7 things to avoid during that time of the month

What To Do During That Time Of The Month
Whilst growing up, many of us in Asia would have had our moms telling us the stuff to avoid when we are menstruating. Initially I thought it was just the Chinese but I’ve also come across Filipinos who are even more vigilant about these. So here I look at some of them based on my memory and experience. Do note that I’m not going to examine the medical evidences behind them so some of them are going to sound pretty ludicrous.

1. Avoid drinking tea
This is so true for me. When I was younger, I would sometimes deliberately down a few cups of tea just to have my menses come earlier. I remember I forgot all about the effects of this during a holiday and drank a whole mug, just to have a heavy flow at the most unsuitable time! Apparently, this is due to the tannins tea contains.

2. Avoid drinking cooling herbal tea
As a whole, Chinese believe that ladies should avoid taking cooling food and drinks during menstruation. So herbal tea and drinks like barley or chrysanthemum tea should be avoided.

3. Avoid eating certain fruits
Eating fruits like pineapples and water melons are considered a big no-no during that time of the month. Both fruits are considered “cooling” and pineapples in particular will increase the menstrual flow. I don’t particularly avoid eating these fruits during my period but I would eat them in moderation. However, I definitely avoided them during my pregnancy because I heard that women in the past would eat a lot of pineapples in order to have a miscarriage.

7 Things To Avoid During The Time Of The Month
4. Avoid eating chilled fruits, desserts and drinks
I was always told to avoid eating or drinking anything cold by my mom. So ice creams, chilled desserts, canned drinks, etc are not to be taken at all. Apparently, they would cause cramps. As I don’t consume chilled stuff frequently, I cannot remember if they cause more cramps for me. Maybe someone else has some experience to share?

5. Avoid washing your hair
This was to me, really ridiculous because I have to wash my hair EVERY DAY! So telling me not to wash my hair even just on the first day of my period is like telling me not to step out of the house when I have my period. So although I heard that it would increase menstrual cramps, I’ve never taken heed of that advice and I say, I didn’t feel much of a difference really.

6. Avoid bathing in cold water
I think as a whole, anything cold is not good for women when they are menstruating. So besides avoiding cold food and drinks, one should also avoid bathing in cold water. I can’t say if this is true since I’ve always been bathing in warm water anyway.

7. Avoid exercising
Some women take it to the extreme and avoid all exercises when they are having their menses. From my understanding, we should only avoid strong, vigorous movement or exercise during menstruation. I’m not exactly sure of the reason but I remember my yoga instructor would tell us not to stretch ourselves too much or avoid certain poses if we’re having our periods. Apparently, those might aggravate cramps or cause heavier flow.

I’m sure there are more to avoid but these are based on what I can remember. But I’m certainly looking forward to reading what you’ve come across or what you avoid during that time of the month. So come on in and tell us!


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  1. says

    whoa! thanks for the post! omg…. I must have commited every single crime every single time outside the cold dairy…fruit, exercise, tea omg…
    THANK YOU! will favorite this! lol

    • sesame says

      Haha…it’s very hard to be discipline. But some of these have no basis and hence. are considered as old wives’ tales.

    • sesame says

      That’s really interesting! Hmm…I wonder what is it in there that create that difference. But I do know that diet can make a lot of difference. Eg. Omega-3 fatty acids, vege, calcium-rich food are all good to relieve pms. As a matter of fact, my PMS is almost non-existent now since I did my detox and watch my diet by cutting down refined sugar and carbo. I still get the hormonal acne though…

  2. Happy Feet says

    I am one who definitely do not follow any of these ‘rules’ during that time of the month. I wonder if I would suffer any repercussions when I grow old, like what my mum always tells me, if I don’t follow any of these? Seriously, with modern technology like water heater, do we still have to adhere to these scientifically not proven old wives’ tales? When I gave birth to my three children, I bathed and washed my hair everyday during my confinement, to the dismay of both my mum and mother-in-law. Between my sanity and worrying about old age, I rather take care of the formal. I believe the reason why many old women suffer from old age ailments is due to old age reasons, like osteoporosis, hormonal changes and etc. So, in my most humble opinion, I do not think that we suffer from arthritis because we don’t follow confinement rules. For the record, my mum and mother-in-law are ardent fans of confinement rules, yet they suffer from severe arthritis and headaches. One thing we are not spared from is old age. :)

    • sesame says

      Interesting…I’m sort of in-between. I did follow some of the confinement rules like food to eat or food to avoid but I bathed and washed my hair too. It’s hard not to!

