For beauty sake, cut down on your ice cold food

Do you like ice cold food such as ice cream or icy desserts? Well, if you do, here’s some bad news for you. Jolin Tsai, the famous Taiwanese celebrity, has mentioned that ice cold food will speed up aging and hence, isn’t great for your beauty sake. Well, that’s really quite a bummer for lots of ladies in her country because Taiwan is really quite famous for their shaved ice desserts (剉冰)!

Best to consume hot or warm food
According to Jolin Tsai in her diet book that is published in the Chinese langague, she indicated that cold food causes our blood vessels to shrink, slowing absorption and affecting our metabolism rate. As a result, toxins tend to accumulate in our body too. Her recommendation is to consume hot or warm food, and to wait for 15 minutes if you wish to eat anything taken straight from the fridge.

Body needs to exert more energy
Well, this is certainly a killjoy for those of you who love your food cold but boy am I glad what I wrote back in 2009 that drinking warm water is better than cold water finally has some celebrity endorsement! My grounds were however, different from Jolin’s as what I’ve written is that our body has to exert more energy to restore our body temperature when consuming anything cold or chilled. This is definitely not good news if we’re trying to slow down aging. In addition, anything cold actually solidify the fats from the foods we have just eaten and make it harder for us to digest and disperse the unwanted fats from our body. So that’s a double whammy for those who want to stay slim.

Wait 15 minutes
I guess it’s okay to indulge in some cold desserts once in a while but if you’re a regular ice eater and you’re concerned about aging, then it’s probably time to heed Jolin’s advice – wait 15 minutes after you remove the ice from the fridge. (^o^)

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    • sesame says

      If it’s not cold, then it’s fine but you might want to still reduce intake cos sugary stuff causes inflammation that would contribute to wrinkles and sagging.

  1. says

    hmmmmmmmmm u know in this blazing hot weather, sometimes it is just too hard to resist the cold food ><
    xin last post is: Monday’s Tip: Bedside Wall Organizer for Foot Cream

  2. Mon says

    so… only because some taiwanese girl said so- it is supposed to be true?
    having trouble believing that

    • sesame says

      No, she’s not just some Taiwanese girl come on! Haha…okay joke aside, it’s okay…I don’t expect everyone to believe it. You have a free choice. :) But those in Asia with some basic knowledge of TCM are more likely to be receptive to this sort of info.

    • Carrie says

      Hi Mon,

      I’d invite you to read some books about Traditional Chinese Medicine, which would give you more details about the effects ice cold food could do, especially health wise, not just for beauty. Cheers!

  3. says

    I think that it’s best to moderate but not to totally rid it out of the diet, especially in a very hot country like Singapore. Cold food helps cool down the head which is also considered good in TCM. But people with poor digestive system must be extra careful.

    I agree with Xin, though… this is pretty hard to do when the weather’s blazing hot. I’m chowing on iced coconut jelly for after lunch dessert while typing this comment, lol.
    EcoBeauty last post is: Review: Jen’s Green Tea Shea Cleanser (Holy Grail!)

    • sesame says

      It’s okay for occasional indulgence but not too frequent if one cares about aging and so forth. It’s the same with pastries and all…they’re not that great for beauty sake but we do take them once in a while. I for one, avoid cold drinks as far as possible since I was pregnant till now. Well, like I say…it’s free choice and really up to individual. :)

  4. Carrie says

    Such concepts have been mentioned a lot in TCM too!! Though sometimes it’s just really hard to control ourselves LOL Though at least I always drink warm water, especially in the morning when I just got up 😀

    • sesame says

      Yeah, it depends on how discipline you are. Sometimes it depends on the motive. When I was pregnant, I really kept away from all cold food, not even eating one ice cream

  5. says

    oh no!!! I prefer cold food than the hot one. hot food makes me feel too hot inside. but, then, I don’t really eat refrigerated food 😀
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  6. RedScorpio says

    So no ice tea, no espresso freddo, no chilled watermelon? :-)
    It seems that “all in good measure” applies everywhere after all… And it does make sense, I think. I have also read that when you drink room-temperature or lukewarm water your body absorbs it and uses it much quicker than if it was cold, meaning that your body is better/faster hydrated.

    And besides, the whole idea that by drinking iced water you burn more calories has proved to be incredibly overrated and misunderstood: 1 calorie is the energy needed to increase the temperature of 1 gram water by 1 degree. Meaning that drinking 250gr/ml of 5 degrees water (that must be warmed to approx. 37 degrees before getting “used”) would burn 250 * (37-5) = 8.000 calories = just 8 of the kcals we commonly use. So you could maybe burn 36 kcals by drinking 8 glasses of iced drinks; not that much after all IMHO.

    • sesame says

      You know this whole thing about iced water and burning calories (not just want you mentioned but what I’ve read around) sound a bit bizarre to me; I’m not sure I understand fully.

  7. Chenyze says

    Oh man, that means I’ll have to cut down my intake of white wines (best chilled)! And cocktails!

  8. stella says

    i don’t think jolin tsai is the best person to cite for this lol… but i do believe that the longstanding traditional chinese medicine practice advocates balance, which means ice cold food is generally frowned upon even if the weather is warm

    • sesame says

      Haha…I know what you mean but seriously, I couldn’t find any scientific studies done on this. I used to think it’s old wives’ tale but I took it seriously and then I read in “Best Kept Beauty Secrets Of The Orient” by Christine Teh that warm water is reputed to lessen the effects of aging because it prolongs cell life. Then now this from Jolin’s book. Oh well, at least she’s a celeb. Hee…

  9. says

    I know this but I struggle with it because I really like ice cold beverages & certain foods when it’s hot out. I’ve gotten used to room temp water now but boy can it be hard.

    • sesame says

      Yeah, it can be a challenge if you’re used to ice cold stuff…needs some reminder and practice.

  10. says

    Sesame, a controversial question… I know that in the Asian culture, they place an emphasis on drinking warm/hot water over iced cold water. What you’ve explained up there makes sense about the solidification of fats. But then i was told by the Shape magazine here in the US that you should be drinking iced cold water instead to burn calories and speed up your merabolism, because your body has to work harder to warm the liquid. Same concept but different interpretation! Link is here you can check it out:

    They’ve been posting this all over the US at L’Occitane for their partnership event. Moreover, Shape magazine is a reputable magazine so I’m very confused now about your posting as opposed to what they have said.
    Tina @ BeautyToasst last post is: Eyeshadows for Different Eye Shapes

    • Sesame says

      It’s an East-West sort of conflict here. I’ve read many articles about drinking cold water, similar to what you’ve mentioned. It might be true to some extent the bit about burning calories but if your body has to work harder to warm the liquid, then it’s not so great news if we’re concerned about aging.

  11. Siew Ying says

    Hey I have the same book by Jolin! :) Ordered it from Kinokuniya online, since she is one of my favourite artistes and that she is a very health-conscious person. I find her book more of an inspirational one rather than useful – it does introduce concepts for good health though. Due to her influence, my determination in not eating fried and oily foods is strengthened. I don’t feel comfortable eating or drinking icy cold things usually so it’s not an issue to me – in fact, I prefer the taste of warm water than icy cold. It could be due to my constitution, as I have a delicate gastrointestinal system and I get the runs easily.

  12. says

    Really ice cold food speed up aging and bad for our beauty sake? :( Bad to heard that for my favorite are those. I hope I can avoid them now,
    Jack Maggard last post is: Hello world!

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