Bisous Minerals exclusive promo offer


Further to my product review on Bisous Minerals Weightless Lasting Foundation last week,  I’m pleased to present an “Exclusive Offer to All Viva Woman Readers from Bisous Minerals”. From now till 31 March 2009, you can enjoy  a 10% discount on all full size orders (excluding Collections Items) and FREE shipping on international orders of US$75 and above from Bisous…

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Bisous Minerals Weightless Lasting Foundation

While I don’t play with a lot of makeup, foundation powder is a beauty product I can’t do without. Besides my quest for the perfect sunscreen, I’m also always looking out for the perfect foundation. With the introduction of mineral makeup, I thought my quest was over but since having a breakout, I think my…

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Mineral Makeup: Maybelline Pure Mineral


I hardly look at Maybelline products but I came across information on the Maybelline Pure Mineral line which is a new line of mineral makeup while going through their China and Japanese websites. This looks to be a new release which I haven’t seen in Singapore yet. That, or I am so darn blind. The…

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The Body Shop: Nature’s Minerals Make-Up


Have you checked out the new Nature’s Minerals Make-Up from The Body Shop? I took a look at the range over the weekend and was fairly impressed with its look and feel. The ingredients also seem quite safe for me but I stopped short of getting it when I was told by the SA that…

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When do your mineral makeup expire?

Lana, a regular reader of Viva Woman, left me a question asking if mineral makeup expire or go bad and I thought it’s a good question which warrants a blog post. If you’re a user of mineral makeup, you should have noticed that most brands indicate that their mineral makeup have an indefinite shelf life…

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