Do women need to use a nose hair trimmer?

First, it was armpit hair and now, it’s nose hair. I shouldn’t be surprised if my readers start to think that I’m kind of hairy. But hairy I am not, just that I do have some hairy issues. Like once in a few months, I find myself having to trim my nose hair when it gets longer. I thought it was quite normal until I found out that nose hair trimmers are marketed toward men because they typically have more problems with overgrown nasal hair than women! And that’s because nose hair growth is regulated by the female hormone estrogen. Since men produce significantly lower quantities of estrogen, their nose hair grows longer and coarser. *GASP* So what that does that mean for me?

Nose hair shouldn’t be trimmed too clean
Nose hair serve to protect the delicate membranes of the inner nasal passage from dust, dirt, and debris. The hair also traps moisture and humidity to keep the delicate nasal membranes lubricated and healthy. So it’s not a good idea to trim off our nose hair as that can damage the membranes, causing inflammation and enhancing cold or allergy symptoms. However, nose hair can grow longer and thicker and they’re really unsightly when they start to stick out of the nostril! I remember getting nightmares after frequently seeing them on a male colleague! I don’t know how his partner could tolerate his hairy nose really.

Nose trimmer more efficient than scissors
Back to my nose hair. Well, I don’t have a big issue really. Just that once in a few months, I like to examine my nose closely and use a pair of scissors to trim off the ends so that they will never have a chance to see light! But I never even knew there’s such a thing as a nose trimmer until my husband showed his to me. Apparently, he bought it from Watsons two years ago and use it occasionally. So for the fun of it, I tried it and you know what? I like it! It’s very efficient in trimming off the long and untidy nose hair and it definitely works faster than scissors. I forsee that I won’t have to check my nose for at least half a year!

So do you think it’s odd for a woman to use a nose trimmer? Did you ever have to trim your nose hair? Or is it “NOSE HAIR? WHAT’S THAT?” for you?

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  1. says

    you got me staring at mine for a full 10 mins :) I don’t keep track of the ‘length’ but I do check the mirror for any oddity before heading out. Now you got me even more conscious! Marlon Brando once commented to an actress after a bed scene about her nose hair XD

    • Jamie says

      I’m 30. I have been having to trim mine with tweezers a couple yrs now. My ex actually commented on it.
      I am on the hairier side, though. I read that can be due to higher levels of testosterone/ lower levels of estrogen.

  2. pf1123 says

    I only have the occassional overgrown hair. 1 hair. It sort of tickles me and then I’ll go see in the mirror and realise 1 hair is sticking out. I’ll then proceed to tweezer it off. :)

  3. says

    I hadn’t heard of a woman using one, but it makes sense to use it if you’re worried about it.

    I’m going to be checking next time I go in front of a mirror, I just know it! lol

    I’ve wondered about them, and thought of getting one for my husband…

  4. Ms. Blacklace says

    I have more Eyelashes than underarm hair… And I have more eyelashes than nose hair… Good and bad thing. More dirt goes into my nose, making me sneeze a lot. And razors don’t work on my underarm. I have to pluck them out with a pair of tweezers.

    • sesame says

      Speaking of underarm hair, since I started waxing, the growth has slowed down and I don’t see so many…yeah, I can count them now.

  5. Ms. Blacklace says

    Oh yes. I am going out of topic here. I ordered the gentle cleanser and sunscreen from MVO, and it smells soooo gooooooodddd…… the sun protection oil i got for a sample also smells sooo goood. I just love the smell!

    • sesame says

      You did? And do you like the sunscreen? I hope it’ll work well for you. I like the smell too but some pple find the smell too strong.

      • Ms. Blacklace says

        I just started using it this morning. I like it! Used the one in light tint. But it is still a tad dark for my skin. I wasn’t used to it so I applied too much, making my face a little darker than the rest of my skin. But blotting it with facial tissue helped tone it down. The good thing is, it’s not greasy like John Master’s organics. And it smells better too.

        • sesame says

          I found the tinted version works well with my mineral makeup but not my compact foundation. It makes my skin darker due to the tint. So I’m going back to the non tinted one.

  6. yay says

    i do see it sometimes.. i just grab the tweezer and pulled them out..usually when i pull out it come out more than once..i guess in a way i’ll have to say it’s effective…but it’s is a pain… the only thing i’m worry about is the more u trim or u used tweezer would the hair get longer in the long run & make it worse?

    • sesame says

      You tweeze too? Hmm…interesting point you ask about the hair getting longer due to tweeziing and trimming. I’ve heard of eyelash hair growing longer when we trim but so far, I don’t experience it with nose hair even though I’ve been trimming it.

  7. says

    I have the same problem as you! Not too often, but sometimes my nose hair does get a little bit long and I trim them with scissors. I don’t think I really would want to get a nose hair trimmer though ^^; For some reason, that would make me feel sad about myself I think… O_o Or maybe I am crazy!

    • sesame says

      Don’t need to get one. A pair of scissors would suffice. But in my case, I tried it cos it was available at home. 😉

  8. stiffedneck says

    I don’t have enough hair anywhere to worry about trimming, except that the hair on my head is normal and healthy (thank God for that). But I prefer waxing if I ever need to get rid of the unwanted hair. I guess if there’s just one or two long hair needed to be out of the nose, it makes more sense to pluck even though it hurts, no?

    I’m getting side track here, but have you ever considered or heard of Clarisonic brush to wash your face?

    • sesame says

      Never used Clarisonic brush. My skin is rather thin and I don’t think it’ll work too well for me. If anything, a face towel would suffice.

