Review: Skinfood Rice Concealer Tip

Skinfood rice concealer

I was clearing some of my old cosmetics when I came across this Skinfood Rice Concealer Tip. I’ve forgotten to review this because I’ve only used this twice and promptly chucked it aside. I purchased this after reading some raves on it. However, it did not work well on me. The two times I applied…

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I Nuovi makeup review from giveaway winner


This is a guest post from Zhen Ling, the local winner of the I Nuovi giveaway, sharing her reviews of the three items she received – the I Nuovi Mettalogy Eye Shadow, Cheekbrush and Ultra Gloss. Zhen Ling is 20 and her skin type is described as, “normal when pampered, combi-oily when not. Pores often clogged.” I Nuovi Cheekblush…

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How to get longer and thicker eyelashes

eyelash mascara

The market has lots of mascaras that promise women longer and thicker eyelashes. Some of them work but some of them don’t. However, it may not be the product that is not performing but rather, because you don’t know how the use the mascara correctly. According to Total Beauty, a great mascara doesn’t mean you’ll…

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