DIY Beauty: mung bean anti-blemish face mask

First, my apologies to those who have yet to receive the newsletter. There has been a frustrating technical glitch, which I’m trying to fix, and I will be re-broadcasting the newsletter to everyone again today. Please bear with me as I’m one person trying to do everything and I’m not exactly technical savvy. Now, moving along, I’m going to share a new DIY homemade recipe today that I’ve been using of late. The main ingredient is mung beans or green beans, also known as green grams in some places. I was lucky to chance upon readily available powder and I didn’t have to take the trouble to grind the beans.

Great for acne-prone skin
I’ve tried using Ah Yuan Organic Mung bean & Job’s tears Soap, but I’ve not thought about using the beans raw on my skin until I read Jacqueline Ambrose’s entry on using mung bean paste as a body scrub.  Then I remembered reading that mung beans are great for acne-prone skin because of their detoxifying quality and ability to soothe irritation while supplying protein-rich moisture.  In fact, further research suggest that mung bean works better than vitamins C and E in improving the condition of pigmentation, freckles and ugly spots.  In India, apparently, the flour of the green gram is an excellent detergent and are used as a substitute for soap.

Easy recipe
I am pretty lazy so I was very pleased to find this packet of green gram detergent powder while shopping in Four Seasons Organic Market located on level 3 of City Square Outlet. It’s only S$6 and can last me a long time as I only need to use one teaspoon each time. So what I do is to add one big teaspoon of this powder with about two teaspoons of yogurt. After mixing them into a thick paste, I apply it over my clean face and leave it on for about 30 minutes before rinsing off thoroughly and then moisturizing.

No mess
I like using this very much because unlike my cinnamon nutmeg acne mask, this one leaves no mess! Plus, I can use this on my entire face and there is no irritation whatsoever.  And if I like, this mask can even double up as a face scrub! There is a slight raw vegetable smell to the mask but it’s not unpleasant.

Mung bean powder with Yakult
Because of my acne issues, I used this every day and yesterday, when I was out, I was quite pleased to notice that my complexion seems to have improved. Although I wore foundation, but the acne scarring were less noticeable and my skin tone also seem fairer. I’m really hoping this DIY recipe can clear up all my blemishes, like this girl from Soompi forum I read about. What was interesting was that she used mung bean with Yakult and her acne cleared out completely after two months, based on the pictures she posted. I did try using with Yakult but I decided to stick to yogurt.

If you like to try this recipe and can’t get hold of the mung bean powder, you can get the beans and grind them yourself. A little troublesome but they work the same.


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  1. says

    i’ve used a variation of this too – a natural mung bean powder that i can mix to form a scrub or mask – lovely effects and non-irritating. but why is this one that you have, from 4 seasons, called a ‘detergent’? it sounds very abrasive/strong – but is it just a mis-translation or sth and the product doesn’t hv any foaming/detergent ingredients?

    • sesame says

      It’s a direct translation. I asked the pple at the store too cos I had similar concerns. But this is natural mung bean powder and is edible – just cook and it’s ready to eat.

  2. Raelynn says

    I didnt know we had mung bean powder! or at least, not mixed with other stuff. Mung bean masks and scrubs are really good, there was a period of time i used it for my back and it worked, but it was troublesome back then because of the prep process (didnt know there was powder). Might want to try this mixed with 100% Pure’s purifying seaweed mask since both are in powder form.

    • sesame says

      Yes, there is but I’m not sure if this is the only one in the market here. I really like this cos it’s quite effective and I can use on my entire face.

  3. STELLA says

    wow, i looked at Soompi Forum and the results were great! I’m so gonna try it out because i have really sensitive skin, on Accutane too + the red marks are really obvious. Being exposed to the sun often due to my job, doesnt help me much too :(

    btw, i love reading your blog! <3

    • sesame says

      Accutane is very harsh…not good for long term usage. I know for a fact several pple who used this had more issues with their skin later. So be careful with this one.

      Remember to use sunscreen since you’re out in the sun so often. :)

  4. Linh says

    I just tried this tonight and after washing it off, the left side of my face has random patches of skin feels very clean though and my pores do appear a bit smaller..the left side of my face looks horrific though. I kept the mask on for around 20 minutes. Was that too long??

    • sesame says

      Shouldn’t be. I used it for 30 mins each time. Was there anything on your left side of the face? Is it better now?

    • michelle says

      Hi Sesame,

      i have the same case as Linh too, after washing it off i have little red dots on my face. but you only can see the dots if you look at it close.. but my skin feel very clean after the mask. is normal right? is my 2nd day trying out this mask and i really hope it works on my face.. how long did yours take to see visible result?

      • sesame says

        Michelle: It should not leave red dots…if that’s the case, it sounds like allergy and you should stop using. I always feel my skin clean and soft using this. Took me about 3 weeks or more to see results. I was also using nutmeg and honey at the same time though.

