DIY Beauty: using baking soda to whiten your teeth

I’m getting hooked on DIY beauty! Because it’s fun, it’s healthy and it’s cheap! Here’s my experience with using baking soda to whiten my teeth. It works! Okay, don’t expect the sort of sparkling white teeth you see on celebrities but baking soda will take off some of the coffee and tea stains and give you a cleaner looking set of teeth.

Baking soda to brush teeth is safe
This is one of the most popular and safest DIY methods to whiten your teeth naturally. There are some DIY suggestions of using lemon juice or strawberries but those could do more harm by eroding the calcium in your teeth or cause tooth cavities. However, you want to know that baking soda is pretty abrasive on contact. So on some forums, the advice is to dig a toothbrush into the baking soda and then to start brushing. Well, not very good. You’ll find that your gums hurt quite a bit this way. The best way I have found through trial and error is to mix the baking soda with toothpaste.

Baking soda mixed with toothpaste
First, I squeeze some toothpaste on my toothbrush as usual. Then I top it up with a small spoonful of baking soda and start brushing. You can use baking soda only of course but I find that the toothpaste helps to ease off some of the abrasiveness of the dry powder for me.

Whiter teeth in a week
I saw a slight difference after the first brushing using baking soda. Within a week of brushing with this ingredient once a day, my teeth was noticeably whiter. Even my husband noticed and he has started to use it too.

Brushing with baking soda once or twice a week
However, I plan to slow down now that I see results and will probably keep to brushing with baking soda only once or twice a week. This is because I feel that baking soda while safe, is still a mild abrasive cleaner so I don’t want to use it everyday. And by the way, this stuff taste salty!


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    • Sesame says

      It’s supposed to be safe but I think he’s too young to try it cos he may not like the taste.

    • helper says

      No its not because your son might swallow it and he can be poisoned and kids under 11 or 13 it depends on their teeth shouldn’t be using it

  1. Minoo says

    My gums become sore and occasionally even bleed a little bit after brushing with a paste of equal amounts of virgin coconut oil and baking soda. Is that normal, or should I discontinue with it?

  2. says

    hi thanks for your tips, so glad i stumbled upon your blog! though i have a query; can i use baking powder instead of baking soda or will it be harmful?
    minahil last post is: a glimpse of reality.

    • Sesame says

      No, baking powder won’t work for this. You gotta use baking soda. It’s not harmful but it can be slightly abrasive so I suggest you don’t use it daily.

  3. Julia says

    Nooooooooooooo don’t do it! My dentist told me this is to abrasive to be using on a regular basis. It will wear down the enamel of your teeth.

    • Sesame says

      Well, twice a week shouldn’t be too bad. But if you’re uncomfortable, then just stick to toothpaste.

  4. Xena says

    I’ve been using baking soda several times a week for 30 years and my teeth & gums are very healthy. You would have to scrub super hard to brush the enamel away.

    • Sesame says

      It depends as some people have gums that are more sensitive. I still don’t recommend it to be used daily.

  5. Jordan says

    I know baking soda is used in tooth pastes, but i know my cousin does it and her teeth are very white!!


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