Share: do you often rest your face on your hands?

Hey VivaBellas, are you daydreaming on your desk or your bed? Or maybe taking time to plan ahead for 2011? Well, if you are, let’s do a quick check: do you have any of your hands rested on your chin, on one side of your face or maybe both sides while doing so? Or maybe you’re so comfortable that you’re about to fall asleep on one of your hands even?

Well, if you’ve got this habit of resting your face on your hands or should I say propping your face with your hands, then one advice I have for you moving on to 2011 is, kick this habit in the new year. Why? Well, whatever you’re doing is causing that part of your face to be inevitably pressed and in the long run, may affect the face shape or worst, cause wrinkles to form or lines to deepen.

And I said MAY only because I’m speaking from my own experience. Like the first top left picture, I had this habit of resting my left hand on my left cheek while thinking in the past and guess what. I noticed that I have some fine lines near the nasolabial groove on that side of the face. There could be other factors contributing to those lines but I’m pretty sure my hand had a part in it.

So tell me, do you have this habit?

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  1. kiwi says

    sadly yes. When I’m bored, or contemplating something. Or else, I just rest my chin on my water bottle. >.<

    • sesame says

      On your water bottle? Haha…sounds like what my boy does. And that’s when he’s really bored.

  2. says

    At least once a day.

    Forget lines – sorry about yours, though. I’ll get a blemish if I blink wrong, much less lay a hand or FINGER on my face!


      • says

        I’ve eliminated a lot of possible blemish-instigators: tartar-fighting toothpaste, dairy, changed my makeup remover, experimented with stopping vitamins B6 & B12 (no difference). Changed my foundation, moisturizers and cleanser – many times – scrubs and masks, the entire routine. And I continue to break out. Do I have stress in my life? – sure, all the big & little things any wife, daughter & mother would have! I do have small pores that are easily clogged. And the humidity here plays a role, too. sigh.

        • sesame says

          Could be hormonal…have you tried taking probiotics? I find that helped me tremendously when I was in a situation like yours.

  3. Ashley Lin says

    Yes i notice i have this habit too! i think not only will the shape be affected, seems like pimple might pop up too! Will try to kick this bad habit in 2011!

  4. Fernleafify says

    Also, it could be because you tend to sleep more on that side, no? Same theory like your post on face flatter on one side due to sleep position.

    • sesame says

      Yes, you’re right that sleep position can contribute. I’ve stopped sleeping on my sides although in the past, I did. So it could be a combination of factors.

  5. Audris says

    Second what Fernleafify says… sigh. Your sleeping post made me realise why I always had a more “sculpted” right cheekbone than the left. Because I ALWAYS sleep on my left, so it looks flatter (i.e. the hollow to contour the cheekbones is more prominent on the left side).

    So hands off! Bacteria on hands a big no-no too.

  6. says

    I know that it is an extremely horrible habit and I was gonna do a post on it….but did not know about blemishes part….knew that it can cause lines n sagging of the skin asymmetrically though…and yeah breakouts due to oil and dirt transfer from the fingers….

    • sesame says

      I guess it depends how you’re touching your face too. I know my hands did not cause blemishes even though I cup my cheeks or rest my face on them.

  7. Astarte says

    It’s not a good habit. It causes not just skin problems, but can cause teeth enamel damage. I had to stop resting my head on my hand/knee (I have weird sitting positions) because whenever I rested my chin, the lower jaw would harshly touch the upper jaw and would grind my teeth. It’s not something you might notice quickly, but it’s still a concern. Especially if you have weak enamel.

    I have weak enamel, and had this bad habit for a very very long time. The result is that although I’m finishing my last year of teens, I already have teeth that are similar to that of a 40-50 year old due to wear.

    • sesame says

      Oh teeth enamel damage? Geez…never realized that! Thank you for sharing this…I don’t think many of us thought of the link.

      • Astarte says

        It might not even be an issue to people with a stronger enamel. But it still gives a bit of additional wear.

  8. Lisa says

    I do this often when seated down waiting for my bus to arrive or when i’m catching up on sleep in the bus/train. I really should put a stop to propping my face as well as sleeping in the bus/train.

  9. soiia says

    Ah yes I had this bad habit and end up napping with half of my face on my hand. When I woke up, not only was has of my face red, but my wrist aches so badly! I threw away this bad habit once and for good after that experience 😛

    • sesame says

      Soos, here’s the entry in case you can’t locate it:

      I’m now taking an all-in-one supplement that has probiotics so I can do away with this. But if you are looking for one suitable one to take, this might work for you if it’s available at where you live. I found probiotics to be my savior for my acne issue.

  10. Michelle says

    Yeah, I know it’s a bad habit and I have to kick it but it seems as though my hand has been permanently glued to my face. Since I’ve officially called 2011 “my year of personal change” I will try to stop this. I don’t want premature wrinkles. I want my wrinkles when I’m old and adorable 😛 hehehe

    • sesame says

      Haha…I now learn to keep my hands under my chin so that’ll help to keep them on my face.

  11. Gina says

    I do this from time to time, but since I have extremely sweaty palms, I notice almost immediately. I normally just shift my hand to a limp wrist and support my face from underneath the jaw. I can’t imagine what wrinkles that would cause or the fact that the support would be unwelcome in that area. It’s slightly uncomfortable, though. Alas!

    • sesame says

      Under the jaw should be fine…I’ve shifted my hands to under my chin. Anyway, as long as the pressure is not hard, then nothing much to worry about.

  12. Julia says

    I am really working hard on not doing that. Break-outs rom hand cream aren’t pretty. >.<Juli

    • sesame says

      Oh ya…now that you’ve mentioned, it’s true too cos we apply hand cream a lot and they’re usually quite rich in texture.

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