  5. Linh says

    Oh, the red patches don’t feel itchy though..the intensity has also faded a tiny tiny bit after a few minutes.

    • sesame says

      Okay, didn’t read this. Then you got to decide if this mask is suitable for you. But mung beans are very mild and suitable even for sensitive skin. It’s either you have really sensitive skin or there was some intense detoxifying there.

    • sesame says

      One more thing…did you apply a thick layer? If your skin is sensitive, best to wash as soon as you feel the mask drying.

  6. Mint says

    hmmm.. another DIY recipe for mask.. love all ur recommendation for them.. thks a lot, sesame! =)

    • sesame says

      It’s supposed to be suitable but Linh mentioned she had a reaction so perhaps the best is to do a patch test just to be sure.

  7. jackie says

    I definitely want to try this. I also like how it can be a scrub too.

    unlike the cinnamon nutmeg, i felt that it was too harsh on my skin when i try to wash it off. it rubs off my skin like slate.

    • sesame says

      In terms of results, I would say the cinnamon nutmeg one is more effective but I think this one works beautifully on the entire face.

  8. Grace says

    Hi Sesame, I think the Soompi girl used mung bean starch instead of mung bean powder? It’s supposed to be a white starch, from what I read on that thread.

    Don’t think they’re the same thing?

    • sesame says

      The starch still comes from mung bean so you can use the mung bean powder with Yakult if you like.

  9. says

    So the magic is in mung beans ^^
    But believe ought to be careful. Reading soompi web, there’s one girl who faced red patches after use. Must try on a small area rather to the whole face at first time.

    While searching for the mung beans powder, I went to Faceshop to buy the mung bean mask today. Hope it gives some positive result.

    • sesame says

      Mung bean is actually quite mild and I can’t figure out why it’ll give red patches. Not sure if it’s the mixture.

      The mask you obtain from Faceshop would contain other additives I believe?

  10. says

    thanks for replying. think I will try it on a part of my face and see hows the reaction. If it’s ok, then will only apply on whole face.

    • sesame says

      No, I avoided the eye area but yesterday, I tried to put a bit more closer to the undereye area with the hope it might help to lighten the skin tone there.

  11. Linh says

    Hi again Sesame! I took an antihistamine (along with applying manuka honey underneath my moisturizer) and when I woke up the red patches were gone! I did use a really thick paste of it last night but I’ll be more mindful to take it off as soon as I feel it drying (and I’ll grind up my mung beans smoother so it won’t be as thick). I think maybe you’re right (intense detox)..the left side of my face had more acne scars and more clogging (thank good no active pimples there)..I’ll try it again later this week!

    • sesame says

      Okay, be more careful then. I wasn’t expecting a reaction on this mask unlike the cinnamon nutmeg one which may burn some skin so I was also surprised. The mung bean powder I use is very fine though so not sure if that made a difference.

  12. Bee says

    Should I wash my face before using this mask since you said it had a detoxing like quality ?

    • sesame says

      Yes, you have to wash your face. Mask is to clear out any impurities that your cleanser can’t do.

  13. says

    I tried a similar homemade mung bean mask when I was in China and it was excellent for my oily skin.

    You can also buy soy bean powders and make a mask out of that I did it and it helped even skintone and faded the acne scars I had ^^

  14. anita says

    Love your DIY masks :) I was so lucky when I got hold of a bag of mung beans in an store here in Austria. Didn’t expect I will find some. I grinded them in a coffee mill and it worked great. Will try out the mask now ^^

  15. ww says

    Hi, I’ve tried the mask 2 times already… and have yet to see results but I’m willing to persevere. One thing though, when you said “rinse off and moisturise” do you mean washing off with cleanser or just water?

    • sesame says

      You should wash your face first and then thereafter apply the mask. After 20 mins or so, you can rinse off and moisturize. No need to wash with cleanser again.

      Yes, with DIY beauty recipes, you need to persevere.

  16. says

    after using that mask, my pimples and scars turned red although i found my skin really clean. huxhux, is that abnormal? i use it 3 times a week and wash after 30 min. Can i continue using this mask?

    • sesame says

      Hmm…that’s strange. Your pimples turn red all the time? Maybe you should stop for awhile before continuing and cut down the usage to twice a week.

  17. kym says

    what kind of yogurt should i use?…i mean…i can use any kind of brand?…then…uhm,,, can it be yogurt + yakult + mung bean?,,,, how long have u been seen the results?

    • sesame says

      I used St Paul’s, non-fat. Yes, you can use yogurt + yakult + mung bean. I tried just yogurt + mung bean and saw some positive results in about two weeks.

