All-in-one complete health and beauty supplement

If you’ve been reading Viva Woman long enough, you know I’m quite a sucker for supplements. I was joking to my mom that I find myself spending more time at the supplement section than the beauty section these recent years and that’s a sure sign of aging. In fact, I was trying to hunt down the alkalinizing cocktail, which is a supplement mentioned by Dr Jeanette Graf in “Stop Aging, Start Living”; it’s available in the States all right but it’s too expensive to ship it here. So I started looking for alternatives in the local market but nothing caught my eye until I was introduced to Fit Solution, an all-in-one supplement containing 140 trace minerals to nourish our cells.

I came to know about this product through Susan of True Beauty. The product is marketed by a company called Total Swiss and True Beauty is one of their distributors. Through the connections from Susan, I received a complimentary set for review in September and since then, I’ve already bought 3 more sets on my own – two for my family and one for my mom. Each set will last an individual for a month but because I am sharing it with my husband, so between the two of us, each set lasts us slightly over two weeks.

Instant absorption via oral mucous membrane
Each set of Fit Solution comprise three products – Cell Nutrition, Cell Energy and Cell Mineral. This supplement is developed by German scientists and further enhanced for Asian consumption by Total Swiss and does not contain any artificial coloring or sugar. Besides containing 140 trace minerals that will provide our bodies with complete nutritional needs, what’s unique about this product is that unlike normal supplements, the nutrients are almost instantly absorbed into our cells within 5 to 10 minutes of consumption as it does not go through the duodenum (located between the stomach and the middle part of the small intestine). Hence, depending on your body’s condition, you will experience some kind of warm, tingling sensation almost immediately. It also accesses the lowest energy level and repair the weakest organs in our body.

Dosage and taste
The recommended dosage is to take this supplement once a day. A mixture of Cell Nutrition and Cell Energy in 250ml of water in the morning on an empty stomach and Cell Mineral in 200ml of water in the evening before bedtime. The morning dosage is really to provide the necessary nutrients to repair and energize our body in the day and the evening dosage is really to clear away the unwanted toxins. Both mixtures are tasty – one taste like orange juice and the other like lemon juice.

My experience
The interesting thing about this Fit Solution supplement is that it works differently for different people. Hence, the response experienced by each person will differ. When I first started drinking, I didn’t feel much difference in the first two weeks of drinking this except for feeling a little lethargic but I later realized that I had made a mistake in the dosage. After I administered the correct dosage, I started experiencing the redness that others talked about – my face, neck and arms always turn red and the redness lasted about 15 minutes or so. After consuming this for over a month now, I still feel some tingling sensation whenever I drink this every morning. I was told that’s due to an improved blood circulation because the Cell Energy from Fit Solution acts to improve the ability to carry oxygen molecules in the red blood cells.

Benefits for me
I was suffering from a bout of body rashes prior to taking this supplement and I noticed that the rashes started subsiding within the first two weeks. Right now, I no longer have any more rashes but I still have occasional itching especially during the night. I also noticed that I did not have any more PMS even though I’ve stopped taking my fish oil. In fact, I have to say that my mood was excellent and I barely had much backache when I last had my menses. My weak bladder also seem to be under better control as I don’t have to make so many toilet trips in the night. In fact, I can sometimes sleep through to the morning!  Best of all, I really like the positive mood change because it was very similar to my experience after my 12th day of detox. I’ll be really happy to sustain this sort of mood daily!

Benefits for those I know
Most people I know who are drinking this mentioned that their energy level has increased over time. Many also attested about the vast improvement to their PMS as well as their bowel movements. My bestie, who started drinking this about two weeks ago, saw an improvement to her feet, which were suffering from scaly dry skin. As for my husband, he saw a tremendous improvement to his sinus problem that he has been suffering since a teen. I’ve also been giving a bit to my son daily and I’m so happy that he no longer wakes up with a stuffy nose these days!

Testimonies from others
I’ve attended a few of the product talks organized by Total Swiss and some of the consumers mentioned improvement to their health condition after taking this supplement over time. A few have mentioned that they’ve slimmed down and some ladies even mentioned that their skin complexion has improved after taking this supplement for a period of time. I can’t say if all the testimonies are for real but because this product work on the cell level and can correct our overall pH level, so I believe that those testimonies about having their psoriasis cleared are true.

