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Grapeseed oil for better skin collagen

grapeseed oil Grapeseed oil for better skin collagen

Some weeks ago, I wrote that Margo Marrone recommended women to use an oil underneath their moisturizer in her new book The Organic Pharmacy. If you would like to heed her advice and are looking for a suitable natural carrier oil to apply, I would highly recommend you to try Grapeseed oil.

Light texture that penetrates easily into the skin
I’ve been using Grapeseed oil daily now instead of my vitamic C serum which I only use in the night. I only need about 3 – 4 drops of the oil for my entire face and it is so light, it absorbs into my skin quite quickly, providing a satin finish without a greasy residue. I like it very much because it is much lighter than Jojoba oil, is slightly astringent and is the perfect oil for me to apply underneath my sunscreen or moisturizer.  

Powerful antioxidant for anti-aging benefits
And what I found best about Grapeseed oil is that is is a powerful antioxidant that protects the skin from premature aging, is effective in fighting acne and it can even shrink varicose veins. In fact, I read that it helps to protect the skin from sun damage and this is why I find it a great oil to use along with my sunscreen.

Contains more antioxidant power than vitamin C & E
In addition, I also read that scientific studies have shown that the antioxidant power of proanthocyanidins found in Grapeseed extract is 50 times greater than vitamin E and 20 times greater than vitamin C. The following is what I’ve picked out from Lush’s website about the oil.

Biochemists and medical scientists researching the health benefits of grapeseed oil have found it to contain oligomeric proanthocyanidins (otherwise known as OPCs); a class of flavonoid complexes that act as antioxidants (free radical scavengers) in the human body. Sea Buckthorn oil, Grapeseed oil and the skin of the grape are all good sources of OPCs.

One of the fascinating elements of OPCs activity in cosmetics context is the role they play in the stabilization of collagen and maintenance of elastin (proteins in connective tissue that support organs, such as our skin).

Looks like the improvement in my skin’s texture is not just due to the Sea Buckthorn oil I’ve been applying in the night but also the Grapeseed oil I’ve been applying in the day!

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About Sesame Chew

Blogger and founder of Viva Woman, Sesame is a skin care addict who is fond of using natural & organic beauty products. She also enjoys ogling at handmade jewelry & cute stationery.



  1. Hi sesame, I’m using grapeseed oil to remove my make up , but because I tend to have clogged pores, I do double cleansing
    do you think it will still have benefits for my skin? thanks :D

    • sesame says:

      I’m not sure about grapeseed oil for removing makeup but it should be possible if it hasn’t given you any problems. But the oil will deliver more benefits if you leave it on for sure. Are you double cleansing with the oil or with something else. If with the oil, I would think you’ll benefit.

  2. dakotah says:

    Can the grape seed oil you buy for cooking at the supermarket be used on the face? or is this some different kind of grape seed oil?

    • sesame says:

      It might be 100% but it’s not cosmetic grade. It really depends on your skin. I’ve not tried it so I can’t say if it’ll work all right.

      • Shouldn’t “food grade” be safer/purer than “comestic grade”? After all, I would want the stuff I’m ingesting to be clean. And honestly, I find cosmetic grade oils unreasonably expensive compared to their food grade counterparts.

        • Sesame Chew says:

          I thought the same till someone pointed out that with food, we have good bacterias in the digestive system to handle them but these bacterias are not available on our skin. Hence, food grade may not always work for our skin. Take honey for example. Some people cannot use even pure grade honey on their skin and react like crazy even though they’re safe for ingestion.

    • Andrea says:

      I buy my grapeseed oil in bulk from costco. From the research (on oils specifically) I’ve seen, it seems to me you would have better luck with food grade as it is of higher quality than cosmetic grade. The only downside would be that, being a more refined oil, you would loose a little of the nutritive value of the oil.

  3. dakotah says:

    Ps. it says 100% natural and pure grapseed oil

    • Clara Jimenez says:

      I use Grapeseed oil that is used for cooking , works just fine :) I have always had fantastic skin but ever since I used Grapeseed it has been a boost . I’ve used Aura Cacia Grapeseed but actually prefer the Grapeseed oil sold as cooking oil . . its more moisturizing just oil up and go to sleep , wake up glowing :)

  4. Hi sesame, any idea where I can buy grapeseed oil? Followed the link to YoursEssentially but it seems they have stopped taking orders altogether. Advice on where to find cosmetic essential oils around Singapore much appreciated! :)

  5. Jolena says:

    What are the benefits of grapeseed v. jojoba oil? Can the two be mixed together or does anyone use them alternately?