      As to the old age problems, I think there are many factors and not necessarily due to confinement issues too.

  3. pf1123 says

    I was told some of these by my mum except the exercise one. But from my personal experience, with or without following these rules, it doesn’t seem to make a difference for me.

    But I definately have to say exercise really really helps to elevate the cramps for me. Not strenuous ones, but just walking or some jogging. If I don’t, I need to take my EPO. However, as I have been exercising now, there is not much cramp. Just some uncomfort.

    • sesame says

      I find it a bit difficult to do strenous exercises during that time of the month. But my rebounding is good – I can do it anytime. And if I remember reading, exercise is good to alleviate PMS.

  4. Mami says

    I’m not sure of exercise “during” but I can say safely say that I only get cramps when I don’t get enough of exercise beforehand.

    • sesame says

      Yes, I read that exercise helps to ease PMS so this must be why you got cramps when you don’t.

  5. says

    lol. I just do everything! If it becomes heavier, better still, cos it would be over faster.

    Of all the things to avoid, most don’t have much effect on me… Only exercise makes the flow significantly heavier.

  6. Jo says

    Totally agree with the watermelon, once i had like quarter of a watermelon and straight away i got very bad period pain!

    I still drink tea and not really noticing much of a difference. i heard that green tea is considered “cooling” and should be avoided, but i can’t be bothered šŸ˜›

    And the washing hair one is just plain ridiculous= =

    • sesame says

      I think if you don’t drink a lot, it should be fine. I still drink one cup of tea every day (and sometimes two)! But if I’m having my period, I’ll avoid a 2nd cup for sure.

  7. says

    Wow, this is all new to me – I have never in my life heard any of this before! All I know is that at that time of the month you probably shouldn’t go swimming in the ocean in case sharks get you, LOL.

    Really interesting post, Sesame! :)


    • sesame says

      I guess it’s more common knowledge amongst the Chinese and that’s probably why you haven’t come across them. But no shark feasting for me. Heh.

  8. stella says

    i can’t remember the exact details but a OBGYN once told me that the pineapple rule only applies to some women (iirc, it’s due to a chemical/hormone that some women have) — so if you get bad cramps after consuming pineapples during your menses, you should avoid them in your pregnancy. generally i avoid more acidic food like pineapples and tea during menses anyway ‘coz they make my stomach feel funny and exacerbate already loose stools (which happens during the time of the month due to expanding of ovaries or something around there pressing on the bowels or something like that, that much i got out of bio class more than a decade ago heh)

    • sesame says

      Ah…I see. That’s interesting to know. Thanks for sharing the info! I don’t think I had cramps eating pineapples…one stage I ate a quarter of a whole pineapple daily and I was okay. But I lost so much weight and then I had backaches. Then I figured it must be too “cooling” for me.

  9. Jess says

    Hehe..i think i commited almost all the crimes :) About the exercise part, well, it’s really uncomfortable to be exercising especially the first 3 days but I had friends telling me that by doing exercises, the flow is indeed heavier but the entire duration would be cut short. I’ve tried it personally and instead of going thru it for 7 days, my period lasted 4 days!

    • sesame says

      Actually I wonder if it’s good to induce heavier flow this way but I think most women do this at one point or another…I was doing it too by drinking tea.

  10. Raelynn says

    i too dont really stick to all the old wives’ tales.. if i dont drink tea or cold stuff which makes the flow heavier, my whole period can take up to a week, hence i tend to take the caffine to flush everything out if i know i’m going to be at home. i used to use sanitary pads, then i realised that tampons, the tampax pearl in particular, were much more comfortable to use for both day and night. somehow when using tampons, the occurrence of cramps lessened too in comparison to using pads. and made exercising more comfortable for me.

    • sesame says

      I’m a bit paranoid about using tampons cos of what happened to an old neighbour. So it’s only pads for me.

  11. yay says

    i heard of some of them…especially not washing ur hair… when i do wash my hair it somehow slow or stop my period… is that happen to u? i usually wash every other day but sometimes if i need to go somewhere i had to wash it..even the flow is heavy at the beginning it somehow stop the flow… i never heard about not eating pineapple during pregnacy… is that true?

