Couleur Caramel natural make up from France

couleur caramel lipstick

I was given some cosmetics from Couleur Caramel to try some time back and today, I’ll give a quick review on their lipstick and mascara. Couleur Caramel hails from France and offers a comprehensive range of cosmetics made from mineral and vegetal organic ingredients. The products are made without parabens, mineral oil, phenoxyethanol and PEGs,…

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Why I use a purple face powder as my foundation

purple mineral foundation

When I posted about using weird face powder on my Facebook page last week, I was reminded about a post I wrote in 2009 using “interesting” colors like yellow, green, white, orange and others as makeup base to correct your skin tone. And coincidentally, I started using one of these bizarre colors again in my…

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Nvey Eco Organic Eyeshadow And Cake Eyeliner

Nvey Eco Eye Makeup

So I did manage to live up to some of my 2012 resolutions after all – I’ve been dabbling with more natural/organic makeup! Actually some of the brands I’m currently trying was available locally but funny I’m trying them only now, when they’re no longer being carried in our local stores. Somehow, the idea of…

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Living Nature Foundation In Pure Sand Review

Living Nature Foundation

I’ve been eyeing this product like forever but I wasn’t ready to try it till recently. However, the product is no longer available locally and so I looked it up online, took a risk and ordered the foundation in Pure Sand. But what do you know? The shot in the dark turned out so precise…

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