10 Triggers For Pigmentation You May Not Know About

10 Triggers For Pigmentation You May Not Know

Have you ever wondered why you still get pigmentation on your skin even though you’ve been avoiding the sun like a plague? Perhaps you’re thinking your sunscreen is useless? Well, while excessive exposure to sunlight is one of the main causes for dark spots on the skin, there are many other factors that can contribute…

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5 Skin Conditions Foot Reflexology Can Help

Beauty Benefits Of Foot Reflexology

I never understood why my husband loves foot reflexology. Just the thought of it would cause me to cringe with fear as the few sessions I’d experienced in Singapore were awfully painful and highly distressing. Maybe I simply didn’t know how to enjoy having my feet pampered (if you can even call it that) or…

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5 reasons to use face oil with more caution


I have an ongoing love affair with face oils for many years. Our relationship is pretty intense and the few times I strayed to try some exotic face creams, I find myself missing my face oils terribly. The face oils I like are those that are oft-called botanical oils or plant oils. They include no…

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