  12. says

    I cannot give up the tea!!! But I have heard about the pineapple one before too…

    Cold anything tends to give my stomach a hard time, so I would definitely avoid cool anything on my period! Not washing hair seems very odd though… O_o

    I thought that exercise was supposed to help alleviate menstrual cramps though… maybe no HARD exercise like extreme sports, but taking a small walk or some light stretches I think actually helps to relax the muscles :) Crazy old superstitions…. Sometimes can’t help but to follow them “just in case” though!

    • sesame says

      I know what you mean…just in case. That’s why I moderately followed my mom’s advice if they weren’t causing inconvenience.

  13. N. says

    Tea is a serious thing. Especially cinnamon, I know I had my period late, and now I wasn’t pregnant, so the solution I found on the internet was to drink tea. And so I did, cinnamon tea. And in less then one hour my period has showed up! Creepy.
    Yes cold is terrible because it contracts muscles and it worsens the cramps. Not sure about cold beverages and so on..
    And also, I think that doing exercise relieves cramps. But only after you cool down xD

    • sesame says

      One hour after drinking cinnamon tea! Whoa! That’s interesting. I wonder if it was cinnamon I drank that time because I had my period almost immediately too.

  14. LL says

    Oh my gosh, you are soo right about the teas! As much as I love green tea, I avoid it when it’s around that time.

    • sesame says

      Yes, I read that green tea promotes a heavier flow cos it’s even stronger than the regular tea in terms of the tannin properties.

  15. ann says

    Cold drinks definitely give me more cramps but I was so amazed once when I bought a bottle of the chrysanthemum tea from a medical shop during lunch and then promptly proceeded to have bad cramps in the afternoon.

    • sesame says

      I guess it depends on the person’s health constitution. Probably “cooling” food or drinks doesn’t work well for you.

  16. zzzmadison says

    i avoid all cold stuff and tea a week before mine. works real good. else i have extremely unbearable cramps.

    i’ve been told to avoid mangoes too haha

    • sesame says

      Mangoes? First time hearing this cos I thought those are “heaty” fruits and shouldn’t be a concern.

  17. pf1123 says

    The worst is when you have mouth ulcers which indicates heatiness and then you have your period. Hahahhaaa….happens to me once or twice. I needed the cooling stuff to reduce the pain of ulcers but afraid it will cause cramps.

  18. Jasmine says

    Avoid exercise? Yes, maybe.

    When I did Judo I had to train during periods … I found that vigorous exercise reduces the flow to nil (and then a huge heavy flow would come a few hours later when you’re more sedentary). I think this may be because gravity gets disrupted … it could be possibly dangerous because of endometriosis (period going back in the uterus and not coming out as it should).

    • Jasmine says

      BTW in response to an earlier comment, exercise definitely relieves cramps! But be careful of posture I guess.

    • sesame says

      According to the TCM, it affects the qi or the flow so it seems close to what you’ve described. But I haven’t thought of it as dangerous…thanks for highlighting that!

  19. li says

    Avoid using disposable pads and tampons šŸ˜‰

    Another one was avoid taking lime (as in lime juice) and pineapple too..

    • sesame says

      I don’t see any harm as it is not cooling as far as I know. Maybe don’t drink it cold.

  20. honey waheed says

    can u please recommend dat which vegetables,fruits or food should be eaten during menstruation?

  21. Clarice says

    Wow, I’m Chinese and my mom has also told me not to eat/drink cold things, or things that are “cooling,” haha. There seems to be some truth in this theory, because I’ve noticed that eating/drinking cold things even near the end of my period will lengthen it or cause heavier flow even when it had tapered off.
    I haven’t heard of not washing your hair though. But I would never be able to follow that one anyways. šŸ˜›

    • sesame says

      Well, just do what is feasible. Sometimes it’s confusing and not possible to follow some of the old wives’ tales too.

  22. natalie says

    If you wash your hair during your period on your second day does it effect you in any way? Or like….if you wash your hair and don’t blow dry it right after, will you go crazy? <-its a Filipino myth

    • sesame says

      Haha…you won’t go crazy but some believe you might be prone to getting headaches or migranes. I think it’s okay as long as your blow dry your hair.

  23. sam says

    this is complete rubbish! eating foods is NOT related to period cramps! they are caused by muscle contractions. you can eat all the icecream you want, it will not cause cramps. it depends on your muscle contractions completely. exercise is extremely important as it increases blood flow and it will make your cramps go away faster. asian myths…. sigh…

    • sesame says

      Well, fine if you don’t believe but it’s true based on experience of many plus TCM confirms this. Probably you don’t believe in TCM too.

