DIY Beauty: strawberry mask for acne-prone

strawberry honey mask

For the longest time, I had no success trying to use strawberries as a mask. The reason is, every time I want to mash up the strawberries, I end up popping them into my mouth. The furthest I’ve gone with using strawberries is to dab some of juice on my acne, but since I don’t use it consistently, I can’t say it gave me results.

However, strawberries are rich in salicylic acid, which is the same key ingredient in many commercial acne products. Hence, it is recommended for those with acne-proned skin.

Use on its own
It’s easy to use strawberries. Just mash up a few with a fork if you’re using it for your entire face. Make sure it isn’t too watery but I’ll say the juice is great for exfoliating purposes so don’t throw it out. You can dab the juice around your face and after your face is dry, apply the mask on your face.

Use with honey
Strawberries are good when used alone but even better when mixed with honey for easy application. Honey has good anti-inflammatory properties so it’s particularly great for acne-proned skin as well.  However, make sure your honey is suitable for topical application or it might be a problem for those with sensitive skin.

Strawberry honey mask recipe
You can add three mashed strawberries with two teaspoons of honey. Blend them well together, apply on your face and let sit for 20 minutes. Rinse with warm water, pat dry and tone and moisturize as per normal.

Use twice a week over a month or two for results
I can’t vouch for the effectiveness but I’ve read of girls with acne using this twice a week for a month or two with good results. So if you can resist popping that strawberry into your mouth and you want to try something natural to get rid of your acne, you might want to attempt this homemade strawberry mask.

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  1. chenyze says

    hmm is it just me or is it nearly impossible to find sweet strawberries in singapore? even the really small and sweet-smelling ones turn out sour for me so i doubt i would have the same problem as you, of eating them instead of applying them d=

    btw, how can we determine if a honey (well besides manuka because it’s quite expensive) is suitable for topical application?


    • sesame says

      You’re not alone! I find most strawberries here more sour than sweet too. But still, I like to eat them! The redder ones are better though. I usually go for those from Korea – they’re not too bad at times.

      For honey, I seen some written as suitable for topical application – but it’s manuka unfortunately. I’ve always thought honey was okay but it seems some people are sensitive so this is a precaution. If it’s not stated on the bottle, then another way is to dab on your wrist and jawline to determine if it’s okay for topical application.

    • sesame says

      Something else to add about the honey is – if you have sensitive skin, then best to avoid those labelled as raw wild honey. The processed ones are probably more suitable – but may not be as good in terms of benefits.

    • sesame says

      I always buy them on offer. Not too bad. Those from States seem more ex to me.

      Hope you’ll get results if you try this. :)

  2. Amanda says

    I don’t know if I’d get very far with this mask. I absolutely love strawberries! Making this would definitely be a challenge.

    Strawberries are currently in season here though, so maybe I’ll leave a few to use as a face mask.

    Thanks for the great idea!

  3. says

    i find strawberries to be mouth watering and very very good for whitening the skin :) Strawberries and honey and oats makes for a great exfoliating product!

    • sesame says

      Ah yes, I read they’re good for whitening the teeth but I find it hard to use cos I end up just eating the strawberry! LOL

  4. Raelynn says

    when i do diy masks that are quite watery, i prefer to soak those dry compressed face masks in the solution, less mess and you usually need less liquid than you think to saturate the whole mask.

  5. says

    and oops, i forgot to add that, use strawberry powder + yoghurt or strawberry powder + honey, so that it wont be too watery as compared to using strawberries. cheap too. :)

  6. OceanBlue says

    Too bad that strawberries are out of season where I live, as the imported ones are as hard as rocks!

    I’ve seen strawberry powder in the shops – it’s freeze dried strawberries which have been ground up to form a powder. I don’t know if you’d still get the same benefits as with fresh strawberries, especially as chemical colourings are often added since it’s used to flavour/colour confectionary.

    Plus, I imagine that the freeze drying process would destroy the fruit enzymes.

    • sesame says

      No idea about frozen ones but stiffedneck mentioned that it seems okay.

      I should keep a lookout for the powder but like what you say, if there are some other additives, then the natural fruit is definitely better.

  7. stiffedneck says

    I was just reading about strawberries mask on a magazine. It’s not strawberry/berries season here, so it’s crazily expensive to get them. However, the magazine did say that it’s ok to buy the frozen one and let it thaw…it still has the same effect. And yes, strawberry has whitening as well as exfoliating properties. I used to like strawberries, now I’m a devoted fan of blueberries.

    Have you ever heard how great is Mangosteen? Apparently, it’s listed as one of those super power fruits along with acai berry, goji berry, etc.

    • sesame says

      No, I just returned from a bookstore and was reading a book on the top 20 superfruits. Didn’t spot mangosteen in the list but mangoes yes.

  8. valerie says

    Hi i just wanted to thank you for introducing this mask! I feel some of my pimples slowly drying and also it smells really good ((:
    and I am probably not the first one to say this but thank you for starting up this blog i feel it has helped me a lot! thanks ((:

    • sesame says

      Hey, that’s great. I’m glad this is working for you. But strawberries are so ex… I’m currently using nutmeg, cinnamon and honey mask for my acne. Will post an update next week or so.


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