Spare your hands with natural makeup remover?

natural makeup remover Spare your hands with natural makeup remover?

These Calyspo natural makeup remover I spotted at Carrefour piqued my interest and I stopped to check them out. They reminded me of another product I tried and so I was curious if these are in the same category. I didn’t buy them but from what I can see, they look like sponges to me and I had thought they were designed to be able to remove makeup on their own without any additional cleanser. I later found out that they’re just sponges, to be used with your normal cleanser for taking off your makeup. Oh well, you can’t fault me for having that misconception as they called natural makeup remover right?

Juice Beauty ColorCare complexion makeup

Juice Beauty Makeup Juice Beauty ColorCare complexion makeup
I recently received the Juice Beauty Perfecting Foundation and Refining Finishing Powder complimentary from Juice Beauty in US and I have to say that they impress me more than their skin care range. I know that the company launched their ColorCare makeup range sometime last year but I don’t seem to have seen them in our Sephora here. Either they are not here yet, or I’ve missed them completely.

Do you wash brand new makeup sponges?

makeup sponges Do you wash brand new makeup sponges?

Okay, I have a concern that is bugging me and I wonder if you ladies can help me out? You know those makeup sponges that come with the compact powder foundation? Do you wash them prior to using? Well, I never did. In fact, I have never given it a second thought and I just use them brand new, unwashed. And I will add that this has happened for many years. However, of late, I started thinking about this again because I’m now using these sponges quite frequently and I wonder if I should wash them prior to usage.

Makeup sponge or brush for mineral foundation?

brush or sponge Makeup sponge or brush for mineral foundation?

I never talked about my beauty goal for this year but one of them is actually to use more natural makeup. So the first thing I did was to switch back to using mineral makeup, thanks to the customized mineral foundation from Lolita New York. I did not lay my hands immediately upon receiving it but only started using it recently. As some of you may know, I was using using several brands of mineral makeup for over a year but when my skin broke out in acne, I gave them up because the coverage just wasn’t good enough for me. Well, I just realized that perhaps using kabuki brushes ain’t so great for my acne blemished skin afterall when it comes to MMU.