Spare your hands with natural makeup remover?

natural makeup remover

These Calyspo natural makeup remover I spotted at Carrefour piqued my interest and I stopped to check them out. They reminded me of another product I tried and so I was curious if these are in the same category. I didn’t buy them but from what I can see, they look like sponges to me…

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Do you wash brand new makeup sponges?

makeup sponges

Okay, I have a concern that is bugging me and I wonder if you ladies can help me out? You know those makeup sponges that come with the compact powder foundation? Do you wash them prior to using? Well, I never did. In fact, I have never given it a second thought and I just…

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Makeup sponge or brush for mineral foundation?

brush or sponge

I never talked about my beauty goal for this year but one of them is actually to use more natural makeup. So the first thing I did was to switch back to using mineral makeup, thanks to the customized mineral foundation from Lolita New York. I did not lay my hands immediately upon receiving it…

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