Manual Lymph Drainage Massage

Manual Lymph Drainage Massage: A Gentle And Unusual Way To Detox And Lose Weight

A few months ago, I experienced the most unusual massage that didn't feel like a massage. Instead of the typical pressing, rubbing and kneading, the lightest and gentlest rhythmic hand movements were used on my body to stimulate my lymphatic vessels, supposedly increasing the flow of metabolic waste as well as excess fluid and bacteria. Known as Dr Vodder's Manual Lymph Drainage (because the therapy was developed ...

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beauty benefits of asparagus

8 beauty benefits of asparagus, 1 recipe for lunchbox

I only started to enjoy eating asparagus recently. I should have discovered it earlier as it's one of the easiest vegetables to prepare and I like how crunchy it taste when it's freshly cooked. In fact, I like it so much so that I've been cooking a dish with this spring vegetable for my lunchbox almost every other day. Asparagus is packed with 93 percent water content and chock-full of vitamins.  It has low sodium ...

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Sonia Sui Beauty Secret

Celeb-Secret: Sonia Sui Beauty Secret For V-Shaped Face

I only know of Taiwanese model and actress Sonia Sui recently after watching her in The Fierce Wife. She's a looker with good skin and a svelte figure. When I looked up more information about her, I stumbled upon her beauty secret for the perfect V-shaped face, which is drinking lots of water---only it's not just water but red bean water. I know red beans, red beans soup, red beans ice dessert but red beans water? ...

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Alba Botanica Even Advanced CC Cream

6-in-1 Alba Botanica Even Advanced CC Cream

Even though I like Physicians Formula Organic Wear CC Cream very much, I just had to give the new Alba Botanica CC Even Advanced CC Cream a trial when I spotted it at iHerb. At US$11.59, what's the big deal if it doesn't work for me? Anyway, going by the reviews, I'd a hunch this cream might work for me and I was right! I've seen Alba Botanica around for awhile but this is the first time I'm trying something from ...

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Are You A True-Blue Lady

Excuse Me, Are You Really A Lady? 12 Tips On How To Become A True-Blue Lady

Today's topic is inspired by the popular 2010 Taiwanese drama series titled "The Fierce Wife " or "The Shrewd Wife" which I caught on YouTube recently. Those of you who have watched it might recall the makeover that Xie An Zhen, the female lead, went through to win her husband back. In a space of a month, she was transformed from an average looking housewife to a beautiful lady in the hands of Lan Tian Wei aka ...

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