7 things to avoid during that time of the month

What To Do During That Time Of The Month
Whilst growing up, many of us in Asia would have had our moms telling us the stuff to avoid when we are menstruating. Initially I thought it was just the Chinese but I’ve also come across Filipinos who are even more vigilant about these. So here I look at some of them based on my memory and experience. Do note that I’m not going to examine the medical evidences behind them so some of them are going to sound pretty ludicrous.

1. Avoid drinking tea
This is so true for me. When I was younger, I would sometimes deliberately down a few cups of tea just to have my menses come earlier. I remember I forgot all about the effects of this during a holiday and drank a whole mug, just to have a heavy flow at the most unsuitable time! Apparently, this is due to the tannins tea contains.

2. Avoid drinking cooling herbal tea
As a whole, Chinese believe that ladies should avoid taking cooling food and drinks during menstruation. So herbal tea and drinks like barley or chrysanthemum tea should be avoided.

3. Avoid eating certain fruits
Eating fruits like pineapples and water melons are considered a big no-no during that time of the month. Both fruits are considered “cooling” and pineapples in particular will increase the menstrual flow. I don’t particularly avoid eating these fruits during my period but I would eat them in moderation. However, I definitely avoided them during my pregnancy because I heard that women in the past would eat a lot of pineapples in order to have a miscarriage.

7 Things To Avoid During The Time Of The Month
4. Avoid eating chilled fruits, desserts and drinks
I was always told to avoid eating or drinking anything cold by my mom. So ice creams, chilled desserts, canned drinks, etc are not to be taken at all. Apparently, they would cause cramps. As I don’t consume chilled stuff frequently, I cannot remember if they cause more cramps for me. Maybe someone else has some experience to share?

5. Avoid washing your hair
This was to me, really ridiculous because I have to wash my hair EVERY DAY! So telling me not to wash my hair even just on the first day of my period is like telling me not to step out of the house when I have my period. So although I heard that it would increase menstrual cramps, I’ve never taken heed of that advice and I say, I didn’t feel much of a difference really.

6. Avoid bathing in cold water
I think as a whole, anything cold is not good for women when they are menstruating. So besides avoiding cold food and drinks, one should also avoid bathing in cold water. I can’t say if this is true since I’ve always been bathing in warm water anyway.

7. Avoid exercising
Some women take it to the extreme and avoid all exercises when they are having their menses. From my understanding, we should only avoid strong, vigorous movement or exercise during menstruation. I’m not exactly sure of the reason but I remember my yoga instructor would tell us not to stretch ourselves too much or avoid certain poses if we’re having our periods. Apparently, those might aggravate cramps or cause heavier flow.

I’m sure there are more to avoid but these are based on what I can remember. But I’m certainly looking forward to reading what you’ve come across or what you avoid during that time of the month. So come on in and tell us!


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  1. Destiny says

    I had been drinking a detox tea and realized my menestral was getting heavier so I stopped drinking the detox tea until it went off. Tell me is it safe to drink a detox tea while on your period?

    • Sesame says

      Drinking tea during period is not unsafe but it will increase your blood flow. So you might want to reduce the consumption until after your period.

  2. Mírene says

    Im glad I found this blog. I remember grandma and my mom would always tell me to avoid eating avocados, bananas, apples and coconut in addition to the watermelons, as they will give you cramps. I remember one day I forgot I had my period and I ate a couple of coconut cookies, a few minutes later I was having horrible cramps.

  3. Paola says

    My mom always told me not to eat cucumbers,watermelon,coconut,bananas limon, because i would get horrible cramps but i hace seen that people say its good to eat bananas will con you periodo

  4. jarroda says

    I had the worse menstrual cramps I had in a long time today. It all makes sense because last night I had made black bean soup that had avocados and cucumbers. I also drank a smoothie that had a lot of pineapple juice, apples and bananas and ate a lot of watermelon on top of that.

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