Healing crisis
However, do be aware that there is a healing crisis that one has to experience after taking this supplement. For me, I felt lethargic for about a week and my rashes actually got more itchy for a few days too. Right now, I also found two new pimples on my cheeks and that’s likely due to the detox effects. I understand that the healing crisis is a necessary stage that all who are taking this supplement will go through. Hence, some people experience more bodily aches and some may even fall ill.

Price and availability
Fit Solution is only available via Total Swiss, which operates on an MLM distribution model. Their business philosophy is that this is a good product that can move faster via word-of-mouth marketing. Each set will last you a month and the first set cost S$274 while subsequent sets cost S$214 each once you join as a member of the company; membership is free and there are no other hidden fees. However, do note that once you join as a member, you’re affiliated to the company and hence, will be able to recruit members to purchase the product if you wish. So yes, I am also now affiliated to the company as a member but I’m not actively recruiting members.

My take on this supplement
Personally, I’m more interested in what the product can do for me. While I reckon the product is expensive but I’ve already stopped purchasing other supplements like my vitamin C, E, zinc, multivits, calcium and even Heliocare as Fit Solution already comes with vitamin C, E, selenium and beta-cartonene and these are the necessary nutrients to protect the skin from UV radiation. The only one I still take is my probiotics but that’s only because I still have a bottle of it. Once I’ve depleted the bottle, I’m just going to rely on the probiotics available within Fit Solution. I might repurchase fish oil later though because I think I need more EFA.

Do others need this supplement?
I know some of you are not in favor of taking supplements and that’s really fine. However, because I do not have a balance diet on a daily basis, I need supplements and I like the idea that Fit Solution is an all-in-one complete supplement. In fact, after taking this, I feel less guilty that I’m not taking veggies on a daily basis. HA. But I continue to eat healthily and I am happy that I am currently feeling energetic and good every day, as opposed to feeling tired even after eight  hours of sleeping.

Where to purchase?
You can buy direct from the company at 2 Ang Mo Kio Street 65 Tel: 1800-3485463 and quote my member number S7310862 if you’re buying for the first time. However note that there is no product trial nor samples given.

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  1. Melissa says

    Hi there,

    I really do enjoy reading your posts a lot! :)

    I am 27yrs old, do you think it is ok for me to take this supplement as well? Might want to try with my parents are 57 & 64 yrs old.

    • sesame says

      Hi Melissa: I have a reader who is in your age group taking the supplement already. Yes, no problem. We all need supplements although it might not seem so apparent to ourselves when we’re younger.

  2. carmen says

    i loved the post and was just wondering whether this can be ordered internationally.

    Thank you and I look forward to future posts.

    • sesame says

      It’s not for international sale at the moment but the product is available in some other Asian countries like Hong Kong and Taiwan.

  3. Rinka says

    here in japan its quite normal to take supplements, im 19 but i drink chocola bb (which contains vitamin b among other stuff) and occasionally drink collagen drinks because they taste nice! haha
    but i have spent time in new zealand and to them, supplements is associated with like body building? lol

    i like drinkable supplements because the flavors are usually quite nice and you can really see results! especially chocola bb, it helps with my pimples lol

    • sesame says

      Oh yes, I remember you mentioned that there are plenty of beauty supplements in Japan. The chocola bb sounds interesting!

  4. kah ling says

    I notice that the first ingredient on the list is fructose. isn’t that sugar? is there any literatue stating the % of sugar in the supplement?

    • sesame says

      Understand that that’s fruit sugar…not artificial sugar. I’ve to look at the can for the % later…

      • kah ling says

        Errm, it’s still bad, cos if it’s the first ingredient, then the product is probably laden with it? Google fructose, it’s pretty controversial. it’s still sugar, fruit sugar or not, and i think those people who are borderline diabetic should watch out for it. My other question is – is it the sugar that’s giving the energy buzz?

        • sesame says

          From what I gather, frutose is okay…but I’m not an expert in this so can’t comment too much. Also, not sure how listing on supplements work…like is it also first listing means highest percentage. However, I understand that this product has low GI and is suitable for those who are diabetic. That was conveyed via the cell scientist, Prof Wang during one of the talks. Anyway, I asked Susan to check on the % cos it’s not written on the can.

          As for energy level, don’t think it’s due to frutose cos it’s coming from the other cell energy which doesn’t contain it. When I took lower dosage from that can, I couldn’t feel the effects.

