooth is giving your muscles, the muscles will start to relax which can be a good or bad thing, of course. Learned all this from a previous story I covered about cosmetic dentistry.

    However, my first dentist who performed braces on me — he wasn’t an orthodontist, I only found out when I was older — removed 4 of my teeth when I was 12 to free up some space for my braces and since then, my face became a lot thinner. It wasn’t so bad when I was younger since I had a lot of baby fats then but it’s showing the effects now. I highly suspect that my nasolabial folds now are due to my unplanned extractions when I was younger. My face also became asymmetrical. :( I’m actually planning to go for another ortho treatment ( no more extractions) again but afraid that all the teeth movement might change my face shape again.
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    • Sesame says

      Thanks for sharing that info on cosmetic dentistry, Vivi! I wonder if skills have anything to do with the after effects. I mean, I’ve seen how some celebs look so much better with a teeth job!

  3. says

    oh by the way, the 4 wisdom teeth removed when I was about 22 and the other 4 or 2 teeth removed when I was a kid were from two different occasions. So all in all, I had about 8 or 6 of my teeth removed. :(
    Eco Beauty last post is: Review: Mad Hippie Vitamin C Serum because I’m definitely mad about Vitamin C

  4. says

    Removing teeth has a huge impact specially when your older. I just had some dental work done in Algodones Mexico and much to my delight my face looks more like it did 40 years ago.
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  5. says

    Yes, it is true. Your teeth support your facial muscles and losing them can cause the cheeks to collapse somewhat and vertical lines over top lip. Also, nasolabial folds to increase Sesame, you can always try Juvederm , a filler, to plump up or smooth out the area. It’s kind of expensive, about $650. a vial but last a year or more and it’s a very easy fix. Hope this helps. It will work for you ! There is hope. No down time Jana

    • says

      Sesame, you can also try a Derma roller (a handheld wheel with very small needles that you roll across the skin). If you roll over your cheek area about 10x or so each morning, it will increase collagen and tighten the skin. I do it every morning. It doesn’t hurt just a little prickly. You get used too it. Good luck! Jana

      • Sesame says

        I have one of those rollers but have stopped using it. Maybe I’ll revisit it…let me consider. The reason I don’t want to use it is because the after care is rather challenging IMO.

  6. fwy says

    I removed 2 teeth of mine when I was 18 as I was advised by the dentist they were grown in such a way that they were overlapping my other teeth & makes it hard for me to brush them. I later went on to had braces done. I don’t notice much difference to my face shape but during those days I was still very into facials & would go for it at least once a month. Maybe the facials helps?

    • Sesame says

      Perhaps. I’ll find time to go soon. But you were 18 and removing those teeth might have improved your facial aesthetics too.

  7. says

    I had four wisdom teeth out around 16 years old, and I think it may have changed my jaw slightly. One side is now rounder than the other. I had some trouble with the wounds on one side closing; they bled far longer than they were supposed to, and the swelling stayed for weeks. At any age, the damage can be done. Fortunately, I don’t think most people will notice too much…
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    • Sesame says

      I think it’s the wisdom tooth extraction that seems to make a difference. I guess the location and the way extractions are done do cause some damage. But you’re right. The difference maybe very small for some that it’s hardly noticeable.

  8. says

    You could look into getting a bridge where the wisdom tooth was. Extracting teeth can def. change the shape of the face, as it removes some of the structural support.

    This woman is using a functional orthodontic appliance at night to expand her arches and you can see how her nasolabial folds have gotten so much more shallow. Her cheeks look lifted, too:

  9. Janice says

    I’m 45 & had two wisdom teeth pulled to make room for braces I need. I’m scheduled to have the 1 on the right side removed in a few weeks. 2-3weeks after the extractions, I noticed the left side of my face sagging after having the 2 left ones removed. No one told me this would happen. The orthodontics will not put the braces in unless I remove the wisdom teeth & I have to finish because I started. My face is now sagging on the left side & plump on the other . In fact, the left side was once my good side. Scary.. I so regret pulling my wisdom teeth

