Is it a breast implant, a wax bead or a mint candy?

I posted a teaser on the Viva Woman Facebook page over the weekend on this product and the answers totally cracked me up. A number guessed it as a breast implant or silicone, others guessed that it’s a soap, a mint candy, or a wax bead and one classic answer was that it looks like a suppository! Haha! It does look like a mint candy but it’s candy for the armpits! This is the Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal that I bought from Nature’s Farm. I haven’t seen the roll on one around and so settled for this as I was finding using my DIY deodorant a hassle on days when I’m in a hurry.

100% pure and natural
Actually, I’ve been pondering if I should get this for sometime already. Somehow, it never appealed to me but I was not able to find a good commercially available and efficient deodorant that is naturally formulated. The price of this is S$20.30 but it’s said to last a year. Naturally Fresh contains only natural mineral salts, which works to form a layer of natural 24-hour protection from the bacteria that cause body odor. Hence, there are no harmful chemicals, perfumes or propellants and it is safe for most people.

In terms of effectiveness, I rate this 4 out of 5 because it does a pretty good job of keeping me fresh throughout the day as it also works like an antiperspirant. But I’ve found that I need to layer more if I want longer protection or if ‘m out under the hot sun and perspiring a lot. I get good peace of mind using this since it is 100% pure and natural. Moreover, it dries up real quickly, is not sticky or greasy and does not stain my clothes. It is said not to clog pores and there was no irritation when I used this generously on my armpits.

However, in terms of application, I rate this 1 out of 5 as Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal is inconvenient to use. It’s shaped like an egg and feels like a stone. While it’s easy to hold in the hands, I find the application process a hassle. To use this, I’ve got to hold on to one end and moist the other end with water or mist, before applying the wet end directly to my armpits. Plus, I found that one application is not enough for my case, and I need to apply twice. So all in all, the process takes longer than using my baking soda DIY deodorant! I’ve been wanting to get a little container to store this thing but haven’t got down to it; so meanwhile, the product is kept in the clear plastic bag that came with the product.

Availability of other formulas
I realized from visiting the company’s website that they’ve introduced a score of deodorants in roll on, twist up or even spray formulas but I certainly don’t see them here. I’m not so sure if those work as well but I wouldn’t mind giving them a try. So will someone bring the products into our market if they’re not already available? And please price them reasonably for they’re darn cheap in the US!

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  1. Audris says

    Sasa has quite a few of these crystal deodorants. I remember seeing the spray form too. Usually Made in Thailand. I’ve tried one before and was quite impressed, if used generously. Like you said, it doesn’t stain clothes, which is a plus. However, it doesn’t withstand a proper gym workout or sweatout =(

    It’s probably most effective when used right after a shower to apply, as compared to later in the day or sometime after a shower.

    I once took it along with me as carry-on luggage to Bangkok, as I was travelling without check-in. Erh sad to say, didn’t last the day to night Bangkok heat.

    • sesame says

      Which Sasa did you see it? I was at a few Sasas last two weeks but didn’t see them…could have missed.

      Did you use this one or the roll on type? Okay, I don’t know about going to the gym but I found with 2 applications, I didn’t stink after a round of intensive housework cos I tend to perspire quite a bit then.

      • Audris says

        I popped by Junction 8’s Sasa to enquire this evening, but the SA told me they’re out of stock and it’s been out of stock for sometime. It’s not discontinued though, just don’t know when new stock would be arriving.
        I used the solid crystal version that you have to dampen to apply.

        This was the range that was sold @ Sasa.

      • Audris says

        Bud has them too :)
        But pretty pricey

        The SASA ones were much cheaper.

        I remember seeing more of these crystals (different brand) quite recently. Not sure if it was Watson’s or Guardian’s or some other random skin/healthcare shop. Will go nose around and update when I see them.

        If you’re going to BKK, have a good trip :) Probably one of the many Boots and Watson’s might stock them.

        • sesame says

          Oh Bud has them too? I must go snoot around soon…I haven’t visited the shop for ages! But it would be great to find them cheaper at other accessible places. :)

          Yeah, I’ll surely be heading to Boots!

  2. says

    I’ve been using a similar product for years, in england its called Pit Rok. They also do a pump spray.

    I can’t stand the smell of regular deodrants and I don’t like the idea of putting those chemicals on everyday.

  3. Fi says

    I used this too awhile back, but I found it a bit hard since I can’t get pass that “not applying deodorant” in the morning thing… The thing with the salt deodorant is that it needs to be applied on clean skin. I have shower before I go to bed, and in the morning I just freshen up (unless it’s really hot during summer, then I’d have shower in the morning too).

    After not using this for a few years, I bought one by Crystal Essence, which I haven’t used yet, but I have it for cold and dry days. For the mean time I use the roll-on and spray also from Crystal Essence. They’re natural too.

    • sesame says

      We have a lack of natural deodorants that work here. I used this straight after shower so I guess that’s why it worked well for me in terms of staying power. Must try to hunt more down.

  4. zzzmadison says

    i’m not sure if this is similar to the crystal salt or not, but it’s convenient!

    • sesame says

      Oh look interesting…but I had quite bad experience using misting type of deodorant. Will keep a look out for it still.

  5. says

    I use this kind of mineral crystal all the time. It works wonders in preventing my pits from smelling bad. Mine is from Sasa and it cost only a couple of dollars. Prefer this to perfumes coz lots of fragrances give me headaches.

  6. says

    Really looks like a breast implant on the image :-) . Does this deodorant smell good?
    Jess last post is: All Truth About Natural Breast Enlargement.

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