          Actually I understand that the version selling in Europe has sweetener…they took it out cos of HSA requirement here.

  5. Pansy says

    Dear Sesame, are you still going to True Beauty for facials? I’m tempted to try but afraid that I will really like Susan’s facials as I cannot afford $175 facials monthly. The add on list is also costly. Do they normally ask customers to add on?

    I read all the comments n someone mentioned Clarins. Have you tried them? If so, what’s ur opinion? They are cheaper at $145 per session.

    Thank you.

    Ps if Susan is holding any more classes, please do share. thank you.

    • sesame says

      Yes, still going. Susan doesn’t push her customers unnecessarily but she might just tell you what you need. No hardsell…that’s the feedback that other readers shared with me too.

      As for Clarins, I haven’t tried but I heard good things about them…in the sense that they’re very cosy and their massages also quite good.

      You can try True Beauty’s facial once cos it’s at $75 for Viva Woman readers. Their usual facial is $150 (where did you learn of $175?) Their facial is really very good. The only thing is, the results are also due to their products and the products are costly. Susan won’t push her customers to buy but from experience, most pple are always tempted if you know what I mean.

      • pansy says

        I went to their website and they have 2 facials available. True Revitalising Facial Treatment for $110 (45 to 60mins) and True Revitalizing Spa Facial Treatment for $175 (60min to 90min). Hence I assumed the $150 facial you mentioned must have increased in price to $175…

        If you don’t mind, can you please check on this too? $175 is rather steep for a 60min facial and $110 is very steep (to me) for a 45min facial… Feeling the pinch as I type!

        I’ll love to be able to quote you and try it for $75!

        • sesame says

          Their website isn’t updated. The $110 treatment has been raised to $150. The 50% is still valid.

  6. Grace says

    Hi Sesame,

    how are you doing?

    you mentioned that you take probiotics. may i know what brand are you taking & where can you get it? are you taking the brand after having done comparative study of the strains & strengths of the bacteria?

    thanks for your informative posts.

    • sesame says

      I’m taking Kordel’s Mega Acidophilus. I took that cos I like Kordel’s supplement and this one sounds good enough for me.

  7. says

    By chance do you have a location or contact person I can purchase the product in the states? I can’t locate it on the search engine.

    • sesame says

      This product is available in parts of Europe – the product is developed in Germany and made in Switzerland – and Asia. Not available in States at the moment. But try Greens First – it’s recommended by Dr Jeanette Graf in her book.

  8. tt says

    what’s the website for this product? I tried googling Total Swiss and didn’t get any hits. I’ll love to know more from both the distributor in Singapore and the original developer/manufacturer in Germany/Switzerland.


    • sesame says

      I understand they’re in the process of building up the website. They have a Chinese site based in Taiwan here:

      If you’re interested in more info, leave a note here and I’ll email you a PDF file containing some of their fact sheets.

  9. says

    Hi Sesame,

    Got mine from Susan on 31st Oct. First 2 days my ear turned red and some part of my body feels itchy. However not with my husband. Today I am perfectly fine, but my husband’s whole body turn red like a lobster.
    Will continue to drink and hope it will lift up my engergy level as described.

    And I got my Chopsaver too .. my gal loves it (she has dry chapped lips)

    All thanks to your blog.

    • sesame says

      Oh you got it? Yes, the redness is very common. I still get it sometimes. Some users reported getting itchy rashes for half an hour or so.

      Do take note that you’re likely to feel lethargic for the first week or so. That’s part of the healing crisis. Some get aches all over for the first 2 weeks at different locations on different days.

      I’ve been drinking for more than a month and I’ll say my energy level is definitely up, backache lessened and another great thing is, my mind is less foggy now. I think the minerals and nutrients helped to improve my circulation so oxygen is now reaching my brain. No more worrying about dementia. Haha…But it’s not a joke as I understand the professor added minerals that will help prevent dementia in the formulation cos of his dad.

      Your girl loves the Chopsaver? It’s a wonderful balm…one of the best I’ve tried actually.

  10. Lynn says

    Hi there! Great website.. love reading your posts.. I chanced upon it few months ago when I was having my hormonal outbreak and some of your posts really help. :)
    Just want to comment on this product cos I tried it as well. I have gastric problem since young and even had my fair share of ER drama due to that. So you can say it is pretty chronic. Tried the orange flavour drink and not only did I experience the red hot sensation on my face, chest and ears.. but I have acute pain on my gastric immediately for 10 minutes. I had to say I am really impressed as my gastric is no doubt my weakest organ. I am currently on TCM but I should be switching over soon!

