Estelle & Thild Super Bio Active Magic Duo

Give Your Skin A Boost With Algae In Estelle And Thild Super Bio Active Magic Duo

How many of you remember my disappointing review of Estelle & Thild Cleansing Gel for Sensitive Skin? That was my first product from the brand but I seemed to have received a product that had turned rancid. I can't be sure of the reason but I suspect the problem could have been due to poor storage as the product was well within its expiry date. Obviously, that experience got me a little leery of the brand but ...

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5 Tips To Select Best Mineral Makeup

5 Tips To Select The Best Mineral Makeup

I remember mineral makeup created a lot of buzz about seven or eight years ago. Back then, the market was inundated with new brands introducing their line of mineral makeup and I remember receiving many pitches to review them. Although most of the brands were niche players, the trend proved so hot that even the big cosmetics giants wanted a bite of the pie by jumping onto the bandwagon to create their own line of ...

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I’m Changing The Rules: No More Blogging For Free

I'll like to announce a new initiative over at Viva Woman today---one that broaches on the sensitive topic of money. This is definitely not just an aesthetic change, an identity revamp or some trite marketing idea. Rather, this is a game changer that has the capacity to impact some lives. Before I reveal the specifics of my new initiative, I need you to know that even though this is a non-beauty post, it'll mean ...

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Lettuce Wrap Lunchbox Idea

Beauty Lunchbox Ideas: Make A Delish Lettuce Wrap

First of all, I want to thank all my readers who have allowed me to share my grief over the demise of our founding prime minister over at my VW Facebook page without unliking the page. I find it almost strange to begin blogging again so soon but the truth is, this post along with the last, was written a day before his death was announced. Since then, I've been engrossed with the events of Mr Lee's death (together ...

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Andalou Naturals 1000 Roses Cleansing Foam

1000 Roses For Best Double Cleansing Experience

For those of you who practise double cleanse, how many have realized by now it's not exactly a cheap beauty routine? To make things worse, cleansers deplete very quickly. Perhaps you are resigned to the costs and have not explored other options? Well, if you're thinking of new cleansers that are effective in double cleansing and are affordable, read on. I discovered Andalou Naturals last year on iHerb. When I say ...

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