When fashion photography becomes kids’ play

I was debating if I should just rely on the camera of my iphone for our Hong Kong trip but given that I wanted pictures of what I wore immortalized digitally, I eventually gave my son a quick photography crash course. Seriously, blogging life was a lot simpler using a point-and-shoot camera. Why in the world did I have to complicate matters with a "more advanced" camera? o.O Anyway, I've learned that behind every ...

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Quick Look At Melvita Store In Langham Place, HK

Shopping was the last in my agenda during my recent trip to Hong Kong with my son. But I really wanted to check out some natural cosmetic brands, especially Melvita. I was well aware that the French brand has a strong presence in Hong Kong since 2010, with as many as 10 Melvita stores or counters spread across the country. However, given that it was difficult to check out the malls with a restless 11-year-old, I was ...

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Wearable Arm Candies That Make Fashion Look Fun

It's been awhile since I've posted anything fashion related so I thought I'll quickly show you some arm candies I've been loving, including a favorite item inside one of them. I'm showing you two arm candies and they are quite similar in size but a lot different in functionality. One is so functional that I'm using it daily while the other is still sitting on top of my table untouched because I haven't found a reason ...

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Instant Results With KIN Kinessences Beauty Hair Treatment: Maximum Hydration, Natural Softness

I've always thought that my limp and fine hair does not need any nourishing treatments. I mean, wouldn't such treatments just weigh down my hair and cause it to look lifeless? Plus, no matter how soft my hair becomes, I just don't have the length to swish my hair around. So really, isn't hair treatment a complete waste of money for me? Anyway, I don't have frizzy or very dry hair to begin with. So I don't think I've ...

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DIY Beauty: Making My Own Neal’s Yard Remedies Scented Body Lotion

Before Neal’s Yard Remedies made its debut in Singapore, I used to check out their website in UK. I’d noticed that the brand organizes DIY workshops to make natural beauty products---the kind that I would love to attend. So imagine how thrilled I was when I was invited to CREATEworkshop, a hands-on session hosted by Neal’s Yard Remedies’ trainer, Tipper, who flew in all the way from UK. Of course I’d to make time for ...

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