5 reasons to use face oil with more caution


I have an ongoing love affair with face oils for many years. Our relationship is pretty intense and the few times I strayed to try some exotic face creams, I find myself missing my face oils terribly. The face oils I like are those that are oft-called botanical oils or plant oils. They include no…

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6 things not to overdo to your skin in 2015

6 Things Not To Overdo To Your Skin

We all want younger looking skin yesterday. So not surprisingly, there is a natural tendency to go overboard when it comes to skin care. But you know the saying that too much of a good thing is bad right? The word “over” can be quite a dirty word if we’re not careful. Well ladies, it’s…

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Everyone Soap For Every Body At Everyday Low Price


If you’re a big user of body wash, you gotta get your hands on the EO Everyone Soap. I am super loving this all-in-one natural plant-based soap that is made for everyone and for every body—so much so that I’ve ordered my third bottle. I can’t believe that the 960ml shampoo, body wash and bubble…

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