DIY Beauty: coffee scrub to reduce fats and cellulite

I’m not a coffee drinker; drinking the beverage gives me an immediate headache. But I love the aroma of coffee; it is invigorating and heavenly. And I was happy to find out that coffee has benefits on our skin such as helping to reduce fat cells and the appearance of cellulite. Here’s an easy DIY coffee scrub I recently tried to exfoliate and tone the body.

Four simple ingredients from the kitchen
Besides ground coffee, all you need are sugar, citrus fruit and a sprinkle of salt. Sugar is a natural glycolic acid, and is an extremely effective chemical exfoliant to remove dead cells from the surface of the skin. Coffee will stimulate the skin cells and also serve to remove debris that has collected on the surface of the skin. Finally, lemon juice provides exfoliation and cleansing properties while salt contains astringent and antiseptic properties.

DIY Coffee Scrub To Reduce Fats And Cellulite
Just mix and scrub
Here are the exact ingredients I used:
2 tablespoons black sugar (granulated works too)
1 tablespoon finely ground coffee
1 tablespoon of freshly squeezed lemon (orange or lime is possible too)
Sprinkle of salt

Just mix all the ingredients together and start scrubbing! You can also make a batch as it can be kept in the fridge to be used over a few days.

Not recommended for the face
Because this mixture is rather abrasive, I really wouldn’t recommend this recipe on the face. But it’s lovely on the body and the smell in particular is splendid. No wonder coffee is widely used in some of the the spas. You can also use the ground coffee alone with water or juice as that’ll work well too. And if you want a more moisturizing exfoliation, mix the ground coffee with some olive oil.

To drink coffee is human, to smell coffee is divine.

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  1. Rinka says

    this looks so amazing! and because its natural, it wont hurt if a little bit ‘accidentally’ ends up in my mouth 😛 kidding

    will try this weekend as soon as i get my hands on some ground coffee

    • sesame says

      I rather love this. I got a cheap brand of ground coffee which comes with 50% maize. It’s a big pack and can last me some time.

  2. says

    I must try this one out, I’ve been using a caffine scrub from Skinfood and it’s nearly run out so this will be great to make and also save me some money :)

    • sesame says

      Yes, it’ll save you money. I bought the pack for S$5+ and it’s going to last me quite a long while. :)

  3. SanYorah17 says

    hi!! thanks a lot for sharing
    but does instant coffee also work with this???
    OR should i Only try it with ground beans??

    thanks in advance ….(^^o)”

    • sesame says

      If it’s instant, it probably includes sugar and cream. I guess it’s okay if the texture allows for exfoliation. Those ground type are a tad rougher in texture I believe.

  4. says

    I tried a coffee scrub once. While I like drinking coffee, I can’t stand the smell of coffee on my body after the scrub, gives me the headache. Weird, just the opposite.

    Perhaps, mixing with lemon juice might make the smell more bearable…I used the grains directly on my body. 😉

    • sesame says

      Oh that’s weird…drinking gives me headache almost immediately. But no, the lemon won’t take away the smell. Still very strong.

  5. Siew Ying says

    May I know the brand of ground coffee that you bought? Where can I buy it? All I see in the supermarkets are the instant coffees.

    • sesame says

      I got the Two Flying Babies Brand. If you’re from Singapore, you can find it at NTUC or Cold Storage. I got mine from the latter at around $5+.

  6. babysaffron says

    hi…this are used coffee, right? after you drink them…. you used the coffee beans right?

  7. says

    I have heard of this before that coffee is good for skin care, I love to drink coffee and after reading this I will love to use it in my face. Thanks for sharing.

  8. says

    I love Coffee… smells really good.. I’ll Surely goin to try this..Thanks for sharing! :)
    Aaria last post is: Estee Lauder Modern Mercury Look, New Pure Color, Fall 2011

  9. says

    I will try it too today! I don’t drink cofee either but I love to do coffee scrub mixed with olive oil.I think is the best. Let’s see how this one works!:)

  10. says

    I feel like the grounds would make a good scrub. The coffee doesn’t stain the skin? We love inexpensive beauty tricks – come share your expertise with us. 😉


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