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NeoCell Collagen Radiance Time Release Serum Vit C+E

NeoCell Collagen Radiance Serum2 NeoCell Collagen Radiance Time Release Serum Vit C+E As I was writing this review, the tune of Madonna’s old hit, “Hung Up” was in my head. Why? Because I kept thinking that time is going by so slowly with this NeoCell Collagen Radiance Time Release Serum with Vitamin C and E Complex. I was using this serum for three weeks before pausing for a few more weeks to try the Fancl Aging Skin Care range. So I ended up taking longer than intended to review this. But still, better late than never!

Foreo Luna Anti-Aging and Facial Cleansing System

Foreo Luna Anti Aging System Foreo Luna Anti Aging and Facial Cleansing System
With so many beauty cleansing devices in the market, it’s really a challenge to say what’s the best. So the next approach is to look at what’s popular and going by that, I think most of us would naturally think of Clarisonic. Funnily however, I’ve never been sold on that one simply because I couldn’t be convinced that my face needs to be scrubbed like my kitchen sink. Okay, that’s pretty much an exaggeration to get your attention *gulps in fear from the imaginery brushes hurled my way*. I suppose it’s a nice device for some skin types but just not mine. I can do with some scrubbing of my nose and chin and that’s about it. Otherwise, a Konjac sponge works well for me, thank you very much. But I recently ventured a little further outside the Konjac and tried Foreo, a one-of-a-kind skincare device that comes with transdermal sonic pulsations and nonabrasive brush surface made from soft, smooth silicone.

Share: are you more of a dog person or a cat lover?

Gracie and ice cream Share: are you more of a dog person or a cat lover?
I read somewhere that people will gravitate towards dogs that look like themselves. So I’m wondering how much does Gracie resemble me. So far, I haven’t heard of anyone telling me that she looks like me; all I hear is, “oh my, she’s SO CUTE!” but I don’t hear the same compliment heaped on the owner though. But thank goodness! As it is, the sudden overload of cuteness is a bit overwhelming. But nah, I’m not grumbling really cos I love my little furkid! There are days I miss her so much when I head to work and my son is complaining that I love her more than him. LOL.

6 food rules to eat right and blitz those nasty zits

eating to fight acne 6 food rules to eat right and blitz those nasty zits
I’ve always thought it so strange that experts in dermatology kept saying that diet has nothing to do with the way our skin looks or that there are no connections between diet and acne. Yet, based on a personal experience, I know that what I eat affects my skin. In fact, what I used to eat contributed to my acne because as soon as I cleaned my diet up, my acne also stopped popping up. So surely it behooves us to understand how to eat right in order to keep acne at bay.