    • sesame says:

      I personally don’t like to use jojoba oil on my face. I think it’s good as a base oil and perhaps for OCM. However, grapeseed oil is great for reducing pore size, and just the other day, a reader mentioned her milia seeds on her eyes have become smaller after she applied grapeseed oil.

  6. Hi, I have used Colonial Dames Vitamin E Oil, but I feel that it texture is rich and difficult to absorb.My face is prone to developing milia seed from it.

    U hv tried several types of oils. Can u give me a feel of the texture of the oils from light to rich texture? Jojoba Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Rosehip Oil, Sea Buckthorn Oil, Vitamin E oil, etc…

    • sesame says:

      Vitamin E is very thick…best to apply a light layer after a face mist.

      Grapeseed is light, great for those prone to milia seeds. Jojoba oil is supposedly close to our natural lipids but I personally find it oily, Rosehip Oil is rich too, lighter than vitamin E though. Sea Buckthorn is thick but absorbs quickly; one version stains your skin temporarily.

  7. can we drink grape seed oil? can it be mixed with vitamin E?

  8. Hi sesame –
    Have you tried using hemp seed oil?
    I just bought and was wondering if it is ok to use in eye area or is it too rich (might cause milia seeds)…It absorbs fast on the skin like grapeseed but I’ve read it’s very high on omega fatty acid. So not sure if an oil’s richness (texture) causes Milia seeds or the fatty acids within the oil? :)

    • sesame says:

      Hi Di: No, haven’t tried hemp seed oil on its own. If the oil is very fine, it shouldn’t cause milia seeds. You might want to try a bit on the outer area first. I usually do that with new oils that I test…dab a little on the outer and if okay, then I use some on the inner area. For me, it’s always the inner eye area that is prone to growing milia seeds.

  9. jing yi says:

    where can i find such oils?
    can i get it at any pharmacy stores?
    will the sales assistant know what i want?

    by the way, do you have a email acct which i can sent to and ask you some questions? ^^

    • sesame says:

      You have to buy it online. Are you in Singapore? You can write to me at vivawoman at gmail.com. However, I usually take awhile to reply.

  10. Thanks for this info about grapeseed oil. My friend is selling grapeseed oil and she asked me to buy. I have heard of grapeseed oil but was not sure of its benefits. Thanks!

  11. hi SS! do you still rem me? havent talked in a while, hope you’re doing well :) hows little gavin?

    i was looking for grapeseed oil and came across your site haha, coz im trying to find a remedy for my frown lines and read that collagen supplements dont work and that grapeseed is better. any idea if i can use the kind for cooking on face or do i strictly hv to use carrier oil? if so then i’ll hv to purchase from whoopeekiddies.com. we cant get it from the shops? thx so much for yr help :)

    • sesame says:

      Hi Evan! Of course I remember you. I still read your blog and admire all your beautiful taken pictures from my google reader. :)

      It’s best you use the cosmetic grade of grapeseed oil. Unfortunately, in Singapore here, other than whoopeekiddies, I can’t find anymore source. The closest is to join a spree and get it from states but such sprees are not too regular.

      Another alternative is to get the grapeseed oil supplement, break it and apply topically. I’ve not tried this approach but I do this with vitamin E and evening primrose oil and they’ve worked for me. But for cooking oil, I only use them for body or hands.

  12. Hey, nice post! I love grapeseed oil! But recently i add my skin care regimen with liquid bha exfoliant (salicylic acid from paula’s choice). I use it as a toner replacement. I wash my face, pat dry, then apply the bha exfoliant. Do you think I can apply few drops after my bha exfoliant? Thanks <3

  13. m&m's says:

    Hi Sesame,

    I love reading your blog :)
    I was wondering if it’s possible to use Grape seed carrier oil for the delicate under eye area?

    • sesame says:

      I’m glad you’ve found some info here useful for you. :)

      Yes, it’s possible to use under the eye area but knowing we all have different skin types, I suggest you try bit by bit and if it’s okay after a few days or a week, then it should be fine. But don’t apply too much. I usually apply all over my face before patting the remaining on my eye area.

  14. Shelly says:

    Hi Sesame! I would like to know whether is it ok if I combine both grapeseed + olive oil, like 1:1 and apply all over face and body? I’ve been slathering olive oil all over my body and face and the result is wonderful :)

    • sesame says:

      Definitely not a problem for the body and if you had no problem with using olive oil on the face, again, I don’t see any issue with mixing. Personally, I find olive oil by itself too rich for my face.

