X’mas street decor: Christmas Blooms In Singapore

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When I was younger, I remember taking an air-conditioned bus with my mom to Orchard Road during the year-end festive period just to view the Christmas lightings. Because the bus we took was a loop service, we just enjoyed the view from within without having to alight. We probably did this together for three years – once, with my little nephew and another time with my grandmother, who was visiting from China. After that, Christmas lightings in Orchard were well, just lightings without any special significance to me.

I know…this is neither beauty nor fashion. But hey, it’s the Christmas season and how about something more Christmas-y then? I have been quite busy and haven’t really found time to head to Orchard Road this period and I don’t think I’ll be heading there just to view the lightings either. So I thought I’ll get soaked up in the mood via pictures and it’s also a good way to show those outside of Singapore how Christmas is like in our tiny country.

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These are some pictures I found via Flickr through Choo Yut Shing’s photostream, which captured Orchard Road in a garden of scintillating lights. We always have a theme for Christmas and this year, it is “Christmas Blooms in Singapore”, where streets of flowers glow in blue. The flowers, composed of five little hearts bound together by a star, are meant to express the loving spirit of the season.

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And besides the flowers hanging from trees and lampposts, the shopping malls are also decked out in their holiday best, vying for the “Best Dressed Building Contest”.

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This is Tangs. While I love the bible verse that is part of the decor, I don’t really find it very appropriate since we know these decorations are man-made. Okay, okay, it’s the spirit!

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The decorations and light-up at the fountain outside Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza is also very interesting. For a moment, I thought it was a river.

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Oh, the Christmas tree at The Heeren is worth highlighting because it is made up of Ferrero Rocher chocolates! Wow! Just how do they withstand the heat in the day? Anyway, if you want to get a more realistic view of the lightings and decors, check out this video too.

Besides Orchard Road, other parts of Singapore are also lighted up with the Christmas decor. I thought the Super Trees at the Gardens by the Bay are truly a sight to behold!

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But on second look, especially after seeing them in broad daylight, they kind of remind me of some horror sci-fic movie. All right, all right…just very vaguely.

So are you dazzled by all the Christmas decor and lightings in Singapore?

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  1. aibicon says

    you took very nice pictures!^^All of these pictures have very sharp pixels^^ I dare not visit orchard due to the train fault thingy=( Probably going down next week just before the actual xmas^^

      • sesame says

        Haha…yes, they’re taken from Flickr. I can’t take such nice pics…yet. I am thinking of going down to get a bag for my son but now very deterred by the train disruptions.

  2. jc says

    All the pics are fabulous, especially that of the Civic Plaza.


  3. says

    When I was a little gal, going to see the Christmas lighting was a highlight in this festive season. But since I’m now grown up, this activity has discontinued for quite some years.

    By the way, I really think that Singapore’s Christmas lighting is nicer and more interesting than Hong Kong’s. Well, the grass is probably greener next door :)

    • sesame says

      Yeah, I know what you mean…somewhere along the way, we realize that commercial spin on the lightings. 😛

  4. says

    Lol have to concur with you on the last photo. My first thought when I saw that MBS structure was – SPACESHIP!

    I still remember when I was a kid and we’d use to go to HK yearly for the Xmas lighting. I’d think Singapore has definitely caught up and surpassed HK in terms of Xmas lighting now. No need to head there anymore.

    • sesame says

      I have never seen X’mas in Hong Kong. Actually come to think about it, I’ve never tried overseas during this festive period.

      • says

        Hmm, in that case, I would like to suggest taking your family to the Xmas markets in Germany during this period. They’re really awesome and the climate gives it a true blue feel. The larger cities, like Berlin, have several scattered all over the city of varying sizes. They’re like high class pasar malams, but a joy to walk through them and sample the wares. Food and drinks wise, mostly German Xmas goodies and proper food and alcohol/punches for the festive period. Sometimes even Turkish and other pretty authentic Eastern European cuisine. Then for the handicraft shops, they’re all artesanal and very, very well made, with much attention to detail and all. The atmosphere is really fun to soak up, even for foreigners.

        Having said that I’m going to plan to head to Germany again in Dec next year :)

        • sesame says

          Great for you! Not sure about Germany…never been on my ‘wish-to-go’ country. I remember my hubby telling me that they’ve got pretty towns and so I can just imagine they must be a sight during X’mas. I think Europe as a whole is beautiful and would be more beautiful during X’mas. But I enjoy visiting them in summer though.

  5. Pollya says

    Wow, looking at the pictures makes me want to go down to see the real thing!!! And you actually bothered to source for pictures from flickr, I’m impressed!!! EVEN if I don’t get the chance to go down to Orchard Rd at night during the festive season, I don’t think I’ll ever bother to check the net for pictures, LOL. The most I’ll just rely on what ends up being published in the papers, and hope they do justice! :-)

    • sesame says

      It’s not that difficult to source the pictures…easier than taking the pictures! LOL. Good thing some of them are willing to allow their pictures to be use with credit.

  6. Lucia says

    Amazing photos! The decors are breathtaking! Singapore is truly beautiful. Will surely visit you someday, Singapore! :)

  7. fwy says

    Like you, I had not been going to Orchard to view the X’mas lighting for the past couple of years. Instead, I travel to different churches sometimes to take a look at their X’mas decorations.

    • sesame says

      Churches? You mean the local ones? My church has no decor leh. Haha…but we’ll have a special event next week. 😉

  8. Nika says

    Great pictures and amazing decorations! I would like to check that Ferrero Rocher Tree.

    Merry Christmas !!!

  9. Ct says

    Xmas lighting to me is also just lights. When I was young, I loved viewing the lights and how beautiful they were. They are still pretty but I wonder why are we spending so much money on them. Wasting of natural resources, so much of conservating energy and saving our earth.

    • sesame says

      Haha…I haven’t really thought about wasting of the resources. But I guess most people expect some glitter with X’mas so the lightings are big.

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