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Kick start with free mineral makeup samples

2711532061 16305c3dba o Kick start with free mineral makeup samples

If you’re keen to try mineral makeup but have no idea where to start, why not take advantage of the free samplers or inexpensive samples?  Some of these are available at no shipping cost or even if they charge, are fairly nominal.


Everyday Minerals Free Sample Makeup Kit
Get 3 free foundations, 1 free blush & face color + 1 free concealer.  Pay a small international shipping charge. 

Review: Canmake Concealer Foundation UV

2658161244 2264c8448c o Review: Canmake Concealer Foundation UV

I was slightly hesistant when I was contacted to do a review of the Canmake Concealer Foundation UV.  Honestly, I was skeptical about the quality because of the way the brand is being positioned.  My shallow alter ego actually thought it can’t be any good since the product is well, so affordable.  But after reading the product description and considering that I had good experience with the Canmake Eye Lash Essence, I agreed to give this a go.   And my verdict?

Compact, mineral or loose powder?

Compact Mineral Loose Powder 1 Compact, mineral or loose powder?

My mum returned me the mineral powder foundation I got her a couple of months ago, saying that it’s not suitable for her.  My best friend, who tried some of the samples I gave her also had few good things to say about them.  It looks like, despite the raves, mineral makeup is not for everyone.   While I’ve been using mineral makeup for about a year now, and I do like it, but I do have some gripes as well.  Since I’ve been experimenting with compact and loose powder again these couple of weeks, I thought I’ll put together a quick comparison of these three from an amateur’s standpoint.

Mineral makeup is causing my face to itch

2520999312 24ee07d652 o Mineral makeup is causing my face to itch

I never imagined I would suffer from a breakout from using skincare or makeup but yes, it had to happened.  I am suffering from a bout of bad itchy rash on my forehead and under my eye area which is refusing to subside quickly.  After examining my skincare routine and makeup, I believe the culprit to be a matt mineral veil from Ferro Cosmetics that I was using for half a day yesterday.  This is the second time I’ve used the product.  The first time I wore it for a short duration when I was testing the line of makeup and I recalled my forehead being itchy too.