    • sesame says

      Hi Lynn: I’m glad that the info here are helping you. So the Fit Solution is helping your gastric problem? I used to consult TCM but found it so expensive and also slow. So now I don’t go to TCM anymore and cut down on all the other supplements.

    • Erwin says

      Hi, thanks for providing great information about the product. I have quite similar problems as Lynn has. May i have Lynn contact info so i can reach Lynn and try to get useful information about his/her experience. Thanks so much.

  11. Tony says

    As quoted by you “This supplement is developed by German Scientists and further enhanced for Asian consumption by Total Swiss”. 1.) Who is this German Scientist? as most MLM Companies like to published it’s Creator.
    2.) Do they do animal testing on this products?
    The Concept is great concept, just like to be careful as there are so many Supplinment Company. Thanks for the good posting and it is easy to understand.

    • sesame says

      I don’t know all the scientists but one of them is Prof Willy Wang, whom I’ve met personally. He is the one who started Total Swiss. The product is tested by Swiss Vitamin Institute.

      I can’t confirm if this is tested on animals but from what I understand, they’ve developed this product based on data that were obtained from test done on human some years ago and that’s why they can claim it’s complete and balanced.

      If you wish, I can email you more data. Let me know.

  12. phienks says

    my aut has lupus,can she having fit solution(cell nutrition,energy and mineral?she is taking medicine folic acid,calcium,precsolena,iron and azataphine.i like to know more.all thanks to u blog

    • sesame says

      Based on the talks I’ve attended from the company, my understanding is that this supplement is suitable for all because it is not a drug or medicine. Prof Willy Wang is a cell scientist who is knowledgeable about most health conditions as well. During his talks, he told many of those with health conditions that this can be taken safely, along with their usual medication because he is aware that many of them consult TCM, GPs and specialists.

      I’ve come across a number of testimonies from those with heart, high blood pressure and even cancer patients taking this too. In addition, Susan from True Beauty also mentioned to me that her husband who is diabetic is taking this without problems since August.

      However, do be aware of the healing crisis involved. This will happen to all who take this supplement.

  13. Rawr says

    How do i actually know that how Prof Willy Wang look like?Because i’m afraid that these stuffs are fake and unable to do anything,and it cost me alot of hard earn money

    • sesame says

      Maybe you want to check with True Beauty first if you are truly keen to find out more. There are talks for members frequently. This is just my review and I do not recommend if you are doubtful. At the end of the day, do not force yourself to commit to something you’re not comfortable.

        • sesame says

          The company of course…but I wonder what you mean by responsible? Money back guarantee? That’s not something I understand is offered.

          My suggestion is, don’t try since you have such negative ideas about it even before seeing or checking out the product. If I don’t think much of something, I just move on to look at others. Like I mentioned, this is my review and it works for me. I am not forcing anyone to purchase. Read and discern with your own judgement. As with everything else, you have to try to know because how can one pass constructive judgement without sampling or finding out more? If you have doubts even before seeing or checking out the product, then it’s best you look at other products in the market. I totally can understand since the price point is high.

          Oh…and I forgot to mention this too – Total Swiss is based in Singapore so members definitely have direct access to the company and even attend their talks. I think that might answer your question about who is Prof Wang and how he looks like.

  14. bryan says

    Hey Sesame,

    So I have a q, do I really have to sip this drink slowly or can I down the whole drink in one go?


    • sesame says

      Sip it slowly because it is supposed to be absorbed through your mucous membrane in your mouth – that’s why it works so fast at the cell level. I usually drink using a teaspoon.

  15. says

    Hi Sesame,

    I do have a question. my gal which is 4 plus has been coughing for almost a month. Brought her to doctors but is recovering very very slowly. I have tried giving her fit solution in the morning for the past 2 days. But was worried if I should give to her since she is sick and is on medication. Will fit solution help her or harm her more if she is on medication.

    Can u help me find out ? Thank you.

    • sesame says

      If she’s 4 plus, you can give her 10ml or slightly more. This is vitamin and supplement so no harm. The professor mentioned that it can be taken together with any medication.

