Gianna by True Religion for Jun Ji-Hyun

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World-famous brand of luxury blue jeans True Religion which became widely known when actresses like Gwyneth Paltrow, Cameron Diaz and model Heidi Klum declared them their favorite denims will release their first celebrity line.  This new line of jeans called Gianna by True Religion is created with Korean star Jun Ji-Hyun and named after her English name Gianna. 

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The Gianna by True Religion line features 12 pairs of denim jeans designed to fit Korean women’s figures and satisfy their sense of fashion.  Jun Ji-Hyun was reportedly involved in every stage of the production; from design, development and even matching with accessories.  The new line will be available on April 1 in Korea and you can check them out at Korean online store 11st.

I’m not sure if this line will be available here although True Religion jeans is available at Bread and Butter at Wisma Atria.

vivawoman1 Gianna by True Religion for Jun Ji Hyun © copyright notice


  1. Kyaw Htat Min Swe says

    Hello!! Jeon Ji Hyun ,

    I would like to be your friend. Your photos are so beautiful….

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