  18. says

    first of all i have to say my enlish is not good i am not english native speaker. i am from thailand just came across your website pimple and scar turn red after using mask i think that
    because that pimple and scar still new and fresh. when you use mung bean powder to rub or scrub at your acne it will irritate acne/scar that why it turn red. just put tiny amount on pimple and scar better scrub on it

  19. Shae says

    I’ve been using Yakult Mask for quite a while. I have eczema on some spots of my face which is why it turns pink after I use this mask. However, I no longer use it on those spots. I used this mask on and off so I haven’t been keeping track of changes. My acne has left many scars on my face and hopefully the Yakult Mask will take care of it with continual use. I use this mask every other day now that it’s summer. When the Yakult Mask dries on my face, I usually like peeling it off. It’s much easier because when I would rinse it, it would irritate the eczema spots on my face–causing it to turn pink.

    The Yakult Mask lightens my complexion and is slowly fading my acne scars away.

    • sesame says

      Oh that’s great to know. I’ve not been using the Yakult mask for awhile now cos am just so tied up. Must go back to trying again.

  20. baby says

    My auntie actually just gave me a look of this packet of mung bean….its exactly the same….what’s the name of the brand and is it only sold at four season??

  21. Serena says

    i cant seem to find it at city square mall :(

    mind telling me which section of the store you found it ?

  22. katy says

    Hi! I’ve read your post, is there a substitute for mung bean powder? I can’t find it here in the Philippines.

  23. Clarrise says

    Hi everyone. I’ve visiteed this blog for quite sometime now. I am very interested in this topic since I have an acne prone skin too. I haven’t tried this mung bean mask yet but I will soon. I am also interested for the yakult mask that Shae mentioned. Meaning the one available in the supermarket can be directly applied on the face? By the way, thank you sesame for you are such a genius putting up this blog. thank you.

    • sesame says

      Thanks for your comments. :) Yes, yakult that you buy from the supermarket can work…I’ve tried it myself.

  24. Rac says

    Amazing ! I would like to try this mask as well ! :) So far , has your skin gets better or recover by using this mask ??

    • sesame says

      I’ve stopped using this mask because my skin condition has improved tremendously since then. Could have been the mask but also the products I used.

  25. dila says

    hi, i was wondering can you simply use any yakult drink? because the yakult i have seems to have a different packaging..and i don’t have to add anything when grinding the mung beans right? except a little water? thanks

    • sesame says

      Yes, any yakult drink should work…the packaging might differ by country. As for the mung beans, don’t add water when you grind. It should be dry.

        • sesame says

          I took it that you were grinding the mung beans into power in your earlier entry. If that is what you mean, then it should be dry. But if in powdered form, you can add it straight to the Yakult without water to blend.

  26. Lol says

    I used to use it when I am sec 1 and 2 and probably sec 3.
    Yes it wonderful and when I used this I usually have occasional acne when puberty reach and usually leave no scar or scar that last awhile only. Then until 2 yr now I stop using and use normal soap like neutrogena for eg and i suffers from acne all over face and with deep scar :( so depress so I finally rmb why I use to have occasional pimple instead of ance prone skin that’s part of it bcos I use green bean w milk to wash my face! Hope to regain back my normal face after using tis

  27. Kaithlin93 says

    I feel like im stalking on ur blog….hahah…its just too many good and beneficial infos on skin it..i just want to know how does yakult help with pimple n blemishes n whether it cn be used when there is no breakout?

    • Sesame says

      You can use it when you have no breakout too but I would recommend using non-flavored, non-fat yogurt instead.

  28. Tankhaining says

    I just tried this mungbean mask.. In my country here, Indonesia, i used the one that’s call “Hunkwee Powder” which means Mung Bean Powder in Hokkien, and combine it with Yakult.. Only after about 20 minutes usage, my face got really burnt up and swelled.. I panicked, and my mom quickly compress it with aloe vera.. :(

    I wonder if its because of the Hunkwee Powder, as it is white, not green like in your picture.. :(

    • Sesame says

      Not sure if it’s the same but if you use any ingredients, best to try on a small area before using it on the entire face.

  29. Diva says

    Hi Sesame,

    Am also using the same brand of green bean powder but on its own. I was told that mixing the green powder with almond powder also help to whitening. Is this true?

    • Sesame Chew says

      I would recommend mixing with milk powder for whitening because milk powder contains lactid acid. If you use green powder with yogurt, it is also good for whitening. Almond powder works better for exfoliation purpose.

        • Sesame Chew says

          Any infant milk powder would work. Get the smaller ones to try out. Or alternatively, use fresh milk like Meji’s.

  30. says

    Works for me! I used green bean ( fried) powder from some store that sells ingredients for homemade pastries, an all-natural yogurt which I bought from NTUC, and some barley powder which I blended myself. I put it on my face after washing with warm water, for around 20mins and washed it off with lukewarm water. My skin felt soft and smooth after it! And I could see the effects coming on! Have a lot of acne scars…


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