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DIY Beauty: 1st homemade stick deodorant

 DIY Beauty: 1st homemade stick deodorant

Yesh, my first homdemade stick deodorant!  Since discovering that tea tree oil and baking soda make a wonderful deodorant, I’ve junked my commercial product.  Although my earlier attempt was successful, it was a little troublesome as I preferred to make a fresh batch everyday.   That was of course time consuming.  So I decided to order supplies to make my own stick deodorant.

Mixing 5 ingredients together
After reading a few recipes, I decided to keep mine simple.  I was not prepared to use more than 5 ingredients.  So what I used for mine were:
- 1oz cocoa butter
- 1oz shea butter
- 2 tablespoons of baking soda
- 20 – 25 drops of tea tree essential oil
- 16 – 18 drops of rose geranium essential oil

DIY Deodorant Mixing DIY Beauty: 1st homemade stick deodorant

Let the mixture set in the fridge
I heated up the shea butter and cocoa butter so that they melted a little.  That made the mixing a lot easier.  Then I just dumped all the ingredients in and mixed them up till the mixture became pasty.  I threw out my commercial deodorant but kept the container so that I could pour my mixture into it.  Then off to the fridge it went to set for a day before I started using it.

Too much baking soda may cause skin allergies
I was really worried about putting too much baking soda because I’ve read that some had reactions or redness after using to much of baking soda.  But I think I might need more.  Also, my recipe is lacking something because it’s kind of oily.  So I definitely need to work on another better recipe the next round.

 DIY Beauty: 1st homemade stick deodorant

Somewhat effective deodorant with great smell
Of course the big question is, is this DIY homemade stick deodorant effective?  Well, it’s 50% effective because it worked on one armpit and kept it odor free the entire day but it only worked on the other for half a day.  It’s also a bit too oily!  But I can still use this as it is somewhat effective plus it smells great!  I also have no redness whatsoever using this.  Only thing is I’ve to to wet a cotton pad and add three drops of tea tree essential oil for that particularly smelly armpit.  Kinda troublesome there!   The wet version of the homemade deodorant I made last round was much more effective for sure. 

Still, I’m happy to have taken the leap to make this and have now embarked on a journey of no return because I am now very reluctant to wear those commercial deodorants anymore unless they’re of 100% natural formulation!

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  1. Cute idea. Very environmentally friendly too!

    • sesame says:

      Yes it is! Great smell too…just that I need to tweak this more so that my armpits will smell great all day.

  2. i wonder why did it work on one armpit but not the other? it’s the same body and same stick of deodorant? *curious*

    • sesame says:

      I think it’s cos one of my armpits has got more active sweat glands. It’s the same with the other deodorants I use. One side always smell a little at the end of the day.

  3. Amazing! Eco-friendly, I like! Though do you think it would work for people who are really active Sesame? Like working out or playing sports?

    • sesame says:

      Nope, this won’t do. But my earlier one using baking soda and tea tree oil will. It smells okay if you add in rose geranium or lavender.

  4. Great! Its such a nice idea to use all natural deo:)

  5. Amanda says:

    That’s really cool! I like the idea of an all natural deodorant, extremely eco-friendly! Would love to hear any tweaks you make to this recipe! =)

    • sesame says:

      I will if I’m successful. I think I need to add more essential oil. The quantity I put in is probably insufficient.

  6. It’s really nice! I shall try it when my commercial one finishes.

  7. I love the look of this deodorant stick u made.. Frankly I am trying to steer clear of chemical filled deodorants too. I would so buy this if i saw it in a store!! If only u could fuse the effectiveness of the liquid one with the looks of this stick deo, it would be perfect sesame :))

    • sesame says:

      Yup…I’m lacking something. Stick versions are quite tricky and I’m not very certain of the proportion of stuff to put in. Must tweak some more…

  8. O.O that’s a first for me
    how long can it last before the next batch?

  9. Awesome recipe! I’ve found that DIY deodorants are a trial and error process. I made a batch a while ago and used a bit too much baking soda and started getting irritated after about a week. But I have never been so dry and un-smelly ever before! Just got to keep tweaking the recipe to find that delicate balance. :-)

    • sesame says:

      Yes I agree…it’s quite hard to pin down the exact ingredients too. I’ll try with cornstarch another round.

      • What about arrowroot powder? I read its a better alternative to cornstarch.
        I am surprised that no coconut oil was used.

        May I know where you got the cocoa butter?

        • I think I bought it via a spree…there are variants to this recipe and yes, arrowroot powder can be used.

  10. Amy Loh says:

    Wow~ this sounds so good.. u knw those commercial deo has this distintive smell, which tells everyone that u are wearing deo.. which i hate.. i tot deo are supposed to be quiet.. Glad tat u make this post.. please let me know if u succeeded in making a good 1.. i wish to get the formula from u~ hee.. please share~

  11. stiffedneck says:

    please to try some more, so that we can make it too!!! I was thinking of tossing out my commercial one, yet don’t know how to stop the smell…then u wrote this blog, this is great hahaha.

    • sesame says:

      Try the earlier one I made – baking soda with a bit of water mixed with tea tree essential oil. Add another lovely essential oil and the smell will be good. Can last a good day and I can even go deodorant free for a day or two after that.

  12. Miss Vinny says:

    Wow, this is utterly cool. I’m looking forward to reading about your next attempt at this. Btw, this is something really funny about “advertising gimmicks”. http://www.truthinaging.com/body/dept-of-daft-moa-the-green-balm/

  13. zzzmadison says:

    this is encouraging me to switch to natural deo as well! maybe u can mass-produce and we’ll get our supply from you haha..

    • sesame says:

      Haha…I did think of that too! But I doubt I can concoct a consistent deo even for myself! :razz:

  14. I love the idea :) Where can I buy cocoa butter and shea butter in the form you bought? :)Thanks!

    • sesame says:

      Where are you based? I’m from Singapore and I got it from Yours Essentially but they’ve since closed shop.

  15. great! i hope your other armpit wouldn’t be so problematic anymore too…

  16. Aww it looks so cute! And it is a great idea, hope it starts to work a little better on your stubborn armpit! hehe

  17. Sesame: Based in Singapore too…Would you know of any other places to buy it from? :) Thanks.

  18. Anonymous says:

    I made a baking soda/cornstarch/EVCO/Lemon EO/Orange EO deodorant. I love it and it works well. Next time I’ll add a bit of shea butter to make it more moisturizing.

    • sesame says:

      I still haven’t got down to working on a perfect formula to work for both armpits. Reminds me…need to do it soon.

  19. Joanna says:

    It’s usually too oily especially in Singapore, and what with the intense humidity and recently constant rains, I find that it’s better when I skip the cocoa butter altogether. Less oily. Also, I add in some arrowroot powder/flour to absorb the sweat, so that bacteria can’t grow and stink up.

    • sesame says:

      Arrowroot powder? Hmm…I should try to get my hands on this ingredient. It can do a few things for me for sure.

  20. Tiffany says:

    Arrowroot can completely substitute baking soda as well

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