Old watches: retro fashion accessory

Vintage looking retro watches

I haven’t bought a watch for ages.  On my wishlist is a white sporty watch with a big face.  No particular brand.  As long as it fits my fancy.  But I haven’t looked around enough to find one I really like.  I remember when I was younger, I love to collect watches.  Not the expensive time pieces, but those with interesting designs that looked fashionable.  I still have the entire box in my storeroom!

Anyway I wanted to do a feature on vintage inspired watches as fashion accessory.  Instead of featuring those on the web, I thought I picked a few from my old collection as examples.  All these were old watches which dated from the 60s to the 90s.  The first gold one on the bottom picture could even be older, I’m not too sure.

Vintage inspired retro watches

A few of these were from my mum who passed them to me. I wore them during my teenage years. Not too cool then, but still, I thought they were very pretty. The first two silver ones were my favorites! I’m so glad I didn’t throw them out as I’m thinking of getting them repaired and then wearing them again. I really think they’re retro and stylish.

Well, if you like vintage and have some old watches from eons ago, you might want to dig them out and see if they can make fashion pieces again. If not, you might want to look up Etsy.com for some cool vintage inspired time pieces. You can even find them as pendants, brooches or even rings. Very interesting!

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