Liquid foundation brush: yay or nay for skin?

brush for liquid foundation Liquid foundation brush: yay or nay for skin?

I’m using quite a bit of liquid foundation these days and have been trying out a few natural brands out of curiosity. At first, I relied mostly on my fingers to apply and blend the foundation. And the reason I use my fingers is because I find it easier to blend with them. However, I also noticed that they’re not the best for my skin because with some of the foundations that are slightly creamier and drier, there is a higher tendency of asserting more pressure and hence, pulling my skin while blending the foundation.

Bourjois organic powder and naturel lipstick

Bourjois Bio Detox Organic Perfecting Powder Bourjois organic powder and naturel lipstick

I’ve been experimenting a little with more natural and organic makeup. I’ve started with Juice Beauty ColorCare and subsequently moved on to try something from Bourjois. The French brand introduced their Bio Detox organic range that includes a perfecting powder and a foundation. However, I decided to only try the perfecting powder after reading tons of bad reviews on the foundation at Makeupalley. Well, actually the powder also did not get very good reviews; I bought it anyway because of the 20% discount during a sale. Yeah, usually my right brain is more dominant and I don’t think too rationally during sales! Heh.

Suncoat: natural, earth-friendly cosmetics

Suncoat cosmetics Suncoat: natural, earth friendly cosmetics

I know something about Suncoat’s water-based nail polish but I didn’t realize that they also have a range of cosmetics ranging from foundation, eye shadows, mascara, blush to lip products until I received some of them through their local distributor here. Suncoat’s products hail from Canada and are positioned to be natural and earth-friendly, with some of them containing ingredients that are certified organic. So did they fare well for me?

Hold Me Bag: organize your cosmetics in style

Hold Me Hold Me Bag: organize your cosmetics in style

I’m not sure if every girl likes cosmetic bags but I’m sure every girl likes their cosmetics organized! I mean, who doesn’t like to have their makeup items neatly organized and easily accessible in one nice bag especially when on the move? And better still if it’s stylish in design at the same time! Well, this Hold Me Bag is just that as it not only holds and organizes your cosmetics, brushes, and tools, but also keeps everything accessible at a glance. It’s also very handsome looking and definitely does not resemble the usual floral cosmetic bags.