      I remember Susan told me her grandson, who is about 2 + had bronchitis and the professor told her to give him 10ml each day. In two days, he was well and about.

      I give my son about 10 spoonfuls each morning. He’s 7+ and it’s helping him with his common cold allergies.

    • sesame says

      Hey Susan: I found out it cost S$69.55 if you buy it alone but you may like to know that it’s not effective on its own cos it needs to be taken with the other two.

  16. Sarah says

    hello, can u also send me the pdf? and can i ask if they ship to the philippines and how much would it cost? thank you so much 😀

  17. Keidi says

    I have been consuming for 3 months plus now and I am proud to say that I have not fallen ill! Not even once. I am very prone to colds and flu. I have been around many people who were sick but I did not get infected. My immunity has definitely improved. Also, it has helped with my PMS: Not much pain/cramps and general feels good during the time of the month.

    How long do you plan to take this? Many people who have been taking supplements for a long time suggested to take 3 months and then stop for 3 then continue again for 3 months. Reason being you need to see how well your body has adjusted and absorbed the supplements once you stop taking it. I also wonder how long would we need to consume this….is it a lifetime? Then again, this is not medicine. Plus, it is all the vitamins and nutrients our body needs so would it be okay to consume for a long time? Questions….

    • sesame says

      At the talk, they suggested 3 – 6 months but Professor Wang encouraged members to continue even after that because he said our body needs nutrients and minerals, not medicine. He has a point but of course some pple would then think he said that cos he wants business.

      I’ll continue for awhile cos my husband is saying that it’s helping his piles and so he might need more time to get it completely out of the way with this.

  18. lili says


    I’ve purchased my first “1 month package” few days ago.
    However I was surprised by 2 things:
    1) the fructose is the 1st ingredient. I read that you are looking to find out the percentage. Did you know it?
    2) no accreditation from Singapore Ministry of Health is stamped on the can! As it’s a product from importation i thought that stamp was compulsory?

    Do you have any explanation?
    Thank you!

    • sesame says

      I haven’t got the info on the % – all I know is that this product has low GI and is suitable for those who are diabetic cos the professor is aware that many who take this are also having some medical issues. Not sure if you got this via Susan from True Beauty or somewhere else but anyway, her husband is diabetic and also been taking this since August last year.

      As for the accreditation, I asked the same question when I first saw the product too. Was informed that GMP means it is well above HSA standard. I’m not sure if all products must have HSA stamp…don’t see it on the other supplements I bought either but this one was registered with HSA or they can’t market the product at all.

  19. lili says

    Thank you for your answer!
    Will check a little bit further about the control made on the product, I would be sure that all ingredients are safe if I’m going to take it for a long term period.
    If you have any idea how can I get this information (test/control made on the product) I will appreciate.

    • sesame says

      Where did you get this product from? If from True Beauty, you can ask Susan to keep you posted on talks organized for members. Professor Wang holds talks like maybe once a month or so so that could be a platform you can ask such questions.

  20. menchie says

    hello! my dad has a weak it ok if i recommend it to my dad? where can i buy it? im from philippines…tnx

  21. says

    Some update from my 2 months of taking Fit solution.
    Healing crisis: I believe it aggravated my UTI. After 3 rounds of attacks, it has finally calmed down *cross fingers*. I also have more body acne on my chest though the ones on my back has healed completely. Hoping the healing crisis for chest acne will stop soon!
    Improvement in health: Definite boost of energy for both me and my husband. Usually he will feel really sleepy after lunch and that is gone now. My mum says my skin looks clearer and more supple. And she believes Fit solutions has contributed in the healing of my facial acne marks. We have not fell sick since we started taking Fit Solution in Dec even as the seasonal flu bugs took their victims among our friends and family.
    We have loads of fun taking it in the morning and waiting to see which part of our body would turn red or for me, if my gastric will start to hurt. To us, the tingling sensation, redness or pain is proof that the area is undergoing “repair”.
    All in all, fabulous experience with this supplement. I have never been disciplined in taking my vits but because fit solution tastes good and fills me up (for breakfast) I have been very consistent. So two thumbs up for Fit solutions!

    • sesame says

      Hey Lynn: Thanks very much for posting your updates. It’s good to hear from readers and how they’ve fared trying products I’ve reviewed.

