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Suncoat: natural, earth-friendly cosmetics

Suncoat cosmetics Suncoat: natural, earth friendly cosmetics

I know something about Suncoat’s water-based nail polish but I didn’t realize that they also have a range of cosmetics ranging from foundation, eye shadows, mascara, blush to lip products until I received some of them through their local distributor here. Suncoat’s products hail from Canada and are positioned to be natural and earth-friendly, with some of them containing ingredients that are certified organic. So did they fare well for me?

Hold Me Bag: organize your cosmetics in style

Hold Me Hold Me Bag: organize your cosmetics in style

I’m not sure if every girl likes cosmetic bags but I’m sure every girl likes their cosmetics organized! I mean, who doesn’t like to have their makeup items neatly organized and easily accessible in one nice bag especially when on the move? And better still if it’s stylish in design at the same time! Well, this Hold Me Bag is just that as it not only holds and organizes your cosmetics, brushes, and tools, but also keeps everything accessible at a glance. It’s also very handsome looking and definitely does not resemble the usual floral cosmetic bags.

Spare your hands with natural makeup remover?

natural makeup remover Spare your hands with natural makeup remover?

These Calyspo natural makeup remover I spotted at Carrefour piqued my interest and I stopped to check them out. They reminded me of another product I tried and so I was curious if these are in the same category. I didn’t buy them but from what I can see, they look like sponges to me and I had thought they were designed to be able to remove makeup on their own without any additional cleanser. I later found out that they’re just sponges, to be used with your normal cleanser for taking off your makeup. Oh well, you can’t fault me for having that misconception as they called natural makeup remover right?

Juice Beauty ColorCare complexion makeup

Juice Beauty Makeup Juice Beauty ColorCare complexion makeup
I recently received the Juice Beauty Perfecting Foundation and Refining Finishing Powder complimentary from Juice Beauty in US and I have to say that they impress me more than their skin care range. I know that the company launched their ColorCare makeup range sometime last year but I don’t seem to have seen them in our Sephora here. Either they are not here yet, or I’ve missed them completely.