  9. Elaine says

    I’ve been using a nose trimmer for a good year now, about every two weeks or so. Funny, but I’m not hairy on the body much at all, although I do have a great thick head of hair.
    I figure, I’d rather have hair in my nose than on my chin or even worse, a mustache!

  10. says

    my side of family have long nose hair lol… get it from my mom side. yeah trim it as my dear complaining eww.. can see.

  11. Kate Mills says

    I tweeze out abut 20 nose hairs every 3 months. Trimming is no good as it causes stuble. You must tweeze or wax it for a smooth nose.

    If you don’t like mens nose hair, think haw many times more gross your female nose hair is to a guy!

    Guys can be as hairry as they wish, but a lady should be bare

    • sesame says

      It’s a bit painful to tweeze no? But you’re right that trimming can cause the hair to become coarse.

  12. Stella says

    Thanks for the reassurance… As a 50-something woman I was expecting the odd whisker but the nose hairs took me by surprise!

  13. Iseult says

    Everybody has nose hair, you need it because it traps dirt and germs that would otherwise get into your body, as was mentioned in the article. Like all other types of body hair it grows more on some people than others. So trimming it is just another hair-removal job. Remember – trim it, do NOT remove it completely. You need it to trap germs, as already said, and it would be stupid to interfere too drastically with nature’s protective mechanism.

    I can never understand the whole ‘Oh! Gross!’ thing, where body hair is concerned. We’re all mammals, we all have hair on various parts of our bodies, not just men and women but children too. It may be finer and more sparse on children and some women, but it’s still there. I dislike the way women are so often made to feel ashamed of or disgusted with their own bodies, often by other women. It’s one thing removing hair because we prefer smooth skin; it’s something else entirely to be told it’s gross to have body hair in the first place. No wonder so many women hate their own bodies, with girls as young as 9 or 10 thinking they’re ugly or too fat or too hairy. Please, if you have children, teach them to put things such as body hair into perspective, don’t go down the ‘Gross!’ route.

    Hope no one minds my little lecture. :)

    • sesame says

      Hmm…you’ve raised some good points here. We always think of these body hair as gross but as you pointed out, we really shouldn’t. :)

    • Christine Davis says

      You are so right thank you for taking the time to say it I am a 63 year old woman and I now have hairs on the outside of my nose between my nostrils and I trim them and I have hairs on my chin which I pluck and I have read otther females have this and I do not feel so bad about myself thank you to all the women who have said on the web that this is more normal than I thought I was

    • Christine Davis says

      Ps I forgot to say I use the mens nose trimmer in side my nostrils and it works well

  14. Ursula says

    I tweeze mine out of boredom! Perhaps their more sightly than the average woman’s but I find it painless and actually enjoy it. I’m twenty and have random and irregular hair in odd places but generally I’m not too hairy. I can handle it so I really don’t mind.

  15. freda says

    very very occasionally i think that the hair up my nose may be unsightly! i’m taller than average and worry that most people that are shorter than me will be able to see boogies gathered on my nose hair so i trim them! i think it must be normal, but snot is not very appealing hanging out of one’s nose, so i just do it at a precaution!!

    • sesame says

      Yeah, it’s best to check regularly and trim. I’m short but I’m still conscious if they grow longer and become visible.

  16. says

    I use scissors to trim my nose hair.I was searching on google for options and many people wax their nose hair.I think that may be too painful for me :S
    LediaJ – Healthy Beauty last post is: Facial bleach (for summer) and how to maintain a glowing skin

  17. says

    NOSE WIRES”……..What happens when I am too old and far sighted (not to mention a tad daft) and they stick out a half inch from my face…who cares, who cuts… don’t get me started about eyebrows and chin hairs…other than that I seem to be holding up (well not entirely)…….

  18. Heather says

    Thank goodness other people do this too! I’m only 17 but I seemed to have inherited my mother’s dark black, long nose hairs. I have always noticed her nose hair but I never thought to actually check myself. I was on holiday with a few friends getting ready and I had EXTREMELY bad sun burn on my nose, so I was paying extra attention to that area and I noticed about 5 black hairs. I was mortified! Why had my friends not told me about this?! But I quickly tweezed them out. I told my mum when I got back from holiday about it and she said it was weird that I tweezed them. So glad I am not the only one :)

    • Sesame says

      It’s painful to tweeze no? I just trim. I’m very conscious of hair in this area…very unsightly.

  19. says

    My heritage is vigorously hairy plus long nose with concave nostrils. And we’re tall. Emerging nose hair suddenly became an issue in my early 30s. It wasn’t a problem before that. I now trim every 7-10 days (yes, super fast growth, same with leg hair, opposite with head hair!) using very curved nail scissors that belonged to my grandmother — safest option being curve of scissor aligning with curve of nostril — but it’s a nervous operation, perhaps because the scissors are old and the blades don’t cut near the tips. I’ve poked myself several times, and am concerned about the delicate skin membranes.
    I recently heard about nose trimmers, so I’m researching feminine options, and found this frank article and comments. Thanks, ladies! Any recommendations on brand/type/price?

    • Sesame says

      Can’t say the brand because it depends where you are. But what we have here appears to be brand-less?

  20. says

    Yes, nose hair can be really embarrassing, and I believe even more for females. I’ve seen someone use scissors and that made me almost shudder at the possibility of the nose getting easily sliced.

    I believe the nose trimmer does a safer, faster, easier job.

    Awesome, useful article, Sesame.

  21. says

    My girfriend has some nose hair. she used to use tweezer but it hurts. when I saw her trouble , I gave her Panasonic er . now she doesn’t have any trouble about nose hair and she says it is very useful.

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