  15. MrFrontera says:

    theres a difference between topical and internal vitamin C’s

    for example, you cant crush up vitamin C tablets and wet them and use them on your face.

    and same with oranges.

    thats why its important to research the vitamin C ingredients that a company uses in a product.
    because most are either not formulated for your skin, or are not photostable, meaning the ingredients are deteriorating while they are sitting on the shelf

  16. You appear to know a lot about this, like you wrote the book in it or something.
    much as I can from your article about oil seeds, interesting to observe and learn

  17. hi..i have read that grapeseed oil is good for hair…especially to prevent hair loss..could you please suggest if it is safe to use? thanks.

  18. Elina says:

    Hey ss,
    I was wondering if one applies grapeseed oil on the face and body would any hair growth in those areas occur?

  19. Hi Sesame, (love the wordplay!) I am so glad you made this info about grape seed oil available. I am loving grape seed oil at the moment!! I have been applying an extra virgin cold pressed organically grown version to my face and it feels amazing. So far I havent had any negative side effects at all. I would like to find a more affordable source but I dont want to compromise the potential benefits.

    I’m considering using some grapeseed oil that I purchased from coastal scents. It lists the following as ingredients: Grape (Vitis Vinifera) Seed Oil, Olus (or) Vegetable Oil and Tocopherol.

    I dont know any other information about this oil. Could you suggest if it would be good to use on the face or on the body for moisturizing? Or do you think there would be any drawbacks to using this on my face? Could you draw any conclusions from the ing. list about whether or not this oil contains all the collagen boosting benefits? Any information or suggestions you might have would be much appreciated.

    Thanks, Kat

    • sesame says:

      Grapeseed oil is great and I’m glad it’s working well for you. The one you mentioned from coastal scents is not 100% pure is it? You can use it for sure no problem but of course a cold pressed, gently refined one is better. Have you checked out Garden of Wisdom? The prices seem okay.

      • Kathleen says:

        I just purchased GSO from my local health food store here in N Carolina. It is by NOW company and the store offered more than one brand. Just ask at your local health food store. NOW brand is 100% pure and says it is specifically for Sensitive Skin. I like the benefits I have read since my skin has changed in recent years…it’s drier. So, I’m doing detailed cleansing internally all organs and do not want anything with potential chemicals getting into my bloodstream (your skin absorbs direct to blood). Also, I’ve added more Coconut Oil to my diet for it’s many amazing benefits as well, you can use it on your skin too. Hope this helps.

        • I see…okay, I’ll check it out. We have limited choices here in Singapore and I’m not sure if the brand you mentioned is available here. Thanks for sharing that info. Btw, I’ve never tried coconut oil in my diet although I’ve read about the health benefits. But I do want to try using it on my skin going forward.

  20. Deborah says:

    i use grape seed oil everyday. I have some mixed into my breakfast in the morning as well. Since i have been doing this my moods have been much better. My eyesight is better. Im sleeping . The lines around my eyes and mouth have gone. And i feel stronger. I feel that the grapeseed oil has helped me with the troubles i was haveing with menopause. I wrote down all my symptoms befor i started on the grapeseed oil. And i realy feel and see a big difference. Deborah.

    • Oh wow, sounds great! So you use it both topically and orally? I don’t think I’ve ever taken grapeseed oil orally but I’m glad it’s working well for you.

  21. Karla Gutella says:

    Can grape seed oil remove acne scars?

    • Sesame says:

      I don’t think it removes well. You can try rosehip oil but if your skin is very oily, this oil could be too rich. Then the other alternative is vitamin E and emu oil but they’re also pretty rich. You can use a combination like jojoba, olive, with one of these.

  22. I love grapeseed oil and it does work great as a eye makeup remover.

    • Sesame says:

      Oh that’s a nice tip! I’ve never though of using grapeseed oil as an eye makeup remover.

  23. Very informative,thanks.I purchased Grapeseed oil today and I can’t wait to try it :)
    LediaJ – Healthy Beauty last post is: No poo method

  24. manusha gurung says:

    hi sesame its me Manusa.i would like to use grapeseed oil but here in Nepal i didn’t find this oil .so what should i do?is it suitable for all age ?i would like to use it on my face and i have combination skin is it suitable in it?

    • Sesame says:

      Yes, it works for combination skin…I have combination skin. As to where to get, I really don’t know. I believe you can get them from India or else you have to purchase them online.

  25. I am currently a massage therapist student, and I use grapeseed oil as my oil of choice. My clients love it!!
    april last post is: Skinactives Every Lipid Serum With Ceramide

  26. Thelma says:

    I have

  27. I have use the Jojoba oil, Coconut oil, Grapeseed oil & love them all but was wondering where I could purchase the Rosehip oil…

    • Sesame says:

      Depends where are you based. If in US, you have many sources.