    • Rach says

      If you don’t believe any of these Asian myths, that doesn’t give you the god-given right to go around telling us it’s rubbish. Oh hang on, but of course you do because you happen to be, presumedly, a Westerner. That is typical of you lot as you do think ONLY your *superior* values and practices are the way to go.

  24. Nicole says

    I tested out the pineapple and I ended up going to the bathroom every hour because of the increased flow!! I’ve been trying and testing lots and so far, along with pineapples, I avoid meat, eggs, cold drinks and gas producing foods like broccoli or baked beans. (only a few days before and during) Seriously, it has made such a difference every month in terms of physical pain! I still take painkillers now and then but nowhere near as strong.

  25. Erin Nicole says

    This post is about 80% wrong, and please let me explain why.
    In order for you to understand my points, you MUST understand this one truth. Increasing your menstrual flow IS NOT a bad thing! As Americans, we shun anything that isn’t convenient, and I can understand why a heavy flow can be inconvenient or embarrassing. But it isn’t as if this blood is coming straight from our veins and has an unlimited supply. On the contrary, the faster the blood flows, the sooner your period will be over. So why not encourage a heavier flow and plan accordingly (stay at home, carry thicker pads, etc)?
    With that said, tea – ESPECIALLY herbal tea – is healthy for your period! Peppermint oil (an undeniable “coolant”) is a must-have for my period, it’s great for easing menstrual cramps: either taken in a tea, and rubbed directly on the abdomen. Pineapples, also, contain a lot of bromelain which relaxes muscles, although I have never tried them to relieve cramps.
    Washing your hair doesn’t affect ANYTHING! It is suggested that shampoos with hormones in them cause menstrual cramping, and so my only suggestion would be to check the ingredient list and avoid those brands. But don’t be afraid to wash your hair!
    Cold water is uncomfortable, and I wouldn’t suggest taking a cold shower under any circumstances. Being warm (a hot pad, hot showers, etc) is best for your period anyhow.
    Last, but not least, EXERCISE. Exercising is VERY important to your cycle! Truly, we should know from elementary school that exercise is essential for a healthy lifestyle, and our sensitive menstrual cycles are no exception. I find it very difficult to find the energy to exercise while I am menstruating, but certainly maintain an active lifestyle to strengthen your core muscles, as well as your abs, and your period will be more supported and PMS will be limited if not ELIMINATED.
    Thanks for reading!

    • Sesame says

      Thanks for pointing out. As mentioned in the introduction of this post, I’ve stated this “Do note that Iā€™m not going to examine the medical evidences behind them so some of them are going to sound pretty ludicrous.” Anyway, I’m an Asian, not an American and over here, there are a lot of old wives’ tales. Some could be true, based on Traditional Chinese Medicine practices but I guess those views are not subscribed by many in the West.

    • Hong says

      Interesting! I have been recommended to take peppermint tea for easing my ‘gassy stomach’ problem, which is related to ‘cold’. And it works! Peppermint tea is also very good for alleviating cough related to ‘cold’.
      Although peppermint oil creates such a cooling sensation, in TCM it is not considered as a ‘coolant’ or ‘cooling’ herbs/foods, but rather a ‘heaty’ herbs. Therefore, peppermint tea/oil, which is said very good for easing menstrual cramps, is not ‘cooling’ herbal tea at all :)
      Exercise does alleviate menstrual cramps, but not strenuous exercise though.

  26. superbadkitty says

    I found this page because I am researching Chinese or specifically TCM information for that time of the month. To be honest, I’m not interested in American/Western views or approaches anymore. Through personal experience, it hasn’t always helped and it’s not always guaranteed either and there is so much left unexplained in the Western world. Sure, a lot of the Chinese beliefs sound like superstition and Quack Doctor advice but there’s bound to be some of that in such an ancient civilisation. The population didn’t grow to be the size it is by sheer coincidence. I find it interesting that most of the Chinese information and advice on menstruation seems to almost always be linked to pregnancy and conception. I always give something a shot, and when I started following some of the Chinese do’s and don’ts, I found a remarkable difference and improvement.Ā I’m not the only one in the Western world turning to older or ancient ways because sometimes Western ways just don’t work for me. But at the end of the day, every one of us is different in our own way and the most important things to follow are your own instincts and what your own body is telling you.

    • Sesame says

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I agree…I think some people will have a problem understanding why some women in Asia needs one month to recuperate after birth and then the whole ritual of eating well during that month, avoid certain food. But there are some logics there even though it can sound a bit off…like not bathing or washing hair excessively. I’m for going with what one is comfortable too.

