Eat Fruits On Empty Stomach

Must Fruit Be Eaten On An Empty Stomach?

I don't know about you but in my family, we've been raised to eat fruit right after a meal. A chat with various friends yielded the same info too so I gather this might be an Asian thing or maybe it's even universal. In addition, many doctors and nutrition specialists are also encouraging for fruit to be eaten at any time. However, a trendy dieting fad that is currently circulating exhorts that we should only eat ...

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10 Reasons Why Your Face Sags

10 Reasons Why Your Face Looks Saggy And Droopy

You can say sagging skin and droopy face are part of life's natural progression. As we advance in years, our skin loses collagen and elastin. With the loss of fat and volume, our face also becomes less rounded and the jawline begins drooping, showing the first signs of jowls. It doesn't help that the constant downward pull of gravity 24/7 also causes other parts of our face to sag. But what if I'd told you that ...

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Meow Meow Tweet Deodorant Creams

Meow Meow Tweet Deodorant Cream Can Keep Your Armpits From Catching Fire

Next to mineral zinc oxide sunscreens, I take an uncanny interest in deodorants. Any deodorant that is sans parabens and sans aluminium get my immediate interest. In fact, it's the one category at iHerb I will spend hours studying reviews to make an accurate analysis of what might work for me. Would you believe that I've gotten quite accurate in my analysis that I'll smell what will not work for me from a mile? ...

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Are Your Supplements Safe

Why Some Supplements Are Not Safe And What You Can Do To Minimize Your Risks

If you have been following me on Viva Woman Facebook page, you might have seen my alert regarding astaxanthin, a supplement I wrote about in 2012. In my alert, I'd highlighted that some astaxanthin supplements out in the market are not safe to consume. Based on what I've read, it appears that a high demand for the supplement have prompted a flood of cheap, synthetic astaxanthin derived from petrochemicals. I've ...

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Devarana Spa Bangkok Dusit Thani Hotel

5-Star Treatment At Devarana Spa Bangkok

This is my second visit to Devarana Spa located at Dusit Thani Hotel in Bangkok and I am pleased to report that my experience was as good as my first, which happened to be about 14 years ago. I would gladly return again for the third time (hopefully in less than 14 years) not just because of their inviting decor or excellent treatments. I would return because I was much impressed with their level of graciousness on ...

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