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Viva Challenge: fantasize about sexy, hot men

takuya kimura Viva Challenge: fantasize about sexy, hot men

TGIF! It’s been awhile since I issue a Viva Challenge and since I’m so into hormones this week, so today I challenge you to go grab a bib and fantasize about some sexy, hot men! Yes, I’m not kidding! Because according to Chizu Saeki’s “Elixir of Imagination”, ladies who fantasize about sexy, hot men will help release hormones that is a great natural supplement for their skin.

You must have heard the saying that women are the most beautiful when they’re in love. So in the same vein, Chizu Saeki is saying that make-believe romances do the same as a bit of heart-throbbing excitement makes a great supplement for healthy skin since these fantasies excite the secretion of female hormones.

Endorphins increase natural production of collagen
I suspect this is also related to endorphins – natural hormones that your brain releases when it senses happiness. These endorphins give you a sense of happiness, satisfaction and well-being and also functions as the body’s natural pain medication hormones. I’ve come across reads that endorphins improve our complexion and makes our eyes sparkle! In fact, endorphins are released during laughter and *ahem* during orgasm. According to research at Royal Edinburgh Hospital, it found that sex is an aerobic form of exercise that pumps higher levels of oxygen around the body, pushing newer, fresher skin cells up to the surface. And at age 71, Jane Fonda confirms this! (source).

But granted, sex is not a possibility for all since some of us are not in a relationship.  So, the next best option is to fantasize and it doesn’t have to be raunchy at all!  Just pick someone who will make your heart flutter!

For me, it’s Takuya Kimura, whom I’ve adored for a decade.  This is the guy who has been helping to release endorphins for me and  I swear my heart skips a beat every time I see him on print or on screen.   He’s incredibly sexy, funny and talented!  The other is none other than 2009′s sexy man JOHNNY DEPP! But I’m a bit embarrassed to admit that I only discovered Johnny Depp after watching a spoof of Captain Jack by Takuya in SMAPXSMAP and since, I’ve been smittened. And my endorphins definitely surged by a notch when I heard his name mentioned on the radio this morning!

So tell me, who will you fantasize?

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Blogger and founder of Viva Woman, Sesame is a skin care addict who is fond of using natural & organic beauty products. She also enjoys ogling at handmade jewelry & cute stationery.



  1. That’s easy!!


    I almost fell off the chair reading this, going to link this to my next blog post :D

    • sesame says:

      I seem to have missed out your comment while I was going through the list earlier. Saw your post about Chris Sarandon (hope the spelling is right) – not familiar with him but he’s got a very sexy look indeed!

  2. Ralph Fiennes and Russell Crowe, haha!

    • I kind of like the attitude of Russell Crowe…I remember Ralph Fiennes as Amon Goeth Schindler’s List and the serial killer in Red Dragon.

  3. hmmm… men… has to be any hot vampire from twilight!!! hahaha

  4. *woot* Takuya! I heart thee! still as sexy as every! I love this post! and yes it’s true. Hot men, make your heart flutters, awefully nice feeling tehehe.

    You should check out Johnny Depp during haydays of 21 Jump Street (he aged well hehe, more sexy this days), I heart Josh Hartnett, Brad Pitt (it’s all their eyes!)

    • I didn’t watch Johnny Depp in his earlier days. Only in recent years. Don’t know why I took so long to discover this gem.

  5. it’s a shame…no hot men come to the mind after reading the article, must have been a while since I thought about this kinda matters? or probably never did. haha :) interesting challenge though.

  6. For me, I love Johnny Depp, Takuya-san too! and Brad Pitt!! and Tony Leung.. hahaha

  7. Robert De Niro, anytime:)

  8. pf1123 says:

    I second Tony Leung! :D

    • You like him too? I’m not so hot on HK celebs…maybe Aaron Kwok at one stage. Like some of the Taiwan lads though…

  9. zhenling says:

    matsuda shota!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Johnny Depp!! Since his 21 Jump Street days!