    • Marie says

      Janice I’m in same boat. I had 2 wisdom teeth pulled in November, and a few weeks later I noticed the left side of my face sagging. My left eye is significantly lower than my right and it dark underneath & looks hollow.. Thought about getting the other wisdom tooth pulled and went forward in January on the right side. The orthodontist said that’s the only way he’d put on my braces.. Most of his clients are kids so I don’t know how much experience he had previously with treating women over 40. I’m scheduled for braces next month but I’m researching now what I can do to correct damage of having wisdom teeth pulled. I’m hearing the braces will shift my teeth and make them feel loose & again will change my face….now I’m really scared. I want to get bridges to replace the missing wisdom teeth. One size does not fit all & these orthodontist should not treat adult patients like their juvenile patients. I soooooooo regret having my wisdom teeth pulled. I now know why we have them. They act like book ends & keep your teeth in place. Remove one and your face & other teeth begin to crumble just like a row of books being held up by book ends…

  10. shakina says

    I think whether your face looks more attractive without extractions or not depends a lot on your original face so im not agree with the professional cosmetic dentist. I had braces without extractions for 3 years, when i was 15. I had protrusion and it was a borderline case between extraction/not. My mom chose not to extract the teeth for a-z reasons. I had a wide face and big teeth to begin with, and after the braces was taken off, i dont like my smile when i grinned (it looks like i have A LOT OF TEETH) and my face appear wider! I went to several orthodontist for second opinion and they said it because my teeth arc was widened, because theres no room to push the teeth backward. They said it’s considered a “hollywood smile” and quite ideal in a dentist pov. I dont like it at all. I prefer my previous face, without the chimp grin. In the end i didnt wear my retainer and my teeth slowly protrude again. Now in my 28th year of age, im wearing brace again, this time with extraction. If only i do this sooner!

  11. pebblesB says

    I regret with all my heart having my wisdom teeth removed. I was in my early 20 (I’m now 48.) They weren’t really causing any issues but a dentist said I should take them out and I did. My face shape is now very different then it was. My mom and I have very similar shaped faces but her wisdom teeth were never extracted. Since extraction, my chin has pulled back, my cheekbones are less pronounced, I have strong nasio-labial lines, and my under eye bags are pronounced. I compare my features to my mom’s and I should be ageing much better than I am. I’ve found a TMJ dentist in Putney, London who is pulling my teeth forward (long story – see and my face is looking better an better – I tell people now: if your mouth is just crowded, find a dentist who will fix the crowding without pulling your teeth.

    • Sesame Chew says

      Unfortunately pulling out teeth has an adverse effect on face shapes but dentist don’t know enough to tell us.

  12. sharon says

    Hi ladies, i would like to ask for your opinions with regard to the extraction of wisdom tooth! I have aysmmetrical face to begin with (one side is bigger than the other). I don’t know if the reason could be due to the fact that the bigger side of my face has an additional wisdom tooth compared to the other. Will removing that additional tooth helps to regain symmetry in my face??


    • Sesame Chew says

      Very hard to say…but doesn’t sound like it though. Would be better you check with the dentist.

  13. says

    I have the same problem @sesame I have one tooth pulled on the right side of my lower teeth and I can tell a difference. I’m 21 and I see it is smaller. I want to get my wisdom tooth pulled on the left side to maybe even things out lls it’s been giving me problems, and affecting my bite ughh. Your not the only one I have the same problem.

    • Sesame says

      Ah, I see. So it’s not really an age issue but I would still think, pull them when you’re younger so you have lesser issues to deal with.

  14. Abdulrahman says

    I hope you are lucky enough to have read this blog before deciding to remove you wisdom teeth for no apparent reason.

    Removing you wisdom teeth with no valid reason, i.e. no problems, is a big mistake. First, extra teeth are always good. Second, removing your wisdom teeth changes your facial structure, your face becomes thinner as a cause of missing teeth, your jaw muscles loose their tone. If however, you’ve been to an orthodontist (which was my case) and he/she recommends that you remove all your wisdom teeth so you’ll continue having straight teeth, don’t do it. You can however remove the upper wisdom teeth which will actually make you have straighter teeth, but removing the lower ones is a big mistake. Actually your lower teeth do not show that much so you should not care if they’re messy or not as long as they are functioning correctly <3.

