Scratch resistant Tungsten fashion ring

tungsten ring

I love to adorn my fingers with rings. Well, not ten of them but at least three although these days, it’s down to two – my wedding band on my left hand and a fashion ring on my right. Buying rings used to take precedence over other fashion accessories when I was younger. However, I’ve since stopped and now, I hardly buy anymore.

Will not darken or scratch easily
This Tungsten Carbide ring came in the post recently. The retail price is about US$200 before discount but because it was a barter trade, it didn’t cost me anything. I like the simple wide band with triangle beveled edges but the key reason why I picked this was because Tungsten Carbide rings do not darken or scratch that easily.

fashion rings

Replating is troublesome
I like simple looking rings with a wide band but most of them are not scratch resistant. One of my favorites is a white gold ring I bought some years ago. It was an impulse buy because I had liked the design but I didn’t like the fact that it scratched so easily. I got it replated but I didn’t like having to do that, even though it didn’t cost much.

So yes, I am liking my new Tungsten ring very much. It’s neat, and it will stay neat with no scratches for a long time!

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  1. sam says

    hah!! that black one take my breath away… how can i buy it is that tungsten ring is available easily….
    i have some good collection of tungsten ring


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