      • Thelma says:

        Thanks so much for your reply..Actually I live in Canada & I find the Rosehip oil difficult to come by…Is there a oil that contains vitamin c vitamin? Thanks!

  28. miriam says:

    Hi sesame, my name is miriam from the philippines. Can i ask is the red grapes will help remove my varicouse veins?

    • Sesame says:

      I’m not so sure…are you talking about eating them? Perhaps you can do a search on the topic?

  29. What I take is grape seed extract supplement. Very good antioxidant and said to help if you have hypertension :)
    melinda last post is: WELCOME!

  30. I used to buy grapeseed oil at the hobby store. I paint with oils on canvas.
    I add grapeseed oil to the oil paint for a finished gloss and to thin out the paint. It is a beautiful result. I buy a huge bottle of grapeseed oil at Publix for only $8.00

  31. Thelma says:

    Hi…does anyone know if Argan oil has any antiaging properties for the face? I presently using Emu oil and love it…..

  32. Recently, I started taking grape seed oil supplements recommended by my friend. I have a lot of skin problems and have oily skin. After taking for 2 weeks, many of my friends said my skin looks less dull. It made me believe that grapeseed oil is effective for the skin!:)
    Dawn last post is: Three Reasons Why Diets Fail

  33. Rebekah says:

    I love Grapeseed Oil! I usually order mine from my Wildtree rep – it’s organic and high quality! What a great source of antioxidants as well!

  34. can you use the grapeseed oil that you get at the store?

  35. I’ve been using the cold-pressed grape seed oil from seedoilcompany.com
    and love it! They’ve got some great info on their site too.

  36. darlene says:

    Hi there …I was wondering if its possible to put on the grape seed oil after I shower and then put on my makeup? Can I replace my regular moisterizer with the oil or can I put on the oil then my mojsterizer and then my makeup? Can I wear this with makeup?

    • Sure…but it depends on your skin type cos some pple with drier skin feel their skin is not so hydrated just using oil.

  37. Bettina says:

    I apply GSO under my makeup and I have found that my oily skin doesnt look oily as the day progresses.
    I have dry leading to over secretion of oils leading to oily skin, so in essence my skin is dry, not oily.
    This is my holy grail oil, but to use with a light hand. Too much and I end up with an oil slick.
    I’m using this on my hair now as a mask so hopefully, it works to give me beautiful shiny hair; damaged from bleaching/colouring.
    BTW, I buy my GSO in the cooking section in Coles. Works fine. Cold pressed. No worries.

    • Sesame says:

      I love GSO but I no longer use it now because I’m using others…mainly argan oil. I agree GSO is light and works well.

  38. Has anyone tried grapeseed oil for rosacea? I need something to remove the red marks that this leaves on my skin.

  39. Hello ♥
    Let may ask if where can i buy a grape seed oil here in cebu, i live in cebu, i take a grape seed soft gel, but i wantd to buy oil.tnx
    Pls rep.

  40. Sesame,Is the grape seed oil good for wrinkles,and lines between the eyes? How long does it take for you to see results,Please e-mail me back at CATA@BLOMAND.NET

    • Sesame says:

      It’ll help to reduce fine lines temporarily first and prevent them from deepening too much over time. However, it will not eradicate the lines that are already formed.

  41. Grace says:

    Awww I really wish I could use grapeseed oil since it’s cheaper than jojoba but unfortunately it irritates my skin and breaks me out a little (but no cysts, thank god). I know people with nut allergies especially may not be able to tolerate jojoba oil but strangely enough it’s the only oil I can use out of all the ones I’ve tried so far (apricot kernel oil, grapeseed, EVOO, avocado oil, and tamanu oil). I’m too scared to try anything else now! My skin also loves the Josie Maran argan oil ($$$$$$$$) but when I tried another brand of argan I broke out :( Do you have any suggestions for oils that my highly sensitive, acne-prone skin may be able to tolerate?

    • Sesame says:

      I think Jojoba oil is closer to your skin’s sebum and hence, more suitable for your skin type. Keep to using that if it works for you and don’t try others since you’ve done so and many don’t agree with your skin. Grapeseed is supposed to work but it doesn’t work for yours. The other one is Evening Primrose Oil. It works to reduce acne inflammation for me and many. But use it with caution. Like I said, if Jojoba works for you, keep to it.

  42. can grapeseed oil use for legs scar?


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