  27. reddie says

    Read thru some of the comments and is astonished that there are ppl that don’t believe in these “old wives tales”. well to me, there are truths in it. Old wives tales doesn’t just appear out of no where, its from experiences that ppl actually experience, it may happen to some n doesn’t happen to some.

    I would say based on my personal experience, cold drinks and bathing with cold water are a definite NO-NO during that time of the month. I would get unbearable cramps that makes me lay on the bed the whole day! Normally, on the first day, I wouldn’t be able to do any exercise so I naturally avoid doing it on the first day only.(when i was active, i’ll always get cramps, when i was inactive, i hardly get cramps, when i start to get active again as being inactive is not really good for health, i start to experience cramps again. I m sure I have a weird body here.) I would still continue to wash my hair, was never told not to, I don’t personally experience any migraines or headaches from washing hair, so never saw it as a need to avoid. But my mom personally told me from her experience with pineapples, so that one i’ll avoid. (genetics do play a factor something that i believe in haha). I would avoid coffee or anything coffee related personally. Had a real bad experience from it. (initially thought that it was not related. so tested it out again the following month. n found out it was really related. suffered for it T_T)

    I guess what ppl can do is really understand the reason for all those do and don’ts. This will help in understanding why it was there in the first place. It will also help to see if it is still relevant today or not. (some must understand that most of these have been passed down from generations to generations. The conditions and weathers of that time/place may be different from what it is now. So it is natural that some of it is irrelevant to some of us but still relevant to others.)

    There’s one good example though. I would need to follow most of the don’ts during that time of the month, as i’ll get real bad consequences if i don’t. But for my sis, she is fine not following ANY! She suffer nothing! I’m quite jealous of her sometimes. haha

    • Sesame says

      I guess some people have never heard of these and find it ludicrous that we believe in such “myths”. I remember once I took a few cups of tea in the night and the next morning, I had my menses even though it was not due. There are many things we don’t know, not aware of and don’t understand and so I would say, best not to be so dismissive and skeptical all the time.

  28. Kathy says

    I am from Australia, so a ‘Westener’, but I believe that there is a lot of wisdom to be passed down from the older generation, no matter what country they are from. Australia is a very multicultural country now, with many migrants from all over the world and I have had the pleasure of befriending people from many cultures, as well as travelling overseas & I believe cold drinks cause cramps. I think the reason mothers suggest not washing hair is because a cold head (from wet hair) is considered a risk for cramps. I also believe certain foods & drinks are either good or bad for our periods, but as one lady said, her sister has no problems, while she must abide by the guidelines to avoid problems. I think that this should remind us that just because something in particular does not seem true for us that does not mean it is not true for others.

    • Sesame says

      Hi Kathy, glad that you’re so open-minded. Sometimes it’s hard to justify old wives’ tales but I really think it’s only because no one is interested to conduct scientific studies into them.

    • Sesame says

      You’re stating the obvious. Did you not read my first para that they’re not supported by medical evidences and some may sound ludicrous?

  29. Puleng says

    I agree with the cold drink causing the cramps. Drinking tea also increases my days. As for exercise,exercise is healthy for body and helps when you have cramps but increase the flow. I also experienced that drinking milk causes heavy flow and increases my days. *personal experience*

  30. LILY says

    Yeah so many thnx are true abt what u said also avoid drinking coke because it causes one of the worst heavy flows u wil eva have althogh it helps stops cramps u dont want to pay a heavy price……believe me i no….*wink*

  31. Annie says

    I have DEFINITELY noticed that certain things increase my flow and also bring it on sooner. Pineapple, raw garlic, coffee, NyQuil. If I ingest any of those before or during my period, I am in for a heavier than normal period. AND it can make my period last longer as well. My body is so sensitive.

    Now, Kale, on the other hand, seems to make my period a little lighter.