      Oh your skin looks clearer and more supple? Wow, that’s good. I’m not so sure if mine is but definitely my acne has reduced. I breakout now with product usage rather than internal issues. And when I stopped taking for a few weeks (just to see how I would react), my skin started itching. I believe my body lacked certain minerals which this drink provide and hence, the itch.

      The reaction is something we anticipate too and would feel disappointed if there are no redness or no sensation. Haha…

  22. Alice says

    My husband has been drinking Total Swiss Fit Solution for almost a month, recently he experienced severe migraine. Does Total Swiss Fit Solution caused migraine?

    • sesame says

      It doesn’t but it will bring into manifestations problems in the body that we may not be aware. This is part of the healing crisis. I also heard that some people actually fall sick after drinking but if they persevere, they will recover well. I know the GM of Fit Solutions had a pain in his leg (something which he never experienced before) after drinking the solution. The pain went away after 6 months.

  23. harry ng says

    interestingly, i happens to come across another scientific topic on fit solution(just yesterday) .it is a 12 pages introduction on cellular nutrition. and the header read ” DR WANG’s lesson: cell concept(telomerase).in summary it stresses on DNA/celldivision for human, life expectancy of 120 yrs(basing on 50 cell divisions,each being staged every 2.5 years with our life span.and it explain how those 3 cell energy, cell nutrition and cell mineral are being absorbed instanteously and channlled into our body organ starting with the weakest or more prone to also mention how cancer cells (which are prevalent in every human being(because of the frequency of our cell division /renewal) are being suppressed to sustain our well being through proper application of cellular nutrition. MOST IMPORTANTLY, it emphasises you can eat the sweet stuff as kong as there is a mean of controlling the blood glucose and fit solution did just that. Most interesting of all is that it relates how fit solution helps to allow our red blood cell iron ions to carry 3 times more oxygen to all our vital organs. A must read FOR ALL WHO are into fit solution.

    I have NOT TRY fit solution yet but i am a member of another cellular nutrient concept ie HERBALIFE. I will try fit solution after all my herbalife product are being consumed in 3 months times.

    fRANKLY HERBALIFE IS A US product.(a nobel prize winner brain child) IS just as good if not better but it did not mentioned that our cellular nutrient are firstly being channelled to the weakest part of our body. i verify this very vital point.
    just to share on this subject of fit solution a product R&D in germany and made in switzerland also known as TOTAL SWISS, thanks.


    • sesame says

      I think I might have heard of Herbalife. Well, I don’t know much about it to comment but I guess the best way to compare is to try both. 😉

  24. Alice says

    Hello Sesame,
    Do you have any customer experience breathless after taking Total Swiss Fit Solution?
    My husband has not more migraine but feeling breathless recently. Pls advise.

    • sesame says

      Hmm…not that I know of. Where did you get the product from? Is it from Total Beauty or another distributor? You can direct your questions to them and they can check for you via the company.

    • sesame says

      Not that I know. It is costly cos this has got 140 vitamins and minerals so hard to find an equivalent.

  25. Mai says

    Hell0 Sesame, r u still taking this supplement n h0w r u pr0gressing s0 far in terms 0f ur well being? I’m quite interested in trying this 0ut as i think my b0dy needs a t0tal ‘cleansing’. Suspect they r l0ts 0f t0xins embedded in my 0rgans that need purging. l0l!!

    • sesame says

      Yes, am still taking this supplement. You can try it if you’re keen or another one I can recommend you for one-time cleanse is Kordel’s Detox Cleanze. But be ready for the healing crisis.

      • Mai says

        Yea t0tally keen!! I d0nt have maj0r issues with my b0dy except that i s0meh0w feel that s0mething is n0t quite right. S0metimes i will have pain at the side 0f my waist n i will feel faint at s0me 0ccasi0n. 0ther times i will have migraine attack c0ntinuously. I have c0nsulted the d0ct0r n did s0me tests but everything is 0k. But my gut feeling tell me there is definitely s0mething amiss.

        I was quite tempted t0 buy the K0rdel supplement u menti0ned but was w0ndering if the Fit S0luti0n will be a better ch0ice since it c0ntains s0 much minerals.

        • sesame says

          Yes, Fit Solution would be better if you want something to improve overall health and not just detox. The Kordel supplement is purely for detox and even then, you only take it like one or two weeks and you stop.

          You can read the other’s comments to find out how the supplement has helped them.