  11. loveless says:

    kimu-taku seems like a popular. you should check out the pics of him when SMAP first debuted. apparently that’s when he was the cutest and won the hearts of many loyal fans.
    my current fav is simon baker from the mentalist. his gaze is very smoldering and for an oji-san he’s in great shape.
    colin firth (of BBC Pride and Prejudice and Bridget Jone’s Diary) is for those who like cuddle. he sorts of reminds me of a teddy bear.
    unofortunately, both seemed to be happily married, and that disturbs my fantasies a little.

    • I actually like Takuya when he’s older. But yes, agree he looked cute when he was young. Well, to me, he always look great.

      I like Colin Firth in Bridget Jone’s Diary. Quite man there!

  12. loveless says:

    p.s. one of my favourite authors katie macalister has a weekly posting on her blog (http://katiemacalister.livejournal.com/) called Dishy Guy Monday (DGM). her rationale is that these guys will help chase away the monday blues. definitely nourishment for the eyes, tho it may give us more wrinkles if we goggle for an extended amt of time. hmmm.. time to get that ultra-big LCD screen for my com.

    • Oooh, nice idea! I would like something like that cos there are a few guys I like to ogle at too. :grin:

  13. I sure do love Kimura…*sigh* I never get enough of his smile…always makes my heart skip a beat…if only I could get my hands on him…..*looks away* lol

  14. Have you watch Mr Brain? lolz I find him funny… Him and his banana lolz

  15. Takeshi Kaneshiro aka Jīnchéng Wǔ, of House of Flying Daggers and Kaijin. Sorta dorky-cute.

    Good post. Sexy starts in the brain…

    Also: http://www.fareedzakaria.com/about.html Smart is sexy!

    • sesame says:

      Oh you like Takeshi Kaneshiro? Hehe…I never liked him very much until I saw him in a Nokia ad. Man, he’s gorgeous and even Takuya Kimura himself said this guy is a good looker!

      Not familiar with the other man you posted but he seems like one intelligent man with sexy lips!

  16. pf1123 says:

    I love Tony Leung. Men with deep wrinkles at the corner of their eyes appeal very much to me. :D

    • sesame says:

      Haha…that’s a cute appeal. I think I’m also attracted to eyes, but not sure about deep wrinkles around them.

  17. Chris was 40 when he shot Fright Night. Still very sexy, very my type :D

    He’s in his 60s now and still make me go gaga LOL~

  18. jang geun suk from the new k-drama you’re beautiful!!! the stylist made him look immaculate in that drama.

    • sesame says:

      I’m not familiar with lots of Korean names – more so with the guys. I did a quick google and this guy is cute! My fave Korean male celebs are Ji Jin Hee and Won Bin. :)

  19. woohh i like takuya kimura after watching Love Generation. He’s so good looking, so foolish looking sometimes, so sexy and just so funny!

    • sesame says:

      Oh yes, he is! I’ve watched most of his dramas and movies, except for a few of his earlier works. I prefer Long Vacation over Love Generation though and my fave so far is Change.

  20. I’m sorry, I do not mean to come off as slow or anything, but could you please give me the name of that mean in the photo?

    (12:36 am)
    I’m practically falling asleep, so I didn’t bother to search through the comments or anything for a clue. xD

    Thank you. :]

  21. Thank you so much!
    He is very handsome. xD

  22. debbie says:

    Hehe I have been fantasizing about Henry Cavill nonstop.

  23. Oooohhhhhh yeah, I heart Takeshi Kaneshiro from The House of Flying Daggers.I only discovered him from that movie which my dad bought some years ago and was smitten ever since. Whatsmore, he is appearing everywhere on billaboard advertisments for watches!*squeal!*

    Too bad I am way too young for him…But who cares? The imagination is limitless right?!;D

  24. Dominique says:

    I love Eddie Redmayne, a british theatre actor, there’s this energy he exudes through his intellect and the way he articulates things. Colin Firth, UH-HUH, especially his role as Mr Darcy and ironically, Mark Darcy in Bridget’s. And James McAvoy, no question.

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