Bisous Minerals Weightless Lasting Foundation

While I don’t play with a lot of makeup, foundation powder is a beauty product I can’t do without. Besides my quest for the perfect sunscreen, I’m also always looking out for the perfect foundation. With the introduction of mineral makeup, I thought my quest was over but since having a breakout, I think my…

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Mineral Makeup: Maybelline Pure Mineral


I hardly look at Maybelline products but I came across information on the Maybelline Pure Mineral line which is a new line of mineral makeup while going through their China and Japanese websites. This looks to be a new release which I haven’t seen in Singapore yet. That, or I am so darn blind. The…

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The Body Shop: Nature’s Minerals Make-Up


Have you checked out the new Nature’s Minerals Make-Up from The Body Shop? I took a look at the range over the weekend and was fairly impressed with its look and feel. The ingredients also seem quite safe for me but I stopped short of getting it when I was told by the SA that…

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When do your mineral makeup expire?

Lana, a regular reader of Viva Woman, left me a question asking if mineral makeup expire or go bad and I thought it’s a good question which warrants a blog post. If you’re a user of mineral makeup, you should have noticed that most brands indicate that their mineral makeup have an indefinite shelf life…

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Why has my foundation color turned orange?

Sometime ago, some readers left comments in one of my entries that the Everyday Mineral foundation they’ve used changed to a darker tone after a few hours.  One even commented that hers turned to an orange hue!  I didn’t think I had a problem with mine until recently.  I noticed on at least two occasions, the color…

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