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Buying mineral makeup in Singapore

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A few people have emailed me asking where they can obtain mineral makeup in Singapore.  Honestly, I’m not aware of many but of late, I came across a few more and so I thought I’ll list it down here for those interested.  If you know of anymore or you’re a company here selling mineral makeup to serve the local market, feel free to email to me and I’ll add your information to the list.

Erth mineral eyeshadow review

2364273716 9db7299fd6 o Erth mineral eyeshadow review

I received these eyeshadows from Erth Mineral Makeup sometime ago but didn’t experiment with them until about a month or two ago.  Initially, I found the violet, sea & moss in the same order as the picture above too light for my liking but recently, I’m loving these sparkly shades for a soft and sheer hue. 

Avobenzone sunscreen and mineral makeup

2306832655 08d8bedcf3 o Avobenzone sunscreen and mineral makeup

While writing the earlier entry Do Mineral Makeup Pose Health Risks, I read that there is evidence that uncoated titanium dioxide (TiO2) and zinc oxide (ZnO) can degrade avobenzone so it is best not to layer non-micronized mineral makeup with an avobenzone containing chemical sunscreen.

This is apparently confirmed by this Stability Study of Avobenzone with Inorganic Sunscreens by Uyen Nguyen and David Schlossman.

Is your mineral makeup posing you any health risks?

mineral foundation Is your mineral makeup posing you any health risks?
I was checking out Lavera Organic Skin Care and got distracted by the following information they’ve posted regarding mineral makeup on their website.

Recent UK studies advise of strong health risks when using Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) in nano particle form in powdered mineral makeup. These inhaled TiO2 nano particles coming in contact with living tissue have a similar effect as asbestos and can cause lung cancer.