  26. Tony says

    Hi Sesame,

    Thanks for your write-up. It was one of the few articles available for this Total Swiss product. May I know whether you still have your PDF files?

    Would like to take a look if you have.


    • Sesame says

      Hi Tony, sorry but I have deleted it because it’s been quite a while and I also don’t drink this anymore.

  27. Vivian Lau says

    Hi Sesame,

    I’m from HK and just started taking this product for a week. Frankly speaking, I’m now having the effects as you just did. And my question is, I’m not too into being a member of Fit Solution. However, how may I purchase this product overseas to HK. Do you have any suggestion?!

    Look forward to receiving your favorable comment soon.

    Best regards,
    Vivian Lau

  28. Budi says

    I’m from jakarta
    If I want to buy it to jakarta
    How to ship
    How to pay, maybe with paypal
    Tanks for the answer

  29. Robert says

    My wife she introduce total swiss for me and she said this is very useful nutrition food for the body but I am curuios if this so effective why the company don’t sale this product on the market directly.
    Can you explain it for me.Thanks!

    • Sesame says

      I guess it’s a marketing strategy. Using MLM is a faster way to reach the market than putting on shelves and it’s definitely cheaper than setting up own stores.

  30. Gim says

    Hi, i was recently introduced to fit solution and am doing some research on the product.

    Can I check whether you are still taking fit solution? After 2 years have you experienced any side effects?

      • Mdm Chua says

        i am curious, why you are not taking fit solution any more, after taking for 2
        year. Is fit solution harmful to you now. ?and i don’t think is the high price you mentioned. there is not reason is the supplement is so good to you and
        you have suddenly stopped taking.

        • Sesame says

          Why is it strange? Just cos I stop taking it does not mean it’s no good. I truly stopped because the price is high. Anyway, read my review carefully. I didn’t say the supplement is so good to me that I can’t live without it.

  31. June says

    How can it benefit a lung cancer patient?
    The ingredients include various vitamins eg beta carotene, etc . Are these vitamins processed vitamins or made from natural plants?
    Just got a set given by a friend. Keen to experience te detox process.

    • Sesame says

      I suggest you check with your friend since it was given by her/him. I’m sure your friend can explain.

  32. Ernest says

    Hi , I came across this post while researching fitness products and realise this is something very similar to what I’m taking now. If you are open to try new products, can I invite you to try out their products and share your opinion on how it compares to Fit Solution? We can further chat via email if you’re keen.


  33. Vivian says

    Hi, have you eaten normally while you are taking this health supplement drinks; is it too many calories if we don’t cut the meals? Does this product has any side effects? Do you think it is good for the person who has high blood pressure, hepatitis C disease and other liver problems?

    I’m looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks in advance!!

    • Sesame says

      I ate normally yes…it was like taking vitamins. I didn’t have an issue with calories but I don’t have health issues while I was taking this supplement. According to the professor who introduced this product, those with health issues can consume this supplement but he’s not a doctor so I can’t vouch for his recommendations. You should either speak to someone in the company or seek medical opinion if you’re concerned.

  34. AC says

    I have been hearing lots of claims that this supplement protocol has cured various cancers. Can cancer patients safely ignore all other treatments and just take the Fit solution?

  35. Gerald says

    Hi Sesame, thanks so much for your post. My wife Rebekah has started taking fit solution and it is a really good product and bringing her relief from her auto-immune condition.
    I was wondering if you know where I can find out more information about Dr. Willy Wang and the other scientists who developed the product etc etc like as a kind of background check. Even tho the product is having such good results we believe we should fully investigate things we are putting into our bodies! :-)
    Thanks again for your post. Blessings Gerald

    • Sesame says

      Hi Gerald, I am not really sure but I suppose the best place is to can start from the company. I’ve been to his talks but haven’t spoken to him personally.

    • Vina says

      Hi Gerald. I have a friend who also had auto-immune disease. I was wondering, did your wife still actively consume Fit Solution? How’s her condition now? I hope everything goes well.

  36. Elaine says

    I am 43 years old and start taken High Blood Pressure medicine in this month,
    can I drink together with Fit Solution.

    • Sesame says

      According to the company, they said it’s fine but if you want to be sure, best to check with them or your doctor.

  37. Ruzica Tasevska says

    Hi im from Macedonia haw can i order this product Fit Solution,can someone halp me please?


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