5 holy grail beauty products I buy again and again


As a beauty blogger, I get to try more products than the average consumer. However, it's a choice I weigh very carefully because I do value what I use on myself. Naturally, this also means that products that I repurchase over and over again must really mean something for me. So are there a lot of ...

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Foreo Luna Anti-Aging and Facial Cleansing System


With so many beauty cleansing devices in the market, it's really a challenge to say what's the best. So the next approach is to look at what's popular and going by that, I think most of us would naturally think of Clarisonic. Funnily however, I've never been sold on that one simply because I ...

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Share: are you more of a dog person or a cat lover?

Gracie and ice cream

I read somewhere that people will gravitate towards dogs that look like themselves. So I'm wondering how much does Gracie resemble me. So far, I haven't heard of anyone telling me that she looks like me; all I hear is, "oh my, she's SO CUTE!" but I don't hear the same compliment heaped on the owner ...

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