    In my case, I blindly listened to my orthodontist who primarily wanted to make money and saw the dollar sign on my four head. I first removed the upper ones, I noticed no major changes, maybe slimmer checks but not JAW!. A year later I removed my lower wisdom teeth which was a wrong move, Shortly after I felt that my face was thinner but the biggest problem isI developed an underbite after a year. The reason being is that when I lost my 3rd molars (wisdom teeth) I started using my 2nd and 1st molars which made my jaw work extra hard to close, by the time I developed a underbite, which gives me a longer time to eat. I've returned to another orthodontist to fix my underbite, its taking a while and I always have elastics on.



    • Sara says

      I had to remove mine because they were barely showing, but they were showing but I couldn’t get to them to clean them and I ended up having extreme pain in my mouth which caused horrible migraines. I couldn’t even work. They were breaking and one of them was actually dead. I still wish I didn’t do it. I’m constantly biting the inside of my mouth making it bleed, it feels weird when I talk, and I don’t know how to apply my makeup anymore because my face looks like a 30 to 40 year old when I’m only 27. And before this procedure, which was 2 years ago, people thought I was a teenager. It’s really been hard on me. I’ve always had low self esteem so this just really messed me up…

  15. says

    2 months back my dentist pulled my left side lower wisdom tooth,no complovations at all after that.
    But I take my selfie I noticed big difference in my face from other side, I go surprised and went to dentist, he told no difference at all.
    But I know that, could u please help me how to get my face back.

    • Sesame says

      Maybe you can try googling on facial yoga. Some of the facial exercises might help. No guarantee though.

    • Christine says



  16. VB says

    Honestly, I am devastated over this. The fact that dentists don’t tell you of these consequences as a part of informed consent is unethical and barbaric. I am now looking into getting dental implants to regenerate the bone. Has anyone else thought of doing the same? If anything could restore the natural face I think they would be it.

    • Sesame says

      I’m not sure if dentists can help much. You may have to speak to an aesthetic doctor instead.

    • Sara says

      For me, I think my face looks this way not because of missing teeth but stretching the skin too much. I always had a small mouth and I know they did it too hard because now my mouth looks ridiculous

  17. says

    Hi I am Radhika again, I have a question to ask you, hope it will help me.
    My age is 35, I want to extract my otherside of my wisdom tooth, because it got erupted also.
    My doctor said it has some time to extract for complete eruption.
    Because I can’t see my face one side is different from otherside.

    • Sesame says

      I can’t advise you because each extraction is probably different so no saying of how it’ll turn out.

  18. mark says

    hey, i was just wondering if you can give an update on how your face has been doing. is your face getting worse? and did you notice your cheekbones flatten, etc?

  19. Sara says

    My wisdom teeth were removed in 2013 when I was 25 years old. I don’t look in the mirror all that often, but yes, I hAve facial damage. My mouth is lower, my mouth opens too wide, my lips are wider, not thicker just wider, and I just like an old person when I smile. I don’t even smile much anymore because I hate my smile now. It has been 2 years since my extraction and yes, I look awful… I hate it. People used to think I was younger than my age and now people think I’m in my mid to late 30s when I am only 27…


  1. […] You see, my cheeks swelled up right after the extraction and when it finally subsided, the skin around my left jawline just look more droopy. I suspect it is because my skin finds it hard to regain its elasticity after being overstretched. Anyway, I’m not the only one sharing this view. You can read more about it in my older entry titled, How Removing My Wisdom Tooth Changed My Face Shape. […]

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  3. […] How removing my wisdom tooth changed my face shape – I had my wisdom tooth extracted in the early part of this year. It was a procedure I’ve postponed again and yet again. But I finally garnered sufficient courage to … […]

  4. […] How removing my wisdom tooth changed my face shape – I had my wisdom tooth extracted in the early part of this year. It was a procedure I’ve postponed again and yet again. But I finally garnered sufficient courage […]

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