  32. Celeste says

    I agree with most of them:

    DEFINITELY avoid dairy, caffeine, and high fat meats. I consumed those when I went on vacation and had a small embarassing moment when my menstrual was in overflow mode, more than usual (mine are not usually heavy, pretty normal). I do find that certain fruits like apples and rasberries are good and doesn’t really affect that much (for me anyway) and mostly anything with cocoa helps reduce cramps/flow as well. Did that and it works wonders :)

    However, I find it interesting to hear that drinking certain teas can be a problems b/c cinnamon tea I heard REDUCE menstrual flow if you are bleeding heavily. I want to try that right now and see the effects, but so many people said it’s a good reliever when you have your period :)

  33. KatieKazoo says

    I’ve been trying Green Tea last 2 months and found wonderful for my skin, no spotty, rashy breakouts just before menstruation. I kept drinking it throughout period and felt invigorated, no water retention, no fuzzy head, and MUCH lighter flow. That’s why I did a search to see if others had noticed benefits, but I find drinking Green Tea is something which is not really encouraged during menses. It’s a bit confusing, because this last month is the first comfortable, light period I’ve had in 18 months and I’ve felt so much better since I started drinking the green tea. (About 3 to 5 cups a day).

  34. KatieKazoo says

    Oh, and I forgot to mention, the green tea seemed to completely wipe out the unpleasant hormonal extra perspiration etc, etc from the time of month (ladies you know the unpleasant need for extra showers during menstruation).

  35. AJ says

    I am Indian and my mom always tells me to avoid ‘cold’ or ‘cooling’ stuff. She would avoid serving me yogurt during my childhood and would always wrinkle her nose whenever I reached out for it. Also, this month I experienced particularly bad cramps and was wondering what was going on. Guess what I was ODing on – bottle guard and cucumber juice – both known for their cooling properties – for curing some hormonal pimples I have been suffering from recently (I believe my acne problems are related to ‘heat’ generated in my body due to spices and processed food).

  36. says

    I agree on some of these. I don’t eat watermelon or drink anything or eat anything with lemon or lime because it stops your period, or anything spicy. Mom told me she had a friend who did and she didn’t get her period that month, but the next month she had her period for a whole month. Yup, sucks for her so I don’t eat it or drink it. I don’t eat beans during my period cuz i get bloated, more than I already am. I do drink mint tea with rosemary, tastes nasty, but it helps so much, since I suffer from very bad cramping. I do avoid green tea, it delays my period, I don’t take cold showers, I think I’d end up in the hospital if I do. I don’t eat or drink cold drinks either. Reason why, is because my body temperature drops during my period, I get cold feet, bad cramps, I used to get nausea and vomiting, and sweats, but since I started drinking mint tea, its gotten bareable. So any cold stuff will be really bad for, from my experience. Had to learn the hard way :( but I get better every once in a while. Oh, I can’t exercise either cuz I ge t more pain. Yup. Mom told me once that my grandma told her not to wash her hair, we don’t really follow it so I don’t know.

  37. ifahpipa says

    Actually , exercise is the bets thing you can do to totally get rid of the menstrual cramps.
    Try doing exercise for 15 mins at least. Your pain will be gone for sure! But except that our cramps are so painful , it is so hard to even make a small move. But try it someday! And you’ll thank me. (:

  38. says

    At this point I’m willing to try anything. I am getting sick of not being able to do what I want when I want to. My period has me doubled over 1-2 days a month because of cramps and massive clots. I have been embarrassed one too many times by gushing. I need to find something to get this under control. This is hereditary as my mom and my grandmother were both the same way! I want to figure this out so that my daughter won’t go through this either!
    I have gone through many ultrasounds to see if I have fibroids or polyps and I am clean so something has to give. My doctor wants to look at my diet next so I’m assuming that he will recommend less cool foods.
    So I guess my point to those who are skeptics is that until you have been in my shoes where you bleed so much that you go through 14 long pads in one day, when every time you get up you overflow, you will never get it.

  39. Pat says

    seethavari an ayurvedic tonic with wild asparagus, works wonders if anyone has period cramps :) the bromelain in pineapple actually helps with pain especially if taken in sizeable amounts just a week before

  40. Rachel says

    Its cool but don’t think I could stop washing my hair when am on my period nor even drinking tea nd eating fruit,its unimaginable

  41. says

    I just drank chrysanthemum tea. OMG ! btw, what will happen if i drink it? Please leave a reply
    June last post is: Younger Looking Eyes With Hadara Sparkling Eye Therapy

    • Sesame says

      Your flow might just increase so no worries. If you drink moderately, you may not notice anything at all.

  42. Suman says

    Thanks a lot for so much info, I wish to know is it safe to take pain killer if u cannot bear the pain.

  43. Yan says

    I’m Chinese, my mum always told me to avoid cold food and drink. On some months where I had my period stop for 1-2 days in middle of my period then come back on 5th day.

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